the holding of. Inflation. but on the nabs of electing delegates a. We, of the City Committee. feel that we have in no way violsted the State Constitution or the Rules of the City Committee On the contrarv, we feel that the State heeutive Cmnmiuee ia unlawfully exercising its power: an upholding the rule of a small minority who. at the present time, in spite of the efforts of the majority. are nnlawluiiy maintaining their control of the Party machines in Locals New York and Bronx. By your actioaJou are lending your aid to the violation of the moat sacr Parry principle and discipline, namely; the opportunity of the rank and tale to initiate and determine for itself Parry Policies and Tlt tica. and to that extent. the accusations you make against the left Wing of disrupting and splitting the Socialist Parry is hurled back at you and you vnll be held responsible to the Parry Membership.
Fraternally submitted.
For City Committee, Enuan Dims en, Mao 1c; PAUL, Aunt Para. General Parry Membership meeting of local Queens will be held this Monday, June 16th, 15 sharp The order of business for the meet ing will be as follows: General discussion on the pm crisis in the Socialist Party.
And the policies and tactics leading up to the same. Action of National and State Executive Committees expelling entire State organization, Language Federations and Locals. Revocation of the Charter of Local Queens.
Admittance to the meeting will be by membership card only. Members are requested to be on time as the questions are very pressing. MAURICE PAUL.
Organizer, Local Queens. 0 ONE hundred and thirty six delegates attended the opening of the Jewish Federation Convention which took place in Boston on June The Right Wing got into action as soon as the proceedings opened. It elected its own credentials committee which proceeded to admit all Right Wingers, pass upon the validity of those holding proxies and deprive seventeen Left Wing dclegatt: of seats on various flimsy pretexts. About fifty three left Wing delegate succeeded in being seated TbeNewYorerommmH. A On the question of abolishing the reform look in the Socialist Party platform, the fid tt ween the two wings developed, ending in thirtyeight Left Wing delegates bolting from the convention when the left Wing Manifesto and Program, which embodied their principles on the question at issue, was defeated.
Together with the seventeen delegates who had been deprived of seats by the Right Wing Credentials Committe the bolting delegates fanned a convention in a ball below. This convention was immediately joined by twelve more delegates from Left Wing locals, who reported that as they were under instructions from their locals not to bolt they were unable to take part in the new convention, but that they refused to participate in the convention dominated by the Rights and were returning home. They further reported that they were in complete sympathy with the left and would request their locals to join the left Wing Federation then being formed.
It is stated that the number of delegates appearing at the convention did not constitute the full strength of the left Wing. as many locals were forced to vote by proxy, owing to being unable to meet the traveling expenses. Locals such as San.
tle, which are Left Win. were forced to accept the proxy given them by e Secretary. Most of the western locals had to vote by roxy and in each case the vote was thrown to the Right Wing although many of that: western localsgara definitely known to be left.
The Second Jewish Branch of New York, which has been reorganized by the Right Wing, sent five delegates, while eleven other members of the same branch were present and voting as proxies, though it was formed only a few days before the convention, and the rules state that no branch can send more than one delegate, if it has been crganiaed less than three months.
The la ft Wing Convention organized the Jewish Left Wing Section and elected a temporary secretary and temporary Executive Committee of nine.
1: is planned to hold another convention shortly to organize an a permanent basis.
The Left Wing, as shown in partial elation roturns, has swept the Socialist Party. Early returns indicate a complete victory for revolutionary St»
cisliam. the conquest of 81. Party for the Communo ist International. The oflicial vote on Interactions delegates from eleven stats Georgia, Virginia, Tmeaee, Florida, Rhode Island, Maine, Kentucky. Arbmsaa, MinnoIota, Mich and Massachusetts, giv tlie following restift:I John Rad, 7, 679; Louis Fraina, 7, 071; Wagenknecht, 423; Ruthenber. 4, 523; For son, 538. These. the cardigans receiving the ighest vote, are all Left Wing candidates. 11w moderates of the Right Wing received these votes: Victor Berger, 1, 139; Adolph Gamer, 908; Seymour Stedmsn, 789; James Oneal, 778; Shiplacoff, 663; Algernon Ire. 565; John Work, 457.
In these eleven state, Kate Richards Hara has overwhelmingly beaten Morris Hillquit for International Secretary. Incomplete re rta from other state indicate that the left Wing as secured a substantial majority in all state organizations.
This is the election that the moderates on the are trying to steal.
In the District elections for National Execu tive Committee, returns from Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts give these results: Louis (L Fraina, 3, 130; Nicholas Hourwicb, 2, 544; Lindgren, 1, 472; Ludwig Lore, 940; Morris Hillgiltigt, 338; Jame Oneal, 683; Shiplacolf. 0 STATE OF NEW JERSEY National Executive Committee Rutherberg 1, 199 votes Harwood 1, 120 votes Prevey. 1, 058 votes International Delegates. Reed. 1, 396 votes Fraina. 1, 113 votes Ruthcnberg. 781 vota Wagenknecht. 760 votes International Secretary Kate Richards Hare. 865 votes Morris Hillquit 344 votes That the National Executive Committee arrange for an emergency Convention to be held as soon as can be arranged: YES. 1, 269 No 87 Why Political Democracy Must Go (Continued from page 4)
the American people to the position of debtors for half a century.
Another way by which the Constitution framers profited. Although pledged to secrecy in the Convention, they used their knowledge of the proceedings to speculate in land and government securities and currency, before knowledge was made public.
An analogy with the present situation regarding the Peace Treaty with Germany, which has got into the hands of the great financial interests before it has reached the people, will readily suggest itself.
The Constitution so devised has been the framework of the American Government, and has consistently thwarted the will of the majority of the people ever since it was adopted, except in cases of an overwhelming majority. Patrick Henry, upon reading the document, exclaimed, It is. air, a most fearful situation when the most contemptible minority can prevent the alteration of the most oppressive government; for it may, in many respects, prove to be such.
Professor Burgess protests against the system for amending the Constitution, and in doing so, unwittingly criticizes the entire document. When in a democratic political sociay, the well matured. long. and deliberately ousted will of the undoubted majority can be persistently and successfully thwarted, in the amendment of the organic law, by the will of the minority, there is just as much danger to the States from revolution and violence as there is from the caprice of the majorSo much for the foundations of the American republic; so much for the most advanced political democracy in the world. However, there have been times when the great capitalists in control of the Government. deliberately violated the Constitution, when it suited their interests; for example, just after the Civil War, when the Republicans in Congress forbade the Supreme. Court to pass upon come of their reconstruction legislation, pn pqin of being dissolved. Toward the working class, how ever the Supt me Court has become more and more the obstructive insta ument of capitalist class interest. and the Constitution an ever greater weapon against the workers; even to the point where it has upheld the conviction of Eugene Debs.
From time to time the Constitution has been unepded, and its provisions in reted. so as to widen and strengthen the pol powers of the people in Government in other words. our Government has become more democratic.
But this is only in roportion aa the great capitalists strungthm the visible Government. and as the processes of political democracy became. less and less able to overthrow their absolute hege mony in other words, the center of Government has finally shifted completely from the Capitol and the White House to Wall street. This became clear during the Great War.
My next and last article of this series will point out some ways by which the American capitalist class preserves and strengthens its power. To be concluded. Reply to a Farmer (Continued lram page 3)
In societies where the class antagonism have not yet been developed distinctly, this public power of coercion is small. This was formerly true in our own country. This public power of coercion increasa in the same ratio in which class antagonicna become more pronounced, and in which neighboring states become larger and more populous. The United States offers a splendid example of the truth of this. In the last two decades, class lines in America have become amnely pronounced. In the same period the public power of coercion has increased in direct roportion to the sharpening class divisions. The uropean class struggles and war of conquest have also nursed the ublic power of coercion to a mandoua rise. maintain this power the citizens pay, taxes, and the State contracts debts, loans, and makes drafts on the future.
Engels has clearly shown that the State is a product of irreconcilable class contradictions and conflicts. But having arisen among these conflicts, LEFT WING PICNIC Oriental Dances by Miss Katayama and Troupe.
Other attractions to be announced later. Red Picnic Great Time For a Red Cause. Men, Women and Children of the Working Class.
Picnic starts 10 ll.
Ana ad by the Left Wing Mambo II In Admission Iri ndvu nno Is at ah Come and enjoy it is as a rule the state of the most powerful economic class that by force of its economic supremacy becomes also the ruling political class and thus acquires new means of subduing and exploits ing the oppressed massu. The antique State, was, therefore, the State of the slave owners for the purpose of holding the slaves in check. The feudal State was the organ of the nobility for the oppression of the serfs and dependent farmers. The modern representative State is the tool of the capitalist exploiters of wage labor. In a democracy the capitalist class exerts its power indirectly but with more certainty. Thus in Amuica, throng: its wealth, the bourgeoisie. corrupts officials, form government and stock exchange alliances, and has a more sure hold on the agencies by means of which the will of the masses is bailed. Especially in a republic, for example America, what is good for the ruling class is alleged to be good for the whole of moiety with which the ruling class identifies itself. Thus we see that the American Socialist movement must be particularly on guard against the numerous snares and delusions of bourgeois danocracy.
lTo be continued)
LEFT PROPAGANDA MEETING Under the auspices of lat Socialist Party, Bronx (hunky This Friday eve. June 13, P.
at LEI ISH HALL WIIIIa Avae nan Id 38. In. s km: BENJAMIN GITLOW ISMEL AMTEI EADMONN Noemi. LOUIS IAUII. Chats ma Adhn ma mI Fa Iofl Left Wing Mass Meeting SUNDAY, JUN 1, 22, at P. Manhattan Lyceum 66 Adriana a