Rosa Luxemburg

The New York Carmina. ll The Pink Terror Vl. And 10 it came to pan that the bellies o the trwgrersars were pinched wflh hunger. Plunderbund of Local New York Executive Committee stared at one another in consternation. hat had they done? True, they had Accomplished their ambition, the Socialist Party in Local New York was purged nine tcnths of the members had been expelled or suspmded, and almost every Branch had been reorganized out of existence.
But, they suddenly discovered, they had killed the goose that laid the golden eggs! No more members nu more dues stamps! No more duos stamps no more soft jobs! No more Branches no more well paid lectures for the Inner Circle! No more membership and the Party leaders would have to make a living out of the labor Party! Of course the Semi Comrades didn mind that; but after all, the Labor Party was a bird in the bush, and there would be competition for the jobs. gloomy silence fell, broken only by an occasional clicking sound as some Semi Comrade tight ening his belt another hole.
The Chief lligh Proletarian turned the pages of his Branch Directory. They ve all been reorganized. he muttered. dolefully. Or at least we ve sent out letters inviting them to a reorganization meeting. But how about the Party property? asked Meyer London lieutenant. with a spark of hope. The Left Wingers kept most of it, responded the Chief High Proletarian. Silence again fell.
The Professor of Household Economy at the Rand School cleared his throat. Er didn evthat is to say, some of us remove the furnitur» from the 17th DJ! he askEJl hcaitantly. The er proceeds The Congressman lieutenant answered harshly. We deposited the cash in the same bank with Meyer London Campaign Fund. He flicked u dust mote from his new trousers. Well, said the Professor of Household Economy. we ve got to raise funds from somewhere.
There was a general growl of assent. Aren there any Branches with good furniture not yet reorganized? asked someone.
The Grief High Proletarisn turned the pages of his book. There is the lat be said. But ve already sent letters out calling for a reorganization meeting tomorrow, Thursday, May 29th. We can take action until we see how the Branch behaves. have hopes that most of the members will be with us. pooh! responded the Congressmsn henchman. Don get sentimental. The rank and file is all Left Wing, and must be expelled, if we re going to have a dwent Party. Don worry about them.
Now up spake Alderman Calman, who, as the Pioneer Furniture Snatcher of the Socialist Party, was listened to with great respect upon this subject. The police force is very busy gathering evidence against the Left Wingers for the District Attorney, he said. And would prefer that we do not disturb them. it is not necessary, remarked the Professor of Household Economy. The same results can be ob: tained if we give interviews to the reporters of the capitalist press. Perhaps you are afraid?
The eyes of the revolutionary Alderman flashed. By my Victory Arch, he cried. By the War Saying Stamps and two Victory Loans swear that am afraid of nothing that is, almost nothing.
But think that someone else should do the job this time. ll give you the telephone number of a Tammany truck driver who used to drive Scheidemann carriage when hi: visited New ork. What the market price on secondhand furniture down in your ward. Alderman? asked the Chief High Proletarian. The Socialist legislator did some rapid figuring. estimate that the 1st furniture oughl to bring in enough for oral lers and coffee all around in the Cafeteria downstairs, he replied.
The next morning little group of Semi Comrades, led by Mitchell Loch, filed dams through the East Side. Great self control was needed to prevent the sturdy little band from disrupting as they passed each bakery, but conscious of their revolutionary mission, they achieved it.
About A. the compirators gathered in the Forward nfice to plan out their oompsigu. There Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in the lst were present Mitchell Loch, leader of the raid; Leventhal, Miller and Needleman the only three Right Wingers in the 1st sud two nun strangers, who came along because th knew how to use brass knuckles. An Alderman nasasary. Chaney Vlndek was called in for advice About A. they approached number 1 Henry Street, and making deaf and dumb signals to Scheidcmann former coachman. who was pro em with it moving van, they stole up the steps of the let headquarters.
At a concerted signal they burst in at the side door. The House Chairman, Comrade Funnels.
who happened to be in the ball, manifested mild objection to the proceedings. Mitchell Loeb seized him by the throat, and said that if he made any objection, he would be black jacked. Loch still further intimidated the House Chairman by threatening to call the cops and have him locked up.
Then they began to carry ad the furniture.
They took everything. including the piano, cut down the chandeliers and broke the electric wires, and then broke up or tore in pieces all objects which they did not think worth while taking.
The furniture belonging the S; circle they left because, after all, Semi Comrade Spector is trying to soft soap the Yipsels, and it wouldn do to offend them at this stage of the game.
They also left two other objects one a picture of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, and the other a placard inscribed, Free All Political Prisoners! When asked why they had overlooked these things, one of the bandits replied, Aw, we only took Socialist property.
That evening at six a convivial party of prominent Socialist leaders was seen making merry at a table in the Rand School Cafeteria. The board groaned with piles of shredded wheat, and foaming flagons of Postum.
But at the reorganization meeting of the In only three members showed up, looking extremely nervous; one of these had never attended a meeting of his Branch since Morris Hillmiit was a small boy. And meanwhile, in their empty beadquarters, one hundred and fifty members of the lit who refused to be reorganized, met in regular session.
The Communist Party of Lettonia first Lettish Party was organized at a secret meeting in Riga on June 7, 1904. The delegates to this meeting were sent by different SOCldllsl groups and represented about 2, 500 secretly organized members in differentparts of the Baltic Provinces. The new party was named the Lettish Social Democratic Labor Party.
As is expressed in the name Lettish, the Party was organized on a national basis. At that time the question of national organization was one of the most debated questions among the Socialists of Russia. The Jewish Socialist Party, Bund. split away from the Social Democratic Labor Party of Russia bwause its national principle was not respected by all the other groups. The Bolsheviki as well as the Mensheviki recognized only the territorial basis of organization. Although our Party was organized as a national language) organization. we did not accept the so called national principle of organization. but were led to this decision by merely practical considerations.
In all centers of Lettonia comparatively strong groups of other nationalities were already in the field. The Bund was very active among the Jewish workers, Bolsheviki and Meusheviki were active among the scattered Russians. It was impossible to unite all these groups in one territorial organization, and as a result there grew up dint oiled and rival factions all over Russia. Our new bad at the beginning only a few able workers to tackle the gigantic task of convening the Laud: proletariat to Socialism, and this virgin fieldyconaumed all our energy; and it was chiefly for this reason that we remained for the time being as a national organization. The Party did not connect itself 05cially with any other Socialist groups, but the local organizations were allowed to tin operate with all Social Democratic groups working in their taritory.
After a short time, by energetic education and organization work our Parry gained the confidence of the working masses, and thus it was easy to form the Federation Committees local representative bodies from all Social Democratic oups. In the Unity Congress in Stockholm in surly spring of 1906 all factions of the Social Democratic groups By Proedin in Russia formed one united party. The Lettieh Social Democratic Party accepted the invitation to send fraternal delegates with instructions to work out plans for joining the Social Democratic Party of Russia.
At the third congress of the Lettish Social Democratic Labor Party it was unanimously decided to join the Social Democratic Labor Party of Russia.
Immediately afterwards all the other Social Democratic groups working in Iettonia joined our Party and we re formcd it on a territorial basis undu the new name of The Social Democracy of Lettonia.
in its program the Social Democracy of Lettonia differed from the general party only in one important point the so called agrarian program which our Party refused to accept. After this refusal we were granted full autonomy on this question, in view of the diflermt developments in the agrarian Exiled Bylmnnflsrm Andaylmll: In a dream.
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situation in our provinces. At present the Social Democracy of Lettonia is an integral party of the Communist Party of Russia and is now called the Communist Party of lettonia.
During its fifteen years of existence the Communist Party of Lettonia has used through two revolutions. In the first revo ution of 1905, although the Party was only a year old, we were more successful in the actual revolutionary fight than any other organization.
The strong mass movement was in full control in our provinces under the undivided leadership of. the Party. e did not organize Soviets at that time as was done in Petrogrsd, Moscow and many other cities in Russia because our Party was airesdy the revolutionary Soviet, recognised by all the workers in the Baltic Province. In the country townships (volosts) revolutionary Executive Committees were organized by the Party to take the place of the local institutions of the. mar and the German junkers, who were the main landon in our provinces.
After the failure of the revolution the Car srmiu smashed everything we had built up. Every roadsideran with the blood of executed revolutionists. hundreds of Danish pesssnts homes were burned tothe ground and every repressive mammoth Curist brains could conceive was instituted. But even then our seem, parry organisation qunsintsinad. Eva: in the darkest days of reaction, during the wildest orgies of execution our Party continued with its work. Inflat headed The revolution is killed dang live the revolution! domed the posts on evay pathway. In the early morning, when the «mentions of arrested revolutionists usually took place. all over the land could be heard the cries of our Comrades as they were shot down: Inn live the Revolution!
Long live Socialism! An these lat nuns gas from our dying Comrades were not forgotten by those who remained on the job.
lfSoviet Russishunowleftoneopmrudto the Baltic Sea, on opming in the Ion line from dieBlackSutotlufsrnortb, thu andtl ss world revolution mu thank the uncmopromising, insistent work of the Commanin Party Mona.