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The New York Communist Left Wing Notes the State Convention of the Socialist Party Left Wing Organisers, Attention! Juhn Reed, 307; Louis Fraina, 285; E. Roof Minnesota, held June 8, at Minneapolis, The Communist in future will run a column of thenberg, 271; E. Ferguson, 67; Victor Berget, it was decided to form a permanent organi official Left Wing Socialist News. Organizers and. 61; Kate Hare gets 145 votes and Morris HAL zation of the Left Wing in the State. motion secretaries should send in notices of the branch quit 80.
condemning the action of the in suspend business meetings, street meetings and all other For National Executive Committoe in District ing the seven language federations and expelling branch activities. The list for the week following the State organization of Michigan was carried our date of issue should reach this office not later One three states, Massachusetts, Rhode Lland, with instructions to the delegates to have their lo. than Tuesday. Thus the list of meetings for the Maine, the vote is: Louis Frainų, 3, 130; cals and branches second the Cleveland coolution, week beginning Monday should be in this office on Hourwich, 2, 544; Lindgren, 1, 472; Lore, 940; demanding that the question of expulsion be sub Morris Hillquit, 838; James Neal, 688; Shipthe preceding Tuesday.
lacoff, 319. Local Buffalo for C. votes: LC mitted to membership referenduma.
Fraina, 259; Hourwich, 205; Lindgren It was also decided to form a Left Wing State OPEN AIR MEETINGS Executive Committee of five, and to elect seven 150: Morris Hillquit, 83.
Friday, June 20, o clock at Rutgers Square, delegates to the National Emergency Convention of 2nd These are partial results, indicating Left Wing the Party. Two delegates repro sent the State at large, at the National Left Hing and 5ui Avenue, 17th Vednesday, June 25, o clock at 110th Street sweep, that reactionary is trying to sabotage for the moderatcs.
Conference and it was decided that locals desiring to dende delegates could do so. Comrades Gordon Madison Avence 277. clock et 106th Street and WHEREAS, the National Excentive Committee last regular meeting arbitrarily, and without fair trial, The convention went on record as believing u provided by our constitution, suspended from the Party that the best way to strengthen the Left Wing the Language Federations who endorsed the program the Left Wing: Ard movement is to teach the philosophy and econo mics of Socialism. Reformism can no longer draw NOTICE WHEREAS, the State Committee of the Socialist Party of the Sus. e of New York, at its last meeting roted to any support from an apparent contradiction bet. All Left Wing Branches in King, Queens, submit to a refer. ndum of the membership the question ween Marxism and the facts of industrial develop Manhattan and Bronx: Out of lowa speakers will whether or not the Party should permit within its reab Inent. Marxism has been completely vindicated be bere during and alter tbe National Left Wing an organization known us the Left Wing: and by the war and ild outcome. The Left Wing moveConference and it is advisable for all branches WHEREAS. the State Office hus arbitrarily denied the wishing to hold mass meaing! to make arrange ment will grow in proportion to its success in membership of the Party a free expression, by referendom, ments and get dates Communicate with secretary.
of their opinion on this question, and has arbitrarily and making this truth known.
contrary to the National and State Constitutions of the Party rescinded the action of the State Committee by The Massachusetts Socialist Party State ConComende Katterfeld will be open for three failing to submit such referendum to the membership: and ference held on May 30 to June resulted in a clean mass meetings, woek of June 23rd until June 29th.
Loculs or branches wishing to engage him commaWHEREAS, at secret caucus of the Right Wing me sweep for the Left Wing. Two delegates, Com nirale immediately with forretary. Comrade bership of the Executive Committee of Local Bronx, to rades Marion Sproute and John Ballam. were Katterfeld would also like to speak ap olate for wluch ALL member of uid committee expressing adher ence to a policy contrary to the plemure and wisha of this elected to represent the State at the National Left few meeting. Buffalo, Syncare, Ulica, Kocher ter, etc. take notice.
self. contituted group, were excluded, voted to expel from Wing Conference. Comrade Louis Fraina is Diembership in the Party any Branch of Local Bronx, which indicated by its rote on the Left Wing und Alternato the delegate from Local Boston. About 20 delo Program Referendum tendency to favor the Left Wing gales out of over 200 bolted and formed program and another convention when the Left Wing Program On the referendum to elect international dele WHEREAS, the Executive Secretary of Local Brows, hos was adopted. Debs, Haywood. Mooney and all gates of the Socialist Party, Texas, Pennsylvania, privately and publicly exprewed her intention of prostitut other political prisoners were greeted in a resole Orepon, Ohio and the District of Columbia give ing Party machinery to further the ends of this designing tion. Resolutions protesting against intervention the following returns: stuur, despite the fact that she is the servant of in Russia, and the reign of terror in Finland were John Reed, 4312; Louis Fraina, 3364; Party and the further fact, that at general Party meeting and by and with the endorsement of the Centrul Come carried, as were resolutions greeting the Winnipeg Puthenberg, 3256; Wagenknecht, 2515; mittee wus voted that this referendum be held; o workers, endorsing the Third International, ex Ferguson, 2039. These are all Left Hing candi.
WHEREAS. it is pressing solidarity with the expelled Comrades and dates. The moderates: Vicior Berger, 1123: membership of the Socialist Party of Local Bronx, will be apparent from the foregoing that the Litig ihe formation of Shop Committees for Germer, 1053; Algernon Lee, 438; John Work, denied the right, provided by the National and State spreading Socialist propaganda 473; Seymour Stedman, 829; Shiplacoll, 674; constitutions and the by law of Local Bront, to free The Convention also resolved That it is our James Neal, 365.
expression of opinion; and sense that The Revolutionary Age become the cent The full returns are, from the District of Colum WHEREAS, it is the desire of Branch Sth Atably District, Local Brons, to exert ita influence and best ral organ of the National Left Wing of the Socialist bia and 15 states, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Party. That we recommend to Local Boston to Florida, Rhode Islar 1, Maine, Kentucky, Arkansas de manor het internet long possible burmony in the turn over The Revolutionary Age to the Left Wing Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts: acceptable to majority of the membership ind in tut Conference, June 21, for its disposal.
way prevent aplit, be it John Reed, 11. 1; Louis Fraina, 10, 441; Wagenknecht, 7, 938; Ruthenberg, 7, 779; RESOLVED, that we of Brunch 5th Amembly District, at a regular meeting held June 10th, 1919, at our bond its business meetings every 2nd and 4th Monday. 1, 981; Seymour Stedman, 1, 618; Shiplacoff; memben representing all shades of opinion, capra The 3rd, 5th and 10 unreorganized) holds Ferguson, 4, 577; Victor Berger, 262: Germer, Discussion meetings on alternate Mondays. The 1, 337, James Neal, 1, 143; Algernon Lee, 1, 003; indignation and contempt for the course panned by the aforementioned designing individuals, branding their conHouse Committee meets every Wednesday. The John Work, 920.
duct prostitution of the Party machinery and hide lans in Socialism, Utopian and Scientific meets In 14 of these states (Pennsylvania and the Dishanded, dishonest and corrupt; and be it further every Friday evening.
trict of Columbia not in) the vote on International RESOLVED, that this resolution be sent to the Local Secretary is: Kate Richards Hare, 7, 137; Morris Serretary with a request that it be read to the Executir All Comrades who still have subscrintion lists Hillquit 2, 422.
and Central Committee at their next should send them in immediately. We need the The vote in Local Buffalo, New York (expelled should present copy of wine to the maid Committee Committee money!
MAXIMILIAN COHEN. for being Left Wing) on international delegates is: its next moeting.
coal companies, and no one allowed to vote who means of armed thugs, drove out of town into the abject poverty. Burdened with a family, the worker did not vote right. anyone voted the wrong desert several hundred striking workmen, the cannot afford to quit work; he cannot afford to ticket, or was found the company spies to be Government dared not punish them. And so with bold opinions contrary to the boss; he cannot even talking organization or any other heresy, he lost the persecutions and prosecutions of the afford to exercise a vote against his boss polition his job, ousted from his house (company the open, bare faced, shameless crushing of a great In Lima, Ohio, a few years ago, there ww.
property) and run out of the town (which was also labor organization by the capitalist class. municipal election peading. The population of built on company property. And when at last As the class conscious workers develop political Lima is largely supported by two factories, and the the mincrs struck, the State Government sent the strength, the capitalist parties sink their differences workers were about to elect a Socialist administra militia to break the strike, and this militia, the ofh and combine against them; they falsify the ballot; tion. The owners of the two factorica thereapon cial police of the State, set fire to the strikers tent. they use the police and the engines of the State to issued a statement to the effect that if the Socialist colony and burned women and children to death. prevent the workers voting; they gerrymander won, the factories would move away. This yould The strikers leaders were tried for murder; the political districts, so that the majority of the voters have brought disaster upon the workers, many of gunmen and militiamen wept frec.
get the minority of representatives. The conditions whom owned their own homes and had familio to In San Francisco, the Chamber of Commerce of labor in the United States cause hundreds of support. The Socialist administration ww met determined to crush Organized Labor on the Pacific thousands of workers to drift from place to place elected.
Coast. Someone planted a bomb which exploded in order to find work and these workers cannot In 1916, a Preparedness Parade was held in Now in the Preparedness Parade, killing and wounding vote, because of residential qualifications. Poll York City, which had a great effect apon Congress many poople. Tom Mooney, his wife, Israel Wein. taxta bar others. The disabilities of aliens, and berg and a few other men active in the labor more the difficulties of naturalization especially at mass demonstration came to be analyze thowever; ment were arrested, and on perjured evidence Tom present disenfranchise thousands more The anti it was found that most of the workers who marched Mooney was sentenced to death. Before he could syndicalist laws for natives, and the deportation were forced to do so or lose their jobs. The same be harged it was discovered that the whole business laws for aliens, still further compel silence from phenomenon was more ly shows thronghout was a frame up, that the evidence had been manu all who hold anti capitalist political and economic the country in the subcriptions to Liberty Loung factured by the District Attorney in collusion with opinions.
and the contribution to the Red Crow and other the Chamber of Commerce. The President ID But after all, the most effective way in which the semi private on The werkers had to pay vestigating Commission recommended freedom or workers vote is influenced is by making nse of the or be fired, and in some states these financial como new trial for Mooney. But the Governor of economic relation between the worker and the em paigns were accompanied by terrorisation and in California, at the instigation of the Chamber of ployer. The worker is dependent upon the capital. timidation at the point of a gun. Thus the workers Commerce, simply commuted Mooney sentence to ist for his very lifo his job. If he does not do as were forced to support the political measures of life imprisonment. And there be lice, life he is told, the worker is deprived of his job, and the ruling class by the reg dependence upon this prisoner though innocent; while such is the power forced to join the floating army of the unemployed ruling class. In earlier articlo have doncribed of the California capitalists, that Hirain Johson, upon which capitalism reste. Now the worker, how how the political power was taken away from the Senator from California, door not daro raise his over high his wages, is squeezed by rent and the elected oficials of the working class Party by the voice to free Tom Mooney.
cost of living until he is upon the verge of starva State Councils of Nations imes, and how the So with the Disbe deportations of 1917, when tion anyway. The shortest illness, the least legislaton elected by the Son the Phelpo Dodge Copper Company of Arnong, by wlopp go of work, force him over tho odgo into (Continued