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The New York Communist Left Wing Notes.
The Telescope RESOLUTION and RE LIVELY, THE Left Wing organization has decided to sup winding op by asking whether the Branch wanted port the following nominee and asks all revo The New York COMMUNIST depends up to ruin his career. But the Left Wing is hard Lutionary Socialists to do likewise: volunteer workers for its distribution through:hearted and proceeded to carry the day.
For Executive Secreiary of Local New York: out the city.
Ruined caroers strew the paths where the Lofts Maximilian Cohen Each week issue is ready for distribution have trod.
on Thursday afternoon.
Notice to All Branches of Locals New York, Come to the headquarters, 43 West 29th Central Branch of Local Paterson, the King, Queens, Richmond, Astoria and Bronx Street, Thursday, and get your buddie.
largest branch in the city, has joined the Left Wing Now the time to get the truth across.
Local Paterson was not given any ballots for the At a meeting of the City Committee held on the Make the Left Wing campaign among the referendum vote for National Executive Committee members.
5th day of May, it was decided to call a City Conrank and file a huge success by putting a vention, and that the basis of representation shall COMMUNIST each week, in the hands of every be: party member. One delegate for every 50 members in Our motto is. 10, 000 COMMUNISTS in good standing or major fraction theroof; Greater New York!
that branches shall elect delegates direct1y.
SOCIALIST PARTY OF KENTUCKY LOCAL You are therefore requested to send out a call to the branches instructing there to elect delegates to To The New YoRK COMMUNIST: HIGHLAND PARK TE understand that Morris Hillquit says that the convention on the basis decided by the City Committee.
Wherear, the State Committee of the Socialist Party of The Convention will be held on June 14th and New York has put a referendum to vote in the state, which the foreign workers Llame, but the economic organizations of 15th, at Queens County Labor Lyceum, Cypress from the sur la fica peletbe Left Wing Socialists of that site Avenue, Ridgewood, 1. The order of business Whereas, the Executive Committee of Local New York, Our Left Wing Secret Service informs as that at will be as follows: unwilling to await the outcome of the aforesaid referen the last meeting of the Local New York Executive Consolidation of Locals into a Greater City Local. dum is now preparing to re organize all branches of that Local, said reorganization meaning the expelling of all Committee a motion to suspend the publication of Taking action on Party Ownership of Press.
Taking action on the Left Wing.
members of said branches who Adhere to the Left Wing The Socialist was only lost by a small margin. ApTaking up the question of reorganization of Whereas, we regard the above actions. mean and occasionally visited with gleams of sanity.
parently there are some Right Wingers who are branches of Local New York.
cowardly attempt on the part of the Right Wing and the Send the names of the delegates elected and the Centrisis to prevent the decat of the aforementioned New York State Referendum, branches they reprezent to the secretary at the Therefore be it Resolved: The first editorial in the last issue of The Sa Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress Avo That wa Local Highland Purk, in special scion, May cialist begins: The Socialist has justified its exist nues, Ridgewood. I.
24th, 1919, do bereby express our condemnation of the ence.
Is this a reply to the motion to suspend aforementioned mean and cowardly action of the Executive Committee of Local New York, and do bereby notify publication At the last meeting of the Left Wing caucus of the State Committee of the Socialist Party of New York the Central Committee, Local Bronx, Benj. Gitlow, and all others who may connected with this dastardly We notice that Hillquit billet dous to the Left Bourgin, Hinick, Dr. Glouberman and Roman plot 13 disrupt the Parys that in case National Referen. Wing has undergone a change in title since it apBluegrass were endorsed as the candidates for the City Committee from Local Bronx Kentucky Delegate instructed to vote and use his infu peared in The Call. The Socialist is now offering ence at the National Convention for the resting of any it for sale under the somewhat less ambitious title delegates which shall represent the Left Wing Socialists of The Immediate Issue. Will someone tell us what The Convention of the German Federation, held New York even il asid Socialists have been expelled by immediate issue Hill quit discovered?
the New York Party at Rochester, on May 30 31, endorsed the And be it further resolved that we send a copy of them Left Wing Manifesto and Program with the provisoresolutions to the National Executive Secretary, to the Bill Feigenbaum writen in The Socialid. on Nathat if the National Emergency Convention does also to the NEW YORK COMMUNIST, the Ohio Socialist and tionalism Great Danger. He says: Speaking not adopt this program the German Federation will the Revolutionary 18, for publication.
as a Russian sympathizer. Nationalism is a great join the Left Wing Respectfully submitted danger, bat sympathizing with nationalism is of motion was introduced that the Federation should contribute 5c per capita per month for the Sec y of Local Highland Park course quite alright! Now we would say, Speak ing as a sympathizer with the Russian Revolusupport of the Party press. substitute motion to the effect that the Federation demand that the Party Following in the regular recorded vote of the tion. but then saying what is meant is a mere da press be Party owned and controlled, and that until State of Pennsylvania on the National Referendume tail.
such time as this is complied with it withholds its Delegates. International Secretary and Referendum for National Executive Committee, International Bill has discovered that what is wrong with the Socialist moveroert is inverted patriotism, what resolution protesting against the expulsion of question of the National Emergency Conven tion: ever that means. However, in future we would adthe Michigan State organization was carried, as was For National Executive Committee: a resolution condemning the suspension of the (high men)
vise all Right Wingers to see that their patriotism is Ruthenbergseven Federations and the suspension right side up.
2, 075 cxpulsion of other Party Branches or Locals. The Federation Margaret Prevey.
1810 Fred Harwood.
700 We are much obliged to Robert Spector for his declaring itself in solidarity with those expelled or Birch Wilson.
603 approval of our fine literary style. This quite suspended. Details pert week, We suppose the German Federation will shortly For International Delegates: William Thompson.
517 relieves our mind, as we were afraid be might not like our little efforts. But now that we are K, be suspended from the Party on the ground that it John Reed.
2, 169 why does not be give Bill Feigenbaum a few lessons is composed of Huns.
Louis Fraina 1, 575 in how to say what he means if he means anything Ruthenberg1, 419 At the National Convention of the Jewish FoderaA. Wagenknecht 1, 032 tion, held in Boston, Sunday, June 1st, sixty Loft Ferguson According to the Socialist, Lain is of the opin910 Wing delegates bolted the convention and formed For International Secretary: ion that Samuel Gompers is a Socialist. If this is a convention of their own. Details pert week.
true, then Lenin must have gnt his impressions from Morris Hillquit 581 Kete Richards Hare.
reading The Call, or perhaps from perusing one of 1, 801 Hiliquit speeches.
anti Socialist, counter revolutionary, reformistic National Referendum 1919: Yes 252 body. The split with the in 1912, by the To the Editor of To COLOXUNDIT, NO adoption of Article Two, Section Six, in the Party 165 Dear Sir: constitution, finally completely separated the Party The Seventeenth Amoembly District, according in Loon!
The 4th English Branch, formerly owned New York, is supposed to be rear paned ccm from the revolutionary American proletariat, and to be kind of family affair.
forced out of the Party some of its best elements and controlied by ex Assemblyman Karlin, much to The following constitute the membership of the rear The Party platforms became so filled with rothe astonishment of the late Assemblyman, went ized branch: Mr. ad Mn Clacnene, Mr. and Mn Call man Mr. and Mr. Granditet, Mr. and Mr Polsten, Mr.
formist demands caiculated to appeal to profes Left at its regular meeting, Friday, May 30. Disand Mn. Tuvim and mother in law, Mr. and Mr. Gott sionals and small property owners, that the Progre mayed at the course of events, Karlin becaine very fried and jucior.
sive Party adopted several of them in 1912. For excited, calling the chairman piece of chesson We wish to sfier an apology for Gottfried jaior for the moment this did not eff octually modify the So and threatening to beat him up. Finding that this feel sure that had the been of the Yiped A, the rould cialist vote; but when, four years later, under the line of action made no impression on the member. undoubtedly be Left Winger now.
Fraternally yours.
threat of war, the Wilson Democrats adopted the ship, be launched into an impassioned plea, citing Two COKOLADDS OF To 1771 D.
same tactics, it proved fatal to the Party the Presi his long years of membership in the Party and Lat Wing De dential vote fell almost one half.
The St. Louis War Resolation, forced upon the Party officialdom by the rank and file, gure promiso Appeal for Funds for The Communist of now spirit in the Socialist movement, born of the shock of war. But how the Party officials COMRADES: The Left Wing is in need of funds for the issuance of its paper; we have to and office holders violated or apologized for the St.
dues paying membership and are solely dependent upon the voluntary contribution of com Louis Resolution, and what happened to the memrades for our support. If you think our movement is necessary, if you feel that we must have bers of the rank and file who attempted to live up public expression, you must come to our support. In the present crisis, more than ever before, to it, reminds one of the leaders of the Second we must keep in the field, our paper must be published. WE NEED FUNTS.
International, and the millions of trusting workers Tear of and mail to MAXIMILIAN COHEN, 43 WEST 29 STREET, betrayed by them.
The War revealed the power of capitalist politi cal control. Before it the political workingmen I hereby webcribed the stim of. cach week for the support of THE COMMUNIST.
parties disappeared, were overwhelmed by the par.
Name liaments in which they participated, by the ma Addres chinery of political democracy which they bol pod Branch Looul to maintain. To be cow luded.