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The New York Communist Capitalism Appeals to God is imminent.
wn War (From a Swiss Bourgeois Newspaper of Zurich)
Translated by Blumer We publish the article below not because we agree (1) It must give up immediately the dictating realization, and this without renouncing the strug with any of the ideas put forward, but because policy which il at present uses, and endeavor to gle to reach the final goal.
illustrates sonething of the real conditions in come to a loyal, trustful understanding with the So. 4) It ought not to give up its faith in the ultiSwitzerland. The news that filters through the capi cialist proletariat.
male truths it stands for, por, in spite of all die talist press fron Europe is vague, indefinite and in (2) For this purpose it must make immediate appointments, the belief in good will as a basis for the main misleading. The situation in Suitzerland political changes, bring new men to the responsible meeting those who outwardly belong to the other has received practically no publicity, yet it is ob posts. Any delay is a crime.
camp. This good will is actually there, but does vious from the tone of this article that revolution (3) It must take hurriedly in hand those social not find the means of expression. Help it along.
reforms which are recognized as necessary, so that To both camps we wish to say: It is also interesting to note the reactions of the the workers may have proof of its serious and honest (1) Remember that after a bloody conflict the good bourgeois to the conditioins biey have so intentions. No further time must be lost! victor as well as the conquered will be utterly strenuously supported in the past, now that those. Bourgeois who recognize the seriousness of ruined. The struggle once started, will grow tro conditions are about to bear their logical fruit. the situation must energetically raise their voices mendously, and the blood seed once town will They appeal to the workers not to allow their whenever possible to enforce these reforms. All bring harvest after harvest of its hateful curse.
urush to break before the continued provocations of the forces of our people must be concentrated on (2) Try to wage the necessary class war differentthe capitalist class. They seek refuge in truth, this one goal. If we can solve this problem in an ly froin the way now being done, not with the weakindness, and nobiliy now that the workers are exemplary way, we will have given great service pons of hate, meanness and lies, but in a truthful rising to power, but they never evoked these virtues not only to ourselves but to the world; but if we and chivalrous fashion, considering that a bad on behalj of the millions of the proletarial who refuse to solve it we forfeit our moral right to ex struggle will ruin your own cause.
have been beaten, starved, degraded and murdered istence, and merely add one more sad spectacle to (3) Take a stand at once against the criminal throughout the ages.
the many others that the world is witnessing today. actions of a certain press, and remember that you they cry loudly to the virtues that today echo only associations All religious taik, all aspirations of and a most evil one. Take a stand against this In the face of the rising might of the proletariat Where are the churches, the schools, the political of the bourgeoisie have also an inflammatory prices. as a mockery in the ears of the workers of the knowledge, all patriotism become a sneer and a Hydra or its flaming breath will set our land on world.
lie if before this problem we are unable to raise fire.
ourselves to the position where we can act impar. Once more we say that the decisive struggle bo THE inner developments of Switzerland have of tially, tween the old and new order of things we cannot As regards the proletariat we think that it can and will not prevent. But we can and should free all who are conscious of their responsibility help to solve the problem in the following way: it from the forces of Hell. We call upon all of you for what is happening and will happen in the future. il lt ought to try every non violent possibility who are thus capable. We call upon truthfulness, Those of us who are awake and not blind must be and not play with the Dictatorship of the Proletar. nobility, kindness, undersanding, cheerful sacrifice aware of the fact that we are facing civil war. To iat and similar violent thoughts as far as this is We shout this with all the strength we have at our this fact we must give the widest publicity, so that not injurious to the necessity of a new form of disposal, in staggering consciousness of the the catastrophe will not take us by surprise as did democracy and freedom.
of the hour.
We call in the name of God, who gravity the world war, also expected by many and yet most 121 Lt ought not to allow itself to be drawn, wishes civil war as little as any other war, we call surprising to all of us. The ſear, otherwise justic through provocations from the side of the hour. in the name of Christ to whom the bulk of our peofied. of painting the devil on the wall, shall no geoisie, no matter how grave, into anything that ple are confessed, and who wishes to bring about longer deler us from with all the strength does not grow out of the necessity of its reconciliation through rces of a higher order.
of our lungs: Wake up, all of you, from your long course. strength lies repose.
Anyone reading this is forthwith made responsisleep, and ask yourselves whether or not you want (3) It ought io formulate a new, simple and ble. There is no fate that reigns over us. We still civil popular program of the minimum demands that can rise towards the summit instead of tumbling if we allow things to go on as they have been it has to make and insist upon their immediate down the abyss. Wake up!
going. civil war will come. At present it is the bourgeoisie which unconsciously and sometimes we regretfully confess consciously is precipitating the crisis. The incessant repetition of calling the military forces to arms, for no better reason than bourgeois ghost fright; the insistent circulation of fantastic rumors; a reaction whose fierce (Continued from page 1)
idiocy reminds us of the most abhorrent past; the phraseology as ethically unjustifiable and tactical. ity. Witness The Call attitude toward Left Wing incapacity of our still existing system to understand İy suicidal. Our Party press, rostrums, and con advertisements and towards re organized rather the needs of the hour; the reign of a predatory stitution form a new holy trinity for making the massacred branches. This pross, obedient to the system in our economic life, which at present, after mass of membership take one step forward, two dictates of the Party Bureaucracy, makes and unthe termination of the war, still holds prices up at makes the standing of Party members. Ever on an unattainable height, in spite of large stocks of steps backward.
supplies, just in order to make still more war BUTTRESSING THE DICTATORSHIP guard to prolong the life of the Party Bureaucracy, profits all these and many other conditions have Now for the third deadly parallel. The capital. cratic press blinds the comrades as to the nature of the privately owned, Jeffersonian Socialist Democreated a feeling among the workers, of which a ist class has many means enabling it to bafle the great number of us, in our old insolence of power, will of the masses and to thwart their purpose. So rope. Recull its attitude toward the Bolsheviki have no proper conception.
has the Party Bureaucracy.
If these people do sense something of the feelings when their success appeared improbable! RememWitness the powerful press, ever watchful of the of the masses, they draw wrong conclusions and interests of the Bourgeoisie. This monster makes her The Call notorious editorial on the murder of Liebknecht and Luxembourg by Herr Von Scheide only intensify these feelings. Correspondingly the and unmakes public opinion, wins political cam.
mann, whom the Party Bureaucracy once brought feeling of bitierness grow among the workers, and paigns, lynches labor champions, imprisons its with it the inclination to conquer force with force, class foes, and sends millions to untimely graves.
to America to assist their work of stilling revowhich in turn seems to give reaction a moral justiThe capitalist educational institutions are no less lutionary Socialism here.
The Party educational institutions are no less fication.
the expression of capitalist class interests. Science tremendous tension has been created, and a is perverted, philosophy is turned into cracked the expression of the interest of the Dictatorship of the Bureaucrats. The Rand School, in the main spark will suffice to bring about the terrific explo: truth, thousands of highly trained defenders of owned and controlled by the Party Bureaucracy, and sion of civil war. And it seems that the spark may capitalism are turned out annually from the uni.
at any minute fall into this accumulated heap of ex versities, ignorance among the masses is sanctified, organized into an organization within an organization. the American Socialist Society in the plosive matter. The workers at this hour do not and revolutionary men and movements are banAmerican Socialist Party teaches, under the name want a readjustment by violence, and a large soc. ished. So are all other means of shaping and deof Socialism, a travesty and a misrepresentation of tion of the hourgeoisie leans towards peaceful set. termining the opinions of the masses under comthe principles of scientific Socialism, as expounded tlement; but in the end the accumulated forces plete bourgeois mastery.
not ask our will, they act according to their own The bourgeois dictatorship has full sconomic by Marx, Engels, Labriola, Dietzgen, Lenin, Lieb.
knecht, etc. This same Rand School annually turns law. You that sleep and you that have been duped, power. It owns the land, the homes, and all the can you not see what is going to happen if present means of production and exchange From on high spreads petty. bourgeois, pacifist, and hence counter: out many defenders of the Party Bureaucracy. It conditions are allowed to continue?
the bourgeois dictators dole out to the meek laborWhat then must be done? Shall we preach peace ers their weekly crumbs. The bourgeoisie is steadrevolutionary, notions of the class struggle. This Socialist school of Social Science does not dare and good will to men in the habitual mediating way? ily growing richer and the proletariat poorer.
Shall we ask that both sides give up some of their To even question the absolute control of military to give non perverted courses in Marxism, for fear The that this would entail inviting comrades not in the demands in order to make everything well again power by the bourgeois dictators is treason. as if it had ever been well. police, the army, the navy, the state Cossacks, the good graces of the Party Burcaucracy to be teachers. Thus is ignorante sanctified among the Party No, this was never our way. For us it is clear thugs, the courts and sundry species of justice disthat the gigantic struggle between the old and pensere most adequately buttress the Bourgeois rank and file, and so are revolutionary currents shut off from the Party.
new worlds must be fought out. Bad as it may be Dictatorship.
The Dictatorship of the Party Bareaucracy has if this happens in a violent and bloody way, it will The Party Bureaucracy finds itself no less forfull economic power. The Branch treasurers and be worse if the decision is feurfully avoided. We tunate. It owns a press which is constantly grow.
lessoes are either part and parcel of the Baronu.
also expect peace only with the victory of the new ing more powerful and influential. This reactionworld.
ary Socialist press debauches the ideals for which cracy, or at least subject to its dictates. The Party The question now is whether blood and fire are revolutionary comrades have gone to jail, by ap: niture, and other property are subject to titles and necessary to bring about this victory. We think not. pealing to the bourgeoisie for money, and by arThe strugle can be fought in another way, if we ranging moetings ostensibly to assist their libera mortgages held by the Socialist Bureaucracy. The expect it to uring the greatest amount of welfare tion, but in reality to fill its own coffers. This Bureaucrats ownership and control of Party prop and the least a. uount of misfortune.
press, controlled by those highest in the councils erty have been growing greater, and the rank and file ownership and control of Party property havo But then what must be done?
of the Party Bureaucracy, and at the direct behest We think that from the side of the bourgosisie of this Socialist bureaucracy, blocks the revolution boen growing waller. Continued on page the following is decenity: ary masses in the Party by refusing them public Bourgeois Dictatorship in Local