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3 THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE Wednesday, December 18, 1918 There are of the recente reaction of his or her sia.
The Revolutionary Age across Germany to Russia: he left New York, was the Bolsheviki, which are inconsequental. The proce seized by the British and interned at Halifax, released ess of starving Russia is still in action. And alien Chronicle and Interpretation of Events in Europe. upon demand of the Russian government, and entered troops are still in Archangel and Vladivostok.
Russia by way of Sweden.
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Editor Says the moral, intellectual and clean Monitor: The Labor Party BADACOWN MACALPINE. Associate Editor And so, with all restraints thrown aside, and the THERE is a movenent developing among the Contributing Bditors vodka shops once again thrown open, liberty in all Soort NEARING LUDWIG LORE directions quickly degenerated into license and an.
JOHN REED SEX KATAYAMA archy. Under the Soviet regime. organize a Labor Party. The movement seems HourWICE WENSTEN acquiring definite character and strength, central laLie No. 3: The Soviets did not re open the vodka bor councils in a number of cities having approved ISSUED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY shops; as a fact, the Soviets were the one great force of the proposal.
By Local Roston, Socialist Party against drink. Drink promotes the power of the Black Steiner, Business Manager This may, in a measure, be a reflex of the similar Hundreds, not the power of Socialism.
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movement among the Canadian unions. It is, in still Three months, 00; bundles, 26 a copy Says the religious, God fearing Monitor. In the German organization of Bolshevism in Rus larger measures, an expression of the new currents that the war and events in Europe are developing Wednesday, December 18, 1918 Lic No. 4: Bolshevism is not Gernian; on the among the world working class expressed in imThe Great Deception mature and conservative form. It is, accordingly, a contrary, the conception Socialism violently op nove that, while it should not meet enthusiastic un. tremendous reception has been accorded Presi posed by Bolshevism was typified in the dominant critical acceptance, merits the serious study of the dent Wilson in France. Dignitaries of the Rc Socialism of Germany. Fact: It is Germany that Socialist who does not flee from reality by means of public have wined and dined him, words of welcome is now importing from Russia, and not Russia that im phrases, nor accepts every reality real, but who have been bandied back and forth great historical ported Bolshevism from Germany.
studies the social alignment a means of developing moment, duly recorded by the press and the movies. We do not challenge the editorial liar of the MoniDut the distinguishing feature of the reception is tor to retract these stupid lies. It is useles to ask appropriate Socialist tactics.
The organization of an American Labor Party may that a large amount of popular feeling was evoked, this. Of course; they have no real case against the the as yet unconscious masses picturing President Rolsheviki, and must resort to lies; to retract these prove a step forward for the of L, but not necWiloon as the pesonification of the new age and the lies. might mean the awakening of the American cssarily a step forward for the American proletariat.
The Le, which has insisted all along upon no new democracy. The intense longings of the masses proletariat: and that might mean more Bolshevism!
politics in the unions while dickering and comprofor lasting peace, the inarticulate aspiration for a new world, are being expressed in a temporary acclaThe Beam in Our Eye mising with Democratic and Republican politicians, mntion of the President, whose generous use of the THE psychology of the American ruling class, may develop cleaner sense of independence by phraseology of idealism and democracy has captivater which ncccssarily filters down into the conscious means of independent politics. It may, morcover, by the American masses and a large section of the Euroness of the workers, is very peculiar. The American showing the futility of of La politics, hasten pean masser. This is another great tragerly of history. ruling class Imasts of the utmost in democracy. and tire day of real Socialist political action hy the proleThe American and European masses, as yet, do not deprives teu millioms negmes of practically cvery see the deels of reaction that stalk behind the screen right of lenwcracy: it pralcs of civilization ani The New York Call wails that there is no necesof the words of lowracy. As the entinusiasm of humanity, and tolerates lynching, found nowhere sity for a Valvor arty siwe the Serialist Party has the war has passeil, the derintiin of it all is anyarent; else in the world; it shouls about wnrkers here being tren in the field for twenty years This is either an And apparent soumn will lrcon, the deception of the free, and treats strikers with a brutality that admission that the Socialist arty is no more than a wonls of d: macracy. The brunch tragerly of Capllal. In any other country would almont provoke revolu, Lalur arly, or a Menshevik refusal to admit the funilamental diferences between LAD ism is that it mabilizes the energy, the courage, the ion; it first speaks about the war to make the world ent rusiasm and idealism of the masses for the pur safe for democracy, and then pags denocracy and Socialist party. lu either event it is counter Socialposes of reaction; but already the masses are awaken. free speech more effectively than any other belligerent ism.
ing to the recognition of this, and their clergy and country, imposes sentences upon political offenders What is a Labor Party? The Labor Party, in idealism is being transformed into the international more savage than those that were imposed by the im England and in Australia, has been, from the standstruggle for Socialism.
perial German autocracy. It is a psychology compoint of revolutionary Socialism, hopelessly reactionWaging the Class Struggle pounded of conceit and hypocrisy, of savagery and ary and un proletarian. The British Labor Party unctuous morality an effective instrument against policy is a petty bourgeois policy, a counter revoluThe press reports that a French Socialist dee.
the proletariat. One of its particular boasts was the tionary policy, as has been clearly apparent by its gation met the Prevident, who answered with an address, declaring that this has indeed been a people very high level of education in the United States, unity with imperialistic Capitalism in the British Cabe inct, by its declaration that the war was a war of dewar. waged against absolutism and militarism, Well, Secretary of the Interior Lane, in his annuai mocracy, by accepting petty bourgeoiis liberalism inand that those who lead your own great nation are report and an accompanying letter, shows facts that stead of proletarian Socialism, by its petty bourgeois, for a new world and a League of Nations. Clemenle considers almost unbelievable and in them nationalistic proposals concerning Ireland, by its virceau and the Ministry of Reaction, the Ministry of selves accusatory about illiteracy in the United tual acquiescence in the expulsion of Maxim Litvinoff Reaction and the French Bourse! The new world States. In 1918 there were 5, 556, 163 persons more from England, by it accepting the resolution of the they create it will be a world of capital and the than ten years old who could neither read nor write Inter Allied Labor Conference favoring democratic tyranny of capital. The majority: Socialists in English or any other language more than 20 per cent. intervention in Russia, by its bureaucracy through France are again nobly waging the class struggle of the population. According to the census of 1910, Arthur Henderson acting against every development precisely as is the British Labor Party. The accept the percentage of native white illiterates born of naof revolutionary energy and initiative in the British ance of the President 14 points by majority Sotive parents was 7; of native whites of foreign or proletariat. The Britsh Labor Party has been a typicialism in France and England and by the British Labor Party has enormously complicated our task of mixed parentage, 1; of foreign born white, 12. 7; of cal party of laborism, in that it struggles for a place awakening the American proletariat, as well as awak. negroes, 30. Most of the illiterate nations of Europe in the governing system of things, for petty advantages to the upper layers of the working class, instead of ening the proletariat of France and Britain. The make a finer showing. These boasts are means of straight and sure tactic independence alone upon exception. But the awakening of the proletariat is struggling for the overthrow of the governing bourcoming.
the class struggle of the Socialist proletariat.
geois system. The British Labor Party has been and is a party of social Imperialism, its policy in tendency Challenge to a Liar They Are Still There the reactionary policy of majority Socialism and THE bourgeois press has never lied us often, as in. THE questions asked by Senator Hiram Johnson unonism in Germany. except in the case of more famously, as it lies these days about revolutionary about Ameican relations with Russia and about radical, oppositional unions.
Socialist Russia. And it isn simple the yellow gutter what American troops are doing in Russia have not characteristic of laborism is that it acts against porn that lies; the most preposterous lies are manu yet been answered. The press reports that Allied the broad masses of the industrial proletariat, against factured by the respectable and inteHectual press: troops nay march into Russian territory evacuated by the unorganized proletariat of unskilled labor. The the gutter and the university, the intellectual and the the German troops to maintain order. French ma labor government in Australia, once in power, used roughneck, are a unity against Russia. The Christ rines have occupied Odessa, where they have absolute armed forces to break the strikes of unorganized, unian Science. Monitor. in an editorial in its December ly no business unless it is counter revolutionary busi skilled workers. Moreover, the labor government, 13, lase, lies stupidly and viciously.
ness. British Minister of Foreign Affairs Balfour instead of introducing Socialism, us was expected Says the Monitor. declares that there is no responsible government in by the gullible. Socialist, strengthened Capitalism, be She Germany) called to her aid the two inter. Russia that could be represented at the Peace Con came the unifying centre of bourgeois reaction cam national Jews Ulianoff (Lenin) and Bronstein (Trotz ference, and indicates that Russia is one of the back ouflaced in liberal colors. When the war broke, ky) convoyed them across her territory to the Russian ward nations that the League of Nations should be labor Australia was even more patriotic and imfronting. trustee of, and help them along the steady path of perialistic than bourgeois Canada, labor Premier Lie No. 1: Ulianoff Lenin is not a Jew, but a pure proeress. The American War Trade Board has made William Morris Hughes becoming the particular pet Rwiat, of the Consack petty nobility, definite plans to reopentrade relations with Russia of the ultra imperialistic forces of British CapitalLi No. Bronstein Trotsky was not transported that is, with those parts of Russis not controlled by ism. There has been a revolt against the eroesses