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OWuIZchSb eet. NewYorltCity Bombs!
SOME time ago a handful of impatient patriots, outraged at the pacifist and prc German attitude of Senator Hardwick of Georgia who, with La Follettc, was one of the willful twelve in Congress opposed to the War and also that of Frederic Howe, who wrote Why War? and denounced the dollarpariols sent bombs to these two gentlemen. One of the bombs exploded and blew off the hand of Senator Hardwiclr colored maid. Other patriots saw an opportunity to turn public sentiment against the Reds since the word Bolshevism seemed to have lost much of its terror; they therefore constnicted a series of fake bombs just like those in the papers, addressed them 10 some Prominent citizens, and deposited them ill Highs: Oflice, where they were duly discovered and did no harm.
This was on the eve of May Day, when the impatient workers were beginning to stir for a number of reasons Debs, Mooney, unemployment, reduction of wages, and other manifest grievances. The ruling class of this country feared a gmeral strike, or at least mass demonstrations.
Now a second series. of bombs are discovered, most of them planted to explode before the houses of the designated victims. There are no victims except one of the planters, a watchman, and some innocent passerby.
The country is up in arms. The capitalist papers are full of provocative statements concerning anarchists and Bolsheviki, and the heavy artillery of capitalist publicity is screaming for the supprasion of the Labor movement. The manhunt is on, and anyone who is particularly active as a working class champion is liable to be railroaded for a long prison term.
ls thisaecond scrim of bombs also a frameup? Certain facts point to this explanation.
In the first place there is the contemporary discovery, in the Grand Central Station, of alleged credentials issued by Lenin to one Harold Keys, appointing him Bolshevik agent on a secret mission in the United States. This is characteristic; riaroid Keys; has been notorious. during the War, for having been expelled from all radical organizations here as a Government spy; in one case we know of, he offered an imprisoned Comrade his freedom if he would spy upon a main group of revolutionists in Philadelphia. In the second place, among other lessesr lights, one bomb was exploded at the house of Attorney General Mitchell Palmer, who is on the eve of being investigated by Congress for his alleged misuse of Government funds while Alien Property Custodian. And in the third plan, more important than all, there has been a strong and growing sentiment in Congress in favor of the repeal of the Bpionage Act which has been of such great value to the capitalists of this country, during the War, not to halt the actih tiea of German agent. here, but to crush the Labor and Socialist movement. Various sedition and Henson laws are now up for consideration in Congress, but until the praent series of dynamite explosions, there seemed to be little chance of passing them.
The present bomb outragm are Godsend to the ruling class of the United States.
Much is being made of the fact that a certain Western District Attorney prophesied the pram!
bomb explosion: several months ago. Hi name in not given in the papers, but we happen to know it.
The prophet was Major Lowrey Homes, director of the provocative roceedings of the famous Overman Committee. by ll he not investigated by Chief Flynn? Perhaps he knows more about these bombsthanhehutold.
If these bomb outragaa are a rovocation, it would be in accordance with the traditions of the American ruling clue in its war upon tho The New York Communist workers. The Haymarka bombs of 1886 were such a provocation; William Wood. President of the American Woolen Company, planted dynamite during the IAwrenoe strike; and the San Francisco Framup is still recent.
If the bombs were not a frame up, then there are two comments to make. Finl, individual wt: of terrorism are contrary to the ideas of all revolutionary Socialists. The death of individual capitalists does not harm the capitalist system; the ayatem must be overthrown by the action of the worker: organized as a classconscioua mass, for the purpose of inaugurating the Proletarian Dictatorship. The Bolsheviki in Russia have always ops posed. and since they earn into power, stemly supresscd such tactics. And aecondly, organised bomb throwing is the inevitable result of tyranny.
and cannot be cured by more tyranny.
Finally, allow us to call attention to the front page of all capitalist newspapers for the tragic day.
In the left hand column, a sensational atory of eight bomb explosions, in which two or three people lost their lives, by the criminal lots of anarchists. In the right hand column, an account of an explosion of powder in a mine, caused by the mining company disobedience of the law eighty four workingmen dead. atch the newspapers. Somebody will get punished for the bomb explosions. Nobody will get punished for the mine disaster. The Call Theorrzea AS a result of the Left Wing agitation, the usaciation which owns The New York Call came to the conclusion that the paper must take a atand on the Party crisis and also devote itself in some measure to the consideration of Socialist theory and tactics. Since this docision The CaliI has made several attempts to criticise the Left Wing, but so far it has carefully kept away from the dangerous sub ject of Socialism.
The first attempt was a signed article by Com.
rude Oneal in which he attempts to justify the ac, tions of the National Executive Committee Beyond the fact that he charges us with keeping our imprisoned comrades behind the barn, Oneal adds nothing to the apologia spread broadcast by the It is therefore unnecessary to deal with it here, beyond to remark that most of our political prisoners are in jail for standing behind the St.
Louis platform, which has been sabotaged by the Party oficialdom ever since its adoption.
The latest indictment of the Left Wing is givm much editorial prominence. It occupies the first column of The Calf: editorial page, and in apparently considered to be very important by the editorial stall. ll. is headed Left Wing Importation and is a complete expose of how we came to use the term Communist. lt uppeara that the Left Wing importcd it from Russia where it sprang into being owing to the life of the Russian villages.
After devoting half the column to the various parties and religions that have made their appearance in American life, The Call comes to the Left Wing, and indicts us for foreign importation. The same hazy mental status is dis layed in im orting the phrase Ccmrnunist Socia ism from uuia.
There are two reasons why the word Cummunist has hen recently em loyed by the Soviet Party.
Just as in 1847 Socialists had to distinguish themselves from the various utopian groups that called themselves Socialists, so the Russian Bolsheviki have reverted back to the word Communism to distinghish themselves from the social patriotic parties of Europe. The mood reason in that the village communes of Russia always have been more or less communiatic, and will be more so with the socialization of land and village aerviwa. But however much Communiam may be fostered in the village life of Russia, it is certain that the Bolsheists, by using the term. do not intend to communiu all wealth, and in particular the wealth of the industrial centers.
Apparently The Call is unaware that Karl Marx invariablcly referred not to Socialists but Communista. Doubtlus be imported it from Russia while he was still under Russian influence and subsequently becoming de Russianized, accepted the term Socialism. We have always been under the impression that in the Socialist movement the terms Socialism and Communiam were used intachangubly.
With the first reason given by The Call we are in entire agreement, except for the fact that it is not the revolutionary Socialists of Russia alone, who are now using the term to distinguish themselvfrom the reactionariea, who are diagracing the name of Socialism. The art can of Germany are tbs name Communist Party, a does the revo ulionary section of the Dutch 80 th movemeat, but doubtless they elm until: 1:11: bee nu of the primitive methcda of production used in those countries. We use the term for exactly the same reason as our continental comrades are uain it. To distinguish us from those who have dragged the name Socialism in the dust of pen bourgeois, social reform. All the traiton to Socia lam are not in Europe, as the Bolaheviki recognised when ignored the oficial Socialist Party it: their call for a Communist Congas In its recond. reason for the use of the num Communist by the Bolaheviki, he Coll gas into ep water and is forced to rescue itself by denying in the second sentmoe what it sin ma in the firm.
After referring to Russian village life, The Cell luddenly remembers that there are one or two industrial centers in Russia: But, however much Communism may be fostered in the village life of Russia, it is certain that the Bolsheviata, by using the term, do not intend to communize all wealth, and in articular the wealth of the industrial centers. other words the Russians use the term Communism because it suits the 11 life of the country and also because it does not suit the life of the industrial center!
ll would be inlerating to know where The Call gets it definition of Communist. Not in The Communist Manifaro surely? Of course we art not infallible, but in the copy we read we cannot find anything about the necessity of using the same tooth brush as our next door neighbor. It would be also interesting to know where The Call gets its definition of Socialism. We hope it is not gain to blame Karl Marx. Under Socialism The informs us The wealth produced would go to those who participate in its production and uiould be the private possession of the producers. Communism permits of no private wealth whatever. Everything ia owned in common.
We had hitherto been of the impression that under Socialism all things which were socially nounsaary would be owned and controlled socially, but we never thought it was intended that all the button holes made by a particular young woman should become the private property of that young woman, and that she would be forced to go out and trade them with a baker in order to get the morning rolls. Socialism, according to The Call prescription, will be rather inconvenient, but Communism will be a thousand times worse. If Communism is anything like what The Call imaginm, then we can share its indignation against the left Wing. Everything is owned in common.
Surely The Call does not mean everything?
The Regular Party Channels WHEN the ruling capitalist class in a modern po litical democratic nation finds itself threatened with defeat at the hands of the working class making use of its economic power, it screams: Don strike! Vote! Use the regular olitical machinery, which permits the righting any wrong!
When the Socialist Party oficialdom finds it: hegemony threatened by the concerted and organized power of the rank and file, it screams: The Party constitution and by lawa provide opportunities to remedy any wrong! Use the regular Party channels!
Very well. Local Boston inane: a call for a National Emergency Convention. The call is thrown out on a twhnicality. Other Locals join in the call. and it cannot be further denied. National Germcr privately urge that the Party leaders discourage this convention. Nevertheless the demand grows.
There is a Party referendum vote for national and international oficers. The candidates nominated and supported by the Left Wing are sea: to have an enormous majority. 1n the meanwhile local after Local joins the left Wing, and State after State falls in line. The Party oficialdom, through the use of the regular Party channels. is apparently going to lose its jobs. And the National Emergmcy Convention is evidently going to be captured by the left Wing.
What can be done, through the ar channels. The Party oflcialdom beginams ll by?
pelling Left Wing Branches. Then it counts the votes; and those Branches whose votes are overwhelmingly dialoyal are occuaed of having fallified their votes, or forged their ballots end this accusation is given out to the capitalist newspapan.
The all the foreign lan Federations except the two Right Wing nations the Finnish and the Jewish end doubtful ones the German and the Italian are expelled from the Party; more than 30, 000 member, one third of the Socialiat Pprty of America, are thrown out of the Socialist 1110me The German Federation, having adapt edtheldtWingManifestoJatbenextllatedtogo; and the Italian Federation, which displays left Wing tendencies. ia also threatened.
Michigan State organization in expelled. LocalBull alo, Rochester, Queens and King: fallow.
local: Cleveland and Cook County (Chicago) are on the toboggan: and all other locals and Branchu are being reorganized in such a way u to leave most of their membur. on the outside. In this way the votes of the majority of the Socialist Party are outlawed. In this way the Emergency NafioelConvention is made Safe for Social in thin way he regular Party channels are made inmoua forvall except to an art the Socialist boa ea who Eve burned and wrchhad the Socialist Party.