:I he New York Communist An Outline of the Communist International Adopted by the Congress of the Communist International in Moscow March 6, 1919 III. breakdown of the capitalistic order and the disruption of capitalistic industrial discipline makes impossible the reorganization of production on a capitalistic basis. Wage wars of the workingmen eren when successful do not bring the anticipated betterment of conditions of living; the workers can only become emancipated when production is no longer controlled by the hourgeoisie but by the proletariat. In order to raise the standards of productivity. in order to crush the opposition on the part of the bourgeoisie (which only prolongs the death struggle of the old regimé and thereby. invites danger of total ruin. the Proletarian Dictatorship must carry out the expropria tion, only delay the process of disintegration and convert the means of production and distribution into the common property of the proletarian State.
Communism is now being born out of the ruins of Capitalism there is no other salvation for humanity. The opportunists who are making utopian demands for the reconstruction of the economic system of Capitalism, so as to postpone socialization. only delay the process of disintegration and increase the danger of total demolition. The communist revolution, on the other hand. is the best, the only means by which the most important social power of production the proletariat can be paved, and with it society itself.
The Dictatorship of the Proletarial does not in any way call for partition of the means of production and exchange; rather, on the contrary. its aim is further to centralize the forces of production and to subject all of production to a systematic plan.
As the first steps socialization of the great banks which now control production; the taking over by the power of the proletariat of all governmentcontrolled economic utilities; the transferring of all communal enterprises; the socializing of thc syndi cated and truslitied units of production, as well as all other branches of production in which the degree of concentration and centralization of capital makes this technically practicable; the socializing of agricultural estates and their conversion into co opcrative establishments.
As far as the smaller enterprises are concerned, the proletariat must gradually unite them. according to the degree of their importance. It must be particularly emphasized that small properties will in no way be expropriated and that property owners who are not exploiters of labor will not be forcibly dispossessed. This element will gradually be drawn into the socialistic organization through the force of example, through practical demonstration of the superiority of the new order of things.
and the regulation by which the small farmers and the petty bourgeoisie of the cities will be freed from economic bondage to usurious capital and land»
lordism, and from tax burdens (especially by annulment of the national debt. etc.
The task of the Proletarian Dictatorship in the economic field can only be fulfilledito the extent that the proletariat is enabled to create centralized organs of management and to institute workers control. To this end it must make use of its mass organizations which are in closest relation to the process of production. In the field of distribution the Proletarian Dictatorship must reestablish commerce by an accurate distribution of products; to which end the following methods are to be consid ered; the socialization of wholesale establishments, the taking over of all bourgeois State and municipal apparatus of distribution; control of the great co operative societies. which organizations will still have an important role in the production epoch: the gradual centralization of all these organs and their conversion into a systematic unity for the rational distribution of products.
As in the field of production so also in the field of distribution all qualified technicians and specialists are to be made use of, provided their political resistance is brolten and they are still capable of adapting themselves. not to the service of capital, but to the new system of production. Far from up pressing them the proletariat will make it possible for the first time for them to develop intensive creative work. The Proletarian Dictatorship, with their cooperation, will retrieve the separation of physical and mental work which Capitalism has developed. and thus will Science and Labor be unified.
Besides expropriating the factories, mines. estates, etc, the proletariat must also abolish the exploitation of the people by capitalistic landlords, transfer the large mansions to the local workers councils, and move the working people into the bourgeois dwellings.
During this great transition period the power of the councils must constantly build up the entire administrative organization into is more centralized structure. but on the other hand constantly draw ever increasing elements of the working people into the immediate control of government.
The revolutionary era compels the proletariat to make use of the means of battle which will concert»
trate its entire energies, namely, mass action, with its logical resultant, direct conflict with the governmental machinery in open combat. All other methods, such as revolutionary use of bourgeois parliamentarism, will be of only secondary significance.
The indispensable condition for successful struggle is separation not only from the direct servitors of Capitalism and enemies of the communist revo Clearing the Decks (Continued from put I)
two gentlemen, and who during a revolutionary period would inevitably act in the same way as has disgraced the name of Socialism in Germany? If not, does he expect the Spanacans to meet with the German Social Democracy in a Congress of international solidariry? Comrade Hillquit answers none of those quesions. he dismisses the question of the Third lntemational in a glowing generality!
What, according to Comrade Hillquit, is the function of the American Socialist Party in the immediate future? The United States emerges from the War the strongest capitalist country in the world; our liberal administration has become reactionary; the progressive element in politics and social reform has collapsed like a house of cards. The only voice of protest and the only vision of progress have come from the Socialist Party and a negligible group of industrial workers and radical individuals.
The implication is that the Socialist Party is to take the place of this bankrupt element, to continue, as it has been in the past, a voice of proest and a vision of progress. Protect against what? Why against the failure of the capitalist government to be dunocrnic to protect the working class against itself. Vision of what? Of an infinite accumulation of petit bourgeois social ing to be Socialist institutions, are two places where the red card is not honored.
lnview ofthefmu umaMinviewoftho deliberate distortions and lies published it! the Executivo Committee statement, the members of the Socialist Party should demand the recall of the Executive Committee, the ruignation of the Executive Secretary and vote, No. on the Slate Committee referendum for the expulsion of 13ft Wing loo ll and branches.
reforms, such as were advocated in the Congressional platform for lQlB which Comrade Hillquit must mean when he speaks of the Party during the War as a vision of progress.
It appears that the failure of peace, the governmental persecution and repression, the obscurantisrn of the capitalist press, terrorism. unemployment and intensified exploitation will soon awaken the American workers. Then will come the opportunity of the Socialist Pony to convert them to So.
eialism whatever that i, for Comrade Hillquit doesn say. But in order to prepare for this, we must concentrate on propaganda and organization. propaganda through all methods available, including political campaigns and legislative forums. This is the left Wing position; this is the left Wing idea of political action for the purpose of propagnda, and for no other reason. But propaganda for what? Comrade Hillquit has pointed out that there are two theories struggling for control in the Socialist movemenp that of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and that of sharing governmental power turd responsibilities with the capitalist clue. during the period of transition. It is all my well to lead for a harmonious plan of action hut shall it be? Comrade Hillquit does not tell us; but he hints that we shall embrace the second of these two Inn of action, and he proposes to read out of the gocialilt Party all those who disagree with him.
In its particular application to the present situation within the Party the document is a blank: endorsement of the tactics of the Right in local New York. Hitherto the cry of all lea an has hem unity, now Comrade Hill uit wants a split.
Why? After :2nths of agitation e Left Wing has broken down the op ilion and wooded in having a refenmdum on the necessity for a Nalution, in which role the Social Democrats of the Right appear. but also from the Party of the Centre Kautskians. who desert the proletariat at the critical moment in order to come to terms with its qpa: antagonists. On the other hand. there are essemial elements of the proletariat, heretofore not within the Sociali Party, who stand now completely and absolutely on the platform of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the form of Soviet rule; for example, the corresponding elements among the Syndicalizta.
The growth of the revolutionary movemmt in all lands. the danger of suppression of this revolution through the coalition of capitalistic Stain, the IIternpts of the Socialist betrayers to unite with one another (the formation of the Yellow International at Bernel, and to give their services to the Wils sonian League; finally, the absolute necessity for ooordination of proletarian action, all these demand the fommtion of a real revolutionary and real proletarian Communist International. This International, which subordinates the sci called, national interests to the interests of the international revolution, will personify the mutual help of the prolo tariat of the diflerent countries, for without economic and other mutual helpfulness the proletariat will not be able to organize the new society. On the other hand, in contrast with the Yellow International of the social patriots. the Proletan an Communist International will support the plunda ed colonial peoples in their fight against 1m ialiam.
in order to hasten the final collapse of e imperialistic world system.
The capitalistic criminals asserted at the hegim ning of the world war that it was only in defense of the common Fatherland. But soon German Impaialisrn revealed its real brigand char eta its bloody deeds in Russia, in the Ukraine and and.
Now the Entente states unmask themselves as world despoilers and murderers of the proletariat Together with the German bourgeoisie and social pa riots, with hypocritical phrasm about on their lips, they are trying to throttle the revolution of the European proletariat by means of their war machinery and stupid barbaric colonial soldiery. Indescribable is the White Terror of tl bourgeois cannibals. lneslculable are the sacrifioa of the working class. Their ber Liebkneeln. Rosa Luxemburg have they lost. Against thin throletariat must defend itself, defmd at any price.
he Communist International calls the whole world proletariat to this final struggle.
Down with the imperialism: oompimey o capiLong live the International Republic of the Prolelarian Councils!
tional Emergency Convention. The present attitude of the rank and file forecasts that such a convultion will be another St Louis, and Comrade Hillquit and )he other leaders doubt whether they on weather another storm. The only thing left. is no split the Party before the equation.
This is exactly what Local New York is doing.
This is why the reorganization of branches goes on space. Disfranchise the revolutionary section of the membership, expel its spokesmen and the Party is safe for the oficial junta! The Party officialdom has found that it is unable to accomplish this purpose in time to save the National Executive Committee, hence the lenders call for a split.
Butwerefusetosplitthel thniauotonr purpose. We will capture the any Jud if the Right Wing wants to split, it must do the splitting.
it must break away from the Party. The rat and file is behind our position, we are the Party. and when the time come for clearing the dais we will handle the map.