wry The New Yofi Communist THE Left Wing organization has decided to sup port the following nominee and asks all revolutionary Socialists to do likewise: For Executive Secretary local New York: Maximilian Cohen. C C In view of the referendum on the State Executive Committee resolution to expel all branches and locals that have joined the Left Wing Section, all the branches and locals throughout the State should make arrangements to have Left Wing speakers state our I C Left Wing speakers can be secured by communicating with Maximilian Cohen. Secretary of the Left Wing Section, 43 West 29th Streu, New York City. C All left Wing communications of this column should be addressed to Maximilian Cohen. 43 Wet 29th Street, and should reach him not later than Tuesday morning for insertion the same week. I. Appeal for Funds for The Cornmamist Commons: The Left Wing is in need of funds for the issuance of its paper; we have no dues paying membership and are solely dependent upon the voluntary contributions of comrades for our support. If you think our movement is necessary, if you feel that we must have public expression. you must come to our support. In the present crisis, more than ever before, we must keep in the field.
our paper must be published. WE NEED FUNDS.
o Joint District Meeting of the 8th Socialist Party, will be held at 122 Second Avenue.
Thursday evening, May 22d, at P. Very important business will be taken up. C At the last meeting of the left Wing caucus of the Central Committee, Local Bronx, Benj. Citlow, Bourgin, Winick, Dr. Glouhermnn and Roman Bluegrass were endorsed as the candidates for the City Committee from Local Bronx. a a Owing to an error in the minutes of the City Committee of May 14th, Comrade Lore name was inserted instead of Comrade Lovestone as one of the delegates to the left Wing National Convention. donation of 850 from Local Queens to the Left Wing was erroneously recorded as 85.
The following locals have joined the left Wing: At least one hundred workers who participated in the Cleveland May Day Demonstration, have been railrosded to prison. So far as the ten, fifteen or thirty days that comradm must serve in the workhouse, those who are outside cannot help them. But we can see to it that not a single man or woman remains in the workhousc to work oilt the fine and cons which are art of all the sentences.
Under the unjust aws now existing. a man or women who is poor and cannot ay fine and costs must remain in the workdouse to work out the fine and costs at the rate of sixty cents per day. In other words every sentence which includes a fine of 325. 000 and costs means that the prisoner will have to serve fifty or sixty additional days to work out that part of his or her sentence.
This must not be. The lines must be paid.
In addition, the families of some of those who are in prison will be in need before their sentences expire. We must help them. They must not suffer. Send donations to Ruthenberg, 1222 Prospect Ave, Cleveland.
Help Your Comrades! Locals Sandusky, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron, Hamilton and Zanesville, all of Ohio. C The United Lettish Singing Society held an entertainment at which 833 was collected for the Left Wing.
Local Utica, has adopted the left Wing Manifesto and Program and revised its platform to conform with Left. ing principles. O lettish Branch No. I, of Local Bronx (185 members in good standing) has passed a resolution condemning the New York State Committee for having adopted artificial means to attempt to throw out a considerable number of the Party members in the State of New York, which of necessity would force a split. Resolved. That members of the State Committee voting for the aforesaid resolution, do not and can not mpment the wishes of the Party, therefore we call for a referendum to recall the following delegates: Samuel Orr, Ether Friedman, Marie McDonald.
left Wing Branches in the Bronx are requened to 1880 was nectssarily small, because the move ment itself was overshadowed by other political movements. Still. at a time when movements in Europe very similar in size and importance were having an important effect upon the policies of various governinents, the eficet in America was absolutely nil.
Why? have tried to point out in this aaies of articles the disastrous effect of political demo cratic ideology upon the growth of class consciousnus. Even after the capitalist class in America had learned that government is not carried on in legislatures, but in banls and Chambers of Commerce. the workers still believed that political democracy could salve the problems of the wageearners. This belief affected and modified the revolutionary theories imported from Europe. And when it did not, the class conscious workingmen organizations soon found that the capitalist political parties, with their appeal to small roperty holders, were easily able to capture the I vote from the Socialists.
And finally, although, as Sarge stated at the Hague Congress, the foreign immigrants alone constituted the wageeaming class in America, they found themselves unable in any way to bring influence upon the government or the ruling classesbecause they were foreigners.
This is as true today as it was in 1876 if not more so, on account of the war. The foreign workers in this country are virtually excluded from all participation in the government, although they constitute the majority of the American working class.
Although naturalized citizens, the latest immigration laws nullify this advantage, because under them citizenship can be revoked upon conviction of having revolutionary idea Their organisations are powerless; their press is muscled; the courts convict them of political offenses upon the slightest evidence. and Organised Labor as ified in the of bars them from the a vantages of even the ate labor organizations formed to defend the wor en economic intents.
The present outlawing of Socialists in politics, because they are Socialists. indicates the answm of the democratic State to the political action of the subconscious worlun To be undead to II this resolption. The l7th uureorganined. will hold a discussion meeting on the Left Wing Manifesto on Thursday, May 22. at its headquarters. 1538 Madison Avenue. On Friday, May 23, Dr. Fredrick Blossom will lecture at the headquarters on Industrial Uninnism vusus Craft Unionisln. 0 TO THE JEWISH LEFT WINGERS send off party will be held this Saturday evming at 8:30 for the Left Wing delegatu to the Jewish Socialist Federation Convention, at the Local Kings at its Central Committee, May 17th. joined the ltft Wing and adopted the following resolution by a vote of 68 to 21: Whereas, we duire to clearly place ourselves on record for, and openly and actively align ourselves with the revolutionary proletariat the world over, as at preset! expressed by the policies and tactics of the Communist Party of Russia (Bolsheviki. the Communist Labor Party of Germany (Spartacus) and other parties in harmony with them, be it Resolved, That we, local King in Party Membership meeting assembled this 17th day of May, 1919, ado as our oficiel expression the Manifesto andPProgrsm of the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party, Greater New York; and be it furtha Resolved, That we pledge both financial and moral support to the Mt Wing propaganda and organization, working to the end that the National on conform with the policies of this am; and be finthe Resolved. That all delegates, committees and oficials of Local Km. adhere arict lytothisManifestoandProgrsm; aodbeit further Resolved, That Local Kin will not conntsmance or compromise wi any half way measures. but that the change in policim and tactics must be complete, even if it nocusitales the severance of relation with those constituting the right.
Left Wing Notes headquarters ofthesthA. DeiseoadAvmna All Left Wit gas are invited!
Admission 50c.
Arrangements arebe made foreman tar nic on Sunday, June g, for the benefit of tbepil: defense. 0tha organizations are being asked tokeepthat date open, sothltthuemayhenoo onflint. The afl uir will be held at Lihcty Park.
Evergee, Brooklyn. A. meeting of the City Committee held on tha 5th day of May it was decided to call a City Con:ntion and that the basis of promotion shall One delegateforeverySOmanbersin good Standing or major fraction thereof; tilt branches shall elect delegates dim y.
You are therefor requested to send out a call to the branches instructing than to elect do to the convention on the brais decided by Committee.
The convmtion will be held on June 14th and 15th in the People House and the order of buliness will be as follows: Consolidation of Locals into a Crater CRY local.
Taking action on Parry Ownerrhip of Press. fiing acfl o on the Mt Wing.
ing up e uestion of the reorganization of branches in lmlquew York.
Send the names of the deleglatm eleued and die a branches they represent to secretary at the Queens Labor Myrtle and Cyprus Ave nues, Ridgewood, O. clasain public speaking is he formed the 17th The work will courier mainly a practice in the open air under the installation rid criticism of Engla. Thee will be In charge. All members are orpd to join. O The South Slavic Branch, New York, unanimous.
ly joined the left Wing of the Socialist Pm.
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