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Che New York COMMUNIST Vol. I, No. New York, Saturday, June 14, 1919 Price cents Scuttling the Ship Cessity and action.
MOMRADES. There is hardly a Party member the National Executive Committee, made theroof we only wish we had succeeded in this long before now, for the acts of the seven autocrats on the NaParty for the last several months has been to forever in the International Socialist movement. tional Executive Committee must prove to every ward revolutionary and uncompromising Social. We say that even if we were guilty of acts not in comrade that a change in Party administration, its ism. We have all been taught a great lesson by the conformity with the constitution, and this we deny program and tactics, is very much needed. The Scheidemanns and Kautskys of Germany, the Hen. but even if we were guilty of such acts, we had a counts in the charges claiming we violatod the Par.
dersons of England and Socialist patiots the world right to a fair trial with notice that charges were to ty constitution do not apply at all, and the autoover. We know that that brand of Socialista, he that we have not the right to a fair trial and the to make it apply to a case they wanted to trump ap the be placed against us. No Party members will say cratic seven stretch the constitution in an effort kind that always trades and compromises with capitalist classes, and the supporters of which, in times of war and revolution, do not hesitate to go court gives this but it was denied us in the hand by hand with their imperialistic governments Socialist Party.
We claim that the true reason for our suspension and revenge themselves upon comrades of such is that the autocratic seven of the National Execu sterling character as Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg lowed to see, since we have been convicted and Socialists, were permitted io remain in the party, The charges against us, which we have been al. tite Committee know that it we, the Revolutionary this kind of Socialism. are not to be trusted in suspended. contain numerous counts so misleading the opportunistic clique would not control the com and far fetched that it is useless to reply to them. ing National Convention, and that our suspension our Party management.
was voted so that moderate, reform, traitor Social And so for many months struggle has been goism would prevail that Convention. In fact, ing on in our Party in this country between the several of the autocratic seven openly stated that revolutionary element and the opportunists who Call for a National Conference of we were suspended so that we would not be able to control the Party machinery. The members of the the Left Wing control the coming National Convention.
Party, having learned that Scheidemann Socialism means defeat instead of victory for the work Call for a National Conference of the Left Fing And now what do you think of this comrades?
ing class, have taken a radical and revolutionary atof the American Socialisé Party, issued by Local We were suspended by this autocratic seven; but Boston. Louis Fraina, Secretary. Local Cleve.
titude in line with the new International. This land. Ruthenbele, Secretary. and the Left they were not satisfied with that they fired us our radical stand on the part of the Party members has Ling Section the Socialist Party of New York of the National Headquarters, and we had to look been named the Left Wings within the Party. The City. around for other quarters. We had an idea that Socialists in most large industrial centres have The international situation and the crisis in the suspension was only a temporary state and that we American Socialist Party: the sabotage the party joined the Left Wing. Boston. Cleveland, Buffalo, might some day be reinstated either by the mom bureaucracy bas practised on the emergency national San Francisco, Oakland. Portland. Philadelphia, bership or the National Convention. In such caso convention; the aligning our party with the Detroit, Seattle and scores of other Locals and even Bukcial. patriote at Berne, with the Concres of the We might have been allowed to remain in the Great Betrayal; the State organizations of our Party have officially tional Headquarters building to carry on our work reconstructing our policy in accord with revolutionary events, all this, adopted the Left Wing program.
until the membership or the National Convention and more, makes it necessary that the revolutionary gave its decision apon the acts of the reactionary The Russian. Lithuanian, krainean, Polish forces in the Socialist Party get together for counsel seven. But no, we were fired out of the building Hungarian, South Slavic and Lettish language fedThis call is therefore issued, for the holding of by a motion passed by this group of seven and a erations of the Soriali: Perty, containing over 30, National Conference of the Left Wing of the Ameri.
000 members, also uphold this left Wing position.
motion to give us to July 1st to find other quarters can Socialist Party, to discuss: was lost.
These federations and the comrades in them, know1. The crisis in the party, and action thereon; the ing the situation in Europe, have for a long time We call upon all Party members to give this pro conquest of the party for the party, for revolutionary requested the Socialist Party in this country to take Socialism.
test of ours the attention it deserves. We call upon a definite stand upon the side of the Lenin and The New International; ways and means to you to rebuke these seven National Executive Comprevent the party aligning itself with the Interns mittee members for their traitorous actions Liebknecht Socialists of Europe.
It was because these seven language federations tional of the social patriots, of the Ebert Scheide against the Socialist movement. We have given mann gangsters, and the wavering centre; affiliation of the Party criticized the national executive comour unstinted financial support to the Socialist with the Bolshevik Spartacan Communist Interna Party in all matters, even though we thought that tional alone mittee for its straddling of this important question, The formulation of declaration of principles in many instances the funds were squandered or that seven members of this committee suspended and purposes of a national rcope of the Left Wing misapplied. We have not helped as much as we these federations at its meeting, May 24 to 30th. of the American Socialist Party could in purchasing the National Headquarters If this matter were not so serious it would in Forming some sort of a national council of building because we wanted first to make sure where deed be laughable. We submit to you, comrade, bureau of the Left Wing for propagande, securing the ownership rested. That we were right in being that it is rather funny for a little group of of information and spreading information.
seven To express and draw together the revolutionary slow to support the headquarters fund is now desperate men to suspend over thirty thousand forces in the party; to consider other means of for.
proven by the fact that this same autocratic seper members from the Socialist Party. Such an act thering the cause of revolutionary Socialism.
placed the entire property in the hands of a board has never been perpetrated upon the Socialist Party This call is issued to locals of the Socialist Party, of directors which can in no way be controlled, before. Never in the history of the Party has a set branches and Left Wing groups within the party. ether by the Party membership or the National of officials acted in such a high handed anu autocrat The test ol Manila provisionaliy, will be accept Executive Committee.
ic manner. Let it be indellibly impressed upon your ance of the cialist Party of Greater New York.
We foel assured that no member of the Party will brain, comrade seven men suspended over thirty Jeft Wing locals are invited to send delegates of. contend that seven Luera. hers of the Party have thousand members from the Party and seven is ficially. Where local officially refuses to partici right to suspend over thirty thousand and expell only a minority of the National Executive Com pate, branches or minority groups in the party ac. nearly six thousand, even if those seven more No mittee.
de Pontes the principles of the Left Wing abould send tional Executive Committeemnen.
This is not the worst of it. Here is what this Representation one delegate for every 500 memThink of this, comrade! Do we slect our of autocratic group of seven National Committeemen bers. No local or group should send more than four cials to serve us, to build up the Party, or do did: delegates. Locals or minority groups with less than elect them 500 members are entitled to one delegate.
to disrupt us and split our forces? They suspender seven language fed.
The conference will be held starting Saturday, We will gladly give further information, should erations, containing over 30, 00 members, June 21, in New York City Each delegate will be from the Socialist Party.
you desire to get clear upon the points involved in used 25 for central fund, out of which will be this controversy. But the main question will to They refused these federations a trial paid the expenses of all delegates.
main thir: Shall seven desperate party officials be They refused to give these federaLejt Tiny Locals and Branches, act! Send compermitted to suspend over thirty thousand and a Aunciations to Marimilian Cohen, Test 29th St, tions a chance to prepare their case.
New York City.
pel six thousand members without giving them. They refused to postpone the cus trial or a chance to prepare their side of the course pension until the Executive Committee so that the party membership may be fully in of the federations could act in the matter.
In the main we are charged with being Left Wing The autocratic National Executivo Socialists and with making propaganda in the The autocratic reven upon the National Edece Committeemen even went so far as to fail tive Committee acted in a more tyranical manne Party for Left Wing Socialism. We are further to give any of the federations a than any officials of our party have dared to act op the charges while the debate on the motion charged with trying to capture the Socialist Party, To this we answer that we did do all we could to now.
to suspend was being acted upon.
legitimately do to place the administration of our Protest against this action Rebuke the auto6.
also expelled the Socialist Par.
Party into the hands of real comrades who are in cratic seven Lei make our Party. Party of ty of Michigan, containing about 6, 000 full harmony with revolutionary Socialism. And Revolutionary Socialism.
members without a trial.
Fraternally submitted, This group of soven suspended the Joseph Stilson, for the Lithuanian Federation; entire election of the officials of the Social.
ist Party under the clumsy excuse that the Other Branches Plouse Copy Alexander Stoklitsky, for the Russian Foderation; votes cannot be tabulated because some Leo Frankl, for the Hungarian Foderation; Paul branches and locals voted as a unit and for At ito regular meeting, June 11, the Stb Ladan, for the Ukrainean Federation; Geo. Selako candidates not the choice of the reactionD. Branch 1, King, after listening to Ship.
vich, for the So. Slavic Foderation Ouo Puris, for Lacel and Cook, unanimously voted to resist ary group of seven.
ro organisation and call upon other branches the Lottista Federation; Jos. Kowalski, for the Pal.
In short, this group of woven National Commitof Local Kings to do likewise ish Foderation toomen, drunk with power they assumed, fooling aggrieved because these foderations dared to crisicisa Chicago, IL, Jose 1919.
formed. copy of They