The New York Commie! Left Wing Notes AT the State Convention of the Socialin Fan of Minnesota, held June 8, at Minneapolis. it was decided to form a permanent organisation of the Left Wing in the State, Avrnotion condemning the action of the in suspending the seven language federations and expelliu the State organization of Michigan was carri with instruction; to the delegates to have their locals and branches second the Cleveland resolution, demanding that the question of expulsion be submitred to a membership referendum.
it was also decided to form a left Wing State Executive Committee of five, and to elect seven delegatu to the National Emergency Convention of the Party. Two delegates were elected to repm sent the State at large, at the National Left Wing Conference and it was decided that local: desiring to send delegates could do so. Comradea Gordon and Thompson were elected.
The convention went on record as believin that the best way to strengthen the Left Wing movement is to teach the philosophy and economice of Socialism Reformism can no longer draw any support from an apparent contradiction between Marxism and the facts of industrial development. Marxism has been completely vindicated by the war and its outcome. The Left Wing movement will grow in proportion to its success in making this truth known. C The Massachusetts Socialist Party State Conference held on May 30 to June resulted in a clean sweep for the left Wing. Two delegates, Comrades Marion Sproute and John Ballam. were elected to represent the State at the National left Wing Conference. Comrade Louis Fraina is the delegate from Local Boston. About 20 delegates. out of over 200, bolted and formed another convention when the left Wing Program was adopted. Delis. Haywood. Mooney and all other political prisoners were greeted in a resolution. Resolutions protesting against intervention in Russia, and the reign of tenor in Finland were carried, as were resolutions greeting the Winnipeg workers, endorsing the Third International, expressing solidarity with the expelled Comradu and gin; the formation of Shop Committees for spreading Socialist propaganda.
The Convention also resolved That it is our sense that The Revolutionary Age become the central organ of the National left Wing of the Socialist Party. That we recommend to Local Bosmn to turn over The Revolutionary Age to the Left Wing Conference, June 21, for its disposal. C The 3rd, 5th and 10 lunreorganiud) holds its business meetings every 2nd and 4th Monday.
Discussion meetings on alternate Mondays. The House Committee meets every Wednesday. The :laas in Socialism, Utopian and Scientific meets evuy Friday evening. C.
All Comrades who still have subscription lists should send them in immediately. We need the money! Maximum Count.
Left Wing Organizers, Attention!
The Communist in future will run a column of official left Wing Socialist News. Organizers and secretaries should send in notices of the branch business meetings, street meeting! and all otbu branch activities. The list for the week following our date of issue should reach this oflice not later than Tuesday. Thus the list of meetings for the week beginning Monday ahould be in this ofioe on the preceding Tuesday. O Oran Am Mun mus Friday, June 20, o clock at Rutgers Square, 2nd Wednuday, June 25. o clock at 11 Street and 5th Avenue, 17th Friday, June 27, o clock at 106th Sires and Madison Avenue, 17th A; NOTICE All Left Wing Branches in Kings, Queen.
Manhattan and Bronx: Ont ol Iown rpeakera will be here during and alter the National Left Wing Conference and it is advisable for all branrba wishing to hold marmeetings Iu make arrange; menu and get dates. Cnmmuuiule with secretary.
Comrade Katterfeld will be open for three massmeetings. week of June 13rd Imtil June 19th.
Lorals or branrhes wishing to engage him communicate immediately with secretary. Comrade Kallerfeld would also like to speak upstate for a few meetings. Bill lo. Syracuse, Lilia, Rochester. etc. take notiec.
On the referendum to elect international delo gates of the Socialist Party, Texas, Pennsylvania, Organ, Ohio and the District of Columbia give the following returns:. lohn Reed, 4312; Louis Fraina. 3364; Futhenberg, 3256; Wagenknecht, 2515; Ferguson. 2039. These are all Left Wing candidates. The moderates: Victor Berger. 1123; Germer, 1053; Algernon Lee, 438; John Work, 473; Seymour Stedman, 829; ShiplacoH, 674; James Neal, 365.
The full returns are, from the District of Columbia and 15 states Jens, Pennsylvania, Tennmsee, Florida, Rhode lslar 1, Maine, Kentucky, Arkansas, Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts: lohn Reed. 11. 1: Louis Fraina, 10, 441; Wugenknecht, 7, 938; Ruthenberg, 7, 779; t: Ferguson, 577; Victor Berger, 262; Germer, 1, 961; Seymour Stedrnan, 1, 618; Shiplacofi, 1, 337; James Neil, 1, 143; Algernon Lee, 1, 003; John Work, 93 In 14 of these states (Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia not in) the vote on International Secretary is: Kate Richards Hare, 7, 137; Mon is Hillquit 2, 422.
The vote in Local Buffalo, New York (expelled for being Left Wing) on international delegates is. 61; Kate Hare gas 145 votes and Morris John Reed, 307; AtriaCJ 3 th thenberg, 271; Fergmntma; Victor For National Executive Committee in Diatrin One three states, Massachulctta, Rhode Island, Maine, the vote is: Louis Frail. 3, 130; Hourwicll, 2, 544; Lindgren, 1, 472; 4311, 9403 Morris Hillquit, 83B; Janna Neal, 688: SHE lacofi, 319. Local Bull lo for votes: Fraina, 259; Hourwidr, 205; 5m 150; Morris Hillq nit, 83.
These are partial results, indicating a At Wills sweep, that a reactionary to sabotage fortbemoderafiza. O WHEREAS. the National Dearth Comm e It lull regular meeting arbiu arily. and without a fair aa provided by our constitution. auapended from th the Language Federation who adorned the program of Left Wing; and submit to a refersndum of the whether or not the Party should permit within its nah an organiution known as the left Wing; and WHEREAS. the State 05o: has arh trlrily den member hip of the Party a hoe expreuirlpu, by ref lb of their opinion on this question. and baa failing to submit such referendum to the number hip; and WHEREAS, at a secret uucua of the Right m. lmnhip ol the Executive Committee of local Sign. In which ALL member! of aid committee expressing edit ence to a policy contrary to the pleasure and wishe of dab Iclf. omllitulcd group, were excluded, Votd to one from membership in the Party any Bunch of Local Bronx. whifi indicated by in vote on the Left Wing and Alternate Program Referendum a tendeuq to favor the At Wile program; and WHEREAS, the Executive a! bout has privately and publicly mmthmd of mum in: Pany machinery to further the ads of thia fimup, despite fm CIfm thhe ia the servant of the en arrymdtie crane users were. he and by and with Ihe endorsement :1 the (Sign! Po. millet, it was voted that this referendum be has; and WHEREAS. it is apparent from the in. the! ci nvl errhip of the Socialist Parry of Int at wfll be denied the right, or provided the National and eonstjxntiona and the by lawa 01100: Bun, to expruamn of opinion; and WHEREAS, it is the desire of Brands 5th Ii urn, local Bronx, been in infirm and euvorl to maintain u u; as possib harmony ranks of the Party in the hope of formulating a acceptable to a majority of the and way prevent a aplil, be it RESOLVED. that we of Brandt 5th at a regular meeting held June 10th, 1919, at quarters, 1304 Southern Boulevard. at rubid member! representina all alt de of opinion. eunindignation and contempt for the course would by aloranentioned ole inning individuals. branding tbu duet in a prostitution of the Party inching y and as handed, diabouest and corrupt; and be it funk RESOLVED, tbat thia mlntion be Int Serretary with a request that it be read to and Central Committee: at their the delegate: of this branch to ahould present a copy of Ian to its next meeting.
ti E 21. i. iii tml 5 fit g?. coal companies, and no one allowed to vote who did not vote right. if anyone voted the wrong ticket, or was found by the company spice to be talking organization or any other heresy, he lost his job, was ousted from his house (company roperry) and run out of the town (which was also built on éompnny property. eAnd when at last the minors struck. the State Government sent the militia to break the strike, and this militia, the OEcial police of the State, set fire to the strikers tentcolony and burned women and children to death.
The strikers leaders were tried for murder; the gunmen and militiamen: went free.
In San Francisco. the am of Commeroe dew mined to crush Organized Labor on the Pacific Coast. Someone planted a bomb which exploded in the Preparednms Parade, killing and wounding many people. Tom Mooney, his wife, Israel Weinberg and a few other men active in the labor movemt weremted, and on pained evidence Tom Mooney was auttenoed to death. Before he could be hanged it was discovered that the whole business was a frameup, that the evidaiee bad hem manufactured by the Distriot Attorney in collusion with the Dumber of Commerce. The President 1nvestigafing Commission recommded freedom or a new trial for Mooney. But the Governor of California, at the instigation of the Chamber of Commerce, simply commuted a earteuce to life imprisonment And thus he lies, a life prisoner though innount; while such is the power of the California capitalists, that Hint! Johmn, Senator from California, docA not dare raise bia voice to free Tum Mooney.
So with the Biabee deportation of 1917, when the Phelps Dodge Copper Company of Ariana. 5!
means of armed thugs, drove out of town into the desert several hundred striking workmm, and the Cavemen! dared not punish than. And so with the persecutions and prosecutions of the the open, bare faced, shameless crushing of a great labor organization by the capitalist class.
As the class conscious workers develop political strength, the capitalist parties sink their differences and combine against them; they falsify the ballot; they use the police and the engine of the State to prevent the workers voting; they gerrymanda political disu icts, so that the majority of the voters get the minority of representatives. The conditions of labor in the United States cause hundreds of thousands of workers to drift from place to place in order to find work and these worker: cannot vote, because of residential qualifications. Poll term bar others. The disabililim of alien? and the difficulties of naturaliaafioo espeeial. y at present disenfranchise thouaanda more. The Int iayndicalist laws for natives, and the deportation laws for aliens, still further compel silane. from all who hold anti capitalist political and econonue opinions.
But after all, the most efleeu ve way in whph the workers vote is influenced in by making nee of the economic relation between the worker and the em pic The worker is depmdimt upon the ca itJiat for his very life his job. If he does not an be is told, the worker is deprived of his ioh, and forced to join the floating army of the unemployed upon which capitalism rents. Now the worker, however If his wages, is Iqueered by rat! and the cost of iving until he is upon the verge of starvation anyway. The shortest illness. the least atoppageofwutk, foleoh mmtbeedgeluto abject poverty. Burdened with a family, the work.
cannot afford to quit work: he cannot afl ord to hold opinions contrary to the bots; he cannot evli anrd to exercise a vote against his boaa a polifina.
1nLima, 0hio, afewyearaago, therew e municipal eleaion pending. The population :1 Lima is largely supported by two factoriu, and tin workers were about to elect a Socialist ndminiflrntion. The owners of the two faetoriea than issued a statanent to the efiect that if the Sontag won, the factories would move away. This have brought disalter u the wotken, manyd whomownedtheirown omesaudhadfarnil uto support. The Socialist administration Id elected. 3: may. 7? 33. o ity, a note because of its line. the ream for th massdemonstration came on be aualya ribm, itwnfouud thatmoetoftheworhaa an wireforoedtodoeoorlosefijoba. These e aroma on was more can own the nountry in the handgun to and the contribution to Red Cro and nth: uni private en 71. workers had Io pay ea. or be fired, andinataneetah dtuefinaum al»
maocompaniad byterrorinauouandhtimidationattbepointofagun. 11:th wmfomedtommrttbapolificalmd the NY class by detain this ruling 11: u. V2. 33 have gnu W? uneven. 27 a: e ec II o. aaa State Councils of Nadoml IN nae. bow legislators eluted by the Soul (Continued