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Saturday, February 22, 1919 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE The Revolution in Prison to. works.
most efficient means.
Bastile another charge group Arouse JEAR ye! Hear ye! We have a cause to uphold In thc Pinta County Jail there are a number of pol and unrest prevailed in France, but they did tell us that iticals who issue a little Magasinc. The cos er is in martial law had been proclaimed. And so the beast lend us your ear while we unburden ourselves. ink; the inside pages in fencil (apparently ink Tho there are bars to the right of us, bars to the scarce. We print extracts with one comment; the emphasis on economic action is not in accord with the In this country the Attorney General is preleft of us, behind us and in front of us, tool proof paring new measures for suppression and as usual it steel above us and concrete underneath us, our hearts new conceptions of the Revolution.
will be directed against the whom the master and minds dwell in the outer world where the armed class fear more than any other organization, hosts of the Proletariat are wresting their brightright, Mother Earth, from the grasp of the master class. sentatives composed of Socialists. Yea, the Tho their most active members fill the penitentiaries the membership of the has remained on the It is mainly in the light of the experience and tactics strikes at the heart of social injustice.
job and as a result their organization grows.
of the Revolutionary Proletariat of Europe in relation to the propaganda and activities of the radicals in our This indomitable spirit counts and is absolutely dearly beloved United States with which our opinions necessary in the trying times ahead of us. The capand ideas will deal. It must be manifest to the Double, double, toil and trouble. italist class is fully aware of what it is doing when European Proletariat in action that the new conditions Fire burn and cauldron bubblz.
it resorts to suppression. They know that suppresbe faced in these United States, require a change INCE the signing of the armistice we have wit defer the realization of our ideal.
sion does suppress for a time they know that it will of tactics in meeting the enemy. Believing in hitting the bourgeoisie hurts, our board of strategy nessed the capitalist class using a combination of Yeal a great many of us will return to jail again will its three methods of combating revolutionary ideas.
from time ta time what is considers the During normal times they used ihese singly.
our present bit isn the last bit.
While there is unity of opinion among the politicals The forward moving revolutionary movement has Onward with the task outside agitate and organize on the job for the industrial republic. Organize and in Pima County Bastile on a great many questions, thrown them into a fever of fear and caused them to resort to silence, ridicule and suppression all in one hasten true world peace!
on some. Occasionally, during discussions when they cast off their philosophical calm beautiful melange.
a wordy explosion occurs, followed by days of deep silence. In future issues we shall endeavor to give an SCRAP FROM SCRAP OF PAPER account of these discussions. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall Our readers will find us both serious and humorous.
enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial.
We shall publish sketches and poetry and try to make Constitution.
the magazine as attractive as possible. Who our poet will be no one knows; but we expect to develop one.
Thus, sans advertising, sans subscribers, not caring months in Pima County Bastile and a trial still seems as far off as ever.
a rap about such trivialities as free press, free speech.
laws and conventions, we name thee Bastile and send Wobbly papers from the length and breath of the thee forth on the troubled waters.
KSSUED by the land disclose to us that we are not as unfortunate as many other political offenders. Nearly two hundred Politicals are in jail in Omaha, Wichita, Fresno, SpoSHALL AMERICA BE LAST?
kane and other places awaiting trial. confined in One group of wobblies has been incarcerated over America First. But say unto you, be not dePima Co.
one year without trial held under the spinach act.
ceived. Gaze over yonder whence you brethren who Another Bastile manipulate the levers amidst the clanging of great has been in the tank two years on machines, who plow the earth, sow the seed and reap In the next issue we will picture a few Bastiles the harvest, who hurrow like moles in the bowels of which shame the Black Hole of Calcutta and are a the earth hear them as they hurl defiance at the close seconds to the torture chambers of the Spanish masters in slave bound lands, We are the First.
Inquisition. News which radical papers in the east would probably consider unfit to print for fear of ofica was. Last. ye rebels, lest it be said AmerCast off your time worn methods fending the authorities.
which you fondly believed, and perhaps still believe, will emancipate the workers. What have petitions, The American Fakeration of Labor meets to decide resolutions, and delegations accomplished? What has and participation in bourgeois parliaments acon a general strike to obtain justice for Mooney. First they decide to strike one week, then they decide one day is sufficient, then one hour. Finally they decide Consider petitions, resolutions, and delegations. It on a five minute strike. Ye Gods! What we need is is not not necessary to cite what happened on innumerable another John Brown to free Mooney the of occasions when these instruments were employed to won free him.
protest against obnoxious legislation, or when during a strike, or as the result of a frame up, a champion of labor was imprisoned. They weren worth the energy and money spent upon them.
FAMOUS SAYINGS BY GREAT MEN Consider now the political field. In the labyrinth of politics labor has sliamelessly betrayed time The following excerpt from a capitalist newspaper He kept us out of war Too proud to fight after time. Their representatives, tainted by bourge will illustrate what they are fearful of. Peace without victory ois associations and opportunism, deserted their Up thru the European chaos is surely creeping the Let slaughter them all principles when the war was declared. It is here by menace of Bolshevism, not Socialism, but that Bolshe Wilson.
means legal and extra legal that the bourgeoisie can vism which is the result of reckless modern materialnullify any radical legislation. Here the bourgeoisie ism.
is all powerful. That is why the league of nations is supremely im think we have had a fair trial. Bill Haywood.
is not the logical field for proletarian portant. If the league of nations is Utopian, then our How a rebel can credit the courts of masters with have they have no interest changing its laws. Their in down in a welter of barbarous slaughter.
virtue with the beast when a rebel is concerned.
terest lies a fundamental economic change, the abolition of the wages system, the abolition of private orgetting his sophism regarding civilization and only barbarous slaughter we will assure the writer of Diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the 10: economic thru industrial organization, public view. Wilson.
no worker is disIn fact there will be two leagues of nations one a franchised, where every worker has a voice. On the combination of capitalist nations, the other of workindustrial field the proletariar is all powerful. ing class nations. And while they prate of peace we BASTILE BRIEFS The whose shibboleth is Abolition of the will say there can be no harmony, 110 concord, no peace must dend their energy to improve its organization and to a co operative basis, where the means of production THIS month cover of Bastile typifies tie strength of the bars which surround us. It a:50 are the universal property of the workers of the world.
reflects the rugged spirit of those confined within have become a powerful faction on the eco The same issue which contained the paragraphs them. There is class solidarity in the lettering.
nomic field and soon the of will dwindle to quoted also carried an article ridiculing the amateurish the proportion of a Wednesday evening prayer meet attempt of the Spartacus group of Germany taking over several industrial plants. The author was in a Goldberg will shave soon that we will be Vigorous propaganda campaigns must be carried on. jocular mood he took their name, Spartacus, and con able to design a two color cover the next number. It the will show soldiers returning home with their guns odicals established in the interest of the on Sparticusses. Sparticides, Sparticustards and Sparti silhou. but what the hell! wait til you get it.
trial or in jail must be placed on a permanent basis cuspidors. He tried to make them look very ridiculunder the editorial direction of capable and experi ous. That what his master wanted.
enced propagandists.
Send us a cake of red orange water color and a We have also had an example of how they apply brush, somebody uick. We have an inspiration.
So arouse yourself, ye rebels, or it will surely be silence. For instance, they did not inform us that a said America was Last. Help to organize and agi general strike was in progress in Switzerland, but they tate for the One Big Union. The masters did inform us when the backbone of the movement Radical magazines and papers will be welcomed fear this organization more than a House of Repre was broken. They did not inform us that disorder with joy by Bastile.
voting complished. been politics where