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Wednesday, December 18, 1918 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE The International Revolution TW:LIEVE wir present situatims, lespite all the By Lenin at tacit agreement something like this exists: Don contradictine il contains, can characterized lvy Spech delivered before the All Russian Soviet you firmas leave the kraine son long as we have twetluses: First, that we ever Iwfore slowl:wear Tko arrived there. See to it that the Bolsheviki son Executive Committee, October 22, 918.
to the international quoletarian revolution as a pies in, then everything else will be adjustel. And then went to the Russian Embassy ill creer thus to ent: second, that we the clues Band ihver found tlu tiri manis take great care to 10 501, for they kw ourselves in a more dangernis jition than www.
anome their salielas ity with the arts of the Russian that for the servir twy, towe, will get me Troletarian Cuvernent.
And the inust serious part of our situation consists e lexul in the fact that the broad masses of the people are So, rope has got this far in the fifth year of the That is the judgment of the Anglo Irenela imperial hardly aware of the danger that menaces us. Therewar. Therefore, we also declare that we never were ists, for they very well understand that thc bourgeoisie fore, it must be one of the principal tasks of the Soviet so near to the world wide revolution as we are today. of the occupied districts inland, the Ukaine, or Porepresentatives to nake the present situation entirely Our allies are millions and millions of proletarians land will not be able to hold its ground a single day clear to the broad masses no matter how difficult this in all the countries of the world. But for all that. after the withdrawal of the German garrisons. Anál task may sometimes be. The weightiest objection that repeat that our situation never before was so precari the bourgeoisie of these countries, who only yesterwas raised against the Soviet Goverment, not only by ous as it is at present, because in Europe, as well as «lay sold their territory to the Germans, are today oithe bourgeoisie but also from the ranks of the lower in America, Bolshevism is being reckoned with as a fering their fatherland to the English and thic French.
middle class that had lost faith in Socialism, was that world power and a world danger.
This conspiracy of the bourgcoisic of all countries we allegedly had begun the Socialist revolution in Immediately following the conclusion of the peace against the revolutionary workers and the Bolsheviki Russia in a reckless manner, as the revolution in West of violence Brest Litovsk wc began the positive is constantly becoming more clcarly outlined and beern Europe was not yet duc.
work of building up the Socialist republic. As soon comes cynically apparent. So it is our direct duty to Comrades, now in the fifth year of the world war as we gave an opportunity to the peasants actually to point out this danger to the workers and peasants of the general collapse of Imperialism is an evident fact; Act along without the land owners, and a chance to all the belligerent countries.
now it is clear that the revolution in all the belligerent the industrial workers to arrange their own life withBut for us, comrades, the German revolution is facountries is unavoidable. We, however, whose exout the capitalists, as soon as the people understood vorable. Considering the power and the degree of istence at the beginning was counted by days or weeks, that it could manage the State itself, without slavers organization of the Gerinan proletariat, we may beat the most, have done more in this year of the revolu and cxploitation, then it became clear to cveryone, anel lieve that the German revolution will develop such tion than ever has been done by any other proletarian also manifested itself in practice, that no power and power and will be so well organized that it will solve party in the world. The bourgeoisie no longer de.
to counter revolution in the world would be able to a hundred international problems. Only we must nies that Belshevisin is now an international phenom. overthrow the Soviet power, the governinent of know how to march in line with the German revoenon. Of course, you know that the revolution has the workers and peasants. It required many months tion, not to run ahead of it and injure it, but to help it.
broken out in Bulgaria and that the Bulgarian soldiers for us to come to this conviction in Russia.
Ind our comrades, the comununists of the Ukraine, are organizing councils, or Soviets, after the Russian In the citics the revolution began to consolidate must bear this in mind. Our principal work must le model. Now comes the news that similar Soviets are itself already in November. 1917, but in the country carrying on propaganda, but a daring. persistent in the process of being organized also in Serbia. The it did not do so until the Summer of 1918. In the propaganda.
sational bourgeoisie of the various small States of Ukraine, on the Don, and in various other places, the We must not forget that Germany forms the most Austria will not be able to hold out. In Austria, too, ſrcasants have had occasion to feel the power of the important link in the revolutionary chain. The sucthe revolution of the workers and peasants is knockConstituents and the Czecho Slovaks in their own cess of the world revolution depends to the greatest ing at the door everywhere.
affairs. This required many, many months, but our degrec upon Germany. We must not fail to conIn Germany the press already talks openly of the agricultural impulation comes out of the struggle sider the changes and excrescences accompanying cvabrlication of the Kaiser and the Independent Social hardened. The peasants finally became aware of the cry revolution. In every country the revolution folDemocratic Party now dares to speak of the German danger menacing them from the sile of the capitalists lows its particular ways and thicsc ways are so differrepublic. This certainly means something! The Gerand the land owners, but were not Triglutencel, and ent and tortuous that in many countries the revoluman revolution is already a fact. The military party merely said to themselves: We have learned much in tion can loc delayed onic or two years. Ievery country talks about it openly. In East Prussia revolutionary a single year, but we shall learn still more.
must pass through definite political stages in order committees lave licen formed; revolutionary slogans The West European lirgevisie. that up to tw to arrive at the very same point. the inevitable prole.
are being uttered. The Selicidonnann gang will it relas not take the asheviki seriously, is now leerLarian revolution. And although the international main at the helm very long; it does not represent lle ing aware that in Russia a wwer has risent and proletariat is twa wakening to making important broad masses of the jxcople, and the proletarian revosanes there are which is able to arouse frie laer progress, we must confess that our mosition is partie lution in Germany is inevitable.
iso da entine spirit of sell sokerilice in tl mass. warly liliul locause our enemies direct their at So far as Italy is concerncil, the revolutionary seutiWhen this proletariau iwwer lapan to infot larg teks igainst us as their principal carmy. Now they urut of the proletariat of that country is cvilent to the dourgeoisic of the world wer that il, bow, THIS are preparing to light, thout against the lastike armies, us. When compars, the semial jatriot wlis has turned peekon will this numy. And so the intergeoisie be not against international Holshevism.
himself over to the bourgeoisic, visited thic cities kain to unite are closely in proportion as we drew We must direct our entire attention at present to Italy and preached patriotism to the workers he was Barer to the proletarian world revolution which flared our southern front, where the fate, not only of Russia, hissed out everywhere. During the war thic Italian tup, now here, now there.
Inuit also of the international revolution, is to be deSocialist Party has taken a big step toward the Left.
Now the situation for us, for the Russia of the ciclul. We have many prospetts of victory. But In France at the beginning of the war the number Soviets, has changed and events are following their what favors us most of all is the fact that a change of pariots among the workers was only too great, for course at a quickened pace. Refore, we lial to deal lias taken place in the popular feeling. The people it was declared that the soil of France and Paris was with two groups of impcrialistic robber States, that have grasped the fact that in defending Soviet Russia menaced. But there, too, the attitude of the prole were striving to destroy cach other. But now they it is not defending the interests of the capitalists, la tariat is changing. When a letter was read to the last have noticed, especially by the example of German its own interests, its own country and resires, its convention telling what mischief the Entente was up Imperialism, that their principal enemy is the revo. factories and shops, its life and liberty. The discipto in Russia there were shouts of Long live the Rus lutionary proletariat. By reason of this fact a new line of the Red Army is gaining. but it is not a dis.
sian Socialist Republic and Long live the Soviets! danger for us has now arisen, a danger that as yet cipline of the club, but the discipline of Socialism, Yesterday we got word that at a meeting held in Paris has not quite unfolded itself, and is not yet fully vis the discipline of a society of cquals.
2, 000 metal workers greeted the Soviet Republic. ille the danger that the Anglo French Imperialists The army is turning out thousands of officers who And in England it is true that the so called Inde are quictly preparing for us. We must keep this have gone through the course of study in the new pendent Labor Party has not openly entered into an canger clearly before our eyes so that we, with the proletarian military schools, and other thousands who alliance with the Bolsheviki, but its sympathies for us aid of the leaders of the masses, with the help of the have only gone through the hard school of war itself.
are constantly on the increase. The Socialist Labor representatives of the workers and peasants, may Our southern front is the front against the whole Parties of Scotland have even come out openly for the make the broad masses of the people aware of this Anglo French imperialisin, against the most importBolsheviki.
ant opponent we have in the world. But we do not This fact looms up before us entirely on its own ini In German Government circles we may now ob fcar this opponent, for we know that it will soon face tiative: Bolshevism has become a world theory and the serve two lines of Hought, two plans for salvation, the struggle with its internal enemy. Three months international proletarat. And work as were, if there can be any talk at all of salvation. ago it was said that only the half crazy Bolsheviki ingmen of all countries, who formerly read only the One group says: We want to gain time and hold out could believe in the German revolution. but today we lying and calumnious articles and news reports of the until Spring; perhaps we may succeed in winning by see how in the course of a few months Germany has bourgeois press, are now beginning to take stock of arms! The other says that it is of the greatest im changed from a mighty empire to a rotten tree trunk.
what is happening in Russia. And when last Wednes portance to arrive at an agreement with England and The force that has overthrown Germany is also workday demonstration took place in Berlin, and the France at the expense of the Bolsheviki. In this con ing in England. It is only weak today, but with every workers in order to show their ill will torrard the nection one might believe that between the English step that the English and French advance in Russia Kaiserwanted to march in front of his palace, they and French on the one side, and Germany on the other. Continued on Page 6)