Russian Revolution

11m New York Communist r can NEARING has writtm pamphlet with the curious title, Violence or Solidarity?
or Will Guns Sdtle It? This pamphlet is a special plea against the use of violence in the Social Revolution, from the point. of view of an; extreme pacifist non resistant.
The institution of the dear love of comrades must be built with lope, contradsship, and the in strumentalities of sociil organization. Force and violence, according to Comrade Nearing, can never bring the Socialist Commonwealth.
To illustrate the lengths to which Comrade Nearing goes, we must quote the essense of his argument applied to the present revolutionary period. The Hungarian Government has been changed from a monarchy to a Soviet Re ublic, so far as we know, without loss of life. Ry what means?
By organization. The old world is dead; the new world is being born. Without violence the process is completed. In Germany, on the other hand, from the time that the revolution occurred until today, they have been fighting back and forth through the streas, the Spartacans attempting to establish a Soviet Government by the bayonet. When they succeed it will be in spite of their tactics, not because of them. The Russian Revolution was surrounded by a wall of bayonets. Brest Litovsk. The workers, unarmed, found themselves face to face with the most powerful military machine that nisted in the world at that time. Apparently they were at the mercy of militarism, but they began at home to establish an economic basis for comradeship.
They gave the land to the peasants and the factories to the workers. hen the facts became known, the German military was powerless. and in the end the German Revolution an wred the infamous not of the imperialists at Brest Litavsk. The Russians won their point through economic justice at home, propaganda and open diplomacy.
Not their army but their philosophy and their example spread revolution over. Europe. The Russians may fail in their great experiment of laying the economic basis for the institution of the dear love of comrades. If they fail in this the Red Army will help them fail. If they win the Red Army will stand in the way of the thing that they wish to accomplish.
This is a unique interpretation of the European Revolutions especially the Hungarian Revolution.
The idea of Bela Kun as an apostle of revolution by love is slightly grotesque. How was the Hungarian Soviet net up? Simply by mpans of a vague organization. No. The Hungarian bourgeoisie abdicated in favor of the proletariat, for several very good reasons; first, they saw that the terms of the Allied and Associated Powers would destroy them utterly, and Hungary with them after all, proletarian rule would enlist the people to preserve the national wealth, which might later be restored to its original owners; second, capitalism was incapable of making war, or peace, or of reconstructing war shattered society and Hungerian capitalism didn want to assume responsibility.
for the ioh; third, Karolyi and others saw the inevitability oi the Social Cataclysm, and perhaps realized that there was only one way to prevent the confounding of all in one all overwhelming ruin only one constructive force in the world, the proletariat.
But before such lessons could be driven home, how much violence had been done, how many heroic proletarians had lost their lives on the barricades to prove their unalterable willlg How had great Russia rocked on her foundations!
And was it accomplished peacefully after all?
As we write the Tchekho Slovaks and the Rumanians are attacking Soviet Hungary with arms furnished by the entenle Powers. Capitalism is attemptrg to destro the Hungarian Revolution by force, as it is the Russian Revolution. And Hungary, that millenial abode of brotherly love. has mobilised the revolutionary workers to Maui the Socialist Fatherland.
What would Scott Nearing have Soviq Hungary do? Simplygoouttomeettbeenemywithan olive branchin one hand and a pacifist pamphlet in the other? The destruction Soviet Hungary and of Soviet Russia means that pri presses will he smashed, the teachers of ideas put to death;itmeamthatageneralmaasacreofthe workup podium as well as militants will inundate the Revolution in waves of blood, as in Finland.
lftherehadbemnode ArmyinRu sia, there would now be no Russian Revolution to stand as a beacon for the world workers. Not the least part of the Russian Revolution is its ability to defend itself. It is true that the ideas of the Russian Revolution conquered lm Germany: it is also true thattheseideasare ogreate kfenleol tlzekuoaian Revolution against the world. But in Russia these ideas were put into life by an armed insurrection, and they are now being defended by a people in mus.
But letusenminewhatisthereulincentiveho hind the Social Revolution. Comrade Nearing seems to think that the reason for revolution is tirely a moral one. He in lies that the reason the working class wishm to e over the power. and ought to take over the power, is because such an at»
tion is right. The inference from his arguments is that all one has to do in order to suade the vast majority of the people that Socia ism is best, is to employ the weapons of peaceful ugummt and propaganda.
But the question is not whether Socialism is morally right, the point is that the Socialist Commonwealth is the only possible way to save civilization and reconstruct human society. And, while five or six centuries of peaceful argument, unhampered by the capitalist political state, might conceivably con vince a majority of the working people to get together in a general strike accompanied by passive resistance, such tactiCs are Utopian now, when the Social Revolution is upon In.
The capitalist class is not going to be convinced of its moral duty to abolish itself, no matter how great a majority of the workers decide that this is right. The general strike is in itself an act of violence, and provokes violenee in return, which mm be resisted by the strong hand of proletarian dictatorship. Capitalism is rushiuE toward its doom with tremendous speed, and tile crash will not wait upon the peaceable education e wtrking class. Even in its death throes, capitalism is not going to allow the workers to take hold of the shattered machinery of civilization without abattle.
Comrade Nearing offers the original opinion that the reason why the German Communists failed to seize the government, was because they attempted an armed insurrection; and that if they do succeed it will be in spite their use of force. At the same time he slurs over the fact that the Russian Bolsheviki accomplished their seizure of the w: by force of arms. in Germany the Spartaci risings were not against the government as such, but against the capitalist class, which, through the treachery of the Majority Social Democrats, had been included in the govemrnent, in spite of its long and bloody history of repression and imperialistic exploitation. There is no way to meet the violence of the capillist class except with violence.
And it was the Scheidemann Socialists who paformed the role of executioners of the workm in the interests of the German bourgeoisie.
In the Milwaukee Leader, Victor Berger paper.
an editorial accuses the left Wing of wanting violence of aspiring to bloody uprisings. The appearance of Comrade Nearing a pamphlet at this time, when the Socialist movement is split into two factions that of Scheidemann Socialism and that of Revolutionary Socialism has the same eflect of saddling the left Wing with the anarc histic tactics of the Black International.
We resent the implication that we and for violence be ause it is violence; and that we are agsirm solidarity. The left Wing advocates the hang and close organization of the working class in order that it may assume the State power for the working class, and that it may defend the Social Revolution from the brutal violence of the capitalists.
Violence or Solidarity? And if Comrade Neunng is op to hethinksthatherillbelllowegotr dpreadt Social Revolution by Brotherly Love, he taken, and what more, he is no Revolutionary cialin. Violence or Solidarity. So is and is met with the black list, police abs, and tr. Chm 8m The economic foimdation for the institution the deer love of comrades is notto be won with blood and tears. Pacifism disarm tin works class, and exposes ittothemostfearfulllangs. l hereisnoplaoeforpacifistsindreSoeialstoution.
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