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The New York Communist Reply to a Non Partisan League Farmer By Jay Lovestone (Continued from last week. capital is. Because our ruling class was menaood Shall we fight for or against thone immediato Have we not in North Dakota a Soviel by foreign ruling class, America adopted many improvements. askes the moderate Socialist.
of Farmers?
such measures of Socialism.
With America entry into the war, state enter.
From this we are led straight to the object of a No! This question deals with the differences be prise was nursed to a gigantic size. Today the revolutionary Socialist political party. What is the tween the Soviet and the bourgeois parliamentary American bourgeoisie is compelled to extend state purpose of class conscious proletarian party?
tate. First of all, your Soviets are based on the control because it desires to hold the markets it Its object should be none other than to always hold ponderous apparatus of universal suffrage. has won during the war. What is more, industrial before the working masses the ideal of revolution, genuine Soviet replies immediately on such organ unrest must be curbed and the workers must be disthe ideal of a new society. Communist society.
ic groups as stup, factory, mill and so forth. Soc. ciplined. The nominal wages may rise but only at ond: Your Soviet has no serious guarantees of the expense of the proletariat being tyrannized by the proletariat into class activity, and should al Socialisi Party should broaden the activity of immediate and direct relation between elected and the official bureaucrats. Whatever freedoin the electors. Thirdly: Your Soviet is chosen by an working class had, is fast disappearing. And the cialists should not wage campaigns for the trade ways point out the nature of capitalism. The So amorphous mass of electors who entrust full power proletariat social position is being lowered.
to others for a year or so. In the genuine Soviet formation of the state An extension of state control means further ex for the enlarging of its bowever, the Soviet electors remain always united tension of functions. Socialist political party must alway by the conditions of their work and their existence. cational institutione control of the press and edube on guard against the induction of the proletariat The Soviet delegate is always before the workers by the state activities in his benefit. The par.
eyes. And he can be ordered, censura, removed The interests of the bourgeoisie manifesting them liamentary campaign and the legislature offer selves in these, mold the laborer political ideas.
and replaced at any moment. In a real Soviet une means of cupressing our class interests, and of To make still more secure the bourgeois control of exposing bourgeois class interrats.
representatives are directly concerned with indus the state, the working class, though at great disad.
tries. Here the right to vote is no privilege or char vantage, is never allowed to decide really import The policy of the Left Wing, or revolutionary ity, but a right only of a laboring citizen. Under ant measures in capitalist society. Was the Ameri. Socialism, is neither to opposc or to propose there the Soviet rule no agent of a capitalist political can working class given a chance by its democracy immediate demands, these social reforms Soviet voler must join a workers organization, there the war, conscription, the Espionage Act? No!
party drives any one to the ballot box. Because the to pass upon the declaration of war, financing of this whole gamut of beneficial state activities of state capitalism. The social reform of state cap can be no mass of indifferent luters as under par Though the American capitalist class was very well italism is today a fact to which Socialism must liamentary democracy.
Aside from the above it must be remembered that equipped to win such a test, yet, chese matters were adjust itself.
too vital to capitalism to even take the least chance Soviet represents only the industrial and the The Left Wing does not intend to abandon the with interference of their realization.
agricultural populations. It does not allow the immediate strugele. To the Left Wing the immo Capitalism is in its death throes. its inherent exploiters, owners of farms for speculative pur. contradications have become ſetter on the system diate demands that arise serve as the dynamo of all poses, for example, representation. The North Dakota Soviet is based on a union of all classes, decade or two capitalism is relying ever more on of production. It is for this reason that in the last action. By means of them we generate revolution ary currents amongst the proletariat By big bourgeois, little bourgeois and workingmen. the state. State control really means a better oraggressively engaging in this struggle the revolo The arbitrary, geographical nature of the bourganized capitalism, and it is the last effort of the tionary sparks latent in the prolctariat can be geois state is still retained by your Soviet. Did bourgeois class to stave off its downfall.
fanned into revolutionary fires againat the bour.
not the bulk of your Soviet voters go to the Regeoisie. We employ this struggle as a monds of publican Party in the last Congressional elections?
VI. Shall We Refuse Baby Cry for Food Be. promoting the final struggle.
But how long ago was it that the Non Partisan cause Can Eat Meat?
An analysis of the irrmediate problems confrontLeague farm owners, controlling Soviets This question touches the heart of the social rewere dickering with the farm laborers, the fom controversy. It deals with the so called ing the American working class will help us clarify this matter. Let us analyze the attitudes of revo agricultural proletariat, about the wages to be paid immediate demands.
lutionary and petty bourgeois Socialism towards the latter? Arc these industrial rorkers allowed At the outset let us look into the why and where them. First, let us take the unemployment problem y your Soviet. It is not true that the Kricultural proletaries, the farm hand are unable inat when one speaks of reforms, he is well aware fore of capitalist reforms. It must be kept in mind The tide of unemployment is rising Shall we wy to the capitalist class Get out and presto there ti participate in the voting for your Soviet be cause of their lack of proper residential qualifica thrown, and that the reforms are to be granted of the fact that the capitalist system is not yet over; will be no unemployment?
tions? No, you have do Soviet. In a real Soviet The Left Wing holds that unemployment ruber mly the agricultural and the industrial laborers by capitalists. Why do capitalists grant reforms?
disemployment is an inherent characteristic of xe and rule. Yours is a political organization the ever increasing class consciousness of the work capitalism. As long as capitalism exists there will ontrolled by farm owners and not by farm labor.
be disemployment. The problem cannot be ers. To the capitalist class, as to others, an ounce solved as long as capitalisza is intact. Unlike the The Socialists of North Dakota, who have become of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By grantpetty bourgeois Right Wing Socialism, the Left the backbone of the Non Partisan (class peace)
ing certain improvements in the immediate conWing believes that ditions of the workers, the capitalist hides the class even the capitalist state, that League have, like moderate Socialists the world over, a middle class conception of the State. This apparently being kind to the worker, the capitalist nature of the present system of production. By miracle organ, that God of Right Wing Socialism, can solve this problem. Therefore the Left Wing disdains petitioning the President, as the oficial italism. The smaller capitalists are being pressed letariat belief in the brotherhood of labor and organ of Right Wingism, The Call, has done. We Hard by centralized capital and by the men rising will not petition even a fourteen point capitalist ron, the ranks and the wage working class. Your capital. Thus the spirit of independent class action champion for the establishment of Government Em the North Dakota farmers are pressed by the large trust companies on one side and by the agricultural pro profit sharing, and other immediate reforms on ment over the effect of the Helfare Bureaus, of ployment Bureaus. What more dangerous worpore against the proletariat could be given the bourgeois etariat on the other. Therefore your North Dathe employees. The extensive social reform pro government than control of employment. What cota Soviet is socializing many enterprises to chance would a labor spokesman, a bounded ugi gram of Germany played no small part in cementhelp the farm owners. The middle class bases its The ing the proletaria loyalty to the kaiser.
hopes on an extension of state activities. By the tator, have of getting job? Perhaps this is ntellectual proletariat, another section of the heralded constructive reform fought for by the ing thousands of dollars for the maintenance of counts for J, Morgan generosity in contribute cial Democratic arty are to a great exte niddle class, the extension of state activities is these public apployment bureaus! sin to pecially welcomed, for masy new official jobs Moderate Socialism in Germany, as everywhere, utopian Socialism agilates for unemployment insus sponsible for the blood show in Germany today. solve this problem of capitalism; ronctionary, e opened up: To get these jobs, examinations st be passed. And who can pass them better ascribed to bureaucratic petty bourgeois reforms ance. Has insurance ever done away with unem in the intellectual proletariat? Thus the encreative revolutionary value. The effect of these reployment anywhere? No! Not even in Germany ire middle class seen in the state a glorified insti.
form campaigns has been to dupe the proletariat where the Socialists now have a majority!
ution a means of saving the world! The middle us to the class nature of the state and bourgeois But cannot anything at be done to combat the clase ideal state is a state which controls industry democracy. The German proletariat was misin.
immediate distress of unemployment? Yes. The and rewards each according to his ability. The And today Germany is not a land of soviets but a formed as to the nature of the Communist order.
Left Wing las plan of action in meeting this tragic phase of this state and municipal ownership bloody bourgeois immediate demand. And in this struggle the let is that it is heralded as Socialism in practise.
Wing sees a means of promoting the final struggle The middle class is anxious to ape the luxuries There is another reason for the capitalisto grant Suppose there are today two million unemployod of the rich, consequently their social demands aiming improvements in the workers cond:tions in America. Shall we invest our energy in several at incomes. Whereas, the demand of the wage The only use the capitalist has for the proletariat tons of paper (petitions. Shall we appeal for the laborer is for the social control of wealth created is exploitation. But to be capable of exploitation votes of all liberty loving citizens and promine by labor in order to achieve economic freedom a laborer must exist. He that do more than solution by insurance? No! The Left But a careful examination of the various state enmust live broken down worker ir inefficient. Wing would show the why and the wherefore of terprises definitely shows that they do not mako On the whole, the bourgeoisie are not as stupid nemployment. The Left Wing would take adva for the economic freedom of the laborer, but that as some of our twentieth century utopian Socialists tage of this crisis of capitalism and spread rova they rather strengthen capitalism and class rule. bolieve. Their investigators have made extensive The growing industrial unrest compels all proper studies proving that efficiency can be increased by would not stop there. The Left Wing would pro tied interests to more and more rely on the state. shorter hours, and improvements in working con pose and work for country wide strike for shortar Public order must be maintained. In society ditions. The improved methods of production and hours so that fewer workers might be disomployod.
Dame the state must crush strikes. The capitalist business organization intensify the degree of ex. Is this an abandonment of the immediate struggle class contends that the state represents society in ploitation. Hence, capitalism can well stand Why waste energy in attempting to solve the insolvorder to hide the class nature of the state. The reform or change of tactics in its exploitation able, the contradictions of capitalism. Why mi Loft Wing holds that raform Dostrums are means of the working class.
direct the efforts of the working class when sple of misleading the American proletariat. The bour.
opportunity offered to lead them into rovo geoisie fear a class conscious proletariat and hence lutionary channels? Is this demanding all or they strive to coafuse the workers. National and AU Left Wing Branches are requested to Dothing? Is such a policy outlined above besed municipal control are inherent in the higher stage postpone business meetings, street meeting, on the notion of damn the immediate benefits and of capitalisma. Municipal and state ownership are lectares, ate, and sopport Friday. Madison the wore the better?
as much sleps toward Socialism as the general Square meeting. To Be Continued)
trend towards concentration and centralisation of re republic them