8 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Saturday, February 8, 1919 The Birth of the American Soviet Ta del reporting society and presente constituie is Council of Workers, Soldiers and Sailors of Portland, Oregon Declaration of Principles The c!! caing Declaration of Principles and Form of No craft or industrial division shall be recogOrganisatie nav the Council of Workers. Soldiers and Sailors nized by the Council, but existing organizations may THE Council of Workers, Soldiers and Sailors of Portland, Orr. and vicinity harve been forwarded to us for publicminit. feel that this is one of the most import: send delegates to the Council, the basis of representat an inderalisas of the American workers and is in line with based upon the ownership of the means of living the antitude of pir European brothers, even in those count ion being one delegate for every one hundred membby the capitalist or master class, and the consequent action. Ta sincerely rope that the movement will be taken ers in good standing, or major fraction thereof, provenslavement of the working class, by whose labor sp throughout America or the returned soldiers and sailors iding such organization endorses the Declaration of alone wealth is produced.
action of the indstrial barons of this country regarding the Principles of the Council of Workers. Soldiers and In this society there is an antagonism of interests more controllers and sailors certainly shorts the necessity for Sailors. The representation of the Soldiers and Sailmanifesting itself in a struggle between the master to their pund guill not degenerate into mutual adrir ors shall be upon the same basis as the representation ation socie ics which can be exploited by the politicans, of the Workers.
class and the working cless, which struggle can only cs has been the rose with previous organisations of veteran be abolished by the emancipation of the working class soldiers and sailors. The Council shall have the following officers, Our adrio: le rich organisations would be to immediately from the domination of the master class by th: con link themecies into a nationwide group and federate with elected for a period of six months, but subject to reversion o! the means of production and distribution. stiorary Ace as ill be glad to place its columns at the disposal similar European and Canadian organisations. The Recoli call at any time by a majority vote of delegates, and thow held by the master class, into the common pro koishitect their demands. He has rights who dares the terms of office shall expire on the 31st of December perty of society, and their democratic control by alt maintain them.
and the 30th of June. president, vice president, of society.
recording secretary, secretaryIn the order of social evolution treasurer, sergeant at arms and the working class is the last class reading clerk.
to achieve emancipation, therefore The president shall preside the emancipation of the working at all meetings and be ex offico class must be accomplished by the member of all committees except working class itself. We can never where a committee is elected to expect the master class to introduce any measures that will be of investigate the official acts of the slightest benefit to the working president. The vice president shall class.
be present at all meetings, and act The machinery of government, as chairman in case of absence of inculding the armed forces of the the president. The recording secnation, exists only to conserve the retary shall keep a cord the monopoly by the capitalist class minutes of every meeting and of the wealth taken from the permit any member of the Council workers, therefore the workers to examine them upon request.
must crganize consciously for the The secretary treasurer shall have conquest of the powers of governcharge of all funds and keep an ment national and local, in order accurate account of receipts and that this machinery, including expenditures. The sergeant at these forces, may be converte arms shall take care of the door from an instrument of oppression and admit only bonia fide members into an instrument of emancipaof the Council at any business tion.
meeting. The reading clerk shall The ruling class today is absolread the minutes of the previous utely incapable of longer conductmeeting, communications, etc. In ing the industrial affairs of the case of absence of sergeant at pation in a manner conducive to arms or reading clerk, the pres the welfare of the people. Every ident shall appoint members to act of its official spokesmen in ake their places.
the congress, the senate of th: All checks must be signed United States and the various y the secretary treasurer, the state legislatures proves its utter president and vice president. All inability to deal with the problems money must be deposited in a reconfronting it. Industry has reachiable bank.
od such a point of development Robert Rules of Order that the forces of production have Drawn for The Herald, Loudur, England By Will Dyson shall be observed at all meetings.
come into violent conflict with the Vested Interests: Ah, the dea: fellow, he footed that other Bill so nicely, surely he This shall be the only rules existing relations of production, won mind foating this one for us!
of order observed by the Council therefore a period of revolution of Workers, Soldiers and Sailors, taust ensue in which these relations must be burst principlss of mass action in order that we may realize as we do not recognize bourgeois formulas and conarunder.
that accumulation of energy, that concentration of sider a detailed constitution an impediment to revoluThe working class must organize into a class organforce and continuity of resistance necessary to strike tionary action.
ization for the purpose of waging unceasing warfare the final blow against the capitalist class. Any member of this Council who denounces th: against the capitalist class and its instrument of opForm of Organization declaration of principles will be imm:diately expelled pression by any action that has for its object the over1. The Conncil of Workers, Soldiers and Sailors upon competent proof. without the formality of a trial.
throw of the political state of the master class and the shall be reposed of all men and women employed In case the expelled member desires a trial it shall be sabstitution therefore of the dictatorship of the prole cribe to the secial welfare, except those who employ in west or ho in any manner whatsoever con granted.
tariat. Sufficient working cominittecs shall be elected, the lab oi cliers. This includes all who work for subject to th: desires of the Council.
The purpose of the Council of Workers, Soldiers wag ortho are engaged in housekeeping, dis 10. This document supll be amended at any time, and Sailors is to organize all members of the work. charged scidiers and sailors; in fact all the working subject to majority vote of the Central Executive ing class into one organization and train them in the class, employed or unemployed.