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The New York Communist The Geneology of Right Wingism PRIEHRATHER SOCI The Mustard certespring of e ism.
tain not in By John Everett ODERATE SOCIALISM the way; but astute ministers of the Church quickly and collapsed at the first beat of the war drums the Communist Manifesto and the Darwinianism, by explaining that the Bible really did not sky in Russia, Ebert and Scheidemann in Germany, Theory.
mean what it said, but quite the contrary.
busy butchering the proletariat in the interests of The moderate or constructive Socialist has At that time capitalism had just triumphed. It international for half a century advocated a type of social evolu. had secured almost undisputed control of the State, in America capitalism; and by the Right Wing tion which shall slowly, and in an orderly manner, it was in its competitive heaven of adulteration As a matter of fact, the moderate Socialist had the Socialist Common and exploitation, its income from domestic and long before the war ceased to be a Socialist. He wealth, and was a fool, deluded by half baked economic theoBocialism is intentable, and that in momenti demotsible world, as if was very much to the bourgeois head bona, not inte dhe socialisi common wealth, the proposition that everything was for the best cratic states social change must be accomplished interest that no violent convulsion should upset but into the impossible servility of State Capitalthrough the parliamentary system, the moderate credit or impede the normal flow of industrial proSocialist arrives at the fascinating conclusion that duction. At the same time, the victors in the com To this day, as he wanders uncertainly among the all we have to do is to keep on passing laws. cun petitive struggle naturally dominated in industry, ruins of capitalism, the Socialist intellectual has ningly framed, of course, by Socialist politicians politics and social life, and having won success that will, little by little whitle away the capitalist through competition, believed very earnestly in the ly abandoned the Darwinian idea of the evolution of statutes, constitutional amendments, city or Faire. It was the zenith of the Manchester School.
of species by slow and age long processes, as dinances, and all the other by products of the has not kept pace with the developbourgeois democratic state.
Darwin showed that the most intense struggle erate Socistemity with observed facts. The being for survival runs through all forms of life that ment of biology. He does not know the cataclysmic In accordance with this program, the Right struggle is the fundamental law of all life forms. theories demonstrated by the modern biologists such Wingers have created all that imposing array of And he showed that out of the struggle for exis immediate demands and transitional programs, as Mendel, De Vries, and others. These observers tence, mercilessly which call for laws establishing Unemployment In and claw with ravin, had emerged types and duced almost overnight. Others have shown that waged in a nature red in tooth have discovered that sometimes species are pro: surance, Accident, Death and Sickness Insurance, species which had survived by reason of their fitthe Eight Hour Day, Abolition of Child Labor, Defor the survival of large numbers of species, the facness alone.
crease of Armaments and incongruously enough Coincident with this, he showed that the develop. victory for other forms of life in the cruder forms tor of mutual aid is as important as is individual. Repudiation of National Debts!
These, of course, are not Socialist demands. an infinitely long process, achieved by the unceas tionary theory of Darwin has been profoundly They are petit bourgeois reforms. They enlist the ing accumulation of minute advantages inherited modified by the cataclysmic factor. The dis.
covery of of tradesmen, government employees, and adventur: ing over a world plunged in the misery of relentless Dougal, announced on April 23th in the New York protoplasm by Dr. Macous professional men, the faller consisting largely competition for mere survival, he sighed from a line capitalist parties have seized upon many of pion, health ser the prospect of its endless continuing new species from the ovaries of plants by the these Socialist demands and planks in the injection of certain chemicals, completely destroys transitional programs, and put them into more requirements of a Could any po system fit more completely the the time factor in the Darwinian theory of organic of exploitation and com evolution.
or less effective operation.
petition more merciless than any which ever plagued In face of this, the constructive Socialist proud mankind? Could any philosophy so happily justiIt is significant of the utter break down of the ly insists that the capitalist class is digging its own fy the horrors of the capitalist system? Above all. constructive intellectual Socialist school of grave, and that the stealing of Socialist de here was scientific justification of the desire of thought, that the cataclysmic theory in biology mands by the capitalist the property owning class for a stable social sysand chemistry was developed at about the same truth of the proposition that es demonstrates the social evolution must tem, free from those revolutionary movements time that European Labor Movement began to proceed upon moderate and constructive lires.
The intellectuals among the mode ates ap. production and profit!
which so sadly upset the very basis of capitalist break away from the leadership of the orderly peal, among other things, to biology to support Capitalism and Darwinism went hand in hand. action under the stimulus of syndicalism, industheir theories; they quote Darwin Origin of They were the moulders of social thought. Only trialism, and other cataclysmic methods of social Species in proof that they are right.
a few magnificently independent thinkers, like The history of that book is extremely significant. Marx, Bakunin, Kropotkin, could break the mould, The bankruptcy of the orderly evolutionary It was first published in 1859, and shortly after and run into new and freer forms.
philosophy of Darwinism today is no less complete ward was welcomed by the bourgeoisie of the In this social mould, then, lie the foundations of than the bankruptcy of orderly evolutionary Soworld with great enthusiasm. moderate, constructive Socialism the creed cialism, confronted with the living fact of the Only the dogmas of orthodox religion stood in which dominated the Second International in 1914, Social Cataclysm.
the nature progress.
Vicnever become a proletarian organization through Bourgeois Dictatorship in Local the good graces of the high bureaucrats of the Right Wing. Nor will the lessons of the Bolshevik and (Continued from page 6)
Spartacan Revolutions be learned by the American lu their fight to stem the tidal wave of the left the most vociferous resolutioning. The arbitrary, of the Socialist Party by the Dong as the ownershins and control BureauWing, the Socialist Bourgeois dictators have not bureaucratic, legal technique of our Party consti: hesitated to use police and thug power. Remember tution must be discarded. The amount of wealth cialist Party Bourgeoisie will never be undermined crats remains intact. The Dictatorship of the So.
that the removal of furniture in the 17th suc. and the social position attained in capitalist society by useless resolutioning, and purposeless, indefinite ceeded under police supervision summoned by the are no longer to be criteria of Party standing. discussion. The struggle of the mass of the memHonorable Alderman Calman. Remember that the last official meeting of Local New York Central revolutionary propaganda, and not the mere nola bership against the Socialist Party Bureaucracy Committee was adourned with the assistance of a ing of office in bourgeois legislatures. The re technique. Only revolutionary mass effort galvanPolice Captain. Remember that a Murmansk Socialist Party must base its tactics on science, ized into a Left Wing organization can sweep away tory Arch Alderman hit a Left Wing spokesman at and not on twentieth century Utopian pacifist hua Central Committee meeting! The Socialist Bui manitarianismes our member musim dilbe trained bring to birth an uncompromising Socialist Party the tyranny of the Right Wing Bureaucracy and power mose Brutally Workers who show thorough jion must supplant fantasy. The class basis anus: worthy class consciousness are not permitted to join the be our only basis in our attitude and policy toward be uprooted. The Right Wing terrorists must The Socialist Bureaucracy must Party, and reactionaries are rushed in. Vicious, un. all problems of capitalism.
founded charges are preferred against Left Wing be ousted from Party control. All attempts THE TASK BEFORE US.
spokesmen, and the stage is set for rendering them of the Right Wing directors to hinder the Comrades! The Revolution will never come realization of the will of the mass of memberBourgeoisie through its control of the Party courts, through the good graces of the High Magistrates of ship must be decisively defeated. Sabotage of Party ruthlessly sabotages all efforts of the rank and file capitalism! Nor will Communism be attained life by the Right Wing chiefs must be stopped at all cost. In the transition to discipline and bring justice to the Right Wing through worshipping the fetish of a political maofficials, Congressmen, and Aldermen for their jority with capitalism intact! The Dictatorship of bourgeois and Communist policies and tactics, many utter disregard and continuous violation of Party ihe Bourgeoisie will never be undermined by par: pernicious influences and perilous situations will be rules and principles.
Liamentary victories! The class struggle will never encountered. To overcome all these dificulties, the won in the temples of Bourgeois Justice! Only Left Wing organization must be built and supportProle. ed.
Comrades the The working class cannot simply tarian Dictarorship cani sweerganized into lay hold of the ready made State machinery, and tyranny and inaugurate Communism! The Bour and manage the affairs of the Socialist Party. The Thus only will the rank and file learn to control use it for its own purposes. The bourgeois dicta geoisie must be expropriated. The capitalist must victory of the revolutionary elements of the Socialtorship, whether it be cossack or republican, can be ousted from power. All counter revolutionary ist Party, e. of the Left Wing, will be attained be altered by our most sincere desires. The bureau efforts of the Bourgeoisie must be ruthlessly sup only through the systematically united efforts of cratic, arbitrary, geographic nature of the State pressed. Sabotage of industry by Bourgeois lead uncompromising Socialists the country over.
must be discarded. The right to determine the ers must be crushed at all cost. To lighten all this form and nature of society must be the right only pain of the transition period between capitalism and of those who do socially necessary work. Not the Communism, the Proletarian Dictatorship must be Left Wing Speakers, Attention!
amount of wealth amassed, but the degree of social The outdoor speaking season is upon us. Many usefulness to be the criterion of social standing Yes. Thus only will the workers learn to con branches will hold open air meetings, and request in the Communist Society!
trol industry and production and to manage the af. for speakers are so numerous that we cannot sen Comrades! The Socialist Party as at present or fairs of society. The victory of the proletariat will ply the demand. We urge all those who are capable ganized and managed, can over night become a be attained through a world wide federation of So speaking to send in their names and actions de revolutionary Party. The dictatorship of the Soto the secretary, 43 29th St. and state that cialist Bourgeoisie cannot be destroyed by means of Comrades! The Socialist Party of will dates they are willing to give.
set up.
is of viets!