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The New York Communist The and Bolshevism THEOMAX y maletine o combater maiorumbel om birtomatische resta de los de By John Rood THE May number of One Big Union, the LW. birth to the new social order, and the state will iporing industrial panication had they not included monopolising the thought of the workers for their partai prising statements about Bolshevism, and the An illustration of this is to be seen in the new form now be in such terrible plight; they would not now be mentary schemes, the worken of their countries would not Bolsheviki, which show a complete misconception of strike Seattle, Butte, Winnipeg where the slanding helpless, but would be able to carry o prodao of the revolutionary Socialism and of what has hap workers in control of industry find themselves tion without interruption.
pened in Russia.
threatened by the capitalist state, and are themselves Let us admit at the outset that there is great For exumple, this: compelled to set up their own rudimentary govern.
deal of truth in the general accusation. It is valid They (the Bolsheviks. captured the Government by ment, which undertakes policing, feeding, etc. This to say that the Socialists generally have paid oply force and put Bolsheviks into ofce in place of the offcials is Proletarian Dictatorship in embryo.
too little attention to organizing on the industrial of the old regime. The typical Bolshevik revolution is But the writer in One Big Union seems to believe field, so that the workers can take over production political revolution by force. The exterior changes they that the Bolsheviki intend that the Proletarian Dic We will admit ihat we American Socialists have 11 make in the Government may be ever so conspicuous, but still they are not fundamental. These changes all fou tatorship shall endure indefinitely. This, in the face great deal to luarn from the W. but the Re within the outlines of the institution we call the state. of constant reiteration of Lenin and other Bolshevik siap Bolsheviki have not This is just what Bolshevik revolutions do not spokesmen, that as soon as capitalism is destroyed The writer says, The Rumians made a hasty do they do not merely put Bolshevike into office the Proletarian Dictatorship also venishes, and experiment with Soviets. Ho apparently in place of the officials of the old regime. Their gives way to the Industrial Order! How, in this thinks that the Soviets of Workers Depatice wero chiel pecularity the essence of Bolshevism lics day, after all the lessons of the Russian Revolution, organs created 10 take over production. After in the fact that they hold, with Mars, that the can anyone be so ignorant as to talk this Anarcho year of almost incessant explanation about the So proletariat cannot lay hold of the ready made state Menshevik twaddle!
viets and their functions, this Fellow Worker soems machinery and use it for its own purposes. They Again we quote: not to know that the Soviets are political orgen, must destroy the capitalist alate, and in order The Bolshevik revolution is the culmination of political and have nothing to do with the management of to eradicate it permanently to destroy its roots socialism. The program of political socialism is very production, which is left to the Councils of work. they must set up temporarily a Proletarian Dist. Eeneral one. It the abolition of classes. the abolition ers Control, based upon the Industrial Union (o torship, to clear the path for the Industrial Com. tion. the establishment of socialist republic, ec, of capitalism. the socialization of the means of produc. which five least have adopted the W. Pro monwealth which is the aim of the The pressions which we ourselves use. But the program of the amble intact) and upon the Factory Shop Commitnature of the new state is entirely different from political socialists is not well worked out on these moet toes Syr:dicalist organizatioos springing from the the old one. Its purpose to abolish the private important points. They have left the details to chance rank and of the workers ownership of the means of production and distriat the last moment. As a consequence they find themselves Already within the shell of the Sovia Governwithout the proper industrial organs for taking over pro bution. How then can anyone say that the changes duction, at the moment when they have captured political ment is being created (with the help and encour.
are not fundamental? Does not the power. The Russians made a hosty experiment with sovieu, agement of the Government itself) the new Indus Wuld that the capitalist state is merely the instrubut as lase new inform us, these organs were unequal to trial Society. This consists of the Unions, the ment by which the capitalist ownership of property the task of taking over production and distribution. The Councils of Workers Control, the Peasanto Agri kheme is falling apart, and us a result Russia is partly is perpetuated and strengthened? Is not the pro cultural Committees, and is united in one central returning to private ownership and control, panly turning letarian conquest and destruction of the state a over the work to the co operative movement, partly coort body, the Supreme Council of People Economy fundamental change?
ing to direct government contre, only a small part of pro the frame work of the pure Industrial Common duction and distribution apparently being in control of Wealth, toward which, as Lenin points out, the It appears that the is still enamored the workers direct through their industrial organization Russian Revolution is irresistibly moving, of the idea that it can organize the workers 100 under capitalism. Apparently the Fellow Workers Rusia has not resulted in Industrial Democracy, but in The writer points out that the organs of the So keshift or temporary arrangement without stability, viet Government was late news inform us. were believe, in spite of what is happening to them now, withoort any pretense of a final solution. The limitation unequal to the task of taking over production and that they can build up their new society within of political socialium have become plainly discernible.
the shell of the old in the teeth of a hostile governdistribution There are various other movements in Russia, each with In the first place, where does the ment Can they yet see that by some means the their economic prograna, but none of them would, a fu Fellow worker get his late news. From the cap capitalist State must be destroyed, to make way for italist press? And in the second place, doa bo esperience of Bolsheviam in Russia, we can again upon really imagine that Russian industry is backward the building up of their new society?
hasis of tangible facta reiterate our standpoint which we Marxian Socialism demonstrates that the state have 50 persistently repeated in years gone by, namely, because the Russion workers were onequal to the the institutions and class distinctions of society that economic reconstruction of society cannot be accom.
task of taking over production? Russian industry, plished by government trying to order thing with high he should know, was wrecked by the Wu by the. are dictated by economic conditions; in other band through laws and regulations, but has to be an organic words, the capitalist state is the expression of the growth from the bottom, through the industrie organization Tearist and the Kerensky Governments; it was property relations of modern society. In order to the worken at the place of work. Rumit will get here bankrupt industry which the Bolsheviki took over.
to tackle the immense task of organizing the workers inAnd since that time does be not understand that alter these property relations, some power of the dustrially, in order to obtain the Decemary organa for taking workers must be set up. When private property there has been war both civil and foreigo war over production is abolished, the new economic conditions will give Had the political Socialists not been so persistent in exhausted? Read the report recently published in desperate war of defense by people starving. mod THE COMMUNIST, entitled, The Productivity that after a few outbreaks they will carry the All this revolutionary mission the Bergersonian Russian labor. by the Aatng Comminar editorial providentially entrusts to the unions (and bor, and then say that the Russian workers are But. and here the writer dismisses the Sparta of course, to the unions of the American Federation izations were unfit to manage industry with most can tactice these methods have not succeeded of Labor, he recognizes no other unions. It is of their fuel cut off, with most of their raw mater even in Germany, to say nothing of America. The the more convenient, so that the failure of the isls lacking, with decrepit machinery unrenewed author evidently never realized that most, if not Revolution and the shameful conduct of the Social. for more than three years! And by the way, after all of the responsibility for the failure of the Patriots before and during the war, might be ascrib years of propaganda in in politically democratic Spartacans in Germany must be ascribed to his itual and political partisans the Scheidempired to these same unions, as is being done by one of country, how large a section of the American workBerger comrades, Morris Hillquit, in his latest ing class has the The victory of the working class in the opin pronounciamento.
The Fellow Worker blames the Bolsheviki for not ion of the editorial writer will be won not through After all this anti revolutionary and counterhaving built up the workers economic organisa revolutionary struggle, but as a result of politi revolutionary absurdity, the author finally gives tions properly years before, Docs he not know that cal success at all Unions were illegal under the Twar, that propethe well known realization of Socialism. through some practical advice to his readers regarding the Left Wing.
ganda and organization in Russis up to 1917 were at elections, through the parliamentary ma jority. Evidently the author has not progressed, In a nutshell his advice is, For God sake, don liberately kept in the blackest ignorance? How punished most cruelly, that the workers were do has forgotten nothing and learned nothing during deal with these seditious persons.
could the Bolsheviki build op labor organisation the last few stormy years, though he states at the And this advice is given by the author of the edi. before the Revolution?
beginning that nearly all Socialists are somewhat torial article in an open manner, frightening and But when the Revolution finally broke, it was the more radical than they were before the war. Ap playing up the basest, small town Hebrew fear of Boisheviki who encouraged and forood Laborc parently be even does not belong to these nearly his readers: ganization the Boleheviki who introdaced allt. If you are thinking of joining the Left Wingi carefully worked out plan of Industrial Unionist However, the author shows some signs of swing by taking part in the formation of a Communist into Russia, which, within three months, had more ing to the Left. a tribute, as it were, to the spirit League or otherwise, we want you to know exact than two million doe paying monberrmany of the times Bieluctantly being ly what you are about. If you join the Left Wing more themelore which he sad today able to contro il lion. However, when the Syndicalist Factory Shop during the period of the social reconstruction in you thereby agree to take an active part in bloody Committees turned out to be the best form of stvo this country. But Socialisto on no sccount in bo uprising in Milwaukee.
guilty of such violence. They will patiently this bloody uprising will take place precisely be form of organisation. Bill Shatov ww one of The added words in Milwaukee (remember, lutionary labor organization for the taking over vote. Violence may be applied only as a rehere in Milwaukee) are of special significance, the leading builders of the Factory Shop Cotumit.
sult of provocation on the part of the conserveand, as the readers can we for themselves, bear tivos. and even this after we (ie, the Socialiste)
tee form of organization (although he ww not, all the attribunes of a provocative denunciation.
one writer in One Big Union has it, the originator But even in caso of noch provocation on the hint regarding the political bonesty of the Left The picture to completed by finging. delicate of Workers Control. part of the conservative.
Wo agree with the Fellow Worker that Syndical.
of a political party to incite to violence. By its im bor the miwing link in the problem very nature and casetice, a political party is an or We feel certain that our capitalist enemies have of labor organisation for iso name action of the violenco should come, et natural way or another greater of violente come to the Loft Wing to urge united working close Bet une mare tention to the fact that the Syndicalists of Ramis would be by way of the unions, not the Party. Already the late Comrade Mehring, in his fam. and among them Shatov, Nelson and other former However, there are still to be found Socialists ous letter to the Russian Bolsheviki, pointed out member in this country are operating essence, differs from all other political parties in fighting the Independent Socialists and the Sparta ple of Proletarian Dictatorship the necemary that it is a revolutionary party, and that its task is cans was the accusation that they were paid agents characteristic of the transition period between Cape not to follow the tail of the unions, but to march of the Government, and provocateurs. It looks ualism and the Industrial Commonwealth. forward, to load the unions, lead the whole working in the methods of the Scheidemanno in all coun want to point out that the Syndicalist of Es class!
trio are alike.
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It is not the part Wing.