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The New York Communist COMMUNIST T!
The New York thousands of workers and peasants without trial; Foreign Branches. 1st Russian, 2d Russian, 20th Kolchak, whose death train of Bolshevik pris Ukrainean, 2d Jattish 52d Lithuanian, Esthonian, oners is the horror of the whole world; Kolchak, Hungarian (Yorkville. Spanish, German Hungar.
who is repudiated by all liberty loving men the ian, Italian 2d Jewish A Jewiat 8th world over, whatever their political opinions.
Official Organ of the Left Wing Section, Today the capitalist press is screaming exultant The following new Branches have boen rofwed Socialist Party ly that the battered and starving armies of the Pro charters: Owned and Controlled by Local letarian Republic are being pushed back on all 5th Russian Ukrainean of Russian Federation; Greater New York fronts. Already in their columns is beginning to 88th Ukrainean of Ukraincan Federation; new Hunappear the fierce foreshadowing note of the great garian Branch of Hungarian Federation.
Editor Revenge. If Capitalist Imperialism wins in Rus Between three thousand and thirty five hundred EADMONN MACALPINE Associate Editor members of Local New York have no voice nor vote MAXIMILIAN COHEN Business Manager in Party affairs.
Don Leave the Party!
Editorial Board The State Executive Committee is roorganizing HOURWICH ZUCKER the entire State, which means, expelling all Loft Chicago, May 26, 19. Wing Locals. WOLFE WILENKIN Cororade Cohen: The First Russian Branch has been expelled from Publisbed Every Work Thanks for your good letter. expect the the Party, and the expulsion has been endorsed by Right Wing to try the same tactics nationally the as locally in New York. Gerber is here helping The Right Wing, on the eve of counting the votes SUBSCRIPTION RATES to steer the game. But they are losing and of the referendum on Party officials, thus disquali1 Year 00 they know it hence their panicky actions.
fies the Lett Wing votes. On the eve of the Emerg: Months 50 The rawer they go, the harder they will fall.
ency National Convention, called at the instance of Months. 75 Have no fear whatever of the final outcome. Left Wing Locals, the Right Wing takes action to We are sure to win. Ninety per cent of the prevent the attendance of delegales represeating Single Copies, Cents present membership wants Revolutionary So the vast majority of the Party membership.
cialism After all the protests against the illegality of Bundle Orders of 10 or over, Cents Copy. an organization within an organization. after So sit tight. Keep your membership intact.
13 West 29th Street. New York City Let no one quit. Let not a single member or the outcry that the Party Constitution and by law Branch withdraw from the Party voluntarily.
provide adequate means for formulating new Party Wait till they are expelled. Stick. Help us policies and tactics. the officialdom of the Party Murderers of the People with the national fight. It will take three deliberately violates its own rules and its own Con.
months, but the Red Wins. Don let anyone stitution uon.
WE reported recognition of the Omsk Govern. talk split. This Party is Ours and we are go These are the methods of the capitalis political crnment under the dictator Kolchak by the ing to prove it.
democratic State. It professes democracy until Governments of England, France, Italy and the Yours in Revolt, the popular masses undertake to exercise their pro United States fittingly caps the hypocrisy, doublo KATTERFELD. rogative; then it calls in the Courts to interpret, or deatmg and treachery which has characterized the the police to suppress policy of the capitalist governments toward Soviet We, of the Left Wing, were right in refusing to Russia sia, there will follow a massacre that will make the trust our Party leaders. We of the Left Wing Ever since Soviet Russia, by Revolution, brought punishment of the Paris Commune look like a pic were right when we accused them of not being so down in ruins the might of Hohenzollern Germany, nic. The capitalist class the world over is licking cialists.
the Allied Governments have openly assumed the its lips in anticipation the imperialistic task of crushing human liberty in It is the fault of the world working class if so the world. Severely repressing the opposition at viet Russia is made a shambles by the capitalist Left Wing Bogey hume, the Governments of England, France, Italy, governments of the victorious Powers. It is our By Nicholas Hourwich Japan and the Linited States have insisted that the fault if our Comrades in Europe are stricken down German and Austrian revolutions shall not be so by the murderers of the people!
The successes of the Left Wing of the Ameri.
cial revolutions, and have sent troops to attack the can Socialist Party begin evidently to frighten Russian Soviet Republic.
The Still Born City Convention the official leaders of the Social Opportunists.
The European Governments openly proclaim From this fear spring the radical measures that their object is to destroy the Soviet Govern the City Committee exceeded its authority in calling machine resort in their struggle against the sedí.
The State Executive Committee has declared that to which individual Party leaders and the Party ment, and Bolshevism with it. The Government of the nited States, through its mouth piece, Wood. New York, and declares that the Convention will be springs the haste with which, foreseeing the alarma City Convention of the Party Branches of Greater tious elements within the Party; from this fear row Wilson, expresses vague humanitarian phrases illegal. This action is taken to save the face of the full of noble sound, but dares not tell the truth Right Wingers, who withdrew from the City Com tion, they expel from the Party or discredit the in ing possibility of defeat at the Emergency Convenabout invasion in Russia.
mittee as soon as they discovered that the Left Wing dependent thinking members, and even whole Left As a matter of fact, the Associated Powers have had majority there. In the beginning the Right Wings.
been engaged, without a declaration of war, in murHingers were just as anxious to call the City Con dering workers and peasants in cold blood, in order vention as the Left Wingers. The Right Wing still The magnitude of the danger threatening the to make the world safe for the bloody regime of cap.
imagined that it had a majority among the rank dominating Right Wing can be judged, for instance, italism, which has watered the earth with the blood and file, and that the Left Wing Manifesto and from the fact that Left Wing Sedition has pene of the working class for a hundred years, and fin. Program could be disposed of in the Convention, trated even such a bulwark of respectable Social.
ished up with the gigantic holocaust of the Great But now the Right Wing knows that the majority of ism as Milwaukee, guarded by the mestro and Immediately following the Proletarian Revoluthe membership is with us. So it persuades the ideologue of American Social Opportunism, the State Executive Committee to declare the ConvenSocialist Congressman, member of the National tion, the excuse for hostility toward Soviet Russia Executive Committee of the Party, Victor Berger.
tion illegal.
was that the Germans were in control. The United Simultaneously the Rand School has refused the The Milwaukee Leader, published in Milwaukee State Government supported this view by the pub use People House auditorium for the Conven and edited by Berger Socialist paper doems lication of a series of forged documents, which de it tion.
even wise to devote to this danger a special ceived no one. The fall of Imperial Germany comThese are the latest tactics of the Party bosses.
editorial under the significant caption. Do Wo pletely destroyed this fabrication.
They know that the referendum is going against Want Violence. Then it was to guard military stores and protect them overwhelmingly, so they reorganize and espel This editorial is worth discussing, because it gives the rear of the Tchekho Slovaks the Judas nation. and to restore law and order.
Branches, and then throw out their votes. They complete expression to the philosophy of the The know that the National Emergency Convention is Right Wing, as well as to those weapons with whict.
United States Government deliberately incited the peoples of the world against Soviet Russia by pub going against them, so they disenfranchise the the latter is ready to arm itself in its struggle to fishing an appeal to humanity against the greatly membership crush and destroy the hated Left Wing.
It will not work. We intend to put our candi The exaggerated Red Terror at the same time ignordates in ofhce.
ing the horrible White Terror of the Tchekho Emergency Convention.
And we herewith inform We intend to hold the National from the caption, is the question of violence.
Slovaks in the Volga Valley, and of Mannerheim all comrades that the City Convention will be held, niess of the term violence. The main weight of We shall not discuss here the scientific incorrect in Finland.
on the date agreed upon, according to the original the question, as it is put by the Left Wing, consists With phrases about justice and self determin.
plans. Instead of the People House, we shall ation on their lips. the statesmen of the capitalist probably meet at Queen County Labor Lyceum.
not in whether violence should or should not Powers sent armed troops to shoot down Russian be used; but in the application of the revolutionary From all ver the country a landslide Left Wing workers and peasants defending their own prolemass method of struggle. As can be gleaned from victory is moving down on Chicago. Expel as they the text of the articie, the term violence is used tarian government the first Government of the will reorganize as they will they cannot reorgan by the editorial writer of the Milwaukee Leader inPeople in the history of the world. While issuingize and expel Branches as fast as they go Left Wing. stead the term revolutionary method of strug.
lofty invitations to Prinkipo, the Allied and Ameri Panic stricken, the Right Wing, through the gle. and used deliberately in the vein of the can Governments drew closer around Soviet Russia mouth of Hillquit, calls for a split in the Party whole provocative character of the editorial. The the iron ring of their blockade, dooming to death the Right Wing, which accused us of wanting to more abstract, and therefore leas definite exprer by starvation hundreds of thousands of women and split in order have the pitiful remnant of the sion solutionary method of struggle. might children. Their soldiers co operated with the Hor.
movement they have wrecked.
prove to be harder task to classify under the in Vaths, the Semionovs, the renegades, the Black Hun.
They cannot save it. The Party is ours. Life ticles of the penal code than the more concret dreds attempting to restore Tsariam, the restorers of itself is with the Left Wing!
and definito and therefore, more useful for the vodka, Cossack rule and pogroms.
While protesting against Bolshevik propapurposes of the Milwaukee Socialist prosecutor, Statistics of the Pink Terror. violence ganda, the agents of the Associated Powers in Russia corrupted officials, actively assisted the Many Comrades imagine that we are exaggerat Berger editorial proclaims first: The Loft counter revolution, and under cover of diplorustic ing the proportions and gravity of the ruthless Wingers want to use violence. Of courso, they do immunity, plotted to overthrow the Government of campaign against the Loft Wing inaugurated by not directly may mo maliciously remarks the writ the Russian People.
Local New York Executive Committee for the er, with a look towards police hondquarters. Such Now they recognize the Government of Kol. benefit of these Comrades we publish the following things cannot very well be said. openly. But you chak; Kolchak the Tsarist, the man of black repata list of Branches reorganizod, in process of reor. read their writings you can come to no other com tion under the old regime; Kolchak, the debaucher ganization, and those to whom ballots have been clusion.
of Siberian peasants; Kolchak, who suppressed the denied, or whose vote has been thrown out. The Left Wingers want to incite a series of violast vestiges of democratic association; Kolchak, English Branches. 1st 21 3d 5th lent uprisinga, using the methods of the Spartcama who forbade labor unions, even as the Tsar did 10th 8h 17ck A, 18th 2015 of Germany their model, hoping that cach pris who arrested, jailed and massacred thousands opos 220 230 AD ing will bring them a little case to the goal and War.
can be soon central point of the the editorial, as Mr. Zabel term viel