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8 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Saturday, February 22, 1919 The Wrath of the Millions which we Nothing short By Barnet Braverman HROUGHOUT the world the wrath of the pro tive in its demands and welcome a similar policy from Talk emanating from conferences and reported in letariat is preparing to hurl itself at the forces the bourgeoisie although the latter have shown they the press with a pretense of achievement will not of Imperialism.
need no invitations to be drastic and positive in their solve cconomic probleins of the moment, especially at The wrath of an accusing working class is about methods for the protection méricain, French. English, ready to take what the bourgeois refuse to give up this moment, with proletarian wrath holding itself to deal with the politicians and financiers of Imperialisin whose power is based on a bluff and on past, Italian, Japanese and German imperialism are lined the control of dense ignorance of the working class.
As far as moderate Socialism is concerned in the In Paris, the ablest servants of Imperialism have sia. Socialists in America should realize their task matter, it cannot rise from its grave to to offer been conducting a series of discussions to consider to bring pressure upon American Imperialism by susspectre promises that could not be kept. Wherever moderate ways and means of bolstering their worn, decayed porting the Bolsheviki and world wide revolt. Socialism had opportunity to co operate with revolusocial system. Through press channels these servants The nited States teems with proletarian wrath tionary mass demands, it developed into social paof Imperialisın would have us think of their discus that is not yet organized, the wrath of people who dis triotism, capitalist state worship, counter revolution sions as the embodiment of a peace conference. trust the governinent in foreign affairs, the wrath of and discouraged working class initiative.
But where is there peace?
men and women workers who want something more Is the American Socialist movement to be a factor There will be no peace in the world after the sercut of life than the opportunity to from sunrise in the world wide proletarian revolution? Then it vants of Imperialism have adjourned their conference. to sundown, the wrath of increasing unemmust welcome and promote initiative among the There can be no peace there shall be no peace in ployed army, the wrath of returning soldiers who are people, to create social conflicts that will jobless after having fought for democracy and put the bourthe world until the workers have organized their geois on the defensive, must encourage disregard wrath and used it mercilessly to crush laws, customs, freedom. These people, fretting under the double and disdain of imperialist social and economic represand institutions that have enabled a few imperialist yoke of econ of the workers on every politicians and financiers to exploit and bleed the pro prices, constitute the eruzier: unemployment and high sion, must form bour Pport attacks control.
the material with we must work to create selfof a dictatorship of the revolutionary While Wilson and House, Lloyd George and Bal disciplined mass revolutionary Socialist movement industrial democracy, should become the dominant revolution Socialist proletariat as the forerunner of genuine four and Pichon, and other representatives of ImpeAn American rialism are evolving a capitalist peace and consider convince note in American Socialist policy. There cannot, the ing the possibility of future wars in which the work permanent relief from economic insecurity only will not, be room for any other policy, because people when their indignation is expressed in conscious are not in a mood for compromise with unemploywrath of the proletariat is raising its giant form, mass action for the abolition of the capitalist state ready to strike hard in England, Treland, Scotland, called democracy and the organization of a state italist civilization, after supporting a war that was South America, the United States, Roumania, Italy.
recognizing the needs of those who work on a socially foisted upon them in the name of democracy and While the world is in the throes of proletarian useful status.
wrath, what are the Socialists of America thinking, Moderate Socialism has always interfered with the degraded press, ever since the Bolsheviki asnow!
development of working class initiative just as much sumed power fifteen months ago, has been looking American Socialists should reconcile themselves to as the conservative labor unions of the American upon the proletarian revolution in Russia with alarm, the cold, bare fact that parliamentary or moderate Federation of Labor. Moderate Socialism has ever derision, hatred. With the spirit of revolt imbedding Socialism is dead to stay dead.
supported the capitalist state in which the bourgeois itself in the hearts (and hope the heads as well) of Moderate Socialism America gave its last gasp have always held the reins of power.
the American inasses, press, politicians and financiers when its high priest, Victor Berger, was convicted a There is is no difference between moderate Socialism refer to Bolshevism as a bogey, a force resolving itfew weeks ago for violation of the espionage act. and bourgeois reform.
The former is to catch votes self into chaos and confusion. think, moderate Socialism in America gave its for some Socialist politician, and the latter to carry What worse chaos and confusion can be produced last gasp when its arch apostle, while on the witness out reforms under pressure from the masses. than exists now throughout the world as a result of stand, revealed graphically the In many sections of the country factories and mills capitalist imperialist domination?
craven, compromising, treacherous are closing or have shut down. revolutionary So The Socialism moderate as he cialist and issues has nothing to offer the people, government based on proletarian dictatorship before the historic forces of postthe Bolsheviki in Russia and revolutionary working would not hesitate to expropriate and open these fac war events. Bourgeois organization of industry is class tendencies in the United States. Will American tories and mills for the employment of those who are cracking. But many are not aware of this at present.
Socialists agree that this brand of Ebert Kerensky to work, eager to produce wealth. Occasionally a London will say words to disarm the Scheideman Socialism is more dangerous to intelli In different states conferences (always confer workers about the consciousness of their might, as he gent American working class revolution than capital ences. are on between state and federal officials and clid. not so long ago in the House of Representatives, ists with their institutions? They should, if they be conservative, sane labor leaders, all in the honest and clear in their perceptions, when he referred to the proletarian revolution as an problem of reaching a solut employment impossibility in in the United States.
Why the childish prattle of moderate Socialism, to Conferences are of no avail. Bourgeois conferences But before us the wrath of the millions. the anger of imperialists, about buying out (conservative, sane labor leaders belong to the lower we the wrath of the millions. the industries when they can be expropriated by a strata of the bourgeois) never helped the workers. The growing wrath of the people indicates their government based on proletarian dictatorship? Amer Can conferences between government officials and awakening from the slumbering stupor of capitalist ican capitalism will never sell itself out any more conservative labor leaders give employment to ten democracy. And this wrath, that must become selfthan did feudalism or American negro slavery. million unemployed persons (figures based on figures disciplined and intelligently expressed, shall its Socialists should discard the practice of trying to by Dean Kirchwey, for the United States Department energy in building order out of chaos, establishing a cater to the good will of the enemies of the working of Labor) while private owners of industry deem it rcal world peace, creating a Soviet republic, and orclass. Socialist policy must become drastic and posi unprofitable to employ or buy labor power?
ganizing a league of free working class nations.
freedom of and of eager loonus appease the And hail Woodrow Wilson Issue of Mass Meeting The Revolutionary Age Political Prisoners and Deportations SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 30 GRAND OPERA HOUSE Dover and Washington Sts. Boston President Wilson will return to America Monday and make a speech is report on the Peace Conferences.
Practically the whole of the text issue of The Revolutionary Age will be devoted to an analysis of this speech a splendid issue for propaganda purposes. The issue will have a cartoon Send your orders now! Spread our message among the workers! STEINER, Manager 885 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.
Speakers: LOUIS FRAINA Just released from Prison IME KAPLAN Secretary Lawrence Strike Committee, and threatened with deportation EADMONN MACALPINE Expected to Speak: SEN KATAYAMA Jarancsc Surcialist and Exile from Japan 1dmission Frec.
Auspices Local Boston, Socialist Party Red Week for the Age!
The Red Week is a Socialists week, a means of developing our inteilectual and material forces for the overthrow of Capitalism.
FOR THE BENEFIT OF The Revolutionary Age our only red Socialist Communist paper. It will start arch 2, at the Dudley Club of Lettish Branch No. 1, 23 Kenilworth Street, Roxbury, Mass. which has been rebuilt and beautifully decorated.
All of Boston will participate. Every night will have something to offer. This week will be al victory week.
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