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43 West 29th Street. New York City Murderers of the People reported recognition of the Omsk Governcrnment under the dictator Kolchak by the Governments of England, France. Italy and the United States finingly caps the hypocrisy, double dealing and treachery which has characterized the policy of the capitalist governments toward Soviet Rush.
Ever since Soviet Russia, by Revolution, brought down in ruins the might of Hohenzullern Germany, the Allied Governments have openly assumed the the imperialistic task of crushing human liberty in the world. Severely repressing the opposition at home, the Gmernments of England, France, Italy, Japan and the United States have insisted that the German and Austrian revolutions shall not be social revolutions, and have sent troops to attack the Russian Soviet Republic.
The European Governments openly proclaim that their object is to destroy the Soviet Government. and Bolshc vism with it. The Government of the mud States, through its mouth piece, Woodrow Wilson. expresses vague humanitarian phrases full of noble sound, but dares not tell the truth about invasion in Russia. As a matter of fact. the Associated Powers have been engaged, without a declaration of war, in murdering workers and peasants in cold blood. in order to make the world safe for the bloody regime of cap italism, which has watered the earth with the blood of the working class for a hundred years, and finished up with the gigantic holocaust of the Great War.
immediately following the Proletarian Revolution, the excuse for hostility toward Soviet Russia was that the Germans were in control. The United States Government supported this view by the publication of a series of forged documents. which do ceived no one. The fall of Imperial Germany completely destroyed this fabrication.
Thu: it was to guard military stores and protect the rear of the TchdthoAS alts the Judas nation and to restore law and order. The United States Government deliberately incited the peoples of the world against Sovia Russia by publishing an appeal to humanity against the greatly exaggerated Red Terror at the same time ignoring the horrible hilt: Terror of the TchekhoA Slovaks in the Volga Valley, and of Mannerheim in Finland.
With phrases about justice and self determination on their lips. the statesmen of the capitalist Powers sent armed troops to shoot down Russian workers and peasants defending their own proletarian government the first Government of the People in the history of the world. While issuing lofty invitations to Prinkipo, the Allied and Ameri: can Governments drew closer around Soviet Russia the iron ring of their blockade, dooming to death by starvation hundreds of thousands of women and children. Their soldiers cooperated with the Horvaths. the Semionovs, the renegadee, the Black Hundreds attempting to restore Tsariam, the restorers of vodka. Cossack rule and pogroms.
While protecting against Bolahevik propaanda. the agents of the Associated Powers in Russia corrupted oflicials, actively mined the counter revolution, and under cover of diplomatic immunity, plotted to overthrow the Government of the Rumian People.
Now they recognize the. iovernnment of Kolchak: Kolchak the Tearist, themanof black reputation under the old regime; Kolchnk, the dehuucher of Siberian peasants; Kolchak, who suppressed the last vestiges of democratic association; Kolchak, who forbade labor unions, even as the Tar did; who arrested, jailed and massacred thousands upon thousands of worker: and peasants without trial; Kolchak, whose death train of Bolshevik prieoners is the horror of the whole world; Kolchak, who is repudiated by all liberty loving mat the world over, whatever their political opinions.
Today the capitalist press is mourning exultantly that the battered and starving armies of the Pro letarian Republic are being pushed back on all fronts. Already in their columns is beginning to appear the fierce foreshadowing note of the great Revenge. If Capitalist Imperialism wine in RusDon Leave the Party!
Chicago, May 26, 19.
Comrade Cohen: Thanks for your good letter. expect the Right Wing to try the some tactics nationally as locally in New York. Gerber is here helping to steer the game. But they are losing and they know it henv:e their panicky actions.
The rawer they go, the harder they will fall.
Have no fear whatever of the final outcome.
We are sure to win. Ninety per cent of the present membership wants Revolutionary Socialiam.
So sit tight. Keep your membership intact.
Let no one quit. Let not a single member or Branch withdraw from the Party voluntarily.
Wait till they are expelled. Stick. Help us with the national fighL It will take three months, but the Red Wins. Don let anyone talk split. This Party is Ours and we are go ing to prove it.
Yours in Revolt, Kat roaring.
sis, there will lollow a massacre that will make the punishment of the Paris Commune look like a picnic. The capitalist class the world over is licking its lips in anticipation It is the fault of the world working close if 50viet Russia is made a shambles by the capitalist govemments of the victorious Powers. It is our fault if our Comrades in Europe are stricken down by the murderers of the people!
The Still Born City Convention The State Executive Committee has declared that the City Committee exceeded its authority in calling a City Convention of the Party Branches of Greater New York. and declares that the Convention will be illegal. This action is taken to save the face of the Right Wingers, who withdrew from the City Committee as soon as they discovered that the Left Wing had a majority there. In the beginning the Right Wingers were just as anxious to call the City Convention as the Left Wingers. The Right Wing still imagined that it had a majority among the rank and file, and that the Left Wing Manifesto and Program could be disposed of in the Convention.
But now the Right Wing knows that the majority of the membership is with us. So it persuadm the State Executive Committee to declare the Convention illegal.
Simultaneously the Rand School has refused the use of People House auditorium for the Convention.
These are the latest tactics of the Party boasts They know that the referendum is going against them overwhelmingly, so they reorganize and expel Branches, and then throw out their votes. They know that the National Emergency Convention is going against them, so they disenfranchise the membership.
It will not work. We intend to put our candidates in often. We intend to hold the National Emergency Convention. And we herewith inform all comrades that the City Convention will be held, on the date agreed upon, according to the original plum. Instead of the People House, we shall probably meet at Queen County Labor Lyceum.
From all over the country a landslide Left Wing victory is movhig down on Chicago. Expel as they will reorganize as they will they cannot reorganize and expel Branches as fast as they go Left Wing.
Panic stricken, the Right Wing, through the mouth of lillquit, calls for a split in the Party the Right Wing, which accused In of wanting to split in order to have the pitiful mount of the movement they have wrecked.
They cannot save it. The Party is curl. Life itself is with the Left Wing!
Statistics of the Pink Terrorr Many Colnrad imagine that we are exagguat ing the proportions and gravity of the ruthleal campaign against the left. Wing inaugurated by Local New York Executive Committee. For the benefit of the Comrades we publish the following list of Branches reorganiaed, in proonu of reorganization, and those to whom ballots have but denied, or whose vote bu been thrown out. English Branches lit 2d 3d 5th10th 81h 17th lam A. Wad 23d The New York Communist Foreign Bracket let Russian, 2d Russian, Ukrainean, 2d latiah, 52d Lithuanian, Eathonion, Hungarian (Yorkville. Spanish. German Hungarian, Italian 2d Jewish 2d Jewiah 8th The following new Branchle have been refused charter. a 5th Russian Ukrainian of Russian Federation; 88th Ukrainean of Ukrainean Federation; new Hungarian Branch of Hungarian Federation.
Between three thousand and thirty five hundred number: of Local New York have no voice nor vote in Party afloin.
The State Executive Committee is reorganizing the entire State, which means, expelling all Lei!
Wing Locals.
The First Russian Branch has been expelled from the Party, and the expulsion has been endorsed by the The Right Wing, on the eve of counting the vote.
of the referendum on Party ollicials. thus disqualifim the Lclt Wing votes. 0n the eve of the Emerg ency Nationai Convention, called at the instance of Left Wing Locals, the Right Wing takes action to prevent the attendance of delegates representing the vast majority of the Party membership.
After all the protests against the illegality of an organization within an organiaation. alts the outcry that the Party Constitution and by lawu provide adequate means for formulating new Party policies and tactics the ollicialdom of the Party deliberately violates its own rules and its own Conetitution.
These are the methods of the capitalist political democratic State. It professes democracy until the popular masses undertake to exercise their prerogative; then it calls in the Courts to interpret, or the police to suppress.
We, of the Left Wing, were right in refusing to trust our Party leaders. We of the Left Wing were right when we accused them of not being Socialiata.
Left Wing Bogey By Nicholas Hourwieh The successes of the Left Wing of the American Socialist Party begin evidently to frighten the olhcial leaders of the Social Opportunistn.
From this fear spring the radical men urea to which individual Party leaders and the machine resort in their struggle against the Ioditious elements within the Party; from thin fur springs the haste with which, foreseeing the alarming possibility of defeat at the Emergency Convention, they expel from the Party or discredit the independent thinking members, and even whole left Wings.
The magnitude of the danger threatening the dominating Right Wing can be judged, for instance.
from the fact that Left Wing Sedition bu panetrated even such a bulwark of respectable Socialism as Milwaukee, guarded by the mo and ideologue of Ancient Social Oppormniam, the Socialist Congressman, member of the National Executive Committee of the Party, Victor Berger.
The Milwaukee Lead. published in Milwaukee and edited by Berger e Socialist paper deema it even wise to devote to this danger a special editorial under the significant caption: Do We Want Violence. This editorial is worth dimming, bee it gives complete expression to the philosophy of the Right Wing, as yell In to those weapons with which the latter is ready to um itself in its struggle to crush and dstroy the hated Left Wing.
The central point of the editorial, u can be can: from the caption, is the question of violence.
We shall not discuss here the scientific incorrectnesa of the term violence. The main weight of the question, as it is put by the Left Wing, consists not in whether violence should or should not be need; but in the application of the revolutionary mass method of struggle. A: an be gleaned from the ten of the articie, the term violence is used by the editorial writer of the Milwmltee under instead of the term revolutionary method of mggle. and used deliberately 4n the vein of the whole PI JVOCIliVE character of the editorial. The more al act, and therelore leu definite sion nvolutionary method of struggle. nigh prove to be a harder tank to classify unbr the an ticlea of the petal code than the more met and definite and therefore, more useful for (Li pnrpoeea of the Milwaukee Socialist pronoun.
Mr. labelw term violence.
Berger editorial proclaims first: The Lit Win era went to uaeviolence. 0feomue, theydn not tly any ao malicioualy remarks the it: er. with a look towards police 5nd!
things cannot very well be uidopmly. But 10 rudtheirwritinpyouuncometonootham cluxion. The At Winger: want to incite a eerie: of 10lent uprisings, using the methods of the Spanfiul of Germy as their model, hoping that each unfitingwillbringthemalittlemutethegoal nd