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The New York Communist Strike Against the Bosses!
way The Party By Carl Brodsky The Right Wing is continually prating about group of Comrades issued a Manifesto and This is all that the Left Wing has demanded.
Democracy. Let us examine the recent actions of Program, endorsing the Russian Bolsheviki, the And the answer of the Party officials is: the Party officialdom in the light of its own pro German Spartacans, and other Left Wing elements fessed principles BEFORE the ballots on the referendum expell. the International movement, and furthermore ing Left Wing Branches had been distributed, how Suppose a group of Comrades in the Socialist stating that in their opinion the tactics of these ele dreds of Comrades were expelled or refused bal.
Party decided to draw up a Manifesto and Proments showed the way for the final emancipation lots.
gram endorsing the Non Partisan League, and de of the proletariat of all countries. They un. For the moment the issue has shifted from a simmanded a referendum upon it.
equivocally repudiated the other elements of the ple question of opposing principles, to the question Suppose une New York State Executive Commit International Socialist movement, and demanded of Party control and bossism. Whether you agree Lee decided that these Comrades were violating the that the American Socialist Party adopt the policies with the Left Wing Manifesto or not, you will cer constitution of the Socialist Party in offering this and tactics of the revolutionary European groups. tainly resent these wholesale expulsions, the Bom Manifesto and Program; and this Committee de After a few weeks of agitation within the Party Dictatorship of the Party. It is up to YOU, COM.
cided to revoke the charters of all Locals which had they succeeded in interesting a few hundred Com RADES, to make clear to the Party bosses and ofpermitted Branches in their territory to endorse the rades in their Manifesto; and these Comrades, beficials that no such action will be tolerated. All Manifesto, and also to expel any member aligning lieving it for the best interests of the Party that the Comrades should vote on this question, and uld himself with the group responsible for the docuentire membership all over the country should be casi their ballots for delegates to the National informed of their beliefs, decided to organize Emergency Convention, at which the Left Wing Suppose the Committee then decided to submit order to co ordinate the work and systematize the Manifesto will be discussed and the question set its action to a referendum of the ENTIRE MEM. propaganda, and to that end elected committees and lled one way or another. but not before the rank BERSHIP. You would then vote as you believed, corresponding secretary.
and ble has been heard.
for the best interests of the Party; and when the reThe New York State Committee decided to result had been announced you wouid agree, what voke the charter of any Local endorsing this ManiCOMRADES! scab is the most contemptible creature ww carth. Consciously or unconsciously, ever your opinion on the question, that it had been festo and Program, or permitting its Branches and treated honestly.
members to endorse it. The Committee, on its own he is used against the workers who are trying to better his lot.
Or suppore one or two Locals had endorsed this responsibility, decided that this Manifesto s Manifesto, and feeling that they would like to in. anarchistic Forty thousand Comrades have been locked out The Committee decided to submit of the Socialist Party, because they championed the terest the entire membership. had maile copies of the question to a referendum of the entire memit all over the country, and aroused enough senti bership but before the ballots were distributed revolutionary working class. The National Execuwere deprived of their tive Committee has expelled the Michigan State or ment to have the question discussed at a Party Con hundreds of Comrades vention. Would you not agree that the proper membership whole Locals being expelled bodily ganization. the Russian Federations, and many Eng thing for Party members do would be to elect from the Party and denied any redress. These are lish Branches. All Comrades who support the ac.
and instruct their delegates to this Convention? the facts. Has the State Committee acted accord.
tion of the Party officialdom are SCABBING ON Would you not feel that high handed methods had to democratic principles?
been used if the Party officials expelled some ComFor the sake of argument, let us suppose that the Demand from your Branch resolutions condemnrades before they had a chance to send their dele Left Wing Manifesto in the words of a Righting this action. Don scab on us! Demand that gates to the Convention?
Winger is reactionary, anarchistic and litopian.
the vote on all referendums and delegates be made The world has been through five years of the Don you think that with a free, open discussion public! Demand a reinstatement of all expelled most terrible bloodshed. The International Social. and a FAIR VOTE, you are capable of deciding Party members at once, or go out on strike against the Party officialdom until this action is rescinded!
ist movement in all parts of the world has been ef. the question?
fected by the war. In some countries the Socialist Do you want your thinking done for you by the If you do not stand with us now, you pave the for your own expulsion at some future time, parties went over completely to the imperialistic Party officials? Don you want to vote for dele.
groups, leaders betrayed the masses; in other coungates to the Emergency National Convention?
when you differ with the Party leaders.
tries revolutions took place, leaders stood true to Wouldn you feel your right to be able to dis You are either for a Party under the dictatorship the principles of revolutionary Socialism.
cuss this matter in vour Branch? And wouldn of the rank and file, or a Party under the dictator Finally the war came to an end.
you brand as WARDLY any suppression of opin ship of the Party bossca.
We in America, as a part of the International ion in the Party by the Party officials?
movement, also decided that our Party had been effected by the war; that certain leaders and offcials had not stood the test in accordance with our and the Berne Conference principles. EVERYONE agreed that a change in policies and tactics was necessary.
By Eadmonn MacAlpine with a membership of more than 30, 000 and this, the last issue of The Socialist Comrade James Il Comrade Oneal left a statement with Ramsay says The Tribune, is part of a plan for American Oneal contributes an article under the above MacDonald, why does not the Party membership heading, in which he attempts to justify the know what is in that statement? Even now we are The Right Wing, says The Tribune, with the s actions with regard to the Berne Con. in ignorance of what position the Party has been same tone nf authority, charges that the Left ference. In the course of his defense he cites a committed to with regard to the European move Wingers really believe in violence, but do not have conversation with me in The Call office some few ment. The Call and the National Office both have the courage to come out and say so in the open.
days before he sailed. was at that time Associate the channels of publicity at their command. Com In the New York Times of Saturday last there is Editor of The Revolutionary Age, which had con rade Oneal is one of The Call oditorial writers, another story headed, Socialists Here Aim to tinuously attacked the s attitude and actions yet The Call has never repudiated Berne so fu Purge Party, which contains an interesting little from the moment that body appointed three men we are aware. Comrade Oneal stories about his interview with Alderman Lee, and another with an to attend the Lausanne Conference (as it was then European trip are merely the stories any radical unnamed prominent Socialist leader. Alderman called. newspaper correspondent would write; they give Loe gravely informs the bourgeois journalists that As far as am aware the has never pub po hint of his oficial mission. No offcial report the questions involved are not questions of Social. licly repudiated its initial action, and it is com.
has been received from Comrade Oneal, either ist principle, but questions of whether the party mon knowledge that Le made vigorous efforts to through the press or through regular branch organization shall be maintained along democratic obtain a passport, and that only the action of the meetings of the Party, lines, with the majority ruling and the minority American Government prevented the Party being Even after Comrade Oneal article in The So abiding by the majority rule. The Alderman is represented at Berne. In The Revolutionary Age it cialist, we are still in the dark. As far as the rank evidently afraid that it will be.
was suggested that at least the Party could send and file is aware the National Executive Committee As for the anonymous leader. he intimates that delegates for information, in the same way that the has not repudiated its first action, which was to the Left Wing is indulging in loose talk about Italian Socialist Party sent repreäentatives to the cept Huysmanns invitation and illegally appoint things they do not understand. He ends as fol. Interallied Socialist Conference in London during delegates to the Berne Conference; nor havo lows: But in my opinion no one who amounts to the war; as at that time we had no information private information on the subject. At the time anything in our Party councils is in favor of di about the Conference whatever, except that it was spoke te Comrade Oneal the Berne Conference ww rect action. involving the immediate seizure and ofhcially called by a group which had betrayed a thing of the past, and neither he por anyone Blog nationalization of indusi and other forcible Socialism.
could attend its meetings. It is quite true one could measures of a revolutionary character.
The statement by Comrade Oneal is the first have gone to Holland, but at that time the Second The latest example is an interview with Julius intimation we have had that the National Executivo International was thoroughly diacredited.
Gerber in The Tribune of Tuesday, June 3d, in Committee voted to repudiato any international in The whole question of which International the which he says that the Left Wing can join the Sal which the Bolsheviki and Spartacides were not in. Party should join has agitated the movement for vatior. Army. He continues, in a truly provoca cluded; and as far as we can ascertain it is the some months. The Left Wing has kept up con tive vein, We don want them in our Party. As first time the Party pembership hus heard of any tinuous criticism of the National Executive Com far as we are concerned, they are out of the Party, such decision.
mittee attitude on this matter, and until the and they will stay out. The Left Wingers are now With regard to Comrade Oneal visit to Europe, last statement. which states Dothing Dothing calling Martens, the Bolshevik representative bere, he entirely mistaken about our conversation. hus been known of its decision to do what the counter revolutionist, because he refuses to ally did express my belief in Comrade Opeal personal Left Wing agitated for. The National Executive himself with them, which shows that they are not integrity, and stated that considered that he per Secretary replied to an article wrote in The Revo Bolsheviki but simply trouble makers.
sonally would be a satisfactory delegate if he were lutionary Age entitled, We must have National The repeated hints that the Left Wing is outside properly elected. further stated ihat believed Emergency Convention. His reply was printed the law, given by Lee and Gerber to the capitalist he would probably be elected on a referendum, where some two months ago, and says nothing about press; the exploitation of Comrade Martens, in the but that was morally certain that Lee would not any resolution repudiating the Second International columns of The Tribune, against the Left Wing stand the ghost of a chance; and that the only Ii Comrade Oneal is correctly informed about are on a par with the employment of the police by delegates the membership would choose would be the s action, why was it necessary for the theso Right Wingers against Socialist Party mem instructed to have nothing to do with the Berne Central Branch of Local Boston to initiate Referenbers. Scheideinann tactics, pure and simple. Gang of Social traitors. In addition told him that dum D, which reads as follows: That the so And the capitalist press, which only a few weeks no matter what his instructions were, the rank and cialist Party shall participate only, in an Inter ago was calling these same Right Wingers German file of the Party would believe he was going to the national Congress of Conference called by an inte spies end Bolsheviki. is now praising them Second International, and that the C. had which participate the Communist Party of Russia warmly, and conderaning the Left Wing.
absolutely no right to send a delegate to Europe (Bolsheviki) and the Communist Labor Party of Socialists are known by the company they koop without the sanction of tho membership Germany (Spartacon. ization.