The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party has decided to exterminate the revolutionary elements in the party by expelling them.
it is following the bourgeois tactics of Local New York, the committee that smashed the Party locally by expelling 22 branches.
The State Executive Committee of New York has appointed a committee of three. l) with full power to expell any local that becomes Bolshevik and adopts the Left Wing Pmyam: Locals Queens, Rochester. Bufialo, Utica and Kings are about to be expelled. Bronx is to be reorganized.
The Party is going left. The revolution against reaction has assumed gigantic proportions. The membership is determined in its support of uncompromising revolutionary principles.
Morris Hillquit wants the decks cleared. He asks for a split in the Party. He repudiates the Third internetional.
Beaten by the membership the old ieaders of the National Executive Committee disregard the Party referendums. it declares the votes of the rank and file void.
The repudiates the Third International, the International of the Bolshevild, after the Party members by an overwhelming majority have voted to afliliate and participate.
Repudiate these brutal, disruptive and nnprincipled tactics.
Rally now to the support of Socialism in America. Help the Left Wing carry on its fight for revolutionary principles.
The Left Wing carries on the fight for the rank and file.
It carries on the fight for the 40, 000 members of the seven foreign federations of the Party that have been expelled because they were OREIGNERS and BOISHEVlKS. I THE LEFT wmc runusurs The New York Communist the paper that in America ennunciates the communist principles and whole heartedly supports the Bolshevilci of Russia and the Spartacus of Germany.
The Left Wing is being attacked now on all sides by the reactionaries in the party, by the New York Call, by the capitalist press and by the Government.
To wipe out our debt, to continue the publication of The New York Columnist and to continue to carry on this important fight we appeal for 5, 000.
Send eonhibutions to MAXlMlLlAN COHEN, 43 29th St, at Once 000 for a united party on revoliitionary principles a solid front against capitalism victory for the working class.