The New York Communist. Proletarian Dictatorship NE of the most frequent criticisms directed by. the Right Winger: against the Communist position assumed by the ygft Wing (and this exactly parallels the European social patriot! criticism of Bolsherism. is that the Left Wing repudiates Democracy and stands for Dictatorship Proletarian Dictatorship, it is true, but still. Dictatorship. The bad Bolshe tziki, who are pictured in the bourgeois press and e corridors of the Rand School as advocating disembowelment, mayhem and the suppression of all our hard won liberties.
are described as endorsing the Dictatorship of the Proletariat out of sheer devilishness.
Socialism is a science. Marx scientifically proved that Capitalism generated within itself, the forces which would destroy it; and that it also generated the class antagonisms which would unite the workers to rise against it. and finally to overthrow it. lle also predicted that during the transition period between Capitalism and Socialism, the working class would be the ruling class; and, to make his meaning perfectly clear. he went on to say that this working class rule of society in transition cannot be anything elre but the dictatorship of the proletariat.
There are very few Socialists today who do not see that Capitalism is approaching its doom with tremendous speed; that the forces generated within the system have, under the intensifying pressure of Mar, finally burst it asunder. Also. the very desperation with which Capitalism attempts to re construct the shattered world. reveals it in all in; naked class character us the Dictatorship of the, Bourgeoisie. This. with gigantic strides. is an ukening and uniting the working class, and sharpening its class consciousness to the point of action for the overthrow of Capitalism 50 are the main points of Marx thesis proven true.
We American Socialists have had so little to do with shaping the course of working class action.
that we find ourselves taken unaware by such demonstrations of working class mass action as the strikes in Seattle, and the general strike in Canada.
After all. these strikes, which began as demands for immediate and temporary aims, developed a revolutionary character, in that, for a short time. they displaced the capitalist political government by a government all their own.
This characteristic of the Seattle strike. and more particularly of the Canadian strike, must be emOpen Air MASS MEETING To Demand Honda 03 Russia!
To be Held at Second Ave. and Tenth St. Friday Evening, June 6th.
The following speakers will address the Meeting: John Reed, Rose Pastor Stokes, jim Larkin, Dr. Morris Zucker.
Joseph Brodsky, Chairman.
Auspices 8th Socialist Party.
COME IN MASSESI LEI WING PICNIC Sunday, August 24th, 1910, at HOFFMAN PARK, flute Boulevnrd and Fort Sehylel Road, Watcheaher, Bronx.
Oriental Dances by Miss Katayama and Troupe.
Other attractions to he announced later. Red Picnic Great Time For a Red Cause. Men, Women and Children. of the Working Class. Come and enjoy yourselves!
Picnic starts 10 Arranged by the Left Wing Members of the Bronx. Abdomen, 35. HELP THE let REFURNISH ll ITS HEADQUARTERS WHEN the furniture was stolen from the headquarters of the let the members found themselves confronted with the talk of rebuilding, reorganizing and at the same time continuing their propaganda.
Will five hundred Comrad Me One Dollar each to help maintain the vitally necessary organisation?
Address Ali Communications to HARRY WINI SKY.
no my Street WI phnlud. The Seattle workers, after they had tied up the city, discovered that a human community cannot be tied up. The workers must be fed. the sick must be attended, the dead buried, refuse removed, and lights, water and such public needs supplied. Moreover, the city must be policed.
The Strike Committee thus found itself linens.
ing certain industries and services to operate, in order that. primarily, the working class should not sufler. The restaurant and hotel employees being also on strike, the Committee established its own restaurants. In order to safeguard lives and goods of the workers, a proletariat: police was established.
ln Winnipeg and Toronto today the same condition is observable. The General Strike, by paralyzing industry, paralyzes government. The Strike Committees are forced to rule the cities, to exempt certain industries and services in order to provide for elementary human needs; they must police the cities themselves. Willy nilly, this production for use and not for profit is undertaken for the benefit of the workers. lt displaces the capitalist government which operated for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. lt proves that the capitalist government is incapable of acting for the benefit of the working class: but what is more important, it shows up in glaring colors the class character of capitalist government, which in time of labor troubles always act. as the agent of the bourgeoisie against the working class. and must be replaced by a norking class gmernment of a peculiar uorhing class character whenever the working class becomt: the ruling class. as it is today on a small scale in same Canadian cities.
And here another of Marx predictions is proven correct. This governmmvt of the workers rannol be unylhing else but the dictatorship of the proletariat. And still another, demonstrateu to all who have eyes to see. that the Marking class cannot simply laid hold of the ca italist state machinery and use it for its out chili.
An editorial in the New York Times of Monday, June 2d, sums up the situation from the capitalist point of View: CANADA PROBLEM ln form it is a strike that is on in Canada.
it in rewlutinn. The Government is inacthe and seems powerless. Let us not be loo quick to condemn the Gov.
ermnent for inaction. nder the lava, Government! are not empowered to act unless there is violence. There are no riots worthy of the name; the strikers simply assume the government of a lawn, the. police and firemen join them. and there is no overt act of which to take oogniunoe.
Yet nothing is done in any of these cities except by permission of the local Strike Committee. In Winnipeg the milk and bread wagons run by such a permit. The Post MIC! employees join the strikers in one city after another. and the mails are delivered only as the Strike Cnmmitlee permits The police of Winnipeg joined the strikers at first, but when the Winnipeg authorities pm poled to raise a new police force the regular one returned to work. This sounds encouraging until you hear the In intent Kings Queue Picnic on. Sunday. June 8th, 19, at Gakm a Cypress Hills Park, Cypruu Avenue, Tickets 15: in advance, 20: at the gate.
Take Myrtle Avenue to Wyckofi Avenue and transfer to Cypress Hills car.
Gate open at 10 on. Theyretunedtowwksodnedwutdhe to interfere with the mikerl. who as overt acts of disorder. In distributed by volunteers. the quit. Volunteer (in de are emu the Well to take the eea of the nrikin Era en.
rll they: strikes. even thou uf the Government are sympathetic strikes. The banks of Winnipeg have cloned theh dome heel e they cannot do busioell with the mail and uleclph servicdisruptrd. At the Fort Garry Hotel: lays a «nape lent. Insals are served only to women and childruis lupby gracious permission of the Strike Committee few sequence of the desire of some strikns to am to en. the Strike Committee named a to restsuranll in Winnipeg to keep open. also yam some bakeries to reopen on condition that they placed lb. eelves under its jurisdiction. Our own laws may bediflaentfrumtlwaeeffiuda.
Certainly the unclity of the mails would not he interfered with without civil war. But as thin; the Dominion is faced with a problem which its laws seen: powerless to avert. The House of Commons will debate the queuintoday. Surely some way must be found by which a manned Government may find a weapon with which to trike bank and save illelf.
from this editorial may be gleaned a hint of what would happen to such strikers in the Uniled States If there are no laws to interfere with panamhle strikers, the American gowmment would pass them.
If there were no riots to provoke massacres, the American capitalist class, and its pm, would create them as it has in other strikes we know of.
At present the Canadian Government does not seem to know what to do. But depend n it, the capitalist govemment will find a way. will sue»
pend its own constitutional guarantee, it will abolish its own democratic political machinery. It will either yield the (at present) moderate demands of Canadian laborl and then emasculate its new sions or it wil finduwa ofa forue whidi will break the strike. y pp Then the workers of Canada 4nd we hope, of the United. States v. ill learn the final lesson which proletarian revolutions lll tench, load e hidr Marx formulated. II the proletariat during it: comes! with the hourgeoisie is compelled, by the force of mm, to nrgum u itself as a class; by nuwu of a revolution, it makes itself the ruling chin, and or such sweeps away by farce the old condition: o loduclion; then it will, along these conditions. on swept away the condition: or the existence of class antagonisma, and a clam generally, and will 551. have abolished in own supremacy u o It matters not that the Canadian Carnal sub, and the Seattle Strike before it, were deleted for the most elementary immediate detmnda. The process of the strike, and the logic of its inevitable conflict with the government, cannot fail to drive home the lesson that no lasting working clan reforms are possible under capitalist government; only the overthrow of the capitalist system, and the embIishmem a Prolelan an Dictatorship, can solve fie workm problem and a: the rune lime forever put an end to the chm struggle.
Grand Pic Ni: June 8th, me To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Esthonian Soliialiat eekly, Is to be held at Eastern Boulevard Park, Westchester, Fort Schuyler (former Hafi man Park. Tickets: In advance. lie; at th lab Se.
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