. l, i t Saturday, May 17, 1919 Peace That is Aggression APITALISM can produce maggots only. For a time, these maggots may be camouflaged with the scent of ideals and lofty declaniation; btit at the end they are revealed openly in all their ugliness and putrescence. Capitalism thrives upon organized plunder and calculating deceit; and all its ideals, all its morality, all its aspirations for a finer world are imply the expression of a monstrous hypocricy, to. romote its supremacy and disguise its malevolence.
The war was an apocalypse. revealing the seared ind ugly soul of Capitalism. It was conceived in lunder, nurtured in fraud. and prosecuted by means )f hypocricy and brutality. Imperial Germany inimediately revealed its lust of conquest: it brutally violated Belgium. openly placed its faith in the sword And the grenade. and developed grandiose platis for world domination. territorial plunder and annexations.
The Allies were equally bent on plunder, as the contents of the, secret treaty agreements amply prove.
And all the while each group of belligerents was disgustingly declaiming about national defense, democracy and the civilization of the world.
The two belligerents proved their equality in crime and their similarity of purpose by their efforts to crush IC proletarian revolution in Russia, to annihilate the ioviet Republic.
It was a war of plunder, of aggrandizement, a war gainst the colonial peoples and against the proletariat. was Imperalism.
The character of the peace treaty is in absolute acer with the character of the war. The betrayers of iocialism and the naive petty bourgeois radicals who. laced faith in the Allies ideals must now realize that these ideals were maggots. During the war, Capitalism put forth a mighty effort to preserve and aggrancl ize itself. and this effort is clearly apparent in the peace treaty. It annihilates German Capitalism?
Of course, since in the epoch of Imperialism the Capitalism of one nation aggrandizes itself by the expropriation of the Captalism of another nation. It is beast rend beast.
The treaty is not only characterized by its own provisions, but by incidental circumstances.
First of all, there is China refusal to sign the treaty. as a protest against awarding Germany territorial and economic rights in China to Japan.
particularly the Shantung Peninsula. These rights were wrested from China by German Imperialism through seizure and the might of brigandage; in a treaty that was to make the world safe for democracy these rights should have reverted to China.
No! German Imperialism in China is expropriated, not to protect China. but to aggrandize Japanese Impcralism.
The treaty affirms directly the subjugation of the peoples of Egypt, Morrocco and of all the former German colonies, and indirectly of all colonial peoples. he claims of Ireland and Corea to independence are Jmplacently brushed aside.
But there is another important circumstance. The ir was, fundamentally, a product of the antagonisms international finance capital; the lust for territory in answer to the requirements of imperialistic tiice capital. and in this is revealed the character of. epoch. The war has made Great Britain. France.
man and the United States. more particularly Great iritain and the United States. the financial (which implies political) masters of the world. As a proof that the peace is a prelude to financial aggrandizemeut.
consider these tidings from Washington, May 12: new consortium has been arranged for the control of loans to China. Instead of Japan haying the chief voice on such matters. as claimed under the secret agreements she made with China during the WE. the nutter will be handled by American, French, British and Japanese bankers backed by their governments.
An arrangement has been made whereby the Siberian railroad will be put into condition by these four powers, and Italy is be advanced at once a temporary loan of Momma.
Great Britain and France. which failed to their efforts to have the United States take German bonds to cover their indebtedness to the American people. have now practically arranged to turn over securities of Brazil and other South American countries as. part payment.
The dispatch adds that at the State Department it as said oficially that under the conditions which are govern the consortium the Government practically, not in specific terms. guarantees the investments of he banking groups interested. And: Deep interst is taken in the plan to have the United States take ver South American securities to cover its loans to ireat Britain and France. Since this plan will have ie effect of lessening European interests in South tmerica it will strengthen the Monroe Doctrine and move one of the possible causes of serious complica ons in the future.
Here is a financial trust of. four imperialistic na tons, with Great Britain and the United States in acTHE REVOLUTIONARY AGE tual control; here is a plan to dispose of Siberia as international finance capital determines; here is China being made a financial appanagc of four great powers; and here is a brazen admission that the Monroe Doctrine is now an, trnmcnt to promote the supremacy of nited States capital in the Latin American republics.
This is a financial partition of the world. the unity of governments and investors. of politi md finance capital. This is Imperialism. and it bl. tcringly characterizes the peace that is an aggrc sion bcing concluded at Paris.
The financial partition of the world among the Great Powers. particularly the dg Tlu cc, is part of the territorial partition included in the treaty with Germany. Germany yields up all its colonial terfitory and all its trade and linancial rights in all the world: these are. aggrandizcd by ant tirt at lrilain and Japan. France gets. Lorraine. uumndition»
ally, with it iron and coal mines. and the Saar Basin and its coal. conditionally: recognition by Germany and the League of Nations of French supremacy in Morocco. and France will probably get Togoland and Kameruu: Japan gets the Genitali Pacific Islands north of the equator and Chinese Shantung: while Great Ilritain gets tlic juiciest portions. German East Africa. South We Africa. the Samoan Islands and other acitic pos. ions. These territorial aniiexations, this subjection of colonial peoples, is disguised under the term mandatory. but in fact constitutes annexation a territorial rc division of the world in the interests of imperialism. The United States gets no territory. but financial recognition and the acceptance of the Monroe Doctrine which in fact grants Central and South America to our Imperialism.
This means an enormous aggrandizement oi AngloAmerican French Imperialism. which is increased by the absolute crushing of Germany as an imperialistic power. Germany. moreover. is compelled to recognize Great Britain protectorate in liaypt and the taking over by the Allies of all its formcr imperialistic rights in various undeveloped nations.
The treaty erects a ntunher of independent nations.
which is considered as a victory of democracy by the unsophisticated. But this is directly imperialistic.
These small nations are in no use independent. being the political and financial ls of the Allies. iiistruments of their Imperial and threats at the proletarian revolution in Rus.
The treaty is an aggression against the peace and liberty of the world. It aggrandizes French and Brit ish Imperialism: and the results of the whole work of the Peace Conference. is to assure Anglo American domination of the world, political and financial.
The League of Nations. it is now clear beyond dispute. is an imperialistic instrument of the Great Pow ers. of the Allies. It is in the name of this League.
which was to assure the peace and liberty of the world.
that Germany is strangled and Anglo American Imperialism assured the domination of the world. And this is made all the more clear by the proposal that Great Britain and France pledge themselves to come to the aid of France in cast: of a new German attack what this actually means is the conclusion of an offensive and defensive alliance between these three great powers. by. if the Leaguc of Nations is to assure disarmament. peace and liberty. should this three power alliance be uec sury?
The treaty is an aggression gainst the peace and liberty of the world. ousidt l she is not iiicluded in the treaty. rxt ulil in mt ion of reparation by Germany and in lbc clausc providing that German troops at present in territorie to the cast of the new German Polish Russian frontier shall return as soon as the Allied and Associated (invcrnmeuts deem wise.
Why not immediate evacuation? The answer comes in the plans for an Allied army of 40, 000 troops to march against Petrograd by war of Helsingfors, open ing a new war against Soviet Russia.
It is Imperialism ascendanl. It is, since the world revolution did not materialize. the natural outcome of the war. Imperialism is tightening: its grip upon the world. and will wrt ak its prcdatory will unless the proletarian revolution intcrt etm. orld Communism is the only answer to world Imperialism.
REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISM Ilv Loris. FkAiNA considers ibt fundamental problems of «id t 4tlllll4ill. tl ialismmwar, modIlu» Socialist it the nation, State misiu and mas :n tiun. iil( litrlflll dir :43 M Special prices in locals and agents fl IE It Iz l llt :10. ashington Street Boston, Mass. 79 u MW 88 an Bolshevdqabs course it is not in good taste to say told yoil so, but we are only human and we did warn. vermany what would happen if she. persisted in sticking to Scheideniann. llowever. things are never so bad btil what they might be worse suppose Wilson had bad zx points. t9. nd imagination staggers before what might have happened to Germany if there had been 12 points Iii violate. an a The chief difference between democracy and autocracy it would seem from the Peace terms is that democracy takes so unicli longer to say it.
at s: There is one thing stands out clearly in the whole affair at Paris and that is the mandatory. If the Bolsheviki had only thought of it what a lot of trouble we would all have been saved. For instance. the Soviets bluntly declare for the expropriation of the banks. and naturally bankers all over the world get sore; they declare for the seizure of the land and all landowners get red in the face with indignation; but if they had given the workers a mandatory over the banks and the peasants a mandatory over the land both the bankers and the landlords would have gotten used to working for their living before they had found out what it meant. II No banker could draw a tear frotn the world at large by emitting loud wails about confiscation it it was clearly stated in black and white that the only change in the status quo :was the granting of a mandatory to the workers for the purpose of protecting the banker from himself. it It Now if England came out boldly and stole the colonies from Gennany that she had stolen from the natives. it would be clearly a violation of both the principles of democracy and self determination. But when she is willings to have a mandatory thrust upon her. especially a mandatory that will necessitate the upkeep of a large army in those colonies for the purpose of explaining to the ignorant natives what a mandatory really is. all that. we can do is gaze with reverent a vre upon the sacrifices a good empire is willing to make for the benefit of the world in general. t It We use the good empire advisedly because there have been bad empires, such as Rome and Spain and Germany. Rome and Spain both seized territory when they won a war. and undoubtedly the Germans would have seized territory if they had won. their whole attitude during the war showed that they had none of the finer qualities at all. They deliberately invaded Belgium, instead of rushing to aid her from herself as the Allies did in Greece, they ruthlessly announced their purpose of raping Russia instead of rushing troops into the country for the purpose of stabilizing the government, and at Brest Litovsk they never even hinted at the use of a mandatory.
The mandatory is the acid test of an empire. Of course the inandatorv has its limitations and this is where internationalization steps in. mandatory over the Saar basin might give rise to adverse corninerit by suspicious minded persons. But who, in this age of progress. could object to internationalization. 1!
Internationalization satisfies everybody, even the Germans will be allowed to burn coal from the Saar region if they pay France for it. a: a: At any rate the Allies are not fooled about the Peace terms they are already making, prorisions for safeguarding France from the results. 3. It has now definitely been established that Conscription is an evil practice in Germany.
it at. Germany must pay the entire cost of the armies of occupation from the date of thc armistice. Talk about addng insult to injury v!
1! And the Allies insist that Germany consular the treaty of Bucharest as a scrap of paper which is a complete victory for the principle of the sanctity of treaty obligations.