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The Ideal Candidate THl campaign that is being organized to make. ijorfleiieral Leonard Wood the Republican Partv candidate for President itt 1920 fits in with the requirements of contemporary Capitalism.
Friends of Major General Wood describe him as the riehtful heir of Theodore Roosevelt. This comparison has truth. and chararterizes the sort of President the plutocracv wants. Roosevelt was a dictator.
the man on horse hack President: his militarism coincided with the requirements of imperialistic Capitalism. and his strong policy promoted the supremacy of trust capital. An adept at deception of the workers. Roosevelt swas in all things faithful to Imperialism. His Larger Americanism was a policy of lnmorin ism. of State Capitalism and war.
Mainr (iencral Wood has the Roosevelt ideologv.
He is :1 strong man. devout in his adherence to militarv ideals. stronc for an agrrressive international policv. recognizes the commercial basis of wan and he nrnniulgatcs all these reactionarv ideas with a cynicism that people mistake for gentle candor.
Sim 11w (lays are ahead, Capitalism must fivht for its No It will use the White Terror. And Majorlieneral notl would make an excellent person to direct this Terror from the White House.
Terrorism Against Whom? tn lv thn vet motives behind the terror slit (l ngaitlst tl Socialists and on May lbw. roiw two items. one, is that two strike lead s in lnwrev cc were kidnapped. beingr dragged. nt of their beds. eatt into insensibility and thrown out of town. one of them being left unconscious. The milk. twirt rr. are preparing to use. machine guns :mainst the strikers. The other ith is that in Providence, R, the polite have discovered that driving strike. itators into the river is sr l to have disposed of ndcsirables so well that the practice will be continued. Deputy Superintendent of Police William Neil is credited with the new move. He disposed of. otherin of 200 men in the rear of the Weybosset mill in! driving them into the Woonasuctucket river. bliv them to swim across the narrow stream.
This is. terrorism against strike: and strikers aL ainst men. women and children struggling for more of the means of life. And the terrorism against the Socialists and. V. is against the conscious representatives of this struggle, against those who are trying to transform this small struggle for more wages into the larger struggle against Capitalism as the only means of actuallysccuring more life and happiness.
Workers who participate in terrorism against the Sociali: ire acting against their own interests. The policy of Capitalism is divide and conquer, by means of terrorism.
Bolshevism Its Two Phases lilx much satisfaction is being derived by the capitalist press at the military defeats sustained dry the linlsheviki recently. Thev jubilate over the military or. hing of the Bolshcvik Republic in Munich: they chuckle over the instability of the Hungarian Soviet Republic because of the invasion of Rumanian troops: and they hold their sides in laughter at the defeats of the Russian Soviet troops.
The troops of the Tibert Scheidemann bourgeois Socialist assassins of the Revolution are temporarily in power in Munich: and they have unleashed the yellow terror of moderate Socialism against the revolutionary proletariat. But in Hungary. the Soviet Republic seems as strong as ever, the proletariat mobilizing to resist the invasion of Rumanian and Entente troops. in Russia. the news of Bolshevik defeats art misleading: preparations are being made for a new Soiet offensive, the re distribution of troops providN. THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE ing the enemy with the chance to advance sl htly; Iwhile it is indisputable that the French Were orced to get out of Odessa and the Ukraine is Soviet.
The persistence of Bolshevism does not come out of its military power: that is one phase, and not the most important, except at certain junctures. The power of Bolshevism comes out of the social economic collapse of Capitalism, out of the economic needs of the workers, out of the struggle of class against class.
It is this social economic phase that is decisive. While you cannot build a new society by means of military force, neither can you permanently save an old society from collapse by that means. Bolshevism is the proletarian answer to the economic collapse of Capitalism.
That is why Bolshevism will determine the future.
Turn to the Left!
OMRADE Ludwig Lore has joined the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party of New York City. In a letter to Executive Secretary Cohen, Comrade Lore says. was of the opinion that an organization as it exists here in New York and understand that no where else have such organizations been formed would be a constant menace to the unity of the partv in this most critical time. If the coming National Convention should declare itself against revolutionary Socialism, a split would notonly be necessary but inevitable. But since am of the firm conviction that the party membership, in its overwhelming majority.
stands with us, thought that we took no chances in waiting for the convention to speak. But now am. confronted with a situation, not a theory. The orgnization is in the field and if a split is to be avoided at this time it can be done only by so strengthening it that the conservative and opportunistic forces forces in the party will not dare to force exoulsions or employ provocative measures.
This is an excellent appraisal of the situation. Our most important task at this moment. as adherents of revolutionary Socialism. is to strengthen the Left Wing in the Socialist Party. as the preliminary to conquering the party for revolutionary SocialismThe Mooney Strike HE preparations for a general strike to compel the release of Tom Moonev are not acquiring the speed that they should. There seems to prevail a tendency to remain satisfied with resolutions, to allow words it) speak instead of deeds.
Mi etings are held to pass general strike resolutions. lie frame up of Moonev is denounced in strong terms.
hit the action of actual organization for the general strike lags miserably.
The Mooney case is a test of organized labor. It is a challenge to the workers, and this challenge must he answered in one way: by the use of the economic power of the workers to compel the release of Mooney. number of organizations of the of have adopted resolutions which provide. nless new trials or freedom are granted Moonev and Billings before July 4, 1919. we will go out on a general strike to take effect for five days July 6, and Further. if justice is still denied in spite of our first protest, we will join in a general strike for five days, beg inning Labor Day, September 3, and. igain, if no relief is forthcoming, we will, join a third strike taking efiect November 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23. Following the third period. if Mooney and Billings are still in jail, we will join a general strike for an indefinite period.
This is progress: but why that interval provision?
in savors too much of hesitation. of trying to avoid the struggle that is necessary in order to compel justice from the master class. general strike in order to compel action must actually threaten the capitalists, it must actually rnake a dent in their profits, and paralyze industry. Simply to cease work won work: it must be a general in dustrial strike united with giant demonstrations of the workers.
Moreover, this sort of action requires preparations and organization: but these are not as yet apparent.
ls sabotage still being used by the of officials against Mooney?
In this crisis, the militant Socialist must make his contact with the militant elements in the of and by means of the mass action of the membership compel the officials to cease their sabotage This Is a real task for the Socialist Party at this moment. It is a task that. while acting on an immediate issue. is potential of more revolutionary action in the days to come. The party must actively engage in the movement for a real general strike: it must use the opport.
unity, not only to organize this strike. but to educate the proletariat in the meaning and importance of the political strike in the struggle for labor emancrpation.
strut May 10, 1919.
Our Red May Day HE First of May has come and gone. But this May Day lingers in the memory; its events have. imparted new inspiration and energy to the militant Socialists in our party.
In the streets of city after city was revealed the brutality of Capitalism and its official agents, and the savagery of mobs whose emotions have been savaged why the infamous campaign of slander and riot indulged in by the hireling enemies of the militant proletariat.
But, on the other hand, the events of our first Red May Day revealed equally the awakening determination in our party to struggle for the streets, to combine the usual old meetings in halls with demonstrations of the mass in the streets.
Let us say it. the Red character of our May Day was imposed upon us by the masters. Their hirelings had prepared to crush the militant workers on this day.
In the press and in the pulpit, in the courts and in the gutters, in newspapers and magazines, there was a systematic campaign urging murderous violence against the Socialists on May Day. The mob was inflamed: and this inflammation assumed the form of murderous assaults upon the Socialists, protected by the police.
The great bomb plot, undoubtedlv engineered by agent: provocateur, was exploited deliberately to inflame the passions of the mob. It was openly declared that the programpf revolutionary Socialism, of the Bolsheviki, was a program of murder, assassination and arson. The fact that the Bolsheviki. opposed assassinations even in Russia. where if any where assassination could be justified. the Bolsheviki insisting on mass action as against these individual acts: the fact that neither the Bolsheviki in Russia nor the Spartacans in Germany have used assassination. while assassination has been used against them these practical and. theoretical proofs were scorned by the bourgeois press and the bourgeois hirelings.
And that it is the bourgeois and their hirelings who resort to murder and riot «was proven on May Day.
Characteristic of the campaign of incitation to riot and murder against Socialists and was the.
Victory Loan address of Mayor Ole Hanson. of Seattle, delivered in Topeka. Kansas, on May Mayor Hanson, whose taste of glory for breaking the Seattle general strike went to his head and re Vie aged the degenerate, murderous instincts of his soul, sat. The policy pprsued by the government toward anarcbism and the W. isl skim milk. weak, varilating and changeable. The government is on the wrong track in gutting conferences instead cm crir: in dealing with the trust askington will buck up and clean up, and either hang or inran erate for life all the anarchists in the country. If the government doesn clean up. will give up my mayorship and start through the country. We will hold meetings and have harming Mares. Any Mayor that will permit an W. meeting in his city should bs recalled and banished from America. He is not an American.
This is clear incitation to murder and riot. This is a clear revelation of the murderous. savage instincts of Capitalism and the agents of Capitalism. And there are the men who condemn the savagery of the Bolsheviki!
The result was inevitable. In city after city there were riots on May Day, beating up of Socialists.
breaking of meetings. in which rowdy elements joined hands with the respectable thugs of the Loyalty leagues. The authorities Isa operated by refusing permits for parades and preventing meetings being held: the police co oneratetl by protecting the rowdy and respectable thug elements, and by themselves raising hell with clubs and guns: the judges co operated by imposing heavy fines and prison terms upon those arrested.
And the real inciters to murder and violence, the Hansons and the other thugs of the bourgeoisie, are still at large to wreak their murderous will upon the people.
The Socialists and conscious workers prepared for this terrorism. But, unprepared, they hit back. They were overhelmed. and beaten: but next time they will be prepared: The battle of May Day stretched all over the countrvzvbut it was particularly acute iit Cleveland a Boston. There the comrades have acquired new. termination. new energy, after the manifestations bourgeois brutality. There they are determined tl the White Terror of the American bourgeoisie sl not proceed unhampered to murder the conscii workers. And these two locals are at the heart the Left Wing movement in the American Socia Party.
The class war flared up in the streets on May It will flare up again. On with the struggle agai Capitalism, in spite of all and everything!
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