8 way, flare. 1919 Within! terrorI HIT. 12: a: thgy is a petty RUM. e riat e upon num fiat: to amplish thmottquut of giver; andofter moat. the revolutionary proletariat may resort to the use of mar: terror. if necessary. in order to establish and protect the conquests of the revolution.
Whether these di idual acts function in the devel mum of mass action. is doubtful. The important thing is to impress upon the proletariat. not the ideol09 of individual action. but the ideology of revoltittonary mass action. of mass cllort atttl discipline.
Thus is lh lshcvik policy. the policy of remlutionary Socialism.
We cannot. considering the circumstances and the Provocatit violently contleu Emile ottiu his was an heroic. if ill judged act: but we can and must cottdentn his policy of individual terror as a tactic of the nulitant proletariat.
Balkan Mexico llli imperialistic phrase. Mexico is our llalkau luntinsula. used by Theodore Rmsevelt. is in:coming very popular. it is instinct with the threat of aggression. Immediately after. the armistice.
there developetl a violettt imperialistic campaign against Mexico. a campaign having as its avowed ob cct the conquest of Mexico by the United States. for American lntperialist. Scores of newspapers fulminatctl against Mexico the Senate. a resolution was introduced that would create antagoan against. lapan anti Mexico: and. merican finance capital is preparing itself for the financial conquest of Mexico. In the epoch of imperialism this necessarily means military and political conquest.
News reports are mining that. Mexican bandits are again active on the boder. threatening the lives and property of Americans. illa again stalks though the press. sinister and merciless as the pretext for developing feeling and action again Iexico. The Mexican government has acquired stab. tlargcly by means of mercilessly suppressing radical labor. its finances are itt excellent condition. law and order prevails: all this. mutually unpalatable to the imperia.
necessitates a new litre of attack against Mexico in order to bring intervention and conquest. and the new attack consists of the charge tllat the Mexican government is exprmtriating the property of American mucus.
The adventures of American Imperi: ism in Mexico are characteristic and structivc. They cast a light upon the actual purpose intervention and reve. it as a means of promoting trounce capital and lntpertalIflll udcr the regime of orlirio )iaz, foreign scarred a strangle hold upon the ttatural resource. of Mexico. whic tre cttornuntsmml of truth luts putcntt: value. y 11:1 er of bribery. the mere supprtssion of the rights of the people and lllt lc refusal to recognize ordu ry decency. the. It icau people wcrc made the. It serfs of foreign Millions of dollars were tvcslcd itt oil wells. in tot and railw. ctc. an investtuvut which reprcscntcd luwcriul ti tal groups. qu which weighed down upon the Mcxtcan people. The corrttpt government of Dial combined with corrupt foreign capital to steal all that was of value front the Mcxt u people cottcesuions were granted to. merican investors. cottcessious which meant giving over control of the penple resources without any substantial return. actually stealing these resources.
Mexico industrial future was mortgaged to international Imperialism. particularly to the Imperialism of the United States. There were two aspects of this situation which developed revolt against foreign capi tal: its merciless oppression of the Mexican workers.
and the fact that. llr. rireu. upilnlisim Ir Merit mt hmrgcnis ir. rm: nvrmpriamf. and could no! really dt clof Mtcrr while the Inui: of it: Nicer. Iltc natural resource: and (he ruilrtuyr. tccrr in It ruulml of American utl rrialiun.
The Mexican revolution. while in its fundamental: a revolt of the peons against the landed aristocracy.
was in one phase equally a revolt against tlwrioluim ation of foreign capital. The press of international Imperialism was hostile to the revolution. not only because it was destroying the immediate profits of foreign investors. but because it threatened the future nutrcmacy of foreign capital. terrific campaign.
accordingly. developed in the American press for intervention in Mexico. to prevent starvation. to restore order and protect humanity: precisely the, sort of lutncotnbe which is now being used to favor intervention in revolutionary Russia. But what intemational imperialism was actually afraid of was that out of the revolution might develop a national Capitalism in llaico. a homogeneous capitalist class which would threaten the supremacy of foreign capital and diminish is opportunity for plunder.
THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE This is precisely what happened. The government of Carranza established itself firmly in power, and ittuttediately developed a campaign against revolutionary labor and against foreign capital. Labor was tliscitiliuml by nuaus of merciless repression and massacres during strikes. lint it was much more difficult to discipline international lmpcrittlistt although tbt war gave Carranza govcrmneut an lent opportunity, wltich it used to the utmost. te purpose of this government was to destroy the strangle hold that foreign capital, particularly. me cuu, had upon Mexico natural resources. This was accomplished by means of a clause in the Constitution, which pop ides that all contracts and conec. ms made by the former government front and after t87ti, which shall have resulted in the monopoly of land, waters and natural resources of the uion by a single individual or corlnration, are declared subject to revision. and the executive is authorized to declare those null and voitl which seriously prejudice the public interest.
ttwuersltip in lands or waters may be acquired only by Mexicans by birth or naturalization. and in Mexican companies subject to the sovc ign authority and of Mt. o: ownership may ht. acquired by foreigners prot led they agree before the «lclutrtmcnt of foreign al airs to be crutsitlcrcd Mexicans in respect to such property. and accordingly not to invoke the protection of their government in respect to the same.
ttmler penalty. in case of breach, of forfeiture to the nation of property so acnnircd. The purpose of these coustitutit rc clear: they are means of estabbs nal sovereignty of Mexico. and of Mexican Capital.
The provision stipulating that foreigners may own certain property provided they agree before the dcpartmcnt of foreign all airs to be considered Mexicans in respect to such property. and. ccordingly not to invoke the protection of their govermucnt in respect to the saute. is of especial innmrtanct. and characteristic of the gent l pnrpt. oreigu investors their particular It; nal got rnments to secure spec rights in the country in which they invest. and intrigue to have their govermm nts sccttrt political cotttrol of the cottntry. The mechani of Imperialism dcv lop out of invesnnmls in backward the owm. of which appeal for protection which an mpcrialistic n: has the pretext for llllt ventiou td conquest. lbe Mexican government w: its no nterfereuce from foreign govcrmncnts: the fundamental law of Mexico mu: be supreme. and TI is an important. would lower the ascendcignty uvt Mexict industry and no lies. the gov mnctu imp: a Intax upon the ilcv. the math with the. tnvri to State Department. transmitted a note to the Me. tn Hth lt vlariug the tax law cottug property witbottt due II bectuucs the function of the government of the boiled lcs most earnestly and restn ctt ully to call the at turn ol thc Mexicali government to the necessity which may ar e to impel it to protect the property of its citizens in Mexico di sed or injuriously alTected by the decree above cited. lf Mexico insists upon the execution of lhe law. lltcrc can be only one result.
This is typical imperial tic diplomacy.
expression of a tendency hieh might provoke war with Mexico. alnl is precisely the policy which American Imperialism will more and more compel the government to pursue. According to the law of unt Iot. the Mexican govcrmnent is perfectly within its rights in the course it has adopted: but this course would monopolize the natural resources for Mexi an Capitalism and break the control of international lmperialism. it must be changed. Raw materials are a necessity of modern Capitalism: Mexico is bursting with raw materials which international Inmerialism covets: and so there develops a new caumaign for intervention in Mexico. potential of a new war and aggression. The campaign is proceeding actively.
Mexico the American Balka. The Imperialsm of the ited States considers financial control of Mexico and of the American continents absolutely indispensable to its plans for world power. The attitude that Mexico is our mlkans contains the threat of a new world war.
It is the t i It is autltoriatively announced that the League of Nations will be inconiorated in the Peace Treaty and it is authoriatively announced that the Peace Treaty will not include the league of Nations draft. Does it really matter?
Bolshevrktabs is no wonder that our opponents constantly with Ito Bolshevism as an nsidcous menace. The Methodist Church is in a fair way to be split wide on the question, If we are to believe the newspapers. Ur.
tlarry Ward, professor of Christian ethics Ill a Meth dist u ny. it appears, has refused to shun tltc liolsheviki and his reverend colleagues are out tor his blood, metaphorically speaking ot course. We may shortly expect to see the formation of thc Uolsltcvik Methodists and the anti Bolsltevtk Mctlto dists and perhaps even the charge that Lenin is a Methodist. fi. rum reading the newspapers on the 7th oi March one would be inclined to believe that the Irish arc tremendously popular. but when we turn from llll from page headlines and run across t) eary an AM oi tiernumy we come to the conclusion that the popularity is not wholly unalloycd. 3 How is it that with the reports of the way the. jority Socialists in Germany are terrorizing their opponents and indulging in mass ltnurdcrs we. dou.
hear anything of a reign of terror: Perhaps ll is liccause. it all depends against whom the ex are aimed whether or not the executions constitute reign of terror. We may expect to bear little at the Xe:low error while the Scheidentauus retain column.
but when the Spartacans rise to power then the press will shriek about the Reign oi Terror every tune one oi the German lwurgcois ie stubs his toe. I The Yellow Terror of the bourgeois Sod lists utieruutny has not yet drawn a protest in the name (It our common humanity froth the neutral powers nor is ll likely to do so. The Red error has but rilicd the world but it would appear that the world horror was inspired more by the color titan the 1cm. fi We suppose the reason the French government rt fuses lossports to the committee elected by the lam Co erenee for the purpose of in igauou ot ilo: shevism is that it is afraid that if these getttlt ttltztl went to Russia they would become contamitutted or perhaps that they might be tempted to tell the truth.
Regarding the Iirst supposition we would like to a sure the French government that then: is ttlisultttch no danger of such a committee becoming contaminatt with llolsltevism. The Bolsltcviki pulled off a revoln tion that these gentlemen knew was premature. ill ll unsc ntitic. and :titt all it is a luunau weakness to he unable to forgive those who have provcu one wru. t C the second matter we might my that the mud crate though they have stunt limes alho before the tunpt ion of ministe lutrtfultos. lttttt very successfully resisted the temptation to lll lllll revoltttiouists. t. lint perhaps the were at first it tbal if the Mensltevi tcould see their totypcs they would itntuc llolsbevism. n thiul.
ropcan Wu lately become converted to. o a Strange are the ways of morality. The Conunittrc of Fourteen that looks after New York moral wt lfare is quoted to the echct that it expected the polio. would detail women to walk the streets aml if ll properly accosted by tuclt. to arrest the ttteu under thlaw. It however omits to mention the ways in which it proposes to moralize the women who would accept such jobs.
Reaction and Finance in Russia URI. and more the. llietl intervention shun itself as not merely anti lltdshcvik. but counter revolutionary. All over the pl. the men of the old regiute are creeping out to see the stilt again and look to a return to power in the baggage wager of the Allies. Even the anti Ilolshevik revolutionar are taking alarm. The (husk Government to which they pinned their faith has been overthrown by a military dictatorship. The tiotmries ancotuing more anti more to the fore. nd behind lb rcactionaries stand the financial interests whose Il object is the exploitation of Russia for the profit of Western Capitalism. There are schemes afoot for tilc formation of chartered companies which are to take over the ntnning of whole branches of Russian industry. Finally. for the proper umlerstamling of Allied policy in Russia. we commend a tutssage from the Financial News: In the city it is realized that events are shaping more and more towards an inter»
national sovereignty over Russia. modelled on the llritish surveillance of Egypt. Such an event would transform Russian bonds into the cream of the international market. The Herald (England)