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The New York Coinmunist Left Wing Notes.
The Telescope Pamphlets submitted by Russian Federation accepted.
THE Left Wing organization has decided to support the following nominee and asks all revo Book offered by Martens Year of Proletarian Dictatus Help Your Comrades! ship. accepted.
lutionary Socialists to do likewise: Matter of meeting group in Brooklyn for conforme For Executive Secretary of Local New York: At least one hundred workers who partici concurred with Maximilian Cohen.
pated in the Cleveland May Day DemonstraCity Committee not to meet the tion have been railroaded to prison. So far Rumian interpreter Ankunezie.
Motion made to accept members who fled application The entire Michigan State organization has been as the ten, fifteen or thirty days that com carde which Ex Comm. bada acted on a ret; deleted.
apelled from the Party by the National Executive rades must serve in the workhouse, those who Matter of Preliminary Conference at Buffalo Committee, without a hearing, because of the ac are outside cannot help them. But we can Comrade Coben reported that Brahtin of Cleveland, tion taken by the last State Convention in repudiat.
see to it that not a single man or woman re.
Froma of Boston and Hourwich and Coben of New York participated.
ing immediate demands in the Party platform. mains in the workhouse to work out the fine Decided that conference be held in New York e Joe.
and costs which part of all the sentences.
The Cook County Socialist Party Convention of Under the unjust laws now existing, a man That representation be one delegate for every 500 men bers or part thereof, and no local shall have more than four.
May 17 18 resulted in a clean sweep for the Left or woman who is poor and cannot pay fine Twenty five dollars per capita tar for each delegato to Wing. More than 400 votes out of about 650 e.
and costs must remain in the workhouse to en to central fund to defray expense of delegation cared the adoption of a statement of principles and work out the fine and costs at the rate of sity That language federations shall be cestitled to one fr program definitely ensuring the revolutionary cents per day. In other words every sen.
temal delegate from Central Executive Committee of the tence which includes a fine of 25. 00 and ovely provided to und Program: carried character of the new Chicago Socialist Party or.
such central body has also accepted Left ganization. Led by Seymour Stedman, the politi. costs means that the prisoner will have to Order of business read and accepted with one amend.
cians and Right Wingers bolted the Convention, serve fifty or sixty additional days to work ment to wit: That Committee on Economic Organisation but carried with them less than of the dele.
out that part of his or her sentence.
be elected; carried.
On motion it we decided that representation be me gates. This victory is the most important won by This must not be. The fines must be paid. delegate for every fire hundred or part thereof with In addition, the families of some of those the left Wing sc far. Details later.
maximum limitation who are in prison will be in need before their In case credentials committee decided otherwise thome According to reliable information from Chicago, sentences expire. We must help them. They delegates receiving highest vote are to be seated.
Let Wing candidates for the National Executive must not suffer. Send donations to Esch language federation shall have one delegate with yote Committee and International Delegates, and na.
Ruthenberg, 1222 Prospect Ave. Cleveland. Comrade Larkin addressed the meeting and made a tional referendums and are winning by appeal for funda Total collected in cash 234. 56, baida pledges for evan overwhelming majority of votes.
17th Notes, 1538 Madison Avenue.
eral hundred dollars.
Thursday, May 29. Discussion meeting on the Following is the official count of Local Buffalo 22. 83 was made As appeal for Zucker Defense Found, and a collection of Left Wing Manifesto. Topic, Dictatorship of the Motion carried that TEE COMMUNIST inue an appeal fer on the referendum vote for national officers: Proletariat.
For National Executive Committee: funds for the striking shoe worken of Brooklyn Friday, May 30. Lecture, The American Kaiser Left King Conference back to Locale; defcated.
Motion to refer nominations of delegaie to National Louis Fraina. 259 Nicholas Hour wich Socialists. Prominent Left Wing speaker. Ad205 The following candidates were elected us delegates to Franklin Brill.
the National Left Wing Conference: 159 mission frec.
Edward Lindgren Larkin, Wolfe, Reed, Cohen, Lindgren, MacAlpine, Horer 150 Saturday, May 31. Concert and dance. prowbich, Gitlow. Paul, Zucker, Kerl Brodaky, Waton. Alter Morris Hillquit.
83 fessional singer has offered to give her services nates: Lovestone Hiltzik and Fannie Horovitz For International Delegate: gratis for the occasion. violinist and pianist of Deiegate to Chicago, Larkin.
Johr Reed.
307 high standing will help make the affair a success. Meeling adjourned Louis Freina.
285 In addition to its scheduled activities the 17th Ruthenberg271 is arranging a class in public speaking under Louis Boudin 153 Harry Engles. There will be no charge. Applicants Ferguson 67 may register with Irving Dolgin at headquarters.
Victor Berger 61 chorus is being organized. Singers wanted!
For International Secretary: The Hiking Club is to have its first outing SunKate Richards Hare. 145 day, June 1st. Watch for announcement.
Morris Hillquit.
80 We understand that on account of the expulsion The Esthonian Branch, Local New York, has re of numerous Branches from Local New York, re ceived the following letter from the Executive ceipts from due stamps are coming in very slowly.
Notice to All Branches of Locals New York, Committee: Kings, Queens, flichmnd, Astoria, Brons Simultaneously, The Socialist seems to have moDear Comrade: At a meeting of the City Committee held on the am instructed to inform you that your branch, the pended publication.
5th day of May it was decided to call a City Con Estonian Branch, was at the last moeling of the Executive vention, and that the basis of representation shall Committee suspended from the Party, and is therefore do The National Executive Committee Americano be: longer an integral part of Local New York. One delegate for every 50 members in The reason for the suspension is that your branch is ization campaign is proceeding side by side with officially affiliated with the Left Wing.
the National Security League Every time the good standing or major fraction thereof; bave notibed the National office of the Party of the Immigration authorities deport a bunch of alien that branches shall elect delegates direct. suspension of your branch, so that they can notify the agitators. the National Executive Committee expela Federatinn of the fact that you are no longer a branch of the Party, and not entitled to any rights and privilegon a foreign Branch Yos are therefore requested to send out a call for the branches instructing them to elect delegates to Hoping that your branch will see the error, and repudiate We are waiting with ill concealed impatience for the convention on the basis decided by the City the Lett Wing organization and return to the Party, the Centrists to reply to Comrade Hillquit committee.
hull of excommunication.
Yours for the Cause, The convention will be held on June 14th and LOCAL NEW YORK, SOCIALIST PARTY, 15th. Place of meeting to be announced later. See EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE It is reported that at the last meeting of the Ex.
editorial page. The order of business will be as JULIUS GERBER ecutive Committee of Local New York, there were follows: Executive Secretary so many Branches to expel that the Executive ComConsolidation of Locals into a Greater City Local.
Taking action on Party Ownership of Press.
The following Branches have joined the Left mittee inadvertently expelled itself, and was forced Wing: Taking action on the left Wing.
to appeal to the C. for reinstatement.
Taking up the question of the re organization of 4th Kings; Branch 2, 18th Kings; At the special meeting of the Call Association branches in Local New York.
German Language Group, Kings; Lithuanian Send the names of the delegates elected and the Branch 19, Kings; Lithuanian Branch 82, New the other night it was decided to take strong po sition against the Left Wing. We suppose that branches they represent to the secretary at the York.
means we will be denounced along with Zapata and Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress Avo Burleson.
Manbattan Lyceum.
An incident of the Cleveland May Day brutaliAt the last meeting of the Left Wing caucus of Present about 300 members ties deserves to be recorded. When the police and the Central Committee, Local Bronz, Benj. Gitlow, Executive Secretary called meeting to order and called gangsters raided Socialist headquarter s, they tore Bourgin, Winick, Dr. Glouberman and Roman for nominations for chairman.
Comrade Karl Brodeky eleced chairman down all the pictures from the walls except por.
Bluegrass were endorsed as the candidates for the Comrade Ed. Lindgren elected vice chairman.
treit of Karl Marx. Asked why they spared that City Committee from Local Bronz.
Minutes of previous membership meeting adopted with particular picture, one of the thugs replied: Well, corrections.
he looked like a respectable old bird. How did Minutes City Committee read for action.
The Yorkville German Branch bought three hun. Moved to take up the last City Committee minutes know he wasn Abraham Lincoln father, or some dred tickets to the 17th Branch Left Wing seriatim; carried.
body like that?
ball; one hundred they put away for mementos one hundred they tore up, and the remaining hundred they distributed to those who were to go to the Appeal for Fode for The Comiat COMRADES: The Left Wing is in need of funds for the issuance of its paper; we have no At the meeting of the Central Committee of Local dues paying membership and are solely dependent upon the voluntary contributions of comBronx on Saturday evening, a Right Winger moved rades for our support. If you think our movement is necessary, if you feel that we must have public expression, vou mist come to our support. In the present crisis, more than ever before, to recall all Left Wing delegates to the Executive Committee. Immediately afterward another Right we must koop in the field, our paper must be published. WE NEED FUNDS.
Winger moved the previous question. In the do Tear off and mail to MAXIMILIAN COHEN, WEST 29th STREET, bate, Braunstein and Dr. Friedman stated that the Rights wanted to split the Party immediately. AlI bereby subscribed the sum of. ach wook for the support of THE COMMUNIST, though the Rights were in a majority at this time, the previous question was defeated. An hour later Name Address another previous question motion was defeated. At eleven thirty a roll. call voto on the motion was Bruno Local taken, which was defeated by 43 Left Wing votes against 34 Right Wing votos.
the Party.
we are bail