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Diseiplining the Youth l. lloy Scout movement has always been a movement to discipline our youth into good servants of Capitalism a characteristic of the movement everywhere. It is that military discipline which digs out the brains and makes loyal workers.
Sir Robert Iladen Powell the chief spokesman of the Boy Scout movement has always made it clear that the lloy Scouts should be encouraged by the employers. for business reasons In an address In Boston the other day. Sir Robert saId. After a boy has been a scout and has taken active part in the administration of his troop he is infinitely less liable to be led astray by violent soap box orators. The Bov Scout has a trainiuy. that will, for one thing, offset ill advised strik Precisely! The most disgusting thing about Capitalism is that it uses human instincts for inhuman purposes. The boy likes the country, drill. music, games. excitement: natural instincts: Capitalism takes these and perverts them for its own purpose. Social ism IIIeaIIs the liberation of the human spirit.
They Speak Socialism!
llli terms of peace imposed upon Germany are accomplishing a miracle: the Ebert Scheidemann CUVenIIIIeIIt of the Betrayal of Socialism is actually using: Socialist language. President Ebert declares that Germany is to be exploited by foreign Capitalism: the class struggle is spoken of again. and they appeal to the Socialists of the world. But it won work.
The German peace delegation under the direction of that revolutionary Socialist. Count von Brockdorff Rantzau is unable to arouse the least Socialist sympathy. ll of them the Count. Scheidemann and the trades unionist nrl Iegien were uncompromising adherents of German Imperialism. its faithful slaves.
The whole Ebert Scheidemann (love Iment consists of persons who were thick with (iemI Imperialism before its collapse. They cut the throat of Socialism in Germany. during the war and the Revolution: and now thcv spe Ik of Socialism. The German major»
ity Soc IlI. deliberately made their choice: they chose Wilson instead of Lenin. Capitalism instead of Socialism. u oppressive peace is their punishment.
The proletariat of Germany must repudiate these men and Ihcir cnun(er revolutionary policy: in that alone lics salvation.
Calculated Defiance l. lil. )R P! II. II SCHIEIDEMANN is indignating about the peace terms that are being imposed upon (iemIany stigmatizing the peace as IIIIIrdUous and unacceptable to the German people.
The bourgeois ocialisl Government of Assassins of the Revolution. playing :I contemptible game. It is arousing the nationalism of the Germaupeople and trying, to preserve its prestige. But Scheidemann and his gangsters know that their (Iennauy cannot resist the lli. only a revolutionary proletarian Germany. a Bolsheiik Republic. could defy the Allies aud secure the sympathy and co operation of the Socialist proletariat.
Accordingly. defiance is nothing but politics. hese gestures :Irc IIccesszIrI. ll0 V1: cl. Ebert Scheidemaun U). Ill :IlIIuIr insisted that if :I Iolshevik Republic were established. lhe llies IIould completely annihilate tierniauy it would ruin our economic life.
Only :I nondiolshevik Government. they said. can secure a just peace from the Allies. Ami now tlnlr Gorcrumcnt ufl cl IIII mo VII! he very prucr they said would be m taxed va BoLrheoik Germany.
50 the bourgeois Socialist Government tries to save its face with words of defiance.
The petty bourgeois Socialist policy is coudeumed. imply words of defiance will not retrieve it, but may make the disaster vnr. The German proletariat must now realize Ihzn only revolutionary Socialism is acceptable as a policy.
Split the Party! lli struggle be veeu moderate Socialism and revolutionary Socialism in the Socialist Party is coming to :I head. It is coming to a head, characteristicIIlly. by the Ill()ll0l ille adopting, the tactics of gangsters In. st the Left iIIg.
These IIIIIderiItcs hmc insisted that the Left Wing as breakingr the unity of the artv that the Party forces vare llL lll. broken up by these disputes. that it was the purpose of the Left to either split the Party or secede. Inr answer was: No: it is our task to secure control of the zIrI y. to conquer the Party for revolutionary Socialism and impose upon it a consistent proletzIrizIn llolshcvik policy.
The final answer to this controversy has been made IN the moderates in New York. who are Ircfvariny to split the Party by I Cllilli the Left in local: and branches. Guardians of the unity of the Party!
The first indication of this move was the resolution adopted by the State Committee of New York to expel all locals and hranches afiiliated with the Left Ving.
lint the Left forced the moderates to put this resolIIIioII to 21 referendum vote.
Now. before the referendum. before the membership has spoken. the Right inr. in New York Citv is preparing to expel the Left Wing branches. They are resorting: to tactics of brigandage because every day that passes secs new accessions of sfrength to our revolutionary chIrade in New York Citv. who are in this crisis waning the struggle of the whole revolution;Iry movement in the party.
The bureaucracv of Load New York. which is under the domination of the moderates using all means to break the revolt against its supremacy. 0n the Central ommitteo the Left was securing new strength. threatening to become a majority. The moderate maiority.
accordinglv. authorized the Executive Committee to suspend all meetings of the Central Committee until thr oral is rcnrgunimi. The Executive Committee, in :i dec ration. suvs that no member opinions will be considered. but that :I branch must either break its affiliation with the Left Wing organization, or be nreanizcd which means expelled from the Party.
The argument used by the moderates in this gangster IIIaIIeIII re is that :I separate organization in the party cannot be tolerated. that the regular means of expression in the party should he used. But this separate organization con. simply of the revolutionary comrades getting together for purposes of action and counsel a course a hsolntelv necessary because the whole bureaucracv zInIl paIlv press in ew York Citv is against the Left mgr. It Is IIrecIselv this separate organization accused of refusingr to use the revular party channels that has made on issue of the emergency national Convention of the Party.
The Left Win. in New York City is to be expelled: that seems determined upon. The unity of the Party there is to be broken. not by the Left Ving. but by the moderates who wzmt lo make the Socialist Party a regular. con. sleut burly of moderate. counterrevululiomlry. tlIlllSlll. nd this expulsion is being; carried out In :I chorus of chcup. disgustingr affirmations. luvulty to Socialism and mean. contemptible attacks upon our comrades of the Left ing. The moderates in New York Citv are issuing a weekly paper. lt Surinlixl. in which II repulsive Schcidenizmu ideolocv unites with the gutter tactics of Tammam. The Left Wing comrades are virtualh denounced tn the police and the Government: we are accused of anting to start riots and an im e are accused of naming to start riots and an iml. fl int: are attacked in II low. vilc manner. worthy of the most unpriucipled politicians.
nation in local New York. Socialist arvv. is :I. IIIIlle dun :IlTI cls 1hc integrity of the hob zIrtI. If the brigund tactics (ll the Right Ving then:. to Ionqucr. then the whole arty becomes trnIIsfoImcIl into a Icllmv caricature of Socialism.
The whole The Socialist IIrII must speak out about this scandal. The national urtv must intervene in order to protect the integrity of the Party. There should be an investigation. III any event. the whole matter. will come up before 1h. IIIIIII: ll. onu ution. at which.
probably. lwn scIs l Iblt gmtcs Iill appear claiming ll! represent Luenl Xt orb lbl ill be the test.
The Split the Partyl (lur slogan is; IIIIqIII tllc nrty for revolutionary Socialism!
slogan of III ligl fllvs Saturday, May 17, 191 Germania Delenda Est! its typical brutal Prussian fashion. the New Yorl Tribune characterizes the terms of peace that art being imposed upon Germany: Not since Rom.
punished Carthage for Punic faith has such a treati been written And: They the Germans have bee sentenced to become hewers of wood and drawers water for a couple of generations.
Rome answer to Carthage was completely to stroy Carthage. eThis ruthless destruction was consu.
ated to the chorus of Cato idealism. In whom, pe.
Imps. there may appear a resemblance to Voodro llSOI Romc great find forever crushed. Th modern destruction of (ierIIIzuII of Germany a: I1.
iIuPrI IIII MI world IIrI cr is not as IIIIIIplele as tha of Larthzlge since you cannot run: more than hundred square miles of territory nor exile or mass; 65. 000. 000 people: but in terms of competitive pm this great rival of the other imperialistic nations effectively disposed of. The comparison with Cartha might be pursued further in its commercial and trad aspects: but this would be carrying coal to Newcastle.
That the destruction of Germany as an imperialistic world power was the purpose of the Allies. has now been made amply clear In the terms of peace. This destruction is complete. Germany is deprived of all its colonies which are :Iggrralitlizeil by the Allies.
each of whom is a Inaudatorv over some of the?
colonial possessions and its military and naval pow completely broken. Ne shall shed no tears over thI But the ruthless policy of the Allies goes beyond miI itnry matters. to the economies which are the rea factor in the situation: Germany economic power is broken. And this, again. has another aspect: it is not bourgeois Germany. but proletarian Germany which is being punished. VThis is implied in that disgusting swank of the Tribune: The Germans have been sentenced to become hewers of wood and drawers of.
water for a couple of generations.
The condition which the terms of peace impose upon the. rerman proletariat is one where it not alone remains the vassals of its own capitalist class, but becomes aIso the vassals of the Allies.
Old General Lernhardi declared that the issue for. Iermanv in the next war would be: Vorld power or downfall. It has ended III downfall. as complete a collapse as any that history can show; The imperialists of Germany are getting what thev would have given. ud they whine that criugintr whine of the bourgeois who. while strong is ruthless. but when weak becomes :1 shameless beggar.
It is an oppressive peace a peace of annihilation.
in Ihe wards of the coutemptible majoritv Socialist mean. the Berlin Vanuacrt: Let us say it: the Allies are completing the annihilation of Germany imperial. in «r. which the petty bourgeois Socialists of wr Scl cidemann Co. lid not wish to complete lt a Iwace of annihilationz but they will sign it: not because they are weak. but because their most important task is to crush the proletarian revolution.
in save out of the wreck what they can of bourgeois supremacy. Rather become vassals of the Allies that to be expropriated by the revolutionary proletariat!
The German bourgeoisie will try to re gain its power.
to pass on the burden to the workers. If the workers submit. then their future is black and hopeless. Iermauy is crushed. ud Ihc proletariat will pay the bulk of the penalty. livery imperialistic war is a class war in one sense. of capitalist class against capitalist class: in a more fundamental sense. of Capitalism against the proletariat. since world power means power over the proletariat. Vorld power is with the Allies: and even before the German bourgeoisie felt the sting of this power. the revolutionary proletariat felt it. Imperialism is the oppressor of the proletariat. uder these conditions. the (icrman proletariat is condemned to an aggravated slavery unless it acts for the Communist Revolution. There is no way out ex cept through Communism And this. is equally true of the proletariat of the Allies. who will yet perceivt that the crushing of Germany will not measurably ease their own problems of reconstruction. will profit the capitalists alone.
The New York rilmm admits that the Germans might have Iped this treaty if they had llolshevized themselves three months ago and entered into a dc»
feusiIe and offensive :IlliIIIIIe with Red Russia. It is now hopeless. it sa ho kno. Perhaps.
immediately. but not ultimateh. The crisis cannot be ended bv a treaty of peace. it may simply give its new forin. The remit of the proletariat Is bound to come it is the only way oul of slavery and oppression.