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THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Saturday, February 22, 1919 The Immorality of the Bolsheviki syste other UBLICITY, second only. to that received by the Study in Myths and Facts Complaints in regard to refusal to perform marnotorious Sisson Documents, is being given to riage or in regard to mistakes in registering it inay be certain decrees regarding marriage and the Even the horrible examples cited by Vr. Sinnons presented within an unlimited period of time to local do not deprive women of their liberty of choice and judge (where the marriage is registered. complaints relation of the sexes generally which Roger Simof the judges decision may be made in accordance with mons, former representative in Russia of the Departtheir personal freedom in other matters. Under Cap the general rules.
italism (the system of society which gentleinen like The inference from the reports of the Senate Committee on Bolshevism. Mr. Simmons gives these doMr. Sinimons, the personnel of the Senate Committee mittee published in the press is that children have cuments as the official decrees of the Bolshevik Gov and newspaper editors are so vigorously supporting. ceased to be under the care of their parents or, in ernment through a local Soviet. The whole tenden things are different. The details of the white slave fact, to any sense retain their identity as members traffic are so cy of the report of the proceedings is to show that wal of family. The following decrees, one signed by the Bolsheviki consider women not as human beings the particulars of prostitutions are so hideous Alexandra Kollontay, Commissaire of Social Welfare but merely as sexual machines.
that they cannot be published. Under our present (Mme Kollontay is the only woman in the world to The interference of Mr. Simmons testimony is that system women are sold into slavery at so much a hold a high executive government office and the Somarriage is completely abolished, that Free Love pound, young girls are decoyed from their homes and sent into brothels there to do the bidding of their viet Government is the only government in the world in the bourgeois sense is forced upon women and sha which has an executive government department of that the entire sex is organized on a scheme of state owners, women are kept confined to houses lest Social Welfare) and the other by Lenin shows in prostitution, a working card being tendered instead of money. It is well to remember when considering diseased men and when they have contracted disease sometimes by bodily punishment, into relations with welfare: some of these facts about Russia those other facts Two million young lives were yearly dwindling in are forced to contain their trade.
which are not denied even by the most violent enemies Russia because of the darkness of the oppressed people, of the Bolsheviki. One such fact to be remembered the average life of these women as five years and because of apathy of the class State. Two million sufin connection with the question of how Soviet Russia fering mothers were saturating yearly the Russian earth with tears and were covering with their blistered hands deals with women is that working women participate do not compute the sufferings and degradation that the shame, the the early graves of the innocent victims of the hideous in the Soviet Government on an equality with men the loneliness, the bodily agony, the ment social order. The human thought, which had for cenmental torture.
and that some of the highest administrative offices in turies seeked a path, has at last reached the bright Russia are held by women.
An investigation in the British House of Commons cpoch of workers reforms, which will safeguard the One of the decrees which Mr. Simmons testifies mother for the child and the child for the mother. Bright some time ago resulted in the disclosure of the fact samples of capitalist moral homes for orphans filled to as official is in part as follows: that houses of prostitution were maintained with above their capacity, having a colossal mortality rate connivance, if not open support, of the English army and a hideous form of nursing the infants, which form This decree is proclaimed by the Free Association of authorities, in which each woman had relations with was an insult to the sacred feelings of a helpless laborAnarchists in the town of Saratov. In compliance with ing mother and which made the mother citizen a dull the decision of the Soviet of Peasants and Soldiers and over 1oo men in a week and often with over 20 men nursing animal all these horrors of a nightmare have Workmen Deputies of Kronstadt, the abolition of the in one day. The streets of the great cities of all civilized countries are swarming with women plying private possession of women.
fortunately, sunk in the dark mist of the past since the victory of the workers and the peasants. morning, this trade.
bright and pure as the children themselves has come.
MOTIVES You, working women, laboring mother citizens, Social inequalities and legitimate marriage having But all these things are matters of little moment with your responsive hearts you brave builders of to these virtuous men because the women who swell been a condition in the past which served as an instruthe new social life you ideal pedagogues, children ment in the hands of the bourgeoisie, thanks to which the ranks of the prostitutes are the women of the physicians and nurses. all of you are called by the new Soviet Russia to contribute your minds and feelall the best species of all the beautiful women have been working class. The bodily and mental anguish of ings to the building of the great structure of social the property of the bourgeoisie, have prevented the these women is of no importance. proper continuation of the human race. Such ponwelfare of the future generations. All the small and In Russia the incentive for traffic in women large institutions of the Commissariat of Social Welderous arguments have induced the present organizbodies ation to edict the following decree: is removed there is no longer a profit to be fare which serve the children, all of them from the From March the right to possess women having derived out of their day of publication of this decree, mould into one state reached the ages 17 to 32 is abolished.
sise the organization and are transformed to the supervision old with regard to the sexes as it has of the Department for safeguarded mothers and chil3. This decree does not affect women having five revised it in all matters. It is quite true that dren, so as to create inseparable chain together with children.
rees have been issued on The former owners may retain the right of using the Institutions for the care of pregnant women, for subject. Some changes have been made in the marriage system but no the purpose of bringing up mentally and physically their wife without awaiting their turn.
strong citizens. The Petrograd Home, with all the In case of resistance of the hasband he shall fordecree has been issued abolishing marriage.
auxitary branches, becomes part of the Palace for feit the right of the former paragraph.
Decrees have been issued regarding divorce in Safeguarding Motherhood and Infancy. as one of its All women according to this decree are exempted which a comm from private ownership and are proclained the property departments and is named The Palace of Infancy.
a commonsense attitude is taken towards the The Moscow Home bocomes part of the Moscow Instiof the whole nation.
If both parties desire the divorce it is tute of Motherhood and is named The Moscow Insti7. The distribution and management of the appro granted without any obstacles being placed in the tute of Infancy.
priated women in compliance with the decision of the matter For the purpose of precipitating the realization of above organization are transfered to the Anarchist Sa comes before a local ratov Club. In three days from the publication of this and decision the necessary reforms for the safeguarding childhood is not docree all women given by it to the use of the nation are in Russia, at the Department for Safeguarding Motheracceptable to both Danege se separation the then the case is is laid before hood and Infancy Committee is being organized. It obliged to present themselves to the given address and a jury. Notice of divorce is published in the local is to be composed of representatives of the Soviet of give the required information. Male citizens have the right to use one woman paper both before and after the decree has Workers Soldiers and Peasarıs Deputies, of Worknot oftener than three times a week, for three hours, granted. Where there ers organizations and of specialists, interested in the been children to question of social welfare of the infants. The followobserving the rules specified below.
the marriage the court decides which party shall have ing principles are to be the Committee guiding prin10. Each man wishing to use a piece of public pro custody and whether the children will take the father ciples: perty should be a bearer of certificate from the Factthe ories Committee, professional union, or Workmen mother name. In the Safeguarding the mother for the child: the best that the event applidrop of milk for the child is the milk from its mothSoldiers. and Peasants Council, certifying that he cation for divorce hinges the question of the valid er breast.
belongs to the working class family.
ity of the marriage a jury decides the case. Bring up the child in an atmosphere of a widely 12. Male citizens not belonging to the working The following decree regarding marriage has been developed Socialist family class in order to have the right equally with the proletariat are obliged to pay 100 roubles monthly into the issued To create for the child conditions, which would the Council of People Commissaires, the by lay a foundation for the development of its physical public funds.
central government of Soviet Russia: and mental strength and for a bright understanding of 14 All women proclaimed by this decree to be the life.
national property will receive from the funds an allowThe Russian Republic froin now on recognizes civit People Commissaire: Kollontay.
ance of 238 roubles marriages only.
a Member of the Collegium, supervising the Depart15. All women who are pregnant are released of the Civil marriage is performed in accordance with the following rules.
ment for Safeguarding Motherhood and Infancy: direct State duties for four months, up to three months Korcleff.
before and one month after childbirth. Persons, desiring to enter into marriage, announce Sect y. Zvetkoff.
16. The children born are given to an institution for their intention verbally or in written form to the Department for Registration of Marriages and births in their January 31, 1918.
training after they are one month old where they are trained and educated until they are 17 years of age at locality. attached to the City Board of Aldermen.
the cost of the public funds.
Note: The desire to perform a religious marriage DECREE ON COMMISSIONS FOR CARE OF MINORS 19. Those who are guilty of spreading veneral ditogether with a civil marriage is considered solely sease will be held responsible and severely punished.
private affair of the parties entering into marriage.
Article Trial and imprisonment for children and 20. Women having lost their health may apply to the Announcements of the desire to enter into mar. those under age are abolished.
Soviet for a pension.
riage are not accepted: a) from male persons under 18 Article The cases of those not of age of both years of age; from female under 16; the Male natives sexes who have been guilty of acts detrimental to the The provisions of this decree could only emanate of Transcaucasia may enter into marriage on their 16th society are to be dealt with hy special Commission for from petty bourgeois minds. Even the wildest Anarbirthday, and female natives, on the 13th; b) from Care of Minors.
relatives, from brothers and sisters and half brothers Article The above mentioned Commissions are chists would not produce such a pornographic docu: and half sisters; in such cases the relationship between under the sole jurisdiction of the People Commisment; moreover, the Free Association of Anarchists, an illegal child and his posterity on one hand and his sariat of Social Welfare and are composed as follows: clearly is not the Sovier Government the Anarfather and the relative on the cther hand is recognized; One representative each of the Commissariats of c) from persons who have alrcady entered into mar Social Welfare, People Education and Justice not riage and d) from insane persons.
less than three people in all, one of thon must be a Editorials sizzling with righteous wrath accompany Persons desirous of entering into marriage xoto physician.
the publication of this and other decrees. The Amethe Department for Registration of Marriage and sign Anticle Ony investigating the cases of those under their names in regard to the absence of obstacles menit rican public is invited to behold what is in store for age, the Commission either frees them or sends them tioned in Article of this Decree, and also give their to one of the institutions of Social Welfare, corresif it attempted to stray from the pleasant and signatures to the effect that they enter into marriage ponding with the offence.
virtuous ways of Capitalism, broadsides of indigna voluntarily.
Article The Commissaire of Social Welfare is tion poured forth against the Bolsheviki libertines Persons who intentionally give false statements as charged with the task of working out instructions to and outraged virtue assails this wholesale immorality to the absence of obstacles enumerated in Article. the Commissions and the selection of types of instituare broughy to court for giving false information, and tions of Social Welfare and violation of all the sacred ideals of sex virtue their marriage is declared void.
Article All cases of those under age which are and family love. When, however, it is remembered Having taken the signatures, the Chief of the De. pending in the courts of which have led to imprisonthat these editorial writers are partment for Registration of Marriages enters the inent, must be retried.
engaged the marriage into the Record Book and declares the marChairman of the Soviet of People Commissaires. in upholding present system of society and that riage act valid. Ulianoff (Lenin. their virtuous wrath is curbed when dealing with The parties entering into marriage are free to determPeople Commissaire of Justice: Steinberg.
our own system of prostitution, white slavery and ine whether they will use the name of the man or the Chief Clerk: Vladimir Bonch Bruevitch.
wife, or both names jointly.
female degradation one is forced to wonder whether Secretary of the Soviet: Gorbounoff.
The parties entering into marriage receive a copy of Published in the organ of the Provisional Workers the indignation is as real as it appears.
their marriage certificate.
and Peasants Government, January 14th, 1918.
question official been have or emist on flicis ante violenery opposed to the Bolsheviki.
ever constantly