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43 West 29th Street. New York (Sty Comrade Iohn Reed has been granted a few weeks leave in order to finish his book, Korniloo to Brest Lilovsk which is announced to appear in September. He will continue to contribute to the paper during his ablenee.
Greetings IN the name of the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party. Local Greater New York, The Communist extends greetings to the delegates to the National :ft Wing Conference, the representatives of the roolutionary spirit of the working masses of America. All over the earth the workers are rising to greet the new dawn which is already bright in the eastern sky. in Russia and Hungary, the workers are building the new society of the Socialist Commonwealth, constructing Socialist order out of the chaos of Capitalism. In Germany the Spartacides are waging a desperate conflict for the conquest of power. and throughout the old world the class conscious workers are marshalling their forces for the final assault on the citadel of Capitalism.
Thus: great changes have produced much that is glorious and heroic, great Comrades have made the final sacrifice in the struggle, and the hearts of Socialists the world over heat with new enthusiasm, our Comrades have been tried and not found wanting. But much that clouds the sky of our hopes has also happened. Reaction has found a ready response in certain sections of our movement, and what we had hitherto been disposed to believe was merely a difference of ways and means of accomplishing a common object, has developed into a a breach so wide that machine guns and rifle bullets have become the arbiters of the dispute. In our ranks were many whom we felt would falter in the decisive hour, but few dreamt that we were harboring within our bosorrts the vipers of bourgeois re action.
As a result of the developments of the smtggle the movement, whose solidarity was our bout, has been split in fragments. But our task admit: of no regrets, we must profit from the experiences of those in action. it is because of thme developments and because we are determined to learn the lessons they teach, that you are to gather in convention.
0n you devolves the task of rebuilding the Socraltat movement in America. rebuilding it. not on the lands of political and industrial opportunism, but on the solid rock of revolutionary Socialism. The task is no easy one, yours is not to pull down the old structure, it has fallen of its own innate decay, but to construct the new.
On your actions, and above all on the action of the men and women in whose names you speak, depends the immediate future of our movement.
The eyes of our European Comrades are ofta: turned towards America, they are watching us in this crilis. We know that yvu will be worthy of the talk and the hour.
Mob Government HE co ttee which in at plant wasting the money tha people of New York. State in what purports to be an investigation of Bolshevum, distinguished itself on June 12, by brutal raid on the ofioes of Comrade Mart s, the representative in this country of the Russian Sand Govcntment. The raid was conducted by the State Constabulary. headed by one, Archibald Stevenson, who apparently derives his power from the not that he is secretary of the Union league Club, and themmorthuhoiaabouttobegivenatob till: the investigating committee.
The New York Cammtmip.
Tho 05cm were thoroughly ransacked, most of the papers seized without anyone being allowed to maize a record, and much wanton dariuge done, while Conn dc Martens and member: of his stafi were dragged before the committee and subjected to a grilling behind closed doors, even being denied counsel. Finding that these brutal tactics were not as popular as was imagined, the committee has taken refuge in a denial of res nsibility. though the fact that it proceeded to gri the men arrested clearly proves that the raid was carried out by its directions.
While it is true that Russia is not recognized by the government of the United States, ya. beyond doubt Comrade Martens has a umi oficial slum in this country. On being appointed to his prmtt office he notified the Federal Government of his presence and his mission here. These facts would be sulltcient, under any government carried on with respect for the observance of capitalist legality, to protect Comrade Martens from interference from any source other than the Federal Government.
Yet this committee, which is at best only an oficial State investigating body, assumes the functions of the national government. If every private individual, who happens to have suflicient moneyed influencc behind him, is to be allowed to usurp governmental powers, then even the laws of cap.
italist governments are broken down and the country is handed over to the rule of the mob.
Bourgeois democracy rests upon the fiction that the government is the organized will of the people, functioning through duly appointed representatiuz.
Under the laws, which it has set up for its own safety. the right of the individual to a certain mo dicum of security from indiscriminate violence is guaranteed. Socialists have had ample demonstration that, in these days of tottering capitalism.
even the pretense of these guarantees has beat wept aside. The average worker has yet to learn the true nature of bourgeois governmenL Archi bald Stevenson and the Lusk investigating committee are contributing to his education.
Recognizing Russia AFTER over two years of iniquitous intrigue the capitalisl powers of the world have finally decided on a more or in; open policy towards Russia.
And their decision is in line with their previous intrigues: the most reactionary elements in Russia are to be accorded what virtually amounts to re cognition. and are to receive, openly and ollicially, all the help that the present temper 4f the world workers will allow. This action by the Associated Powers is a fitting conclusion to one of the hltckest chapters in the history of the world the story of the great Powers attempt to mangle the struggling worker masses of Russia.
11 is needless to recount here the outstanding points in this foul story: Brest Litovsk and the subsequent German invasion; the Allied invasion; the secret attempts, made under cover of diplomatic immunity, to foster the counterwevolution; the attempt to cut ofl Petrograd and starve its population to death; the food blockade to accomplish the starvation of the whole country; the attempted destruction of the crops of the Ukraine for the same purpose; the Siberian death train: the wholesale sabotage of the machinery of production; the for gery of documents to mislead the outside workers into the belief that Bolshevism was a foul. and vicious tyranny. All these and countless other incidents are stamped on the hearts of the class canscious workers of all lands in letters of living fire And now comes the recognition of Kolchuk bloody regime, and the promise of added strength to the hand that weslds the iron tipped Into It ngnind the hired backs of the Russian workers and peasants.
In their letter proposing the step the Associated Powers still use the same idealistic language whim characterized their announcement of intervention.
Then they diSavowed any desire to interfere in the internal affairs of Russia, and proceeded to interfere as fut as troops could be shipped into the country; now they use the self same expression while throwing support to the only elemmta which still conform to the want traditions of Carin rule. The Allied and Associated Government: now with to dcclarejorrnally that the object of their policy is to reuare eace within Russia by enabling the Rursian pea to resume control oftheir own a Iaiu throu the him «Jig a a freely eleaed Constituent Assembly. they with to be (fluid that than whom they are pared to miatuad or the civil oudvelt ou: ibeny of all Ruminattizens and will make no dtempt to reintroduce the regime which the revolution has destroyed. So the mimabll farce of danocratic aim continua.
and in his reply Kolchak, with the blood of. tho Ru sinu workers and peasants still drip ing from his hayonm, with the ink on his ukaaes, orhtdding the workan to uremia under penalty of death. not yotdry, uae tlmumolnugunga. le retain that power on day longer than required by theintereeto thecount. nil ought al the mamerit when the yBotheviiriyufe definitely crushed will he to firthe date or the election: to the Constituent Assembly. Rania cannot andcannotinthe u tureeverheanylhingbua democratic State where all questions involving modifications the territorial frontier: and of external relations nuts! be ratified by a repruenb tive body which is the national expression the people sovereignty. the Government afiirnu the equality before the law a all citi:eru without any special pririlege. All shall receive. without Wistinaion of origin or religion, the protection a the Slate and o the law.
With this reply the great Powers express themselves satisfied, and money, food and munitions of war are to be furnished, that the bloody work of making Russia safe for capitalism may go on The recognition accorded Kolclnk has not come as a surprise to that section of the workers which understands the forces at work. Capitalist Imperialism could not do other than oppose Bolshevism. The success of Bolshevism in Russia, or in any country, spells the doom of the present system of society, and the men who are assembled at Paris are commissioned to see that, whatever else may happen, capitalism survives. it was for this reason that the Associated Powers first undertook the invasion of Russia under cover of assisting the Czacho Slovaks to leave the country and take the field against Germany on the Westa front. Invasion has been a hopelu failure.
The German advance into Russia after BredLitovsk broke down much of the disagreement that must necessarily arise during the first days of the transition period from capitalism to Socialism; the Allied invasion swept away the remaining dissentions, and united the whole population solidly against external aggression. For over a year Bolshevilt Russia has been hemmed in by a ring of foreign bayonets, while famine clutched at its throat, but to a man the Russian workers and pensants, often with no other weapons than their bare hands, rose to the defense of the revolution and thrust back the invaders. All the time crying out.
the glad tidings of their new freedom to their comrade workers of other lands.
Checked in their efforts to overthrow the Bolsheviki by a military invasion the great powers resorted to the dark ways of diplomacy. but here too the workers Governmem outwmcd tho u Ewry OPOSAL mad: In disrupt the workers for! was answered with appalling frankness, oftm replies. over the heads of the governments, to tut peoples oi the Allied countrim. And that the Alies began their policy of. waiting until starvation would do its work. waiting, with but enough military activity to draw men from the fields, lest they reap new crop. and balk starvation. But again theBolIhoViki conquered; the workers of the Allied countriu had heard the voice of Russia and become restless, and louder and louder grew the demand towithdrsw the troops and let Russia carve her own destiny, until finally the very troops became. corrupted.
Clearly in face of these dificulties it was impossible for the great powers to continue their schemes»
But Russia must not be allowed to survive in he resent stete. And so Kolchak is singled out to the instrument of Allied reaction. It is the lust desperate attempt of bankrupt Capitalism to save itself.
The treatment accorded Russia was to be the acid test of the good will of the Allied nations, according to Mr. Wilson. But the nod will of nations matters little these days, and ussia it fated to be more than the test of good will. Russia is the ncid test of the success or failure of the world social revolution. In their ability to deal with Russia lay the future of the capitalist nttions of the world. The story of the put two ya. in the black min of the acid test of good will. The recognition of Kolchak is the admin ion cf the failure of the Allied when. to defeat Bolehevian.
News About Kolchak Admiral Kolchak has, a partially, adopted the strategy which was used by the Cucho Sluvlh about year o, whsn startedawutwan movement on way to nuns. It hm been established beyond doubt that Kaleb in (Iniminghiosuu aesafuluuuchonMuoow. nu eastward direction. The workers and pennnta of Russiadeantobeolga tohelphimalong. Ab cording to the lam information, they are doing their but to chow their appreciation of his noble alien to save Russia fromithe tyranny of a my wall minority of in p6 trillion the workar Ind peasants by consider y reducing his burdm of mend mak iteuierforhimtoh nm on tower Vladiv Thug oonuspondlmtn roortdpatiltent rumorr ifiSibena, to the client that ol lk on his way to Moscow, intends to visit New York, whu e he will be entertained by the Unionlugueclub. ltisalsonidAh thowill atopoflnt okiotorecoiuthoorderof The Knights of Duncan from tho Mihdo.