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i The New York Communist A Picture of Soviet Russia By Maxim Litvinov Extracts from two letters on the situation in ter of a protest demonstration. The ring leaders Íslation. Perfect public order reigas in both capi.
Russia, addressed by Lüvinov, former Russian were shot at the instance of the demonstrators them tals, and all reports of brigandage and murder in Plenipotentiary in London, to an American corre selves.
the streets are absolute fabrications. In Moscow spondent at the end of January and the middle of The Left Socialist Revolutionaries who, up to the the streets are full people up to midnight. Not December last. The January letter is printed first time of the German Revolution, had been indulging only the common inhabitants, but also the People These letters are printed because, although sev. in lachrymose plaints about the Brest noose, have Commissars on about in the night without any eral months old, they give a picture of Soviet Russia now calmed down and for the most part fused with escort and without fear of attack which makes impossible the conditions described by the Communist party in virtue of a decision of their this week news dis parches. Moscow is absolutely calm. In the processions central committee. The Mepshevik Central Com.
SINCE my last leter a good deal has changed. mittee is appealing for the support of the Soviet in connection with the celebration of the Bolshevik The Government and for a fight against the counterRevolution almost the entire population took part.
ery direction. The Lettish Communists have revolution, though it repeats, to save appearances, mischief making. If it had not been for the secret Even the bourgeoisie exhibits no sign of hostility of firmly established themselves in Finland, the Lithu: the helpless twaddle about the Constituent Assem hopes at the anian Corrimunists have occupied the greater part of bly: Even the Jewish Bund is, individually and armies, the bourgeoisie would have already recomrow of the Sovi by the Allied Lithuania, and the Ukrainian Communists have collectively, migrating into our camp. Of the Inter ciled itself to the new regime, and would have adaptcaptured almost all the big towns with the excep nationalisis and the Novaya Zhizn group scarcely ed itself to it. What is causing complaints is not tion of Kiev, such as Kharkov, Poltava, Ekaterino. anything need be said. They have for a long time the regime itself. Lat the corruption of individual slav, Tchernigov, etc. The Petlurians are import. past been working conscientiously in Soviet instituoficials, of which spoke before. This, indeed, is ant and inay sell themselves at any moment to the tions. Gorky and Andreyeva (his wife) have un our chief evil at present. It is the legacy of the Entente, just as they previously sold themselves to reservedly joined us, confining their criticisms to Germany. The Esthonians alone have had bad the little details of the big machine.
Tsar regime, in! ensified by the war and the in luck. They did not possess sufficient forces to re As for the villagers, their frame of mind is best longer a specific Russian evil, but is well nigh in creased cost of living caused by it. As such, it is no tain the districts which they had recaptured, while illustrated by the recent congress of the Poverty ternational, being riſe in all countries of Western the Russian Soviets refrained from sending troops Cornmittees of the Union of Northern Communes Europe, especially in Germany. Of course, this and there in order not to provoke Finland to war. which was attended, beyond expectation, by no Measures, however, have been taken to prevent the fewer than 16. 000 delegates. suggestion to form other defects of the new regime can and will be eliminated, and, in spite of the gigantic difficulties Esthonian and Finnish White Guards from proceed. a model regiment of 4, 000 from among the meming beyond the present front. In the East, after bers of the congress was met by the immediate offer iwelkeimmortis, carried out constructive work of com the capture of Orenburg and fa, we are expecting to enroll on the part of 6, 000 delegates. Alto lossal dimensions. The activity of the Commissar.
the fall of Zlatoust. The defeat at Perni, which gether, the formation of the Poverty Committees in iat of Public Instruction is evoking the admiration has been so much exaggerated abroad, was scarcely the villages has proved a successful measure. These even of the bourgeoisie, more particularly the pronoticed in Russia. There, as in Fothome, it was committees are waging a successful battle with the case of treachery on the part of the commanders. viliage vultures and the rich who had contrised to vision of hot breakfast for all children in the schools. The theatres are working as before, and In the South. General Krasnov is idling his time entrench themselves in the village Soviets of the even the former Court actors and actresses have to away. In Siberia the workers and peasants do not old type. But the rich peasants, too, are hostile, mained at their posts, being highly satisfied with the cease to rebel.
not so much to the Soviet Government as to the col.
large measure of autonomy granted to them The committee of the Constituent Assembly pro lection of taxes.
posed to the Soviet Government an alliance for Mobilization is proceeding almost everywhere Factories can only be restarted according re joint action against Kolchak. Tchernov, who had pretty successfully. The peasants gather at the material and fuel become available. The economic fled from Kolchak to Lifa, has received permission various centres without any compulsion whatsoever reconstruction is bampered, to a large extent, by to return to Moscow. The Mensheviki, too, have re The idea of the necessity of actively protecting the the militarization of the ountry. Havi: created emerged, but continue to chant their dirges. new People Government is striking deep roots.
a large army and carrying on a war at so many conspiracy of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries The food supply has greatly improved, but is still fronts, we are obliged, in a measure, to restore to has been detected, but it is of a local character. defective, partly on account of the difficulties of its place of honor the old principle, Everything Lenin is trying to unite all the Socialist parties transport, but also in part owing to the dishonesty for the war. Instead of using the available which recognize the Soviet regime, but down below, of the above mentioned elements. Bread, however. rolling stock for the conveyance of raw material among the masses, the Mensheviki and Socialist supplied to the towns pretty regularly, while and foodstuffs, we are obliged to employ it for the Revolutionaries inspire great distrust.
other articles of consumption, such as tea, fugar, transport of troops, food, and war material to the The army continues to grow, and in a couple of butter, etc. are distributed only now and then, when fronts. If you add to this the severe blockade by months will amount to several millions.
sulhcient quantities reach the towns. In the cornthe Allies, who do not allow even neutral countries Thanks to imports from Ukraine, the food situa growing provinces, the number of which has of late to supply us with the means of production, which tion at Moscow has lost its acuteness, but there is considerably increased, thanks to the clearing out they are prepared to exchange for our surplus stock little fuel, and the people are suffering exceedingly of the Czecho Slovaks from the Volga, the peasants of raw material, you will understand that it is not from cold. At Petrograd even the food situation is supply the elevators with suficient quantities of the weakness of the Soviet regime, but our desire to bad. The reports about disturbances are lies. grain, but the further transport to the capitals still restore healthy economic condiions in Russia, which The Allied blockade is condemning the country leaves much to be desired. Illicit self provisioning has prompted our offer of peace to the Allie.
to starvation and cold. The Scandinavian coun has been suppressed. ya the rich bourgeoisie still We are going to repeat it once again, and, if it is tries have broken with us very unwillingly, yielding contrives to obtain absolutely everything for money. refused, there will be nothing left for us to do but to the pressure of the Allies who presented them All the restaurants have been closed, and in their throw upon the Allied Governments the responsiwith an ultimatum. Owing to this rupture, we are place public kitchens have been opened where the bility for the colossal bloodshed and the devastation unable to import from Denmark vegetable seeds to population can get coupon dinners, far from luxur. of Russia which will inevitably result from their the amount of 40, 000, 000 roubles which we had ious and not always satisfying. Their number is further intervention. Knowing as do the feeling bought there and paid for in cash. We cannot im still insufficient, and queues, unfortunately, are not of the masses, can confidently predict that in case port agricultural implements and machines from of rare occurrence. The shops, too, are almost all the Allies or the White Guards supported by them Sweden; and the British have forbidden them to ex. closed or nationalized, and all articles, as well as should attempt to advance against Central Russia, port even paper to Russia. large quantity of foodstuffs, are distributed by the food committees they will not find any bourgeoisie left there; flax bought by the Swedes in Russia and conveyed among the district centres, whence they are deliv. will be exterminaled to a man. Even now the Govfrom Petrograd in Russian bottoms was seized by ered to the house committees. Prices are fixed for ernment finds it very difficult to restrain the poputhe British at Reval and taken to British ports. We everything, and are, comparatively speaking, not lar wrath against the foreign and native bourgeoisie of bettering the internal conditions, and yet it is kopecks (1s. 3d. at pre war rates) a pound, while relations by the neutral Powers, which have decided we who are made responsible for the consequences. the bourgeoisic pays, by buying from illegal trad on this step mainly under the pressure of the Allied Neutral countries are being forced to boycott us, ers, 10 roubles (fl at pre war rales) pound. ultimata. However, the Soviet regime places ite and then the fact is used as proof of our wicked. The same ratio between the fixed and free prices chief hope upon the working class in the Allied holds good in the case of all other articles, countries, which, it expects, will ultimately realise The decisive factors in the situation at In all, the Commissariats constructive work is be the real aims and objects of the intervention, which present are. 1) the complete collapse of the coun. ing carried on feverishly, but naturally the practi has now lost its former protext of fighting the Getter revolution and the disappearance of opposition cal administration is considerably behind the leg inside the country, and (2) the formation of a large, efficient, and well disciplined new army.
Whatever view one may take of the activity of the Extraordinary Commissions (for Fighting the CounThe Communist Book Department ter Revolution, Speculation, and Sabotage. they are entitled to the credit of having succeeded, within New Letter to the Workers of Europe and American.
a short time, in clearing Russia of all the most acBy Lenin tive counter revolutionary and conspiring elements.
Price, cents. Bandles, 10 to 100, 35conta.
This has been achieved not so much by physical exLots of more than 100, special ratsa termination, as by the intimidation of the bour.
gooisie. The capitalists, monarchists, and Social.
Lessons of the Revolution.
Revolutionaries of the Right, choosing the better By Lenin.
part of valor, have, for the most part, sought safety Price, 10 cents. Bandles, outu.
in flight, choosing the Ukraine, Finland, and foreign Tea Days That Shook the World.
countries as the fields for their intrigues. In Rue John Reed Story of the Bolshevik Revolution. Autograph Edition.
sin itself, apart from small riots which sporadically break out in isolated villages in connection with Special Price to Comrades who Order through Tax COMMUNIST Book Department.
the mobilization, or under the influence of the agi: In Preparation: tation of reactionarice from outside, there have of Year of Prolatarina Dictatorul.
late been no conspiracies and no rebellions. These have been spoedily and peaceably coped with for Official Report of the Russian Soviet Government on a. Activities and Achievements the most part. The most important revolt during the Proletarian Republic from November 7th, 1917, to December, 1918 About for bo last three months was the action of some 500 page. Paper cover.
wilon in Petrograd, but that bore more the charac.
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