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THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Saturday, February 8, The Chicago Communist Propaganda League GROUP of Socialist party officials and active of Socialist functioning have not taken sufficiently revolutionary class struggle; a Socialist movement party members came together for consultation into account the mass action of the proletariat which built only on revolutionary proletarian adherents. Ai as to ways and means for giving the American alone can bring revolution, but instead there has been end of petty bourgeois reformism as the basis of SoSocialist movement a revolutionary character, in har. blind reliance on balloting and pure parliamentarism cialist Party activity.
mony with all the significance of November 7th, the as the weapons of revolution a reliance which the Party policies and platforms free froin hypo rrost glorious date in all history. At the hour of that experience of the past two years makes particularly crisies and planks to catch votes. platforms only as little meeting bedlam reigned in the streets of Chicago empty.
statements of revolutionary aims.
by pemature celebration of peace. The calling of Converting these different criticisms into affirmative Furtherance of such changes in political forms this meeting during the mass tumult of November 7th propositions, we present the following program as the as are in line with the needs of proletarian controlled is prophetic of the revolutionary vision which brought immediate basis of our activities: industries, not of political changes based on bourgeois these comrades together. On that day the seething Alliance and cooperation only with revolution democracy.
proletariat ruled Chicago by sheer force of numbers. ary Socialist and labor elements in international Identification of the Socialist Party with classOne thing alone was needed to give this mass expres affairs, such as the Communist Party (Bolsheviki) conscious industrial unionism.
sion identity with the proletarian uprisings of Europe of Russia. Unity of all kinds of proletarian action and one thing: the revolutionary idea! Socialist propaganda only on the basis of the protest forming part of the revolutionary class strugThe Communist Propaganda League is an organigle. Political action to include political strikes an zation for the propagation of the revolutionary idea.
Oral Note demonstrations, and to be in cooperation with indus!
The civilization of tomorrow is with the unorganized rial mass action.
niasses who greeted the news of peace and revolution The Plenipontentiary of the Russian Socialist Federated Soziet Republic to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No compromising with any groups not inherin Germany with what may safely be described as the Below we reprint from the Pravda as an extremely ently committed to the revolutionary class struggle, greatest spontaneous expression of mass sent ment sentatives of the Russian Soviet government, which was ad such as Labor parties, People Council, Non partisan ever witnessed in America. To give direction and in dressed to the Imperial government of Germany a short Leagues, Municipal Ownership Leagues, and the like.
spiration to the advancing and irresistible army of the time (about two weeks) before the German revolution.
proletariat is the mission to which this League is de Tsian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic res8. The proletariat to be organized to oppose all HE plenipotentiary representation of the Ruswars of imperialism, though declared for defense of dicated.
country or for demoracy. and to carry this oppopectfully submits to the ministry of Foreign Affairs sition to the extent of refusal of service under conPROGRAM the following: scription, and to general strikes. The workers to We speak as members of the Socialist Party to Repeatedly the attention of the plenipotentiary engage only in wars of proletarian revolution and other Socialists, primarily in the interests of the party representatives has been called to the desirability of wars to repel attacks against proletarian governments itself, fundamentally in the interest of a truly revolu publishing in a German translation the decrees and sense of realism as to the limited possibilitie tionary proletarian movement in the United States the most important laws of the Soviet Republic. This of the ballot as a weapon of revolution or fights for Those who have organized this League, in common caused the plenipotentiary representatives of the Rus justice in capitalist courts, and depenclence prima.
with like minded Socialists throughout the country, sian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic to undertake rily on mass power and the mass action of the pro are imbued with the thought that the Socialist Party, the publ. cation of the laws of the Soviet Republic in letariat.
as it at present functions, falls short of its possibilities German. Representatives of the ministry of Foreign 10. Centralized party organization, corresponding in giving leadership and unity to the revolutionary Affairs were informed of this intention, and it was to the highly centralized imperialist control to be proletarian elements in the United States.
approved by them. Through the ministry of Foreign overthrown.
There are certain well defined lines of criticism of Affairs was received the paper necessary for the pub a. Organization for quick action and immediSocialist Party tactics and principles which have long lication. The translation is already being printed in ate response to new situations by having a been familiar to all thoughtful American Socialists: the Pass and Garleb printing, Berlin, 57 Bulow National Executive Committee composed of that the party proceeds on a too narrow understanding Strasse, 66.
paid party officials and propagandists with of political action for a party of revolution; that its Yesterday two officials of the criminal police came offices in the National Headquarters.
programs and platforms have been reformist and petty to the printing plant and demanded, on the basis of the Definite and easy control by the party membourgeois in character, instead of being definitely decision of the chief command of the district, the arrest bership of all party officials.
directed toward the goal of social revolution; that the of everything that has already been printed and the Control by the party organization of all Soparty has failed to achieve unity with the revolutionary destruction of the composition. The printers declared cialists elected to public offices.
movement on the industrial field; that the party that they have guaranteed that the printing of this Control by the party membership, through the organization of itself is too cumbersome for quick matter will be stopped, and the criminal police merely regular executive committecs, of all official response to new situations and opportunities for pro sealed and locked up all the printed and set up ma party publications; not by independent special paganda. that the stand against proletarian participa terial.
committees of trustees.
tion in imperialistic wars has not gone the full length Bringing this to the attention of the ministry of e. Establishment of a Central Lecture Bureau, of its own logic; that there has been compromising Foreign affairs, the plenipotentiary mission requests and of a Press and Information Bureau.
reservation in accepting the international leadership of it to take appropriate steps and to inform the mission Standardization of party platforms, propathe Bolsheviki of Russia; and, generally that the modes of the results.
ganda, dues, and methods of organization.
Manifesto and Program of the Left Wing of the American Socialist Movement forget that the Social Revolution must in part grow (Continued from page five) We demand that the party discard its obselete within the capitalist shell. They forget that the and the abolition of all social reform planks now conliterature and publish new literature in keeping with state, the engine of oppression employed by the catained in them.
the policies and tactics above mentioned.
pitalist class, must be destroyed through capture by The party must teach, propagate and agitate Immediate Demands the working class.
exclusively for the overthrow of Capitalism, and the We demand that the National Executive ComIn equally characteristic utopian fashion, the mo establishment of Socialism through a Proletarian Dic mittee call an immediate emergency national conderate Socialist, with his pure and simple parlia tatorship.
vention for the purpose or reorganizing party policies mentarism forgets that becatise of its destructive The Socialist candidates elected to office shall and tactics to meet the present crisis.
object and because of its structure, which is arb trary adhere strictly to the above provisions. We demand that the American Socialist Party and determined by geographical lines, the Political Realizing that a political party cannot reorgan shall not participate in the proposed Lauzanne ConArm of Labor cannot be used as a means of taking ize and reconstruct the industrial organizations of the ference engineered by moderate Socialists and soaway from the capitalists and holding for the working working class and that that is the task of the econo cial patriots.
men the means of production.
inic organizations themselves, we demand that the We demand that the Socialist Party of America Thus the utopian Syndicalist fails to utilize the party assist this process of reorganization by a pro issue a call for an international congress of tho:political weapon; and the 20th Century Utopian So paganda for revolutionary and industrial unionism groups of the Socialist movement that participate cialist misuses the political weapon and fails alto as part of its general activities. We believe it is the both in the Zimmerwald Conference in Septembe gether to utilize the industrial weapon.
mission of the Socialist movement to encourage and 1915, and the Kienthal Conference in 1916, and tho combination of these two methods is necessary assist the proletariat to adopt newer and more effect groups that are in agreement with their today.
to the revolutionary Socialist movement, and this coin ive forins of organization and to stir it into newer We demand the unequivocal endorsement bination the Left Wing intends to effect.
and more revolutionary modes of action.
the Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic. We demand that the official party press be We demand the inequivocal indorsement of Program party owned and controlled.
Spartacus Group of Germany, We stand for a uniform declaration of prin We demand that officially recognized educa We demand the unequivocal endorsement of ciples in all party platforms both local and national tional institutions be party owned and controlled. Left Wing movements of Europe.