The New York Communist THE Left Wing organization has decided to support the following nominee and asks all revolutionary Socialists to do likewise: or Executive Secretary of Local New York: Maximilian Cohen. Notice to All Branches of LocaIl New York, Kings. Queens, Richmond, Astoria and Bronx.
At a meeting of the City Committee held on the 5th day of May, it was decided to call a City Con;emtion, and that the basis of representation shall One delegate for every 50 members in good standing or major fraction thereof. has branches shall elect delegates directYd u are therefore requested to send out a call to the branches instructing them to elect delegates to the convention on the basis decided by the City Committee.
The Convention: will be held on lune 14th and 15th, at Queens County Labor Lyceum, Cypress Avenue, Ridgewood, The order of business will be as follow: Consolidation of Locals into a Greater City local.
Taking action on Party Ownership of Press.
Taking action on the Left Wing.
Taking up the qualion of reorganization of branches of Local New York.
Send the names of the dele ates elected and the branches they represent to e secretary at the Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress Avev nues, Ridgewood, C o Credentials lo the Socialist Party City Convention should be in the hands of the delegates by Saturday morning at the. lalee1.
All Comrades who still have subscription lists should send them in immediately. We need the money! Mmmuan Comm. O All Left Wing Organizations and Branches are notified not to arrange any niTairs for Sunday, August 24, 1919, the date of the Left Wing Picnic.
a s The unreorganized 23rd Branch 1, Kings, meets every Monday night at 1709 Pitkin avenue; organizer, Feistman; Ansnd etery meeting.
The first session of the public speaking class will be held at the headquarters of the 17th 1538 Madison Avenue, next Monday, June 16, under the direction of Henry Engels. There has been a heavy registration. Our motto is a hundred Harlem speakers before the end. of the summer. CITY COMMITTEE MINUTES June I919 Comrade Gitlow elecled chairman.
Credentials from Branch 18th King; Dynln plsce of Goldberg.
Credrntiall from lat Ruaaian Branch.
Credentials from 6th Russian Branch. Shorwty porsr ily in place of Sarnilofl.
Credentials from 7th Russian Brunch. Danelwlds.
In Minority Group, Neuer.
Local Kings County, Peters and Weir tone.
Spanish Branch. Susan and Manama Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
Motion carried to have roll call and report of deleuta aftw reading minutes at every meeting.
Roll all followed.
2nd Russian Branch request that open air meeting he held on Russian Question. 2m. likrainean branch requests City Committee that something be done to a iLate (or organization of workers along industrial lines. 510 instructs to report that branch went on record that no paid nlhcisl be eligible on any committee.
Blh lhll copies of the minutes of the City Committee he sent to every branch. To instruct delegates to the Mr Wing National Conference to take up question» of 11in Conference, 14th Kings wants provision made fu menlun and speakers.
4th Russian Branch speaker for Today need to he held as protsr agaiult expulsion.
I7 request: speaks for open air meeting. Ilealso that their ball was a huge cocoa. and ova five mud dollars made by brunch.
Incalangsxhstlucslhasbeeuerpelled. Alaothst duress were brought against Shiplaoufl for voting in favor of expulsion of language map: couuumca noas From Fraina giving vote of eleven states for urinal referendums: Left Wing oandrdata received highs! vote.
From Lithuanian Branch, Bacon. that It has joined the MI Winn. From Enhoaisn Branch announcing picnic Iue 8th and requesting speaker to represent Column.
EzecafivevComminee minulea May will read and acted upon.
0n uestiun of speak a. whee thueiaa mum half of collection up to 310. 00 he donated to tof motion carried thatwe chart liners. money to an to prank lion; no money to pa to ape ha. marriedthat eflbeawwhinl mo ISM dollars by getting individual donations from one dollar up.
for the maintenance of mediation, pahlhhing pamphlla and leaflets Qumrinn of almanac brané to com exp of delegates to Motion carried that Emma Damion proceed to carry out the work left by special Bonus cl Cur nu steed. Comrade: The New York Conuums depends upon volunteer workas for its distribution throughout ecity.
Each week issue is ready for distribution on Thursday afternoon.
Come to the headquarters, 43 West 29th Street, Thursday, and get your bundle.
Now is the time to get the truth across.
Make the Left Wing campaign among the rank and file a huge success by putting a Conuumsr each week, in the hands of every party member.
Our motto is. I0, 000 Commas rs in Greater New York!
Special masking of City Committee called for Wednesday mm; Meeting adiom ned.
Farm: Hoaovrrr. Ree. See y a This resolution was adopted at the monthly meeting of Local Union County, June 6, 1919: Whereas, the trend of world events and the experience of the Revolution in action have demonstrated the necessity for a clear cut definition of the Socialist osition; and Uterus. the growth of opportunism and hourgeois parliamentarism within the Socialist Party has made a restatement of the revolutionary Socialist position imperative; and Whereas, the tendency of the ol ficialdom within the Party has been in contradition with the revolutionary sentiments of the rank and file withh the Party as manifested in the SL Louis program on the war; be it therefore Resolved, that the Socialist Party delegates of Local linion County of the State of New Jersey assembled in their monthly meeting, in 709 Elizabeth avenue, Elizabeth, lune 1919, herewith indorse the Manifesto and Program of the Left Wing. O To National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of the At the regular monthly meeting of Local Union County of New Jersey, held June 6, 1919, at Socialist headquarters, 709 Elizabeth avenue, a communication was read, received from State Secretary of Fred Harwood, stating that the seven Foreign Language Federations were suspended from the Party without a trial.
Union County protests the action taken by the National Executive Commirtee.
Union County decided 36 against to count the so called suspended comrades as members of the Socialist Party.
This communication is sent to the National Executive Committee and Socialist press. New m l: Coll, New You: Couuvms r, and Revolutionary Age. 0 Oakland, Cal Jane hh, 1919 What! Cohen, New York Rel live to yours of the 28lh.
Our local has tentatively elected delegate to the Left National Conference. The delegate elected in also a mem her of rhe California State Executive Committee and is in close touch with the membership.
According to the clipping you enclose we understand. nst our delegate is taxed 25. 00 and that the balance of his expenses will be paid by the Confaence pool fund.
Ia this correct?
The State wide mass conference of the California Party held May 30. BI and June I, swung heavily to the Left.
Prelume you have reports. Also of the snack on the State 06cc of the party here by Governor Stephens hirelings. Stale Secretary and county organiser arrested without warrems. ere. 1:30 etc. etc. Trials come up June and 12 on Stephens criminal syndicalism law.
Advise immedisrely if the above understanding is correct and if it will hold good for another local that has written as in this matter.
Yours in the cause, Bun: Sum!
Ml NOTICE Owing to strata of work, Maximilian Cohen. resigned as husinms manager of Couuums r, to devote all his time to the duties of Executive Secretary of the Benjamin Giltow has been elemed business manager in his place.
All communications pertaining to Ta: Comm should be addressed to BENJAMIN GITUOW, 43 29th St.
All communications pertaining to the organization should bemddressed to MAXIMILIAN COHEN.
43 29th St. Left Wing Notes Whereas, we desire to clearly place much a fluid for. and openly and naively align our due whh the volutionsry rnletariat the world ovu as at I»
pressed by e politics and teeth: of (hmmanh Party of Russia (Bolsheviki. lhe Connnun lab. Party them II. Spartacus) Muhamhhnuuywfl em. it Resol that we. the Social of in Partriembmhip meeting auunbflth an: ill June. 1919, adopt as our oficial expression the pd Prtzglasm of ire At gin; Srezt ion of the Social. arty o ew o as print in Raul am March 22, 1919, and be it furthu Resolved, that we pledge both financial and moral a port In the le Wing propaganda to the ad that Nationalroruuialion conform with the polici al th program. and be it further Resolved, that all delegates, mitten ad of the Socialist Party of Mekeesport adhae lady to this Manifeuo and Program. e e To the Editor at Tn anew ismrsi: adopted a. In: mouth; a a owing rose ution was of the 22nd and 23rd amoumoa (I The members of the 22nd and 23rd m VIE llprise from their organiser Comrade Weiahar that an ab tim far Delegates to the International Campus and Me. bers of the National Executive Committee should have been held by the Enrich before May Ifith. and that notification of this election was not rweived until thrle days before the expiration of the election period, than the comrades of this branch from registering their mthese important matters.
The Branch at its regular meeting held May 21. 1919.
protests sgsin the defective notification that prevented the Brench from voting on these queltioua and ask that th Executive Committee of local New York declare the atire election invalid. and set a date for a uereleaion, Ii. nllaneoualy instructing Comrade Cerba to inform all branch organizers long enough in advance to He thactually so hold the elemen Pill. fllflll l. Savoury.
May 29. 1919.
e a a dhml: the Nudge; Executilv; Commit tee has pen ed e uuien. uanian, tiah. llkrainan, Hangarian. Polish and South Slavic federation. and the Michigan State organization, and Whereas. the suspension and expulsion of the above organizations diefrlnchiaea about 30. Party mulls.
from participation in Party shire. and Whereas this action is unfair to our Party musk.
ship hy refusing to allow them to be hard lid e fie i 1 ll ib ii Wat. anal rsove yle iaist anyo. in membership meeting this firvt day of Jung lgll that In condemn this action taken by the Notional Executive Cemmmse and we demand that the National firmly: 01mminee immediately re instate the mpmdod and updld organisation and we further dun ad That the Party membership. and the Party lamb ship only. decide the man: of the carpal ion and pulsion of these organizations, and be it further Resolved that we send these resolutions to the Nada cl Executive Committee and to the Party Prue with the request that all local aad branches in the Sociall Play coréds eimn Elma clip: of the Kalil :1 Executive Committee an em» esuspeoded updldm be reinstated immediately.
a o o GREATER NEW YORK QTY commas: SOQALISI PARTY To the State ExecutiVe Committee of the Serial Party Comrades: We, the underlined, dead at diam of the City Committee, held June DD. wee to answer your wmmuniealiou of May 30, 19. in rim to the calling of City Convention. We the members of the City Committee mph tinny deny the power of the Sum Executive Cour time to re acind any action of the City Committee. except. if nfi action is a violation and contrary to the spirit of the State Constitution of the Socialist Parry. That the coon of the City Committee calling such ouuveut ion was in obedience to a motion at a John Central Commute Meeting of all the Greater New York City held on March 1th. 1919. Your charge that the Left Win, City Committee a! the Social Parry was the inuigstor or the calling of this conventican not be true as there war no Left Wing City Committee Organization II the time of the holding of the above may tinned Joint Central Committee Meeting whiti: the City Committee to all thia convention.
Furthermore. the delegates from local King and Qua a pretsuonisaPmyMeetingandenlyhya If :entdbeaym C; wnme Italic afield u! it h; are vestluu on a violation ol the Rules of the City Conflue wfldi empowefi the City dComntitleePto «I Joim nine: eetinp as General any diheChyCemmifiee eaieullnudaul. The City Committee dull cull Joint oftheCe tnl CommineeauGsaalP flylflhp whenever it deans ch mace Notrthstlhsvulssdoesmresdcmmsll my outsquestlouofdouhtloal damaadan Meetings. Wedeairetoaa thatthStateEneeuclquo niflau hasbeenmiaiuform aatothevueol owing. City Convention. Omet nineten Ill lento Itlendlu. only lnur voted against Nearly halfoftboeedeleual vutiug eaIIstiaInWiuDeIeutaa. Therealfiahtw nst a