Russian Revolution

6. New York COMMUNISIW Yil I, No. 10 New York, Saturday, June 21, 1919. Price cents Proletarian Dictatorship THOUGH the last Moscow SoViet Congress came to the conclusion that the main taslt of the Rimian Soviet Government is the creation of a rigid organization tugether with a shengthenmg of discipline, the majority of the workers do not consider the application of compulsion and dictation necessarv to the realization of these decrsrons. The presumption that the transition from capitalism to Socialism will be possible without compulsron and dictation. is topian and senselms. The lllarxran theory most emphatically refutes all such pettybourgeois, democratic, anarchistic nonsense. The development of Russia during the year 19l1:18, has irrefutably confirmed the Marxian conception, and only those who are very stupid or who wilfully en ert the truth, can fail to comprehend this.
Either the dictatorship of Kornilov or the dictatorship of the proletariat; there can be no other way thanks to the tremendous tempo of development in Russia and the sudden transitions due to the disorganization created by the war.
There are twa causes which make dictatorship imperative during the transition period from capitalism to Socialism and the dictatorship aims in two directions. The pirletariut cannot conquer without supprmsing the ruling classes, who are not willing to renounce their privilega, and who wrll endeavor to overthrow the hated power of the prol suiai. On the other hand. no great revolution. Id above all no Socialist revolution, is. possible hout civil war even if no exterior war is fought. It does not require much mental exertion to understand that various elements, mostly those connected with the petty bourgeoisie, cannot but reveal themselves in their true light by robbery.
speculation, bribery, etc. and time and an iron hand are required to suppress these things.
In all great revolutions the people have instinctively understood the true state of affairs. and acted without mercy against the burglars, who were often shot out of hand The misfortune of former revolutions was that the enthusiasm, which is necessary for the realization of these measures, was of shcort duration. This enthusiasm animated masses only for a short time. because the workers played a relatively unimportant part in former revolutions. The proletariat is able, if it is unmet.
ically strong, disciplined and class conscious, to attract the majority of the laboring and exploited masses and thus retain power long enough to efl ectively suppress all exploiters and all elements of decay. This supports the historic experience which Marx recapitulated in a brief but drastic formula. the proletarian dictatorship.
That the Russian revolution trod the right path in order to fulfill the historic mission of the workers is proven by the triumph which has been attained by all the peoplm of Russia, through the Soviet paws. The Soviet power is the organization of the proletarian dictatorship. the vanguard of the class which is creating a new dancer try and inducA Speech by Nicolai Lenin Translated by Wilenlcin ing millions, nay lens of millions, of the laboring and exploited masses to participate independently in the atiairs of the slatHo administer the state.
These masses learn through their own cxperienem to select the most reliable leaders among the disciplined and conscious vanguard of the proletariat.
But dictatorship is a word which should not be used merely as a hollow sound. Dictat. rship means iron might, a revolutionary, energetic power, inexorable in the suppression of exploiters, as well as the slum proletariat thoodlums. Hitherto the proletarian dictatorshi has not been steadfast enough. It must not be forgotten that the hour.
geoisie sud petty bourgeoisie combat the Soviet power in two difierent ways: in the first place, by oven methods of conspiracy, Kornilovist riots, lies in the puns of the Cadets, lllensheyiki and RightSocial Revolutiouarim; and in the second place, by concealed means such as the utilization of all the decaying elements in order to augment bribery, lack of discipline, and chaos. The nearer the complete suppression of bourgeois power spproschm, the greater becomes the petty bourgeoisvanarchntic New York Stine Locals and Lat Branches, Attentionl The first meeting of. he Provisional left Wing State Caucus was held in All any, June 8th The foundation oi a Statewide organization was laid: in view of the expulsion tactics of our oficinldom it behooves every Left Wing Local and Branch throughout the State to afiliate itself with the Provisional State Caucus so that we can all act in harmony.
Take this question up at the next Cenual Committee meeting of your local or Branch and elect a delegate to Syracuse.
Minutes of previous meeting sent on request.
Don forget!
Provisional Left Wing Side Cm meets in Syracuse, July 4111.
All communications and credentials should be suit to Marianna Cons. Secretary Provisional left Wing Callous 43 29th St.
menace These elaneuts cannot be fought solely by means of agitation; the application of compulsion becomes necessary. The more the administration of society, and not the suppression of the bourgeoisie, becomes the chief activity of the Soviets, the more the People Tribunals not lynching courts must serve as the means of compulsion.
The revolutionary masses have almdy taken the initial steps in the right direction by the creation of the People Tribunals. But they are not yet strong enough; they have not yet liberated themselves suficiently from the lpirit of the bourgeoisie stand that thae courts are the organs of the pass!
of the laborers and poorer a of education and discipline The consciousness, thin the main fun of the Russian revolution are hunger and manployrneu did not suficiently penetrate the minds of lb masses, still less, the knowledge that each one who violates the discipline access during the procof labor, is causi hunger an unemployment ad must be adequatey unished; must be intimated before the people andpunrelentingly punished. The petty bourgeois tendencis, which must be asuically combatted, are due. to laclt of un and to the cimumstuoe that petty ho is rel.
tions still influence many who say to As for me the rest my pa isb.
This combat hetweai prolasrian discipline and petty bourgeois tendmcias appear: in its most drab tic form in the railroad problan. After pair ing out the necessity of introducing didaton al discipline in the railroad administration, lain sums up the question of pmonal dictatorship showing that not only was it in forma molt tions, but also that it do. not conflis: with the Soviet power. Ifwearenot marchingwehaverhusmrmg.
nice the need of compulsion during the unificfrom capitalism to Socialism. The form of mupulsiou is determined by the degree of develome of the redomiaant revolutionary clue is danrnined ytbrtwhichwssinheritedfromal reactionary war, and by the armed power resistance Iof the bourgeoisie The diflmlb. tween pro etarisn and bourgeois dictatorahrp in the fact that the form is directed again exploiting minority in the inter mt of the exploited majority each individual reform il flI only by the laboring and exploited class but alao through their organisations (as for int um Ill Soviet. lathespecialcasgwhicbisdeoa minadbydl modern situation, we must state that Inch largo individual industry, e. the basis of productiand the foundation of Socialism, requires mung unity of will, determining the labor of bundrdk, thousands and tens of thousands. is bu been acknowledged by students of Socialists as first condition, and this can be ensued only by the subjection of the will of thousands to the will of one individual. This subjection my h mild form of management, if great class con dos.
ness and discipline prevails in the ranks of the working class, or it will have to name the stars.
form of dictation if discipline is In. But in case absolute subjection is my. In the railroad concerns it is twofold, threefold as importnfl.
The transition from one political probl. It another, which seems to he mtirdy difierust, dbtinguishes the present day period, and whac Chi transition cannot avoid shod: and millafiol. highut perfection of the Vargas. of Ill pollThe people are not yet conscious mugh to under taristis its iron neipli.