Russian Revolution

The New York Columnist L ft N e. mg otes THE git Wing organization has decided to Inp winding up by asking whether the Branch wanted. port the lollowing nominee and Inks all mos The New York Conxumsr depends upon to ruin hi! 51 LG Win; M imam Socialists to do likewuc: Volunteer workers for in distribution through been. and proceeded in any the 1.
For Executive Secretary Load New York: out the city. Ruined urea strew the path when the Uta Maximilian Cohen. Notice to All Branches of Locals New York, Kings, 011ml, Richmond. Astori nnd Bron: At a meeting of the City Committee held on the 5th day of May, it was decided to call a City Convention, and that the basis of representation shall One delegate for every 50 manbers in good standing or major fraction thereof; that branches shall elect delegates directly.
You are therefore requested to send out a call to the branchm instructing them to chat delegates to the convention on the basis decided by the City Committee.
The Convention will he held on June l4 th and 15th, at Queens County Labor Lyceum, Cypress Avenue, Ridgewood, The order of busineu will be as follows: Consolidation of Locals into a Greater City Local.
Taking action on Party Ownership of Press.
Taking action on the Left Wing.
Taking up the question of reorganization of branches of Local New York.
Send the nama of the delegates elected and the branches they repnacnt to the secretary at the Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress AVQnuns, Ridgeu ood, I. O At the last meeting of the Left Wing caucus of the Central Committee, Local Bronx, Benj. Gitlow, ll. Bourgin. Winick, Dr. Gloubcrman and Roman Bluegrass were endorsed as the candidates for the City Committee from local Bronx. O.
The Convention of the German Federation, held at Rochester, on May 3031, endorsed the left Wing Manifesto and Program with the proviso that if the National Emergency Convention does not adopt this program the German Federation will join the git Wing. motion was introduced that the Federation should contribute 5c per capiu per month for the support of the Party press. substitute motion to the efi ect that the Federation demand that the Party press be Party owned and controlled. and that until such time as this is complied with it withholds its support. The substitute motion was carried. resolution protesting against the expulsion of the Michigan State organization was curried1 as was a resolution condemning the suspension of the seven Federations and the suspension or expulsion of other Party Branches or Locals. The Federation declaring itself in solidarity with those expelled or suspended. Details next we.
We suppose the German Federation will shortly be Impended from the Party on the ground that it is composed of Hum. O.
At the National Convention of the Jewish Federation, held in Boston, Sunday, June lst, sixty Left Wing delegates bolted the convention and formed a convention of their own. Details next wedt.
anti Socialim, counter revolutionary, reformistic body. The split with the in 1912. by the adoption of Article Two, Section Six, in the Party constitution, finally completely separated the Party from the revolutionary American roleuriat, and forced out of the Party some of its elements.
The Party platforms became so filled with refortnist demands calculated to up to profun sionals and small property owners. the Progru aive Party adopted several of them in 1912. For the moment this did not effectually modify the Socialist vote; but when. four years later, under the threat of war, the Wilson Democrats adopted the same tactics, it roved fatal to the Party the Pruidential vote fel almost one half.
The St. Louis War Resolution, forced upon the Party othcinldom by the rank and file, gave promise ofsnewspiritintheSochlinmovunmnhorn of the shock of war. But how the Party oficinll and ofliceholden violated or apologised for the St.
Louis Raolution, and what happened to the meanbers of the rank and file who attempted to live it to it. reminds one of the laden of the Secon International, and the millions of trusting worker!
barayed by them.
The War revealed the powu of capitalin political control. Before it the political workingmen artia disappeared. was overwhelmed by the purliunents in which they participated. by the machinery of political dunner :y which they helped to maintain. o be could dd)
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Make the Left Wing campaign among the rank and file a huge success by putting a Conumsr each week, in the hands of every party member.
Our motto u. l0. 000 Comm in Greater New York!
SOCIALIST PARTY OF KENTUCKY MAL HIGHLAND PARK To Tu: Naw me Donavon r: uncut nos, Whereas, the State Committee of the Socialist Party at New York has put a referendum to vote in the state, which if carried. will expel the left Win; Socialists of that from the Socialist Party. and Whereas. the Executive Committee of local New York.
unwilling to await the outcome of the aforesaid referendum. is now preparing to re orglnlu all branches of that Local, uid reorganiwion meaning the expelling of all megahers of mid branches who adhere to the Left Wing.
an Whereas, we regard the above actions as a mean and cowardly attempt on the put a! the Right Wing and the Centrists to prevent the driest of the utore mtioued New York State Referendum, Therefore be it Retolved: That we, Local Highland Park, in special session. May 24th. 1919, do hereby expras our condemnation of the aforementioned mean and eowudly action of the Executiie Committee of Local New York, and do hereby notif the State Committee at the Socialist Party of New and. 11 other! who may be connected with this dastardly plot to disrupt the Pmy: that in use National Referendum carries, we. vill do all in our power to have the Kentucky Delegate instructed to vote and use his influence at the National Convention for 1hr seating of any delegates which shall represent the Mt Wing Socialiltl of hew York. even if said Socialists have been expelled by the New York Party.
And be it further resolved that we send a copy of thee resolutions to the National Executive Secretary. to the State Secretary of the Socialist Party of New York and also to the NEW You Couucmsr. the Ohio Socialist and the Remluionavy Age, for publication Respectfully auhmined lJVILY. Seg y oi Local Highland Park.
Following is the regular recorded vote of the State of Pennsylvania on the National Refamdum for National Executive Committee, International Delegates, International Secretary and Referendum question of the National Emergency Convention: For National Executive Committee: Ruthenherg.
Margaret Prevey.
Fred Huwood Birch Wilson. William Thompso For International Delegates: John Reed.
Louis Fraina. Ruthmbcrg. WagmknechLI. Ferguson For International Secretary Morris Hillquit. Kate Richards Hnr The 4th English Branch, formqu owned and controlled by ex Assembly man Karlin, much to the astonishment of the late Amblyman, went left II its regular meeting, Friday, May 30. Dismayed at the course of events, Karlin becatne very melted, calling the chainmn. pins of cheese and threatening to beat him up. Finding that this line of action made no impression on the Death!! ship. he launched into an impassioned plea, citing hislongye nofmenhushipinthel urtyan have trad.
Central Branch of Lou! Patmon, the largest branch in the city, has joined the Left Wing.
Local Paterson was not given any bullot! for til referendum vote for National Executive Committee members.
The Telescopq understand that Morris Hillquit says that it is not the Foreign Federations who are to blame, but the economic org niutions of the oreign workers. Our left Wing Secret Service informs us that at the last meeting of the Local New York Executive Committee a motion to suspend the publication of The Socialist was only lost by a small margin. Apparently there are some Right Winger: who are occasionally visited with gleam of sanity.
The first editorial in the last issue of The Socialist begins: The Socialist justified a. nut.
ence. ls this a reply to the motion to suspend publication?
e e e We notice that Hillquit billet dots: to the left Wing has undergone a change in title since it uppeared in The Call. The Socialist is now night; it for sale under the somewhat lus ambitious title The Immediate lssue. Will someone tell us what immediate issue Hillquit discovered. Bill Feigcnhamn writes in The soc wan Nu tionalism Great Danga. He says: Speaking as a Russian sympathiner. Nationalism is put danger, but aympathizing with nationalism is of course quite alright! Now we would say, Spding as a sympathiur with the Russian Revolution. but than saying whatis meant is a me tail. r.
Billhasdiscovaedthatwhstiswrongwithflse Socialist movement is inverted patriotism, whatever thnt means. However, in future we would advise all Right Winger: to seednttheix pariah right side up.
We air xpuch obliged1 to Rober tISpmtiirhiar his approva our line iterary Sty e. quite relieves our mind, as we were afraid he might not like our little efforts. But now that we are K, why does not he give Bill Feigenbnnn a few lessons inhowtossy whathemosnsifhemesnslnything.
According to The Socialist, Lenin is of the opinion that Samuel Compete is a Soddist. ll this is true, then Lenin must have got hiLin iprssions from reading The Call, or perhaps from perusing one of Hillquit spend es.
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Combs:TheldtWingisinneedoffnnds for the isnunceofiu paper; well vane dues paying manhership undue solely dependent upon the voluntary contribution of comndes for our support. If you think our movanent is necessary, if you feel that we not have public expression, you must come to our support. In the resmt crisis, more than Hue, we must keep in the held. our papa must be published NEED TUNES.
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