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The New York Communist COMMUNIST The New York workers. The Haymarket bombs of 1886 were such In its second reason for the use of the sun provocation; William Wood, President of the Communist by the Bolsheviki, The Call gets into American Woolen Company, planted dynamite dep water and is forced to rescue itself by denying during the Lawrence strike; and the San Francisco in the second sentence what it afirms in the first Official Organ of the Left Wing Section, Frame up is still recent.
After referring to Russian village life, The Call Socialist Party If the bombs were not a frame up, then there suddenly remembers that there are one or two in Owned and Controlled by Local are two comments to make. First, individual acts dustrial centers in Russia: But, however much of terrorism are contrary to the ideas of all revolu. Communism may be fostered in the village life of Greater New York tionary Socialists. The death of individual capi Russia, it is certain that the Bolshevists, by using JOHN REED Editor talists does not harm the capitalist system; the sys the term, do not intend to communize all wealth, EADMONN MACALPINE Associate Editor tem must be overthrown by the action of the workers and in particular the wealth of the industrial cen.
BENJAMIN GITLOW Business Manager organized as a class conscious mass, for the pur. lers. In other words the Russians use the term Editorial Board pose of inaugurating the Proletarian Dictator. Communism because it suits the al life of the HOURWICH ZUCKER ship. The Bolsheviki in Russia have always op. country and also because it does not suit the life of WOLFE WILENKIN posed, and since they care into power, sternly sup. the industrial centers!
preesed such tactics. And secondly, organized It would be interesting to kuow where The Call Pablished Every Wook.
bomb throwing is the inevitable result of tyranny, gets it definition of Communist. Not in The Com.
and cannot be cured by more tyranny.
munist Manifesto surely? Of course we are not SUBSCRIPTION RATES Finally, allow us to call attention to the front infallible, but in the copy we read we cannot find Year 00 page of all capitalist newspapers for the tragic day, anything about the necessity of using the bine 50 Months in the left hand column, a sensational story of tooth brush as our next door neighbor. It would eight bomb explosions, in which two or three be also interesting to know where The Call gets Months. 75 people lost their lives, by the criminal acts of its definition of Socialism. We hope it is not going anarchists. In the right hand column, an ac to blame Karl Marx. Under Socialism The Call Single Copies, Cents count of an explosion of powder in a mine, caused informs us The wealth produced would go to those Bundle Orders of 10 or over, Cents a Copy. by the mining company disobedience of the law who participate in its production and would be the West 29th Street. New York City eighty four workingmen dead.
private possession of the producers. Commun.
Watch the newspapers.
Somebody will get ism permits of no private wealth whatever. Every.
punished for the bomb explosions. Nobody will thing is owned in common.
get punished for the mine disaster.
We had hitherto been of the impression that un.
der Socialism all things which were socially neces The Call Theorizes SOME time ago, a handful of impatient patriots sary would be owned and controlled socially, but ranged to the Pacific and pro German. Asiatifoulut of the Left Wing agitation, the asso we never thought it was intended that all the butciation which owns The New York Call came to ton boles made by particular young woman with La Follette, was one of the willful twelve the conclusion that the paper must take a stand op should become the private property of that young in Congress opposed to the War and also that the Party crisis and also devote itself in some meas woman, and that she would be forced to go out of Frederic Howe, who wrote Why War? and ure to the consideration of Socialist theory and tac and trade them with a baker in order to get the denounced the dollar pariols sent bombs to these tics. Since this decision The Cali has made several morning rolls. Socialism, according to The Call two gentlemen. One of the bombs exploded and attempts to criticise the Left Wing, but so far it prescription, will be rather inconvenient, but comblew off the hand of Senator Hardwick colored has carefully kept away from the dangerous sub munism will be a thousand times worse. If Commaid. Other patriots saw an opportunity to turn ject of Socialism.
munism is anything like what The Call imagines, public sentiment against the Reds Since the The first attempt was a signed article by Com. then we can share its indignation against the word Bolshevism seemed to have lost much of rade Oneal in which he attempts to justify the ac Left Wing. Everything is owned in common.
its terror; they therefore constructed a series of tions of the National Executive Committee. Bo Surely The Call does not mean everything?
fake bombs just like those in the papers, addressed yond the fact that he charges us with keeping our them to some prominent citizens, and deposited imprisoned comrades behind the bars, Oneal adds them in the Post Office, where they were duly dis nothing to the apologia spread broadcast by the The Regular Party Channels covered and did no barm. C. It is therefore unnecessary to deal with This was the eve May Day, when the im it here, beyond to remark that most of our political WHEN the ruling capitalist class in a modern popatient workers were beginning to stir for a number prisoners are in jail for standing behind the St.
litical democratic nation finds itself threatened of reasons Debs, Mooney, unemployment, reduc Louis platform, which has been sabotaged by the with defeat at the hands of the working class mak.
ing use of its economic power, it screams: Don tion of wages, and other manifest grievances. The Party offcialdom ever since its adoption ruling class of this country feared a general strike, The latest indictment of the Left Wing is given strike! Vote! Use the regular political machinor at least mass demonstrations.
much editorial prominence. It occupies the first ery, which permits the righting of any wrong!
Now a second series. of bombs are discovered, column of The Call editorial page, and is appar.
When the Socialist Party officialdom finds its most of them planted to explode before the houses ently considered to be very important by the editor. hegemony threatened by the concerted and organof the designated victims. There are no victims ial staff. It is headed Left Wing Importation ized power of the rank and file, it screams: The except one of the plaplers, a watchman, and some and is a complete expose of how we came to use Party constitution and by laws provide opportun.
innocent passerby the term Con. munist. It appears that the Left ities to remedy any wrongs! Use the regular Party The country is up in arms. The capitalist pa Wing import. ad it from Russia where it sprang into channels!
pers are full of provocative statements concerning being owing to the life of the Russian villages. Very well. Local Boston issues a call for a Naanarchists and Bolsheviki, and the heavy ar. After devoting half the column to the various tional Emergency Convention. The call is thrown tillery of capitalist publicity is screaming for the parties and religions that have made their appear. out on a technicality. Other Locals join in the suppression of the Labor movement. The man ance in American life, The Call comes to the Left call, and it cannot be further denied. National hunt is on, and anyone who is particularly active as Wing, and indicts us for foreign importation. The Secretary Germer privately urges that the Party a working class champion is liable to be railroaded same hazy mental status is displayed in importing leaders discourage this convention. Neverthe for a long prison term.
the phrase Communist Socialism from Russia.
less the demand grows.
Is this second series of bombs also a frame There are two reasons why the word Communist There is a Party referendum vote for national up? Certain tacts point to this explanation.
has ben recently employed by the Soviet Party. and international officers. The candidates nomin.
In the first place there is the contemporary disJust as in 1847 Socialists had to distinguish themated and supported by the Leſt Wing are seen to covery, in the Grand Central Station, of alleged selves from the various utopian groups that called have an enormous majority. In the mean while credentials issued by Lenin to one Harold Keyes, themselves Socialists, so the Russian Bolsheviki Local after Local joins the left Wing, and State appointing him Bolshevik agent on a secret mishave reverted back to the word Communism to after State falls in line. The Party oficialdom, sion in the United States. This is characteristic; distingliish themselves from the social patriotic through the use of the regular Party channels. is Tiardid Keyes has hann notorious, during the War, parties of Europe. The second reason is that the apparently going to lose its jobs. And the Navillage communes of Russia always have been more for having been expelled from all radical organizations here as a Government spy; in one case we or less communistic. and will be more so with the be captured by the Left Wing.
tional Emergency Convention is evidently going to know of, he offered an imprisoned Comrade his socialization of land and village services. But What can be done, through the regular Party freedom if he would spy upon a certain group of however much Communism may be fostered in the revolutionists in Philadelphia. In the second place village life of Russia, it is certain that the Builshe pelling Left Wing Branches. Then the country on the. among other lessest lights, one bomb was exploded votes, and those Branches whose votes are over at the house of Attorney General Mitchell Palmer, all wealth, and in particular the wealth of the industrial centers.
whelmingly disloyal are accused of having falsiwho is on the eve of being investigated by Congress for his alleged misuse of Government funds while Apparently The Call is unaware that Karl Marx fied their votes, or forged their ballots and this accusation is given out to the capitalist newspaAlien Property Custodian. And in the third place, invariablely referred not to Socialists but Communists. Doubtless he imported it from Russia pers.
more important than all, there has been a strong while he was still under Russian influence and subThen all the foreign language Federations a and growing sentiment in Congress in favor of the nequently becoming de Russianized, accepted the copt the two Right Wing Federations the Fimish such great value to the capitalists of this country, term Socialism. We have always been under and the Jewish and doubtful ones the German during the War, not to halt the actitities of Ger the impression that in the Socialist movement the and the Italian are expelled from the Party, more man agents here, but to crush the Labor and So terms Socialism and Communism were used than 30, 000 members, one third of the Socialist cialist movement. Various sedition and treason interchangeably.
Party of America, are thrown out of the Socialist With the first reason given by The Call we are in movement. The German Federation, having adopt laws are now up for consideration in Congress, but entire agreement, except for the fact that it is not od the Left Wing Manifesto, is the next slated to go until the present series of dynamite coplosions, the revolutionary Socialists of Russia alone, who and the Italian Foderation, which displays Left there seemed to be little chance of passing them.
The present bomb outrages are a Godsend to the are now using the term to distinguish themselves Wing tendencies is also threatened.
from the reactionaries, who disgracing the Michigan Stato organization is expellod. Locals ruling class of the United States oame of Socialism. The Spartacans of Germany Buffalo, Rochester, Queens and Kings follow.
Much is being made of the fact that certain Western District Attorney prophecies the present revo utionary section of the Dutch Socialist move ure the name Communist Labor Party, as dote the Locaba Cleveland and Cook County (Chicago) are on the tuboggan; and all other Locals and Branches bomb explosions several months ago. His name is mtes, but doubtless they also use the term because are being roorganized in such way as to louvo not given in the papers, but we happen to know it of the primitive methods of production used in most of their memberi ul: Lue outside.
The prophet was Major Lowrey Humcs, director those countries. We use the term for exactly the In this way the votes of the majority of the Soof the provocative proceedings of the famous Over.
man Committee. Why is he not investigated by it. To distinguish us from those who have dragged ancy National Convention is made Safe for Social same reason as our continental comrades are using cialist Party are outlawed. In this way the Emerg: Chief Flynn? Perhaps he knows more about these the name Socialism in the dust of petty bourgeois, Democracy.
bombs than he has told.
social reform. All the traitor to Socialism are not If those bomb outrageo are a provocation, it In this way the regular. Party channels are in Europe, as the Bolsheviki recognised when they made innocuous for all purposes except to support would be in accordance with the best traditions ignored the official Socialist Party ir their call for the Socialist bounds who have betrayed and wrocked of the American ruling class in its war upon the Communist Congress.
the Socialist Party.