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The New York Communist Violence or Solidarity?
The Telescope spite COTT NEARING has written pamphlet with those ideas were put into life by an armed instr. And if Comrade Nearing is opposed to the he thinks that he will be allowed to proach the or Will Guns Settle It? This pamphlet is people in arms.
Social Revolution by Brotherly Love, he is more a special plea against the use of violence in the Social Revolutiva, from the point of view of an. hind the Social Revolution. Comrade Nearing But let us examine what is the real incentive bo taken, end what more, be io no Revolutionary So cialist extreme pacifist non resistant.
seems to think that the reason for revolution is en Violence or Solidarity. Solidarity is violenor, The institution of the dear love of comrades tirely a moral one. He implies that the reason the and is met with the blacklist, police clube, and me must be built with love, comradeship, and the in. working class wishes to take over the power, and chine guns, strumentalities of social organization. Force and ought take over the power, is because such an acviolence, according Comrade Nearing, can never tion is right. The inference from his bring the Socialist Commonwealth.
The economic foundation for the institution of lis arquments that all one has to do in order the dear love of comrades is not to be won without persuade the vast To illustrate the lengths to which Comrade Near majority of the people that Socialiem is best, is to class, and exposes it to the most fearful dangern blood and tears. Pacifism disarms the working imen applied to the present revolutionary period we must quote the sense of his argu employ the weapons of peaceful argument and propaganda.
There is no place for pacifists in the Social Rovs The Hungarian Government has been change But the question is not whether Socialism is mor lation.
from a monarchy to a Soviet Republic, far as ally right, the point is that the Socialist Commonwe know, without loss of life. By what means? wealth is the only possible way to save civilization world is being born. Without violence the process six centuries of peaceful argument, unhampered by and reconstruct human society. And, while five or By organization. The old world is dead; the new is completed.
the capitalist political state, Inight conceivably conthat In Germany, on the other hand, from the time vince a majority of the working people to get to the revolution occurred until today, they have gether in a general strike accompanied by passive been fighting back and forth through the streets, resistance, such tactics are Utopian now, when the the Spartacans attempting to establish a Soviet Gov. Social Revolution is upon us.
WHEN ordering your copy of The Socialist, be ernment by the bayonet. When they succeed it sure and get what you ask for. Don be put will be in of their tactics, not because of them.
The capitalist class is not going to be convinced The Russian Revolution was surrounded by a of its moral duty to abolish itself, no matter how off with something just as good. Look your copy wall of bayonets. Brest Litovsk. The workers, right. The general strike is in itself an act of vio great a majority of the workers decide that this is over well before giving any money. Insist on getting what you ask for. None genuine without the anarmed, found themselves face to face with the lence, and provokes violence in return, which must label.
most powerful military machine that existed in be resisted by the strong hand of proletarian dicta.
the world at that time. Apparently they were at torship. Capitalism is rushing toward its doom It appears from the last issue of the Socialis the mercy of militarism, but they began at home with tremendous speed, and the crash will not that the stuff it has been putting out is too raw even to establish an economic basis for comradeship. wait upon the peaceable education the working for the members of the Right Wing, and so the ediThey gave the land to the peasants and the factories class. Even in its death throes, capitalism is not tors of the otticial organ of The Pink Terror are to the workers. When the facts became known, the poing to allow the workers to take hold of the German military was powerless, and in the end shatlered machinery of civilization without a batattempting to lead ibeir readers to believe that they are not responsible for what they writo something the German Revolution answered the infamous act tle.
by the way, which we could have told then long ago.
of the imperialists at Brest Litovsk.
opinion The whole front page of the last issue is devoted The Russians won their point through economic that the reason why the German Communists Pained to what purports to be an expuse of a fake. pmjustice at home, propaganda, and open diplomacy. to seize the government, wes because they attempted bet a il cach isue was not a fake and an armed insurrection, and that if they do succeed We suggest that the so called fake Socialis ample spread revolution over Europe.
it will be in spite of their use of force. At the was an attempt of the Right Wing leaders to be The Russiang may fail in their great experi same time he slurs over the fact that the Russian how much in the way of sausage Socialien their ment of laying the economic basis for the institu; Bolsheviki accomplished their seizure of the power followers would stand for.
tion of the dear love of comrades. If they fail by force of arms. In Germany the Spartacide rin in this the Red Army will help them fail. If they ings were not against the government as such, but Pathetic Figures, No. 2: Berenberg reading the win the Red Army will stand in the way of the against the capitalist class, which, through the fake Socialist.
thing that they wish to accomplish treachery of the Majority Social Democrats, had This is a unique interpretation of the European been included in the government, in spite of its Revolutions especially the Hungarian Revolution. long and bluody history of repression and imper.
We wish to apologize for our mistake when The idea of Bela Kun as an apostle of revolution ielistic exploitation. There is no way to meet the ventured the opinion that Oneal would be elected by love is slightly grotesque. How was the Hun violence of the capitlist class except with violence as an International delegate. We have noen some garian Soviet set up? Simply by means of a vague And it was the Scheidemann Socialists who per.
of the returns since organization. No. The Hungarian bourgeoisie formed the role of executioners of the workers in abdicated in favor of the proletariat, for several the interests of the German bourgeoisie.
Judging from the returns so far made public terms of the Allied and Associated Powers. powered In the Milwaukee Leader, Victor Berger paper, would appear that when the National Erocutive destroy them utterly, and Hungary with them. lence. of aspiring to bloody uprisings.
Committee was picking men to represent the Party an editorial accuses the Left Wing o! wanting vio The in Europe, it was very successful in picking those after all, proletarian rule would enlist the people to preserve the national wealth, which might later be appearance of Comrade Nearing pamphlet at this in whom the membership had least confidence.
restored to its original owners; second, capitalism factions that of Scheidemann Sociclism and that time, when the Socialist movement is split into two Louis Waldman indignamtly denies that he was was incapable of making war, or peace, or of roconstructing war shattered society and Hungar saddling the Left Wing with the anarchistic tactics the bouquet was composed of carnations and that of Revolutionary Socialism has the same effect of presented with a bouquet of pink roses. He way ian capitalism didn want to assume responsibility of the Black International.
for the jo. third, Karolyi and others saw the inthey were originally red in color, only they had be evitability of the Social Cataclysm, and perhaps We resent the implication that we stand for vio come slightly withered owing to the heat produced realized that there was only one way to prevent lence beranse it is violence; and that we are against by the vigor of the applause.
the confounding of all in one all overwhelming solidarity. The Left Wing advocates the strong ruin only onu constructive force in the world, the And close organization of the working class in order deemnoble Yeoboe, that it may assume the State power for the working But he class, and that it may defend the Social Revolution is boasting that he made the motion to spend the But before such lessons could be driven home, from the brutal violence of the capitalists.
how much violence had been done, how many foreigners from the Socialist Party.
heroic proletarians had lost their lives on the bar.
ricades to prove their unalterable will! How had great Russia rocked on her foundations!
And was it accomplished peacefully after all?
The Communist Book Department As we write the Tchekho Slovaks and the RumanThe Commur. ist asks all members of the Left Wing to order literature through our new ians are attacking Soviet Hungary with arms for.
Book Department. From time to time we shall publish books and pamphlets of importance to nished by the entente Powers. Capitalism is atrevolutionary Socialists.
tempt. ug to destroy the Hungarian Revolution by New Letter to the Workom of Europe and America.
force, as it is the Russian Revolution. And HunBy Lain gary, that millenial abode of brotherly love, has mobilized the revolutionary workers to defend the Price, cents. Bundles, 10 to 100, cents Socialist Fatherland.
Lots of more than 100, special aten What would Scott Nearing have Soviet Hungary Lessons of the Revolation.
do? Simply go out to meet the enemy with By Lah olive branch in one hand and a pacifist pamphlet Price, 10 oende. Bundle, cotta in the other? The destruction of Soviet Hungary and of Soviet Russia means that printing presses Tea Day. That Shook the World will be smashed, the teachers of ideas put to John Rood Story of the Bolshevik Revolution. Autograph Edition.
death; it means that a general massacre of the Special Price to Comrades who order through The COMMUNIST Book Department workers pacifists as well as militants will in In Preparation: andato the Revolution in water of blood, as in Finland. Year of Proletarian Dictatorship.
If there had been to Red Army in Russia, there Official Report of the Russian Soviet Government on all Activities and Achievements of would now be no Russian Revolution to stand as a the Proletarian Republic from November 7th, 1917, to December, 1918. About 450 heacon for the world workers. Not the least part pagos. Paper cover.
of the Russian Revolution is its ability to defend Price Special Rates for quantitie.
itself. It is true that the ideas of the Russian Revolution conquered Imperial Germany; it is also true Send all communications to Benjamin Gitlow, Business Manager Tex COLOCUKLOT, 48 that there ideas are the greates defense of the Roe West 29th Street, Now York City sian Revolution against the world. But in Rumia.