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THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST The Party Situation in New York morc Of 10 الم THE INQUISITION Why are you joining the Party now? profess to believe that it is a visions method TITH the rise to power of the Left was the first question. Remembering the of foiling the will of the people. Now, Winx organization within the So law of the land, that one is assumed to be however, that officialdom faces insurgency cialist Party in New York City. the innocent until proven guilty, we took it immediately discovers in the Gerrymander local officialdom instituted a variety of new courage and replied: Because it seems a friend indeed, and it proceed to attempt resulations and committees governing thuse the wychological moment. This seemed the reorganization of several branches in within the Party and those who would within to wiss, and we waited breathlessly for order, if we are to believe its previous arguthe Party be. Noi the icast offensive of these the next test. which was, whether we ments, to foil the will of the people, who in was the creation of a committec of three for were born in this country. Reassuringly this particular case are the membership of the purpose of grilling applicants ios rem bulwarked by the fact that our ancestors the Socialist Party. The second Jewish bership in the Socialist arty.
since 16 something had been bom here, Branch has been so reorganised and the 17th and we likewise, we answered in the af Branch is at present in the throes of In the past the party has been very lax firmative. Whether we stood by the state. the Gerrymander.
rending the admission of new members.
ment printed on our pink application ard.
practically any one who signed an applicaWhere the case is so hopeleas that the which was taken from box where it had tie. nl. lank being admitted without question.
Gerrymander is useless vxalcat lain for some seven weeks, was also anThis fact has often ineen pointed out by measures are resorted to; as ia the car of swered in the affirmative, inals of these members who now constitute the 3rd. 5th and 20th 22 8th D But the Leit Wing, but without result.
Here the examination seemed to be Branches, both of which have changes over, and we were told there would appar pending against them which it is sincerely thuset sukkested a change in the method wer, and we were told there would be of adinitting new members had no idea of huped by the Right Wing will result in handing the control of the growth of the apparently to further difficulty as to our their expulsion from the Socialist Party, membeship. We prepared to leave, when jarty in this caller tu a few hand picked individuals The most convins suggestion suddenly Chief Examiner No. 1, who had THE PARTY PRESS.
made was that branches should exercise, stood in silently during the proceedings through their executive or meinbership conshot out the question. Do you know Although ona of the innsediate point at twittees, a stricter control in this matter. anyone in the 3rd, 5th and 10th issue between the Right and Left Wings Branch? Remenilering our conversa the ownership and control the The creation or this committee, or Star till with the comrade who had assured us Chaniber Extraordinary as it now functions.
party press; the Right Wing taking that we were not wanted in the Party the attitude that the status quo scould at this time, is clearly not a matter of coinci.
we scrambled frantically in our brains be maintained ntents and dence. It is a lireet attempt by those at for nie innocuous sounding Anglo purposes the machine within the present in cunnil tu perpetuate then selves.
SHIMI names, carefully avoiding all of Party controls the press when it comes to Apparently the Right Wing believes that the Celtic origin, and found two. These matters of arty policies and tactics. Official present trend of events in the world at large seemed alto pass.
com is invariably in the position of the will result in the rise of such revolutiorkury stand patter.
With a ghoi relief we left the buildsentiment, that is behooves the Party to be Thus when the Party firess very careful in acimitting new members, lest ing. ieeling sure our red card was as good remains silent on the matter it is playing the influx of revolutionary recruits overas in our procket: but to dat: two months the game of the machine.
whelm, the present officialdu and give the since appkcation we are still cardless 111 all appeals for moral and financial Leít Wing control of the party, The net support which from time to time are issued result of the creation of this Star Chamber REPRESENTATION IN THE CITY by Party Papers one of the strongest is the holding up of hundreds of applications CENTRAL COMMITTEE arguments advanced is that the reiniftship and the consequent loss to our movement 1) wing to the fact that the machinery of 101 have paper which will present its of the services or men and women whose the Party is in the control of the Right views and which, by virtue of the absence of eres have been opened to their economic Wing inany opportunities occur whereby financial control through subsidiet or conditions throngh the pressure of world the machine consolidates itself. While all advertisements, will present the topih vn all events. The fact that uver 90 cent of the branches known to have a majority of Right occasions. Yet when a powerful minority hundreds of applicants so held up are work Wing members are given their full quota arises within the Party the official press ing men and women, members of that class vi sielegates to the Central Committee, refuses to acquaint the numbership with the in society which we claim to be the voice, branches known to the controlled bt the Left fact.
The Call, through its Board of merely strengthens the assumption that this Wing of suspected of barkating a strong Management, has refused to give any publi.
whole proceeding is a political move in the minority of Toft Wing members arc city to the left Wing organization: even interest of the machine. While some of the wherever lossible deprived of their fuh going to the length of refusing to advertise questions asked by this amateur Overman representation. This especially applies to meetings held under its auspices as such, Committee clearly show that the applicant the various Russian language branches. For and the Left Wing can only insert notices knowledge of, or syinpathy with the Social example, the first (downtown branch of of its meetings by camouflaging under the ist movemen is not the real point at issue. the Russian Federation was given only two name of a committee or some other body The following is an account of these third delegates, after protest by the branch it was The Call says in effect we will accept your degree tuethods by one of the victims: viven three delegates, although its full repre advertisements but we will not print the entation is at least four if not live delegates.
name of your organization and thus it Together with Id be coniTheth Branch of the Ukranian Federarades, waited one Sunday morning. tion has only two delegates, although acmaintains the fiction of a free press for reiore locked doors at the appointed hour. cording to the by laws it is entitled to four which it is always ostensibly fighting.
for those annointed of the Lord to arrive, or five The Jewish Daily Forward, an official to put us though our tests. While wait.
organ of the Socialist arty, takes Duch the ing we exchangest experiences as to GERRYMANDERING same attitude towards the Left Wing but in how many times we had come before, etc.
other matters it goes so far to the right as to refuse to print the names of party memworking inen had waited in into play log the Right Wing bers who may have fallen under the disfor over an hour, and finally had gone party the Cierryniander a tactical pleasure of the government. It refuses to way with their object unachieved. One manoeunte whiclı calls forth voluble denoun advertise the Novy Mir, the official organ Cremade remarked, They don want us ciation by the Socialist Party when practised of the Russian Federation, althougt, this in the Party now. but just as was be by either oi the old parties. The Cierry body is part vi the Socialist Party, in fact inning to use all hope of being a Partymander is a scheme of reorganizing districts occupies in relation to the Party exactly the member. our Chief Exaniner arrived and was to divide the forces of the opposition. same position as does the Jewish Federation unlocked Rooni 505. We filed in and It is not a piticularly vicios political move whiled away the time reading our Social and indeed, in capitalist circles has come to Local Bronx has held two meetings for istjpers and waiting for Chief Examiner be looked upon as one wi the little privileges the discussion of the left Wing Manifesto No. Finally be too arrived. and the of the party in power. But the majority and Program and will hold third meeting Holy of Holies was opened, and in we Socialists have always afiected righteous Friday, April, 18th in london Casino. 3875 went, one by one, to meet our fate. indignation when they were the victims and Third Avt, at pm. was told how the Sunday previous fifty Aber of tic methods recently brought is