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The New York Communist Proletarian Dictatorship pass Sures ON NE of the most frequent criticisms directed by phasized. The Seattle workers, after they had reason. They retarned to work, so there should be nobody the Right Wingers against the Communist tied up the city, discovered that a human composition assumed by the Left Wing (and this munity cannot be tied up. The workers must be overtracts of disorder. Lo Calgary the mails are being exactly parallels the European Social patriots criti. fed, the sick must be attended, the dead buried, quit. Volunteer fire department are springing up through ates Democracy and stands for Dictatorship Pro needs supplied. Moreover, the city must be policed. Selle thompatibile con le boer of the Government employees The Strike Committee thus found itself licens The banks of Winnipeg have closed their doors became ship. The bad Bolsheviki, who are pictured in the ing certain industries and services to bourgeois press and the corridors of the Rand order that. primarily, the working class of materning the permet de boererate with the mail od telegraph berice School as advocating disembowelment, mayhem and suffer. The restaurant and hotel employees being meals are served only to women and children, perhepe by gracious permission of the Surike Committee. In con the suppression of all our hard won liberties, also on strike, the Committee established its own sequence of the desire of some striker to get something are described as endorsing the Dictatorship of the restaurants. In order to safeguard lives and goods to eat, the Strike Committee granted permit to severu Proletariat out of sheer devilishness.
of the workers, a proletarian police was established. restaurants in Winnipes to keep open. lo permitted Socialism is a science. Marx scientifically In Winnipeg and Toronto today the same consome bakeries to reopen on condition that they placed there relves under its jurisdiction.
proved that Capitalism generated the dition is observable. The General Strike, by forces which would destroy it; and dat it also gen paralyzing industry, paralyzes government. The certainly the sanctity of the maile would not be interfered Our own laws may be different from those of Canada erated the clase antagonisms which would unite the Strike Committees forced to rule the cities, to with without civil war. But as thing stand, the Dominion workers to rise against it, and finally to overthrow exempt certain industries and services in order is faced with a problem which ite Laws soem powalew to avert. The House of Commons will debate the question it. He also predicted that during the transition to provide for elementary human needs; they must period between Capitalism and Socialism, the work police the cities themselves. Willy nilly, this pro Government may find weapon with which to strike back ing class would be the ruling class; and, to znake duction for use and not for profit is undertaken for and have itself.
his meaning perfectly clear, he went on to say that the benefit of the workers. It displaces the capi Fron this editorial may be gleaned a hint of what this working class rule of society in transition talist government which operated for the benefit would happen to such strikers in the United States. cannot be anything else but the dictatorship of the of the bourgeoisie. proves that the capitalist if there are no laws to interfere with peaceable proletariat.
government is incapable of acting for the benefit strikers, the American government would them.
If there were no riuts to provoke massacres, the There are very few Socialists today who do not of the working class; but what is more important, see that Capitalism is approaching its doom with it shows up in glaring colors the class character of American capitalist class, and its press, would cro tremendous speed; that the forces generated within capitalist government, which in time of labor ate them as it has in other strikes we know of.
the system have, under the intensifying pressure troubles always acts as the agent of the bourgeoisie At present the Canadian Government does not of war, finally burst it asunder. Also, the very against the working class, and must be replaced by seem to know what to do. But depend upon it, the desperation with which Capitalism attempts to re a working class government of a peculiar working capitalist government will find a way. It will sus construct the shattered world, reveals it in all its class character whenever the working class becomes pend its own constitutional guarantece, it will abolnaked class character as the Dictatorship of the the ruling clust, as it is today a small scale in ish its own democratic political machinery. It will Bourgeoisie. This, with gigantic strides, is awaken some Canadian cities.
either yield the (at present) moderate demands of ing and uniting the working class, and sharpening And here another of Marx predictions is proven Canadian labor and then emasculate its concer its class consciousness to the point of action for the correct. This government of the workers cannot sionsor it will find a way of applying force which overthrow of Capitalism. So are the main points be anything else but the dictatorship of the prowill break the strike of Marx thesis proven true.
letariat. And still another, demonstrateurs all Then We American Socialists have had so little to do who have eyes to see, that the working class can. the workers of Canadsand we hope, of the vill learn the final lesson which with shaping the course of working class action, not simply laid hold of the capitalist state ma proletarian revolutions all town, and which Marx that we find ourselves taken unaware by such chinery and use it for its own ends.
formulated. demonstrations of working class mass action as the An editorial in the New York Times of Monday, If the proletariat during its contest with the bour.
strikes in Seattle, and the general strike in Canada. June 2d, sums up the situation from the capi gecisie is compelled, by the force of circumstances, After all, these strikes, which began as demands for talist point of view: 10 organize itself as a class; if, by means of a revo immediate and temporary aims, developed a revoCANADA PROBLEM lution, it makes itself the ruling class, and as fuck lutionary character, in that, for a short time, they In form it is a strike that is on in Canada. In jptent sweeps away by force the old conditions of pro displaced the capitalist political government by a it is revolution. The Government is inactive and soos duction; then will, along these conditions, have government of their cyn.
powerlest, Let us Dot be too quick to condemn the Gov. swept away the conditions for the existence of clou This characteristic of the Seattle strike, and more ernment for inaction. Under the law Governments are antagonisms, and of classes generally, and will particularly of the Canadian strike, must be emno riote worthy of the Danie; the strikers simply assume the governinent of town, the police and firemen join de have abolished its own supremacy o.
them, and there is no overt act of which to take cognizance.
Open Air Yet nothing is done in any of these cities except by It matters not that the Canadian General Strike, permission of the local Strike Committee. In Winnipeg And the Seattle Strike before it, were declared for MASS MEETING the milk and bread wagons run by such permit. The the most elementary immediate demanda. The proTo Demand Hands Of Russia!
another, and the mails are delivered only the Strike flict with the government, cannot fail to drive home cess of the strike, and the logic of its inevitable conTo be Held at Second Ave. and Tenth St.
Committee permits. The police of Winniper joined the strikers at first, but when the Winniper authorities pro the lesson that no Friday Evening, June 6th.
Lasting working class reforms are posed to raise a new police force the regular one returned possible under capitalist government; only the The following speakers will address the to work. This sounde encouraging until you hear the overthrow of the capitalist system, and the estab Meeting. John Reed, Rose Pastor Stokes, Jim Larkin, Dr. Morris Zucker.
lishment of Proletarian Dictatorship, can solve the workers problems and at the same time forever put Joseph Brodsky, Chairman.
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