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The Revolutionary Age Chronicle and Interpretation of Events in Europe Vol I, No. Wednesday, December 18, 1918 Price, Cents Peace. and the Revolution 3e HE coming peace conference will only incidental Moreover, all the measures comprised in annexa only way out; and the definite completion of the prole tions and indemnities are of profit to Capitalism alone, tarian revolution in Germany might inspire the prolely be a conference to discuss action on the Rev. to the industrial and financial magnates, to the opprestariat of the other nations to act, might even eventuolution in Russia and in Germanyto prevent a gen sors of labor. peace on the basis of Capitalism will ate in a new revolutionary war; and in this crisis, the eral European revolution.
heal the wounds of capital, but never of labor; only proletariat of France and Italy, perhaps of Great BritThe Conference, whether completely imperialistic, Social Revolution can heal the agonizing wounds in ain, would prove a natural ally of the Russian and partly imperialistic, or liberal, will still determine flicted upon the proletariat by the war.
German proletariat and the general European revo peace terms on the basis of Capitalism and ImperialGreat Britain, France and Italy their Capitalism lution filare up into action. And if Great Britain, ism. But it is precisely the fact of Capitalism that France and Italy relinquish annexations and indemniare determined upon exacting the final measure of makes it impossible to really heal the wounds of the tribute from Germany; but this attitude will undoubtites, then their financial problems will become disaswar and bring a lasting peace.
edly accelerate the revolutionary process, convincing trously heavy, they will have to impose immediately War was a method for the solution of the complex the German proletariat that Social Revolution is the new burdens upon the proletariat, the mockery of the problems of Capitalism produced by the epoch of war will taunt the proletariat and action toward revo Imperialism: the fettering of production lwy national lution develop frontiers, the necessity of national Capitalisin becom: No Answer Yet!
Real reconstruction can proceed only on a Socialist ing international, the struggle for investment markets Asserting that United States troops were fighting the hasis. Precisely as capital used the opportunity of and undeveloped territory, the process of one nation Russians without any declaration of war, Senator war to enrich itself and oppress labor, so capital will increasing its own economic opportunity only by nec.
Hiram Johnson, Republican, introduced a resolution in the Senate, December 12, calling for an investigation use the opportunity of reconstruction to enrich itself essarily limiting the economic opportunity of other of the Russian situation and asking data from the State and oppress labor. Moreover, to really reconstruct, nations. But these problems are insoluble, under Department. Senator Johnson asked the following it is necessary that there be a release of the giant Capitalism, which is a mass of contradictions; and questions, all of which are true: forces of production; but capital cannot allow this: it war, instead of solving these old problems, has com Is it true that the Soviet Government offered to the will limit reconstruction within the bounds of produc plicated them and produced new problems of larger American Government a basis of co operation, ecotion for profit. Under Capitalism, reconstruction scope. War appears to Capitalism as the method of nomic and military and sought the help of the American Government to prevent the ratification of the must first consider the profits of capital, and then the solving its contradictions; the method of the proleshameful treaty of Brest, and tha the American Gov. needs of the people. State control of reconstruction toist is necessarily Social Revolution. the ove throy never reptiedote this offer?
will not help, since the state is the state of the bour produsuut. Is it true that the Russian Soviet Government of. gois masters. At its worst, Capialism will use reconThe proletariat in Russia and in Germany have re fered, through its highest economic council, a program struction to sweat blood out of the proletariat; at its sorted to the revolutiona. y method; the European for makips America the most favored foreign nation in trade and commerce and involving the control by the best, Capitalism tries to potter with liberal propos proletariat generally is preparing to use the revolutAllies of all those supplies most desired by the Cenals of reconstruction, but is aghast at the giant probe tionary method.
tral Empires?
lenis, wrecked on the rock of class necessity, The one attitude that might avert immediate rev Is it true that the Department of State las refused olution in Europe is the liberal atitude, by the Eu to allow the American Red Cross to ship supplies to The peace conference cannot solve these problems; Moscow and Petrograd for the relief of the returning and as it reveals the ineptitude of the representatives ropean governments adopting the policy of no anRussian war prisoners from Germany?
nexations and no indemnities. The United States, of Capitalism. liberal and conservative. and pro Is true that refusal of these recommendations which requires no annexations and no indemnities poses action against the Revolution, the European prevented the evacuation of large amounts of muni(because of its peculiar position and because its peace tions and war supplies from the eastern front that subproletariat will swell the chorus: Peace with revopolicy is to maintain the balance of power in Europe: sequently were captured by the Germans in their adlution. reither an aggrandized Germany nor a destroyed Gervance after the negotiations had failed?
Imperialism, which is the final stage of Capitalism many, neither an aggrandized Britain nor a destroyed Asking if America might be partly responsible for and a desperate, futile attempt to solve the multiplyBritain. is pursuing the liberal policy. But the starvation and terrorism in Russia, Senator Johnson ir:g contradictions of Capitalism, has objectively introwanted to know whether this country purpose was to European nations inevitably must press for annexaduced the social revolutionary epoch; and this socialwar against revolution in all countries to prevent the tions and indemnities: they have to dangle the tangible agitation for revolution from spreading.
revolutionary epoch has been subjectively introduced fruits of victory in the eyes of their people, wlio Referring to what he termed strange modifications by the proletarian revolution in Russia and Gery have ağonized for what? They must, moreover, proof armistice terms delaying withdrawal of German many.
mote their own Imperialism as the only means of healtroops from Russia. Senator Johnson asked: Peace with revolution that was the slogan of the ing the wounds of the war on the basis of Capi Can it be that the Geman bribed Bolsheviki acting Bolsheviki in Russia, that is now the slogan of the talism.
in conjunction with Germany. must be kept in order by German troops?
German Bolsheviki, that is the slogan of the developAnd Great Britain proposes to retain the Ger If a league of nations was to be formed upon any ing forces of revolutionary Socialism in all European man colonies, exact a crushing indemnity to cover the such motives it will degenerate into a holy alliance. nations.
cost of the war, and maintain its naval supremacy; policy of military intervention, supporting one Govern Peace with revolution and it is the task of the France insists upon a still huger indemnity, the anment here and another there, one faction in one part nexation of the left bank of the Rhine (indisputably and one faction in another, will but encourage every American proletariat to prevent interference in the revolutionary German territory) and perhaps a share of the Gergroup.
revolutionary determination of Europe destiny.
man colonies and Syria: Belgium insists upon recor The extraordinary amount of misinformation given to the American people concerning Russia almost justiering former Belgian territory now a part of Hol fics the belief that there has been a regular and come land; Italy imperialistic appetite has already proWe learn from the newspapers that German spies stent propaganda of misrepresentation. The Creel duced a clash with the Jugo Slavs; while the smallBureau of Public Information has apparently been en fail to convince Negroes. As a matter of fact it cr nations are at each other throats, each acting as gaged, not in developing facts to our people, but seems to us that they failed to convince anybody of if one own national independence is promoted only in justifying course subsequently pursued at variance with our words. Solemnly we promised that we would anything, except, of course, the newspapers whom by crushing the independence of some other small na not, by hostile invasion intervene. We did, after our they convinced that all German spics were Socialists, itonality.
solemn promise, just that thing, and then in the seand the Department of Justice, whom they convinced But to impose a huge indemnity upon Germany quence of events, apparently, the duty developed on the that the best way to stop German espionage was to Creel bureau to justify the broken promise.
means to crush Germany industrially, in which event jail all the Socialists and leave the spies alone. As calmly we weigh what has been transpiring in Germany could not pay the indemnity; to lessen the inAustria and Germany, as we observe the insidious propdemnity and allow Germany to recover means to pro aganda and the poison of Bolshevism emanating from duce financial and industrial complications in the other Russia, which have gone to the very core of the autocCongress has appointed a committee to investigate nations; and the attempt to straighten out this contra racy of the central empires, can we be satisfied with the National Security League. If the result of the indiction will make the peace conferees sweat, while the Creel committee labored efforts to demonstrate vestigation turns out to be half as bad as the result of it will compel the intervention of the revolutionary that the Bolsheviki are German agents. the National Security League investigation of Conproletariat gress, somebody is bound to go to jail.