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The New York Communist Left Wing Notes THE Left Wing organization has decided to sup headquarters of the 8th D. 122 Second Arente.
port the following nominee and asks all revo lutionary Socialists to do likewise: Help Your Comrades!
AJI Left Wingers are invited!
Admission 50c.
For Executive Secretary of Local New York: At least one hundred workers who particiMaximilian Cohen.
pated in the Cleveland May Day Demonstra Arrangements are being made for a monster piotion, have been railroaded to prison. So far nic on Sunday, June 29, for the benefit of the In view of the referenduin on the State Executive as the ten, fifteen or thirty days that comW. defense. Other organizations are being asked Committee resolution expel all branches and rades must serve in the workhouse, those who to keep that date open, so that there may be no con locals that have joined the Left Wing Section, all are outside cannot help them. But we can flict. The affair will be held at Liberty Park, the branches and locals throughout the State should see to it that not a single man or woman re Evergree, Brooklyn.
make arrangements to have Left Wing speakers mains in the workhouse to work out the fine state our case.
and costs which are part of all the sentences. At a meeting of the City Committee held on the Under the unjust laws now existing, a man 5th day May it was decided to call City Conor women who is poor and cannot pay fine vention and that the basis of representation shall Left Wing speakers can be secured by com be: and costs must remain in the workhouse to municating with Maximilian Cohen, Secretary of the Left Wing Section, 43 West 29th Street, New work out the fine and costs at the rate of sixty One delegate for every 50 members in York City.
cents per day. In other words every sen good standing or major fraction thereof; tence which includes a fine of 25. 000 and that branches shall elect delegates directAll Left Wing communications of this column costs means that the prisoner will have to ly.
should be addressed to Maximilian Cohen, 43 West serve fifty or sixty additional days to work You are therefor requested to send out a call to out that part of his or her sentence.
the branches instructing them to elect delegates to 29th Street, and should reach him not later than This must not be. The fines must be paid.
the convention on the besis decided by the City Tuesday morning for insertion the same week.
In addition, the families of some of ihose Committee who are in prison will be in need before their The convention will be held on June 14th and Appeal for Funds for The Communist sentences expire. We must help them. They 15th in the People House and the order of buri.
COMRADES: The Left Wing is in need of funds for must not suffer. Send donations to Dess will be as follows: the issuance of its paper; we have no dues paying Ruthenberg, 1222 Prospect Ave. Cleveland. Consolidation of Locals into a Croater City Local membership and are solely dependent upon the Taking action on Party Ownership of Prem voluntary contributions of comrades for our sup: Taking action on the Left Wing.
port. If you think our movement is necessary, if Locals Sandusky, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron, Taking up the question of the re organization of you feel that we must have public expression, you Hamilton and Zanesville, all of Ohio.
branches in Local New York must come to our support. In the present crisis, Send the names of the delegates elected and the more than ever before, we must keep in the field, The United Lettish Singing Society held an en branches they represent to the secretary at the our paper must ie published. WE NEED FUNDS. tertainment at which 33 was collected for the Left Queens Labor Lyceum, Myrtle and Cypress Ave Wing.
nues, Ridgewood, LL Joint District Moeting of the 8th Social.
ist Party, will be held at 122. Second Avenue Manifesto and Program and revised its platform to Local Utica, has adopted the Left Wing Thursday evening, May 22d, at P. Very im class, in public speaking is being formed by the 17th The work will consid mainly of portant business will be taken up.
conform with Left Wing principles.
practice in the open air under the instruction and criticism of Henry Engles. There will be no At the last meeting of the Left Wing caucus of Lettish Branch No. 1, of Local Bronx (185 memcharge. All members are urged to join.
the Central Committee, Local Bronx, Benj. Gitlow, bers in good standing, has passed a resolution conH. Bourgin, Winick, Dr. Glouberman and Roman demning the New York State Committee for having Bluegrass were endorsed as the candidates for the adopted artificial means to attempt to throw out The South Slavic Branch, New York, unanimous City Committee from Local Bronx.
considerable number of the Party members in the ly joined the Left Wing of the Socialist Party.
State of New York, which of necessity would force Owing to an error in the minutes of the City Com. split.
Resolved, That members of the State Committee mittee of May 14th, Comrade Lore name was in serted instead of Comrade Lovcstone as one of the voting for the aforesaid resolution, do not and delegates to the Left Wing National Convention. can not represent the wishes of the Party, therefore donation of 50 from Local Queens to the Left delegates: Sarnuel Ort, Esther Friedman, Marie we call for a referendum to recall the following Wing was erroneously recorded as The following locals have joined the Left Wing: McDonald.
Left Wing Branches in the Bronx are requested to second this resolution.
IF The Socialist pays a little more attention to the to 1880 was necessarily small, because the move details of the make up of THE COMMUNIST it ment itself was overshadowed by other political The 17th unreorganized. will hold a disought soon to be a fairly presentable looking paper.
movements. Still, at a time when movements in cussion meeting on the Left Wing Manifesto on Europe very similar in size and importance were Thursday, May 22, at its headquarters, 1538 MadiWe are pleased to see that our staff is striking having an important effect upon the policies of son Avenue. On Friday, May 23, Dr. Fredrick home the 6th is quite riled at The Pink various governments, the effect in America was Blossom will lecture at the headquarters on Indus. Terror which is exactly what was intendod. We absolutely nil.
trial Unionism versus Craft Unionism.
aim to please.
Why? have tried to point out in this series of articles the disastrous effect of political demo TO THE JEWISH LEFT WINGERS cratic ideology upon the growth of class consciousUnconscious humor The 6th rouolating ness. Even after the capitalist class in America ing at 8:30 for the Left Wing delegates to send off party will be held this Saturday even against THE COMMUMIST.
had learned that government is not carried on in the Jewish Socialist Federation Convention, at the legislatures, but in banks and Chambers of Com. Where were there strong men on May Day?
merce, the workers still believed that political democracy could salve the proble usks Joe Gollomb. If accounts are true wage Local Kings at its Central Committee, May This belief affected and modified the of 17th, joined the Left Wing and adopted the least one strong man was up on the top floor revolutionary theories imported from Europe. And following resolution by a vote of 68 to 21: The Call new building istening to the crescendo when it did not, the class conscious workingmen Whereas, we desire to clearly place our of the cries of the women and children who were organizations soon found that the capitalist politi. selves on record for, and openly and actively being clubbed on the floors below by the anical parties, with their appeal to small property formed thugs. Discretion is the better part of valor, align ourselves with the revolutionary proJoe.
holders, were easily able to capture the labor vote letariat the world over, as at present expressed from the Socialists.
by the policies and tactics of the Communist And finally, although, as Sorge stated at the Party of Russia (Bolsheviki. the Communist And we suppose the rest of them were out on the Hague Congress, the foreign immigrants alone Lahor Party of Germany (Spartacans) and barricades along with Louis Waldman.
constituted the wage earning class in America, they other parties in harmony with them, be it found themselves unable in any way to bring inResolved, That we, Local Kings in Auence upon the government or the ruling classerSo Buffalo wouldn stand for Claessens. Wall Party Membership meeting assembled this because they were foreigners.
17th day of May, 1919, adopt as our official it has been a long lane but it has turned a last.
This is as true today as it was in 1876 if not expression the Manifesto and Program of the more so, on account of the war. The foreign work. Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party, ers in this country are virtually excluded from all Greater New York; and be it further The dread sportre of economic determinis now participation in the government, although they con Resolved, That we pledge both financial stalks through the ranks of the Right Wing Lin stitute the majority of the American working class. and moral support to the Left Wing propa. ten to the voice of foar Who is the next to be Although naturalized citizens, the latest immigraganda and organization, working to the end proscribed? moks The Socialis tion laws nullify this advantage, because under that the National Organisation conforms with them citizenship can be revoked upon conviction of the policies of this Program; and be it for ther having revolutionary ideas. Their organizations But there always jobs in the Labor Party for ad are powerless; their prou is muzzled; the courts Resolvod, That all delegates, committees vocalce of municipal ownership.
convict them of political offenses upon the slightest and officials of Local King adhere strict evidence, and Organized Labor as typified in the ly to this Manifesto and Program; and be it Pathetic Figures: No. 1, Abe Beckermaa rootA. of bars them from the advantages of further even the inadequate labor organizations formed to Resolved, That Local Kings will pot couninizing the 3rd, 5th and 20th defend the workers economic interests.
tenance or compromise with any half way The present outlawing of Socialists in politics, measures, but that the change in policies and do not pretend to deal in any cachaustivo fush.
because they are Socialists, indicates the answer of tactics must be complete, even if it necessiion with the whole broad subject of Socialist prin the democratic State to the political action of the tates the severance of relations with those ciples and policy. says Algernon Loe in The So class conscious workers.
constituting the right.
cialist. We hope that this new policy of ondor To be continued)
will soon prevade the Rand School The Telescope.
of carners.