6. New York COMMUNIST: Vol. I, No. New York, Saturday, May 31, 1919 Price cents Bourgeois Dictatorship in Local OURCFDIS dictatorship in Local New Yorkl In it possible? Bourgeois in the Socialist Party? Nonsense!
Comrades, bitter though the pill may be, we must rwallow it. Is the Bourgeois Dictatorship in Local New York a mushroom growth? Was it set up recently to fight the revolutionary elements in the So cialist Party, or has it been developed for years, only to appear in true colors in a serious party crisis? Yes, for years we have had a Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie in Local 8w York. But it was hidden. It was camouflaged. The present left Wing crisis. however, has turn all the veil. The battle between the Left and Right for Party control has unmasked the bourgeois dictators of Local New York. Here there is a deadly parallel with the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie in society. We have always had a Bourgeois Dictatorship in all capitalist countries, monarchies as well as free repuliliCS; but it took a world war to make evident to the working class the existence of such a dictatorship.
The writer uses the term Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie not because all those who are doing the dictating in Local New York belong to the Bourgeoisie. Many of them are workers. For that matter, many of those who supprass the working class are workers. Remember that scabs, thugs, police. and soldiers are in the main proletarian by birth and status! The term Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie is employed because the methods emloyed by the bureaucratic ollicialdorb of Local Row York, in its struggle against the mass of membership constituting the Left Wing, resemble, in many wave, the means employed by the bourgeoisie in its fight against the proletariat.
Paarv auamum rs AND carrntus rs The Dictatorship of the Party Bureaucracy in Local New York resembles the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie in capitalist society, first, in the sense that the existence of both depends upon the perpetuation oi prmnt conditions. With the death of the capitalist system of production, through a Proletarian Dictatorship. comes the death of the Bourgeoisie as a ruling class, With the death of Moderate Socialism, Right Wingism. in Local New York. through a victory of the Left Wing organization. comes the extinction of the Party bureaucracy. Without capitalist society, the hourgeois goes to the scrap heap. Without the continuance of the present reform tactics, the Local New York bureaucrat goes to the scrap heap. In a real Socialist (Communist) society, the bourgeois will have to go to work in order to live. In a real Socialist Party. the bureaucrat will have to go to work in order to live. Ignorance of the Proldariat is the food upon which capitalist rule thrives.
Ignorance of the mass of the Party members is the food on which Socialist bureaucracy thrives. The bourgeoisie. through subsidizing and owning the educational institutions. make secure their dictatorship by spreading falsities and soporifics among the proletarians. The Party bureaucracy, through its rirately owned and controlled institutions. of earning, makes secure its dictatorship by mismforming the mills of Party members as to the science and philosophy of Socialism.
Bourgeois dictatorship has bloated the capitalist with the idea that be alone is fit to rule, that he alone is responsible, that the proletariat is unfit to rule, that the proletariat is irresponsible, and that e proletariat must be in the grip of bosaiam. The limy Bureaucracy has bloated Local New York leaders of rank Socialist comprcmise with the idea that they alone are fit to rule, that they alone are responsible. that the mass of the Party member: are not to be trusted and unfit to rule, that the mass of PartyAmemben are irresponsible, and that the Maui Partytnemhen mustbeinthegripofbmsum. mradss, our fight is not against the capitalilt In A: individual. Our battle is against the conditiON breeding the capitalist the private ownership he means of production and exchange. ComHdts, our fight is not against the Party bureaucrat II it individual. Our battle is against the condi500 breeding the Party bureaucrat the policy of soci nformiun. of Socialm compromise.
By Loveamne EMPLOYMENT OF SEIBBOLFI HS We now come to the second element common to the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie and to the Party Bureaucracy. have in mind the employment of shibbolmhs which blind the workers by their dazzling brilliancy.
When the bourgeoisie is confronted by the workCall for a National Conference of the Left Wing Cull or a National Conference the. t ring of the American Socialist Party, halted by Local Boston. Louis harm. Serrrlan l; Local Cleve land, Ruzlicnbng, Secretary. and the Le. fling Scrlion of he Sm iaJLtl Party a New York City. illutmflian Cohen. Secretary.
1112 international situation and the crisis in the American Socialist Party; the sabotage the party burtaucrzcy has pmclifld on the emergency national Cantunllull; the aligning our party with the social patriots at Berna, With the Congress of the Great llelraul; the necessity at reconstructing our policy in ICCOTL! with revolutionary eveutn all this.
and more, malte it neressury that the revolutionary lower in the Socialist Party get together or counsel and ICUOIL This call is therriure issued, for the holding of a National Conlerence o! the Lelt mg of the American Socialist Party. In dilcuas. Tlie crisis in the party, and action the eon; the conquest of the pony tor the party, lor revolutionary Socialiam.
2, ue New International; wayl and mean: to prevent the party ah itself with the Intemati mi of the IOClIl pllllflll. of the Ebeflvsdleide mann gangnen. and the wavering centre; alliliarian with the Bulaherik Spmacan Communist International alone. Tbe formulation of a declaration of principles and purposes nl a national acupe oi the Left Wing of the American Socialist Party. Forming some sort of a national council or bureau ol the Ill! Wing for propaganda. securing of information and spreading information. Tu express and draw togaher the revolutionary iorcea in the party; to consider other means of furthering the cause of revolutionary Socialism.
This call in issued to local: 0! the Socialist Party, branches and Lelt Wing groups within the parry.
The test at admission, provisionally, will be acceptance of the Manifesto a! the Left Wing 01 the So cialist Party of Greater New York.
Left Wing locals are invited to aend delegates ofv ficinlly. here a local oflcially refines to participate, branches or minority group. in the party accepting the principles of the Lett Win; should send ddeaatu.
Representation one delegate or every 500 mmhen. No local or group should send more than our deleutee Local: or minoriry groups with less than 500 members are entitled to one ddepte.
The conference will be held starting Saturday, June in New York City Each ddegate will be taxed 25 for a central fund. out of which will be paid the expenses of all delegates.
Le. ring LocaLI and touches. am! Send eon:nunciau nn: to Mariam Cohen, 43 Val 2911: 5L, New Yovlr City.
ers demand for a larger share of the products, it says: We, the capitalists, have built up the industries through many years of hard, nerve racking labor. I! it were not or our brains there would be no large scale roduction and eficimcy.
We give you wage. and us keep you alive. If it were not for us, you would starve. When the Party bureaucrats are confronted by a dunand of the mass of membership for larger allure of Party ower, they say: We, the leaders, the olicials, ve built up the Party through many years of hard work. If it were not for our skill and eficimcy, there would be no Socialist Party. We made the Party and you should be thankful to us.
Should there be danger of the proletariat becoming clan conscious, than a patriotic revival in started a war is declared. The bourgeois then prates of his friendship for the poor worklngman, of his sacrifice for the fatherland, and of defense of country. He airs: Labor must (lo its share.
Save the country! Labor and capital must present a united front against toe common enemy. aity!
Unity! let u: have unity! Should there be a danger of the mass of the Party manben becoming sell conscious, that campaign for buildings, printing plants, and defense fund. an Id going. The Party bureaucracy yelp. from above: Unity, Unity! At this time above all, unity! La us have a united front against the common enemy! In a rather fight capitalism than fight each other! Saw the Party organization!
The proletarians who become spokesmen for their class are branded by the Bourgeoisie as traitors, foreign agents, yellow dogs, spies, and Bolsheviks. The insurgents speaking for the revolting mass of Party membership are branded by the leaders of the Right as agents provocateur» div rupters, lunatics and Anarchists.
The time comes when the workers are classmascioue enough to establish a Proletarian Dictatorship, and begin the expropriation of the bourgeoisie and the building of the Communist order. Then the capitalists and their intellectual sycophants shed tears. They plead for democracy! They yelp. Save democracy! Give every one to decide the kind of government he wants. Vine!
We don believe in a dictatorship of any club!
We want no class rule! We despise violence! We are all members of God human family! Why look for new roads of iraedom when we have a Congress, a Constitution, courts of justice, President, and the ballot? Why not unploy the regular channels of government to attain your goal? The time comes when the mm of Party membe be come claar headed and selfconacious errand: to be systematically united, that is, organiled or die realization of their will to revolutionize the Party.
Then the Right Wing phalanx, accompanied by a horde of lying and ignorant educators, hurls anathemas. From the bousetops they shout Why not use the regular Party channels? Why build a state within a slaw an organization within III organization? We have conventions! e barn national, state. city central and executive committees! We have Branch meetings! Vote! Diurnal!
Int everyone have a right to hi opinion! Be tolerant! Be fair! Be just! Bedanocratie! We are comrade after all. In the hey day oi bourgeois the tyranny of the capitalist class is veiled by parliamentary forms. Behind these Juli meow forms is hidden the Dictatorship of e Bourgeoisie The administrative section of the government. the Cabinet, is nothing less than the executive committee of the capitalist class. Bourgeois control of property and the means of life is given undivibd attention and complete protection Proletariana In disenfranchised! Their vols are either corrupted or destroyed. And eminent nalitiu vie with each other in doping the wor class with social narcotics! The press, the pulpit, and the law earn as a new holy trinity to club tin wot km in. ignorance.
Yes, in the hey day of Party democracy, in heyday of the use of regular Party channcla, boasism serves as the lubricant of the Party alumina; Behind the regular dmnou atic Party pmoo dura, and legality hides the Diamonhi of the Party Bureaucracy. Witness the lugs handed, wholesale re organiution in realrty. of Local New York by its regular Emtive mittse! This same Executive Committee, and by the Central Committee, indefinitely adorns: the meaings of the Cater Committee.
committees and oEou are part and parcel the Party Bureaucracy. Our Sock lint Bun many controls all Party pro and all organs of prop.
gandn and education. The Call, The Forward, and the Rand School are privately owned and am:, trolled enterprises. The treasum and Inna most Branches are either part of the Bum arty or its subservient agents. The Social in Bum racy gives its undivided attention to denun ways and plans of making most secure its hold on that.
means of Party life. Comrades are duenl ranehned unconstitutionally! Witneu the case of the India Downtown Branch; of the 17th ol the 6th of the reorganization of poll New York Votes are declared void an the «called technicality, and vague, conflictingyructions are issued. referendums are bloc or banged. Our lander vie with each other visiting Brandon and wieldin their influence magnet flash, The mu manbenhip is sits: Mich lambda (Continued on pug!