THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST The Left Wing and The Call MONG eh: ridiculous outnsations hurled at the Left Wing by the Right is the charge that we want to wreck the New York Call. This is based largely on the fact that the Left iug has rdused to support or con tribute to The CIH ampaign to raise 90. for a new printing plant. hy.
The Left Ving stand: for Party ownership and control of the official Party press.
The Call is an official organ of the Party.
yet it in neither owned nor controlled ivy the Party. The Call is raining 0, 000 for a new plant, and a an official Party organ. is at»
pealing the rank and file of Party membcr fur funds. Yet when the printing plant is bought. it will be neither owned not con trolled by the Party.
This is how The Call is owned and eun(rolled.
it is pnhlished by the nrkingmen 0(ipt rntiu Publishing Association, an organi7atiim of Party member: Contro is vested in lllt 4msm iation. and in a Board of Mam. gt lu. ssociation meets every three month Party members. and only Party maul en. may be elected members of the Asst clarion, upon the payment of five dollars initiation fee and dues of one dollar per year Tln Board of managers is elected as fol»
lnws innr membd a elected by the Associa tion: four members chosen by the four Loca ui Jireater New York, and the State.
The Board of Managers is elected as follows fnur members by the Association: five members by the (our Locals of Greater New York, and the State Committee. IAt thr present time there are five additional mrmliers, who act in a more or less Idvisor capacity. representing nrganintions.
forum at one time to raise money for The Call; m: are infcmned that these additional memberships will be abolished at the meeting of pril 25th. Tu. facts are plain, First. that it costs money to enter the democracy of the Vurkinmen Cooperative Pnhlishing As smiatiuu. Second. that the official Party delegates on the Board of Manama. in a bare majority five to four. 50 that by siding with the Association members one local delegate could defeat hr will of the three other Locals of Greater New ank.
Party member: pay dues to the Party.
For that they are entitled to a voice in Party affairs The Call is an official Party organ: hut lwinrr a Party member an have a voice in thr inangctncnt of The Can he must pay six dollars This is a mockery of Party control.
We have stated publicly many times that if The Call would submit to Party control,. e mild support the campaign of :he (iffinial arty orgu for a new printing plant.
and gladly llnw can the management of The Call he denmrratized? Among many plans. the fol lowing has been meitted to the Board of ManfflffSZ Every member of the four Local: of Greater New York becomes ex officio member of the Anodation. II the money paid by membem of the Auoeiation is neces nary. an annual wed dues lump will yield on revenue.
Why is there opposition to such a scheme or something similar? We are told by members of the Board of Managers that the initiation fee and dues restricts the Asscintion to those Party members who are really intereth in the paper. hat a splendid reason for a Socialist!
Why is it, as the Board of Managers says, that plenty of people kick about The Call.
but the kickers are never interested enough to come to meetings e have heard similar sentiments from captains of industn.
explaining why demoeraty is a failure.
Democracy is a failure chiefly because the great mass of the people have nothing to say about the Government. The de mocraey of The Call doesn work for exactly the same reason. The constitution of the Association plates obstacles in the way of Party control. In the first place. it cost: money to be a member; in the second place.
an applicant for membership must be voted un, and even then herr mnnt exercise his rights as a member until the nut quarterly trier ring. three months off.
To the rank and file. impatient with The Call editorial policy, the raid of Managers and its supporters use strange argumerits.
For example. Party ownership and control is inefficient. This is the same argument used by private capitalists against tiovernment ownership. In a Party which aims at the public ownership of industry, it sounds a little incongruous and moreover.
it shows that distrust of the proletariat characteristic of Moderate Socialism. umtln The ownership of property makes the Party connervative, This is also surprising; if it is true. then the ownership in all private propertv. which is our aim. will make the workers Mack reartinnaries!
We were told lvy nne membe. of the Board ut Managers. it takes time to Iccumplish thew changes. In the meanwhih.
it vitally neeessav fur The Call tr have it: printing plant, Help us now. and then we ll talk about dumping the ownership and control. This is the same argument with which the Governments of Europe persuaded their workers to support the Vl ar!
The rredulnus are impressed by anolher pim e uf specious reasoning. The Board of Managers says that Party ownership is dangcmus. for if the, Associatioerere identical nirh the Locals of Greater New York.
then any unit for damages against The Call would make it possible to attach the Party funds (if Enyl; ordsint e the Party is not incoqiomted. it might make every member liable.
possitny That is not the point at issue lit re. We do not demand the int Ml abolition of the Workingmcn awn ti Association: we demand that manhrlhip in the Locals of Greater New York GIT! with it mzmlership in the AlwciIt iOn.
WWW LEFT WING general Membership Meeting Sunday, April 20, 1919 at P.
MANHATTAN LYCEUM. 66 East 4th Street Important matter to be discussed.
To our demands, the Board of Manageranswers just what the capitaist system ansu ers to the workers, inst what the Right Wing machine answers to the Left Wing. Change it. that. by all means change it but use the legal and mm Inchincry. which functions to protect us ooh m We reply: What is your reason (or fusing to democrafiee The Call? Then an benehonestmaon. Donottaktouem legality and enmtinitionality. It if you were afraid of the majority of the Codah Party. hy should the Left Wing mm to wreck The Call? On the contrary: the Ldt Wing wants to take over The Call, wiii the rest of the Party machinery, at the toning Emergency Convention.
Left Wing Notes he Left Wing organization has decided to support the following nominees and asks all revolutionary Socialists to do likewise: For the National Emcntive Committee. Ist District: Hourwieh. Edward Lindgren. Brooklyn, louisC Fraina, Boston, Mass.
For International Deli gates: E, Ferl. indgren. Brooklyn. Louis Frainl, Boston. Mass. john Reed.
Rulhcnlaerg, Cleveland, Ohio.
The following hunches and locals in Greater New York have affiliated with the Left Wing: Local Queens: Entire loud.
Local Kings: 4th Russian Br. of It Fed 6th Branch 71h Branch 9th Branch 13th Branch 14th Branch 14th lavish Branch 23rd Branch Minority groups in all other branches.
Local New York: at and 3, k with 8th 8dr Jewii Br All Russian Dram lie; All 1mm. Bundles.
All Ultraiuh Br.
All llungari Br.
Germanvllugarian Br.
Estbonian Brandi.
2nd Russian Brand. outside Federation. Murray Hill Germ.
Branch Minority groups in all other branches.
lJiral Bronx: 3rd Russian Ell Qt.
Hungarian Brunch.
Minority group. in all branches.
The following are the Left Wing paper!
in New York: Der Kampf (11c Struggle)
lcwish; Novy Mir (New World) Russia: inure (Forward) Hungarian: Robitnik (Worker. minim.
6th Branch, will hold. symposium debate on party nah: at In chit moms. Friday. at p.