no New York Communist The Pink Terror. Vll. Secret Diplomacy in the 4th HER having re organized the local to such an extent that the sale of dues Lamps was barely sufiicient to provide cigars for Executive Committee meetings, the semi comrades who foregather At the People House decided at a secret meeting. held in the furnice room of that building. that the time for re organizations has gone. at least as far as Lmal New York was concerned.
One of the leading Pink Terrorists from Kings, clutching a bomb in the shape of a sheaf of re organilatioi letters. reported that the work was not meeting with much success in Brooklyn. Branches steadfastly refusing to be re organized, expelled or suspended and even jcering at the divine right of the State Committee in the persons of the committee of three. Reports from the seat of The Terror in the Bronx. which is sometimes called The Chamber of Horrors, also frowned on reorganization e an outworn tactic. But said the High Chief Proletu an something must be done. This weighty contribution to the discussion was received with much nodding of heads. Seeing which the speaker lost his temper and cried angrily! Nodding your heads will aecnmplish nothing. The Left Wing is sweeping the State and unless we can cope with the situation, we will all have to go to work in future. Such a dread possibility startled the semi comrades into activity. Suggestion after suggestion was made and rejected until an err Assemblyman, who on account of his political experience was listened to with great attention. suggested that all semblance of hu. ti ity be dropped towards the insurgents yet time organized, white the loyal members are approached secretly and when sufitcient strength is mustered in any one branch, that branch carry out reorganization on its own initiative.
Semi comrade Karlin immediately volunteered to try this plan in his anch, the 4th It appears that Karlin has been very active in this Branch since the beginning of the year, having got himself elected to the Central Committee when it found that the machine was 49, 450 hogcan. lans were immediately laitf and Karlin, after much hand shaking hurried from the meeting. His first act was to send a letter to the financial secreretary of the Branch asking him to call at his (karlin sl law office. This the financial aecret ry refused to do, suspecting that Karlin was going to try and convince him that political democracy Why Political Democracy Must Go (Continued from page 5)
the Cleveland Aldermen, etc. were deprived of their seats in the most cynical manner by the capitalista, and thus Socialist political action was completely nullified But all this is nothing to the indirect influence exerted upon the people by the capitalist control of the churches, the schools rid the press. During the war we have seen very clearly the relation between the great capitalists and the churches and schools. The capitalists give the money which supports the church and pays the minister; which union the largest universities and pays the profmsors. ln some cases, during the war, the State Councils of Defense threatened ministers who dared to preach against the war; others lost their positions. The same thing is true, in a more glaring degree, of the teachers in schools and universities. The pressure of the capitalist endowments, the Boards of Directors of Churches and the Overseers of the Universities and Schools, forced teachers and ministers to keep silence, or drove them helpless into a hostile world, where for all practical purposes a complete black list existed.
And since the War has ended, this procal of driving out economic and political heretiu still gnu on, though with increased vigor, under cover of the cry of Bolehevism. In the public schools and the State Universities. also, the same lotion takenlaee, and. with even more speed and brutality, swing to the upitalist oonh ol of the political mndiinery. This in supplemented, in else where it in awkward or inadvisable to invoke the law, by lynching: and mob violem provoked by Chamber: of Commerce and National Security and by delibaately falsified instigation, whose object is to misupreemt the Labor Movement in such way as to net the Governmental in tin. press is a still more powuful weapon. The. 01 of new papers, and especially of the poputur magazines. has of late years been concentrated inthehandsnfdiegreetnapitalistie intueenwlm was alright, by show that under prolaarian dictatorship lawyers won starve to death.
Nothing daunted by his first failure Karlin induced a young comrade, who incidental was eleven months in arrears with his dues, to son out postaleards calling for a secret caucus at Karlin office on May 23. Conscienetstricken at his act this youngster remained away from the meaiiig, but several semi comrades attended. One such was Eva Glutt. who had been so broken hearted by the defeat of both Karlin and London at the last elections that she had remained away from the Branch meetings since last November.
In the musty law ofice it was decided to expel two of the most anarchistic members of the Branch, one of whom was the organizer, and to reorganize the Branch at the coming Friday meeting.
Lacking the pretext that the Branch had joined the Left Wing. another illegality was concocted: favoring the City Committee call for a City Convening the City Committee call for a City Convenlion.
Getting wind of what was happening the Branch officials sent out a call for attendance at the Branch meeting on the ground that a few unscrupulous members are trying to disrupt the Branch. The Call also carried a notice to this efiect, apparently mistaking it for semi comrade Cerber usual sophislry. The members of the secret caucus, however. were very much alarmed. nearly coming to blows. it is said. over who mused the leak. At a hurried gathering before the meeting they derided to call oil the re organization and to bear with the most anarchistic members for a while longer. hen the me Aing opened and the letter from the City Committee was read Karlin leaped to his feat and in his best legal manner warned the Branch members that acceptance of the City Committee call was illegal. as the Slate Comau llee might at any moment feclare the 7 J IMLWM legal. Finding that the Branch was disposed to an: warning. the members of the secret caucus decided to instruct the delegates. So much for the illegality of the City Committee!
As the hour grew late. Karlin and the members of the secret caucus became openly elated: the secret was still theirs. But alas. under new business the financial secretary unfolded the details of the di. are content evm to lose money so long as they control the avenues of ublic expression. Newa is practically a monopo y of one great press association. which exprsses clearly and faithfully the great capitalist point of view. Editors and reporters who do not conform to this view are discharged and boycotted; a black list exists.
In this way news is practically dmied no the labor press. The Idvenisere are lugued not to ad vertise in radical papers. to as to make it impossible for than to do more than exist. And to cap the climax, the PostmaMeI eneral may exclude from the mails any publication which he sees fit, without giving any reason; thus entailing immense often insuppomble damage upon the publication and its hackers. and preventig the discussion of political and economic questions.
There are those who say, This is not the fault of political dariocracy. It is an abuse of danoeracy, which, if remedied, would permit the free exercise of the ballot to conqua political power.
Let it be admitted tlut these conditions are unusual.
and that in normal times there would be more fre edom of expression to the Labor Movement. But dial i: just the point in abnormal times olitical democracy break down, and it is always normal times when the capitalist clan jean that the workers may conquer political port! The open euppreaion of the political paws of the workers is simply an indication of what gun on shamefully allpthe time. l ro is power. mperty itiea power.
Only mlinon of propmy will gun the working of reel danoeney, and only the dictatonhip of the proletariat can abol ah property. majoriy in and the Supine Court.
without the dictatorship of the proletariat, will uot give the workers paws. The en italiat class dam not control the grate became it a majority in Congress. a majority in ongreu, ileomrohthenuchbwryofl eSnmnnduthe dictator hip of the ho ieie.
The industrial as has ronght with it a new kind of political action, the action of the unne on the economic field. miku, demmatioue. innit nae Liana. This form of action is vell blown to us. it in well established. and even legal. What workm wautanieeofweguoradeermofhmthvy plot, and moved a rsolution eondunning Karlin actions.
Caught pink handed, the plotter admitted the charge but tried to make it appear that the whole affair was merely a joke. Semi comrade Clint Ill.
arose to the defense. She said that she had ceived a letter signed comrade calling ha in Karlin a 050e, and, thinking that ill had befalln their leader, hastened round to the financial aeoretary to ask his advice He told her to go. went and found a few comrades. They had on ujoyahle time and discussed matters in peril. NIturally she had enquired about the Branch and asked whether matters were alri She wtnld that the Branch was all left and on hearing this distressing news was going to resign but Knlin advised her to wait as the Branch would creel, ually be re organized. But there was no uncle, and no plot to re organize the Branch!
This naive recital threw the Branch Istanbul into roars of laughter. Karliu then arose and said the whole afl air was a joke, but if the Branch we!
not disposed to regard it so, then let them go aha and condemn his twenty long years of mks. Shoot if you will this old grey head. motion was made, at the conclusion of hi harangue, to withdraw all offices of the Branfi who were involved in the secret caucus. This he Karlin removal as a delegate to the Camel Committee. He rushed up to the maker of the motion, demanding to know What crime have committed? So threatening was his attitude that the comrades rushed up to revent him from breaking his well known princip es, which are opposed to violence. After about 15 minutm chaos, 0rd.
was restored. In spite of the filibuster kept up by Karlin and other conspirators, the motion was finally curried. At a subsequent meding um was elected delegate to the Ccmral Commim lull when he attempted to attend the special Cam a!
Committee on June 11. he g refused admits nu.
on Friday Karim: neroic lvuf mule unempf tr: capture the Branch for the Right Wing was rowarded by nominating him for the bench from the 6th without the knowledge of the 4th It is hoped that if euficient Kifilt Wing lawyul can be elected to judesbipr in the fall. they will able to soak the prominent left Winger. for sufficient strelches to enable the Party to be enle for the Pink, and, in exceptional can. the light Red uni comrade; do not go to the ballot box. They go on Irih.
The pity is that they do not see thal this, too. the way to gain control of the State a polin al ectITh and lthat this is htllie 01. way.
eonypowerw eh caitaliet cannot oppose is the organized and) Emmi ll the proletariat: mm.
The Telescope THE Cull has discovered that tbeJelt Wing composed of a bunch of bankers, magnets, and corporation directors masquerading in the overalls of the prolaarieu. Now we are gating attherealrcasouforthem iauoftheeevu federations they are one of beingonpital fla! I Pathetic Figures, No. 3: Julius Cuba on theproeeedsfromtheuleofdnsm. O The Society of the Commonwealth (latter, :5ganization within the disorganization, which controle the walled People House, bu neonmplidrld mother victory for the good old (Inna fie pebciplee, whichhmefu so mud: about in The Call.
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