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THE NEW YORK COMMUNIST Socialist Tactics? Caucus, which can present in action withis on America for the past two years a veritble the Parta a disciplined and united frout. White Terror? The Government pays no 01. New York Esecutive Secretary It is true that the Left Wing has called attention to our protests; the Government licrber caused a mild sensation in the fur an Encegency National Party Conven allows Tom Mooney to put in prisen for life.
State Comuiittee meeting on Sunday last by tion. It is argucd by many Cuorades that convicted on perjured evidence; the GovernSuddenly producing and reading copies of in few vi qbix fact, a National Left Wing ment permits torture of conscientious ab the minutes of the Jeſt Wing City Com Coolerence is unnecessary. since the rank jectors, and holds behind bars thousands of rittee. That the minutes disproved what and file is with is already, and a conference political prisvaers, under terms of naprisanhe vuught to prove that Conrade Gitluw oi Leit Wing delegates to the Emergency ment unparalleled in modern countries.
had been sent out by the Left Wing as State Convention, leic a few days before it could Docs the Government yachi to our pro ganizer. is of little turnent. The ques accomplish our qurpose of arranging for tests: One hundred odd coascicotious obtion is: Where did Groer get the minutes! united actiun in the Currention.
jectors out of many hundred aaye been set The deit Wing is not a secret organiza To a cert un extent this ie truc. But we free: beiore sailing for Europe the last time tive. Its Central Committee cete openly must remember that, although the rank and President Wilson pardoneal one Socialist.
nd now that the Left Wing is in posses. file the Party merabers are much more fuolitical prisoner, who dida commit the Supoi a medium of expression, the minutes revolutionary than their leaders, they are not crime for which he was conyicted, and rewill be published. We are iniormed that by any means united on the details of Party duced the sentences of others from twenty Gerhver had an actual copy of tlic ininutes. tactics.
and fifteen years down to one, two and and this precludes the fossibility that he was The Leit Wing has an icmen. se propa three years. The press reports that he has acting on a report of the meeting. Where gamla 10 accomplish before in this country. sent from Paris for the papers in the Debe did he get his copy? But even the means we have a Socialist arty fit to take its plece case, presumably to reduce the sentence.
Abet tierber employed to obtain a copy of as the most advances and resolute section Xo. Comades, our protests and our praynur minutes is not for the moment impor. of the working class parties. Even after ers did not win these contemptible sops. It tant. The important point is that an oificial. the delegnies to the Emergency National was the European comrades, the Communof the Socialist Party reads from copies of Convention arc, elected, the education of the ists of all countries. who, growing tired of minutes that he had no title tu possess, to rank and file must go on. so that they may lies and hypocrisy, have turned to action.
one of the highest delegate bodies in our intelligently follow and pass on the sign The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is the organization. It was obvious to everyone ificiant action of the Emergency Convention, workers answer to the White Terror. It is present that he had not come by his copy Natiunal Left Wing Conference will to quiet the giant of awakening Labor in eux. yet he was allowed to proceed withweld into one conscious unit the delegates Eurye that Wilson hands out these crumbs, out anyone inaking a protest.
of locals from all over the country, and saying See, here an amnemx. m a The party has been protesting vigorously their rourn to their homes will carry into Democrat love the workers.
atst the espionage carried on in this the remotest branches Left Wing principles Protests are foolish. Pravers are despicContr both lyy official government agencies and tactics, which will operate to change the abile. The only way to answer the brute and by unofficial stool pigeon organizations, fundamental ideas of the arty more pro force of the ruling class is hy means of the Yve when information obtained by methods foundly that ten thousand speakers sent out organized power of the American workers.
manestly similar to those employed by the on tour inom New York, Boston or Right. justice. Teasain mean nothing to our espionage agencies is laid before our Comother center Taries to protest is made, but on the conrulers; organized power is the only arguinent they recognize.
try the Right Wing sits open eared and Ji the workers of the United States were prepares to act upon the information, Will Debs Come Out, or to stop work for three days, the jails would on what ground does the party protes: Shall We Go In?
op! and Debs and oor Other Comrades against gyerment espionage? Is this a of the integrity of our. to prison for ten We are sick of protests and prayer. dire rof his paper, and ci erment We are sirk of rexiutine and maniiestos The possession of a copy of out inintes We demand the release not pardon.
Her of the left Wing, stand squarely behind dig us no arm and consequently we are not suiicring Ander the sting vi defcat. Are the position of Gene Debs, and we lierewith oi Gene Debs.
endorse the speech for which he was conWe demand the release not pardonthuse the duethods the Right Wing intends to victed of Tom Looney.
us in future? Does the meinbership of the Giene el told the truth about the war.
Ile demand the release ot pardon arty support these methods! Forewarned is iorearmed.
Every event that has happened since he ul all political primuaces.
spoke the invasion of Socialist Russia by tie International Imperialists, the armistice National Left Wing terms to Getinany, the futile pouceedings The Amnesty Convention Conference impotent Peace Conference at TT has been propied to call a National Paris, and the inobbinge, suppressions and Amnesty Convention of all the organize pe call for a Xatiwal Left Wing Cone arrests of Socialists at home all these tions in favor of a Cuerom. cat amnesty for Sonic Socialist honor Is this typica! Saturday, April 13th, Gene Dobs went would be foret.
The ferences published ou The Revoluciones para escritate so the origin derse bate per le rice for the a tionary Age, has our heartiest encorsnent.
War was nothing but a capitalists war, and eral sockies such as the Civil Liberties Buhort as the Left Wing luas united all the no workingman and any place in it.
reau, eic.
truly revolutionary cements within the The court which convioted Gene Debs, Party in New York, so must we join forces We have nothing but admiration for the and the Supreme Court, which sustained the handful of Liberals who stood out against wall these same elements the country over, cowwiction, proved his charge that the autocracy in diis. country, not only during Sevas to organize more efficaciously for the courts vi this country are created to defend the War, but afterward. We realize that som capture of the Party both localls, Local by and protect the capitalist class against the cialisik owe them a debt of gratitude. We luca! and Branch by Branch; and na.
heartily approve of flicir desire to liberate tionally in the coming Emergency Party The ruthless ruling class of the United politica, prisoners in the United States.
Convention, States, hysterical at the sight of red clouds The Centrists protest that they agree in the cast. turns instinctively But the titre las coque for Socialists to to its koc withdraw from active cooperative in retorta ahmutely with the principles and program weapon against the righteous wrath of the movements, and to devote their corgies to of the Left Wing. but they do not approve tyrannized and exploited workers brute organizing the proletariat so as to make ito Ola separate organization within the force. They have taken awar our beloved strength felt directly whiob will do amy Ferty. How then, we ask, shall we actually Gene; they have shot in their ferocious baswith the socessity for Ambesty CanyenLo about capturing the Party machinery? tille our icarless Comrade, who dared to tion They toll us to form caucuses in the speak what is in the hearts of thousands Eruucher and the Central Committees, and of us.
Our own National Emergency Convention At the same time to agitatc our principles of the Socialist Party will exact soon The National Executive Committee of the thore we shall take sotion accounting to So and program among the rank and file. Socialist Party Sins arranged to bold five Instead of series of little caucuses, we thoscand meetings of protest all over the cialis principles on the inter of the portati substitute ope big caycus. the left Wing country on May Lat.
cal prisoners. which at the arc time pitates our prin. Protest? To whom? To the capitalist For these reasons wc copion Socialist ciples and program. Tbe National, Left Government that pot Debs in jail and participation in the proponed National Aw Hing Conference will create a National whose spies and petty agents have riveted pesty Convention.