658 New York QOMMUNIST Vol. I, No. New York, Saturday, June 7, 1919 Price cents. Forty Thousand Expelled by Seven The following is the fin! a several articles describing the Part his, and the autocratic action: of the Right ing member: of the National Executive Committee a: in recent historic meeting in Chicago. It is written and nailed by Comrade: Kunerlefd and Alfred Wugenknecht, member: of the National Executive Committee. and Louis Fraina.
lOLATING cvery principle of fair play and square dealing and disregarding every constitutional provision to the contrary, the National Executive Committee, at its session in Chicago, May 24 to 30th. expelled the state organization of Lhe Socialist Party in Michigan, constituting nearly 000 members, without a trial; suspended the Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Lettish.
Hungarian. Ukrainean and South Slavic Federations of the Party, constituting more than 30, 000 members and worst of all, and let it he said to their everlasting shame are autocratically holding up the national referendums for the election of a new National Executive Committee, lntemational Delegates, International Secretary. and upon the question of the Emergency National Convention.
Never before in the history of the Socialist Party have Party officials dared so outrageously to violate Party principles. wilful group of seven members out of a total National Executive Committee membership of fifteen, ten of whom attended the meeting. usurped power which the constitution does not grant them, and which the Socialist Party membership never intended any servants of the Party to have. This wilful group of seven did not, however, act as servants of the Party but as dictator: and tyraan to defeat the expressed will of the membership and to perpetuate themselves in oEice.
This is the crisis. In these frantic efforts of the official bureaucracy of the Socialist Party to maintain itself in power, we see the final attempt of bourgeois reformisrn to crush revolutionary Socialism in the United States. This crisis affects the integrity and future of the Socialist Party; if our Party is wholeheartedly and unequivocally to stand for a Socialism which will not compromise, which will not fail in time of test, then every Party member must rebuke this unscrupulous action, and must take a stand in support of the nearly 40, 000 comrades arbitrarily deprived of Party membership for their fidelity to the principlu of true International Socialism.
The objects of the autocratic seven are as plain as daylight. Like a tidal wave, the demand for the tactics and principles of the kind of Socialism which stands true to the working class at all times, baa swept the Party. The thousands of comrades who were sincerely attempting to convince Parry members that a more revolutionary kind of Socialism was nocesaary, were known as the left Wing.
This Left Wing in our party understood clearly that the Scheidernann brand of Socialism means the N. Sm. Left Wing New Mk, Ml! Slit. 1919.
Dear Cmode: In view of recent happenings in Local. State and National Party affairs. the details of which you have heard by this time. we believe the time is ripe for a son of :enutive one organization of the Left Wing in New York Stllc. The State Executive Committee hns begun the same union on a cute scale which Lou New York bu been pnetiain; on local scale; that is. the reorganization and apuhion of Left Wing locale In order that we may counter ll.
blow it would be adriuble for all Local Secretaries.
or oreaninen or repmenmtivae cloned by left Win.
Locals. to participate in anal: a conference. to meat and draw up a plan of campaign of education and organization so that we may keep our manbenhip intact and capture the Party organization whaever pooaible. Where that is impossible. due to the labowe of oficer holdem we my have to take atepi to build up Left Wing organization withiu the Party.
All thin of mum is subject to the action takn by the National Left Wing Conference on June 211.
But cannot wait until then. workin leperItely an diaorgnniled. WE MUST ACT W.
Can on bring thia mnn er up before your local.
or. il time is too short. come yourself. or lead someone? in your place. to a state conference of Left Wing loonll. on Sunda afternoon at o clock. Jul.
8th. at Wellington Hot Albany. Y Trusting you will be ME.
Yours Manually.
mm Conn.
Laxative Local Glue: New wk.
Left Win; Section. Call for a National Conference of the Left Wing Call or a National Conference or the Left Win! the American Sacialiu Parry, iuued by Local Burton. Louis Fraina. Secretary. Low Cleveland. Rulhenbrrg, Secretary. and the Le. rm Section of the Socialist Party a New York City, Hawaiian Cohen. Secretary. The international Iituation and the crisis in the American Socialist Party; the sabotage the party bureaucracy has practiced on the emergency national conventior: the aligning our party with the soriul pamcu at Berne, with the Congres of the Great Benny l; the necessity of reconstructing our polity in accord with revolutionary evenu. all this.
and more. malts it necessary that the ruolulionnry force. in the Socialiet Party get together for counsel and action.
This call is therefore iuued. for the holding of a National Conference of the Left Wing of the American Socialist Party, to ducuu: The crisi in the party, and action thereon; the conquest of the party for the party, for revolutionary Socialism. The New International; ways and mean: to prevent the party aligning itself with the intern:lionalf oi the mill patriots, of the EbertAScheido mann gangsten, and the wavering centre; afih lu on With the Boleheuk Spanacan Communilt International alone. The formulation of a declaration of principleand purposes of a national lcupe of the Left in; of the American Socialiat Party. Formiag some non of a national council or bureau of the left Wing for propaganda, securing of lnfnrmuion and extruding informaLion. To upma and draw together the revolutionary force: in the party; to comider other mum of furthering the cause of revolutionary Socialiam.
Thin call is iuued to local of the Socialist Party, branches and left in! groups within the party.
The teat of admission. provisionally. will be lace t«
ance of the Maniieato of the left Win; of the cinliu Parry of Greater New York.
Left Wing locals are invited to lend delegates officially. here a local officially refuses to participate, branchee or minority group. in the party lo oepting the principles of the Left Win; lhould send delegates.
Repruentatioaa one delegate for every 500 memben No local or group should send more than four delegates. local: or minority (mupa with la than. 500 member: are entitled to one delegate.
The conference will be held curring Saturday.
June in New York City Duh delegate will be taxed 75 for a central fund. out of which will be paid the expenaou of all delegates.
Left Wing Local: and Branch. w! Send com nunciaa oru Io Maul minu Cohen. 43 Feet 29. St, New York City.
benayal and defeat of the working class, and that only the Socialism of Liehknecht and lenin had within it the potentialities of success and victory.
I! was to rescue the party from this Left Wing faction, to clean out of it all who stood bravely against pure and simple reformism, that the ma: National Executive Committee dictators threw 40, 000 members out of the Party.
Through caucuses held outside of regular see.
aions, the following methods of action were adopted by the autocratic Sevm. Not yet knowing how the referendum for the election of a new National Executive Committee would result, they decided to revoke the charter of the Socialist Party of Michigan, sensing that the members in Michigan would vote overwhelmingly against members of the Wilful Seven running for reelection in the Michigan district. few day! later, having found out that despite the expulsion of Michigan the radical candidates for election to the National Executive Comwould win out, the Wilful Seven decided to hold up the entire national referendum upon the election. In another, caucus the Wilful Sevm mine to the conclusion that After all. the coming National Convention would opal: its mind against than antocratic acts, and would undone loft. Wing Socialiam. And therefore the suspension of 40, 000 men:ban in seven oreign federations was decided um than seven federation baving supported ta Socialism in the Parry.
st. Feeling that deg he these nuspenlionl the Left Wing and still fin itself in the majority It the National Commits in fwufeonfuaing that It woul to om aoor ation.
the my dimbich In 50cm of thennvmroputboWilf ulSem; adiallu hand: afthuedirecxaniatobeplaoedtlteafl property a the Socialist Party, including the In headquarter: building upon which 3100(1) Ila be.
paid. There director: cannot be recalled by the. Pany members. cannot be removed by the National ton if their Load: expel than from membership in Seven, as candidates for reelection to the National Executive Committee and to the olice of Imamtioual Delegates, knew themselves defeated and realized that the official machinery of the arty was about to pass into the hands of the Left lug, tirevolutionary element, thine efforts to runin outtrol become doubly dspiuble; for then they In clearly shown to he brazen attempt! to defy lb will of the Party membership.
But these dsperate lactic: must not be construed alone as a frantic edort of defeated oficiall to IV lain their jobs. This is part and parcel of the con troversy upon principles and tacfica in the Socialint Party. it is the struggle between the Right Wing and the Left Wing. between moderate My bourgeois Socialism and revolutionary proldarian Socialism The moderates on the National Executive Committee show no realization of the problem! of the International Revolution. They do not see the need of reconstructing the Party policy in accord with the experience gained by our comrades in Europe, or, at any rate, do not out toward that aid.
The crisis is serious. It affects the future of So cialism and the proletariat in America. We are confident that revolutionaryms pgalinnfiwill cunquu the Party. It will rev pita Iahotlp of the Wilful Seven. let no comrade feel dbheartened. No one manber should quit the Party.
in fact, every membu should work with might and main to get members and build, build, build. We know the game of the moderates. They want the Left Wing to desert the Party, the Party IIIchinery and property in the hands the auteur ta.
They will be disappointed in this. Every radial Socialist will stick to the aid, working nidll Dd day for the reinstatement of the nearly 40, 000 manbers the Wilful Seven have severed from the Party.
Insist that the refermdum vota upon the clap tion of a new National Executive Committee be counted and made public. Insist that the expulsion of Michigan and the fedmfiom shall not revail.
Second the referendum motions to reverse an: of the Wilful Sevtm, acts unconstitutional Ind rageous. Rally to the Left Wing, oomndu, for in the left Wing belongs the future of Socialism.
The slogan of the We! ia Split the Party for moderate petty bour is Socialism. tbe slogan of the Left Wing is quel and unite the Party for revolutionary Socialian, for the Commist international Cleveland Protect: In a duper. attanpt to prevent the all ultheSmjaliuPutylmmo MMN Executive Committee of the Fury the m1 EIecutin Committee. whose term of due expir u the end of June. baa arbitrarily wdled the die Michigan lute armistic irun the Parry.
Rnotvm hetibc etioadthNafluulEI ItiqumhtninmkiuthochamdthSod hPmyofalichiuuber a uldandaunulh Shikcl Im ll CAI lulu soc