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The New York Communist Left Wing Notes party member.
THE Left Wing organization has decided to supWherens, we desire tu dearly place ourselves on trourd port the following nominee and asks all revo The Now York COMMUNIST depends upon for, and openly and actively slip ourselves with the lutionary Socialists to do likewise: volunteer workers for its distribution through volutionary proletariat the world ove, u. present For Executive Secretary of Local New York: pressed by the policies and tactics of the Communist Party out the city.
of Russia (Bolsheviki. the Communist Labor Party Maximilian Cohen Each week issue is ready for distribution Germany (Spartacans) and other parties in harmony with them, be it Notice to All Branches of Locals New York, on Thursday afternoon.
Resolved, that we, the Socialist Party of McKceput Kings, Queens, Richinond, Astoria and Bronx Come to the headquarters, 43 West 29th in Party membership mecting assembled this first day of Street, Thursday, and get your bundle.
Junc. 1919, adopt our official expresion the Manicole At a meeting of the City Committee held on the Now is the time to get the truth across and Program of the Let Wing Section of the Socialist 5th day of May, it was decided to call e City Con Make the Left Wing campaign among the Party of New York, u printed in The Revolutionary March 22, 1919, and be it furtha vention, and that the basis of representation shall rank and file a huge success by putting a be: Resolved, that we pledge both financial and moral rapCOMMUNIST each week, in the hands of every pon to the Left Wing propaganda to the end that the One delegate for every 50 members in National organization conform with the policin of this good standing or major fraction thereof; Our motto is: 10, 000 COMMUNISTS in program, and be it further that branches shall elect delegates direct Greater New York!
that all delegates, committee oficial ly.
of the Socialist Party of McKoesport adhere strictly to this Manifesto and Program.
You are therefore requested to send out a call to the branches instructing them to elect delegates to Special meeting of City Committee called for Wednesday evening To the Editor of Ta COMMUNIT, the convention on the basis decided by the City Meeting adiourned.
Committee Dear Sir: FANNIE HOROVITZ, Rec. Sec y The following resolution was adopted at the last meeting The Convention will be held on June 14th and of the 22nd Rod 23rd 15th, at Queens County Labor Lyceum, Cypress This resolution was adopted at the monthly meetRESOLUTION OF Motot.
Avenue, Ridgewood, I. The order of business ing of Local Union County, June 6, 1919: The members of the 22nd and 23rd D. lourn with will be as follows: Whereas, the trend of world events and the exprise from their organizer Comrade Weisbar that meleo Consolidation of Locals into Greater City Local.
Lic. for Delegates to the International Congress and Me perience of the Revolution in action have denon bers of the National Executive Committee should have Taking action on Party Ownership of Press.
strated the necessity for a clear definition of Taking action on the Left Wing.
been held by the Pranch before May 16th, and that notifithe Socialist position; and cation of this election was not received until three days be Taking up the question of roorganization of branches of Local New York.
Whereas, the growth of opportunism and bour.
fore the expiration of the election period, thus preventing the comrades of this branch from registering their votos Send the names of the delegates elected and the geois parliamentarism within the Socialist Party there important matters.
brauches they represent to the secretary at the has made a re statement of the revolutionary Social. The Branch at its regular meeting held May 21st, 1919, ist position imperative; and protests again the defective notification that prerated the Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress Ave hereas, the tendericy of the officialdom within Brench from voting on these questions and take that the nues, Ridgewood, I.
the Party has bee: in contradition with the revoluExecutive Committee of Local New York dociare the on tire election invalid, and set a date for a Der election, sim Credentials to the Socialist Party City Convention Party as manifested in the St. Louis program OD tionary sentiments of the rank and file within the ultaneously instructing Comrade Gerber to informal branch organizers long enough in advance to enable them should be in the hands of the delegates by Satur.
the war; be it therefore actually to hold the elections day morning at the latest.
Resolved, that the Socialist Party delegates JEANNETTE PEAR, Financial Secretary.
of Local nion County of the State of New Jersey May 29, 1919.
All Comrades who still have subscription lists assembled in their monthly meeting, in 709 Eliza should send them in immediately. We need the beth avenue, Elizabeth, June 6, 1919, here Whereas the Nation Executive Committee has a money!
with indorse the Manifesto and Program of the Left pended the Russian, Lithuanian, Lettish, Ukrainean, Wing garian, Polish and South Slavic federations, and expelled All left Wing Organizations and Branches are the Michigan State organization, and notified not to arrange any affairs for Sunday, Au.
Whereas, the suspension and expulsion of the above To National Executive Committee of the Social.
organizations disfranchises about 30, 000 Party memben gust 24, 1919, the date of the Left Wing Picnic.
ist Party of the At the regular monthly from participation in Party affairs and meeting of Local Union County of New Jersey, Whereas this action is unfair to our Party member.
The unreorganized 23rd Branch 1, Kings, held June 6, 1919, at Socialist headquarters, 709 ship hy refusing to allow them to be heard before the meets every Monday night at 1709 Pitkin avenue; Elizabeth avenue, communication was read, reexpulsion or suspension, be it therefore Resolved by the Socialist Party of McKeesport in general organizer, Feistman. Attend every meeting. ceived from State Secretary of Fred Harwood, membership meeting this first day of Jung, 1919, that we stating that the seven Foreign Language Federations condemn this action taken by the National Executire com The first session of the public speaking class will were suspended from the Party without a trial.
mittee and we demand that the National Executive Com be held at the headquarters of the 17th 1538 Union County protests the action taken by the Namittee immediately re instate the suspended and expelled organizations, and we further demand Madison Avenue, next Monday, June 16, under tional Executive Committee.
That the Party membership, and the Party member the direction of Henry Engels. There has been Union County decided 36 against to count the ship only decide the smaller of the suspension and a a heavy registration. Our motto is a hundred so called suspended comrades as members of the pulsion of these organization, and be it further Harlem speakers before the end of the summer. Socialist Party.
Resolved that we send these resolutions to the National Executive Committee and to the Party Press with the reThis communication is sent to the National Ex quest that all Locals and branches in the Socialist Party CITY COMMITTEE MINUTES ecutive Committee and Socialist press. New York condemn this action of the National Executive Committee June 6, 1919 Call, New YORK COMMUNIST, and Revolutionary and demand that the suspended and expelled organization Comrade Gitlow elected chairman be re instated immediately.
Credentials from Branch 18th D. King Lipper Age.
in place of Goldberg.
GREATER NEW YORK CITY COMMITTEE Credentials from iu Rumian Brunch Oakland, Cal. June 4th, 1919 SOCIALIST PARTY Credentials from 6th Rusian Branch. Skoropaky to Maximilian Coben, porarily in place of Samiloff.
New York To the State Executive Committee of the Secialist Party Credentials from 7th Russian Branch, Danel wich.
Comrades: We the undersigned, elected at the moeting 1st Minority Group. Netter Comrade: Relative to your of the 28th.
of the City Committee, held Jope 1919, were instructed Local Kings County, Peter and Weinstone.
Our local has tentatively elected delegates to the Left to answer your wmmunication of May 30, 1919, in reference Spanish Branch, Samon and Mama National Conference. The delegate elected to also mem to the calling of City Convention Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
ber of the California State Executive Committee and is We the members of the City Committee emphatically Motion carried to have roll call and report of delegate in close touch with the membership.
deny the power of the Sute Executive Committee to to According to the clipping you enclose we understand scind any action of the City Committee, except if och afl reading minutes at every meeting.
Roll call followed.
that delegate is tax 25. 00 and that the balance of action is a violation and contrary to the spirit of the Stat 2nd Russian Branch request that open air meetings be his expenses will be paid by the Conference pool fund. Constitution of the Socialist Party.
beld on Russian Question. 2012 tikrainean branch te Is this correct? That the action of the City Committee to waiting queste City Committee that momething be done to gilate The State wide may conference of the California Party such Convention was in obedience to motion pened a for organization of workers along industrial lines held Mar 30, 31 and June 1, swung heavily to the left. Joint Central Curamittee Meeting of all the Locale of 5 10 instructs to report that branch went on record Presume you have reports. Also of the attack on the Greater New York City held on March 7th. 1919. Your State Office of the party bere by Coremor Stephens hirethat no paid official be eligible on any committee.
charge that the Left Wing City Committee of the Socialist Bib that copies of the minutes of the City Committee lings. State Secretary and county organizer arrested with Party was the instigator for the calling of this conreatica brat to every branch. To instruct delegates to the out warrants, etc. 1:30 etc. etc. Trials come up can not be true us there was no Left Wing City Committee Leit Wing National Conference to take up question of June and 12 on Stephens criminal syndicalism law. Organization at the time of the holding of the above menlimity Conference Advise immediately if the above understanding is cor tioned Joint Central Committee Meeting which instructed 141h Kings wants provisions made for meeting roct and if it will hold good for another local that has the City Committee to call this convention.
and speakers.
written us in this matter Furthermore, the delegates from Local Kip tad Queen 4h Russian Branch speaker for Tacoday meeting to be Yours in the cause, were instructed by their respective Central Committee beld u protest ugainst expalnion.
Edric SMITE to work and vote for the calling of this City Convention 17 request speakers for open air meeting Re3. You further way that the City Committee has no ports so that their ball was huge success and over five power to call a city Convention, when it is well know hundred dollar made by branch.
fact, that the present City Committee was created through Local Kings that local has been expelled. Also that City Convention called by temporary City Campaip NOTICE Committee.
chargee were brought against Shiplacoff for voting in You favor of expulsion of language groups state that the Rules of the City Committee Owing to stress of work, Maximilian Cohen does not provide or authorize the City Committee to call COMMUNICATIONS From Fraine Kiving vote of elever states for national resigned as business manager of CON convention. Convention, even by the marrowent inte referendama: Left Wing candidates received highest vote.
SUNIST, to devote all his time to the duties pretation is Party Meeting, and only by procesa From Lithuanian Branch, Boston, that it has joined the of Executive Secretary of the LW.
mental gymnastic can the State Executive Committee de clare the City Convention illegal on the ground of it being Left Wing Benjamin Giltow has been elected business From Exhonian Brapch announcing picnic June 8th violation of the Rules of the City Committee which only and requesting speaker to represent COMMUNIST.
manager in his place.
empowers the City Committee to call Joint Central Com Exocative Committee minute of May 28th read and All communications pertaining to THE mittee Meetings and General Party Meetings. The Rule of the City Committee, section 11. roads y follows: aced upon.
COMUNIST should be addressed to Ou question of speaker where there is minority The City Committee shall call Joint Meeting BENJAMIN GITLOW group. hall of collection up to 10. 00 be donated to W.
of the Central Committee of General Party Most rest of motion carried that we charge for speaker, money 43 29th St. inp whenever it deem rich meetings Decry.
30 go to organisation; no money to be paid to speaken. Note that the rules does not road General Party Mese Motion carried that we raise wo food of 5, 000 bership Moetings but General Party Meeting which with dollar by kelting individual donations from one dollar up, All communications pertaining to the or ou a question of doubt oludes coevotion and all Party for tbe maintenance of organization, publishing pamphlou Meetings ganization should be addressed to and leafleta. We desire to my that the State Executive Committee Question of tweeing ouch branch to cover expenses of MAXIMILIAN COHEN, has been misinformod us to the rote on the question of delegato to LW.
43 29th St. calling. City Convention Out of nineteen deleputas a Motion carried that Executive Committee proceed to tending only fout voted yainst motion for Convention carry out the work left by special committee Nearly half of those delegates voting in favor were to Educational Committee sloted.
called Night Wing Delegates. The real light ww not.