The New York Communist Left Wing organisationhaa decided to support the following nominees and ask all my.
volutionary Socialists to do likewise!
For the National Executive Committee. lat Dirtrict: Houncich, Yi. Edward Lindgrcn, Brooklyn, Inuii Frairur. Boston, Mass.
For International Delegates: Ferguson, Chicago, John Reed; Louis nuu o. Huston.
Moss Rutherzberg. Cleve Md, In view of the referadnm on the State Executive Committee resolution to expel all branches and locals that have joined the Left Wing Section all the branches and locals throughout the State should make arrangements to have left Wing speakers Kate our CI. o Left Wing speakers can he seemed by com municating with Maximilian Cohen, Secretary of the left Wing Section. 43 West 29th Stag, New York City. C.
All Left Wing communications for this column should be addressed to Maximilian Cohan, 43 West 29th Street, and should reach him not later than Tuesday morning for insertion the same week. O The City Committe of Greater New York passed the following motions at its last meeting, May 5, 1919. I) That a general convention be held for the purpose of amalgamating the six Locals of Greater New York. 2) That the representation to this convention shall be direct from the hranches of ad: local, each branch shall have one delegate and an additional delegate for every 50 members in good standing. and that each local and each branch of the six locals shall he notified to this effect. 3) That the convmfion be held not earlier than six or later than eight weis from May 6, 1919.
The following letter was received from the 2nd Branch, New York: Comrades At a wellattended special meeting of the 2nd SocialiatAParty, called for the purpose of discussing the left Wing Manifesto and Program and the advisihility of alhliating ourselves as a branch oficially with the Left Wing. it was decided by a roll call vote after a long and deliberate discussion by the men then, that we officially so afiliate ourselves and elect two delegate to the City Committee of the Left Wing. Elections for two delegates will he held this coming Friday evuing, May 9, at our regular meeting. Congratulating you upon our victory. am Frnunally yours. Buss Mann, Organise. C.
Local Washington, C, has adopted the Manifmlo and Program of the left Wins. Rose Pastor Stokes will speak attheweély meeting ofthe17thA. unorganized) tohe held in the headquarters, 1538 Madison Avmue, nearlO4thStreet, onFriday, May On Monday. May 12. the Branch will hold a ma nseetingattheRoydLymlOWmlldth Sues. I We have waived the following loan from Emnmlhlmflnhmhfmtainaiuthathe wascorrectlyquoted. Wengptthathotake themupwihthelMAD. wh adi. inapila ofhisvaliantd ortatntheoontrary. illrunaina vuynmnhaliva. Wowillhogladtopuhliahtha result. Editor of The Communist: In your article eutitlod Pink Terror in connection with the ro or ganization of the 17th you have blackmailed me, saying that have told the policeman in the front of Juliette Hall about the disrupten of the old 17th, that they are anarchists and do not believe in the constitution and they should he deportcd. therefore demand conclusive proofs for this statement or an apology on your part for misstatement of fact. only recollect of one innance when was forced to leave the hall to help to prevent one of the members breaking the glass in the front door. The name of the member who tried to break the glass is Novick. Hoping that you will give space in your next issue to this correction. Barnum. Bums run.
RESOLUTION adopted by the Young People Socialist League of Manhattan to be proposed by their delegate to the National Convention of the Young People Socialist league of the United States.
Whereas: The Young People Socialist league of the United States is avowedly an organization for the purpose of preparing the youth of the working class (or the struggle of the workers with their oppressors and for the final conquest of power by the working class: and to aid all other organizations whose purpose is the emancipation of the workers: and Whereas: The Young People Socialist league of the various European countries now in revolution have been the militant expression of the revolutionary proletariat there, and Whereas: Revolutionary Socialism in practice has not only demonstrated the futility of social rc form to strengthen the power of the workers. but has shown also that it is counter revolutionary, and mud: to bolster up the power of the master clan.
and Whereas: The Socialist Party of the United States, whose declared intention is the emancipation of the working class, has in the past, and is still pursuing a program of social reform, and Whereas: The Socialist Party of the United States has never given full recognition to the economic power of the workers as a means to their conquat of the political stale, and Whereas: Revolutionary Socialism in practice has demonstrated that it is through the spontaneous LEFT WINGERS!
HELP THE 17th REFURNISH ITS HEADQUARTERS HEN the furniture was stolen from the headquarters of the 17 the members found thumselves confronted with the task of building, reorganizing and at the some time continuing their propaganda. They refused an ofier to return the furniture and set themselves to their task. They have worked untiringly and spent their money unsparingly, but without outside help, they may fail.
Will five hunch Coniradaa don 0a One Dollar each to Up inti this vitally necessary m7 Address All Communication to JULIUS CODKIHD, 133 East am. SM or as AXEQHEN. for the Oh DJ, 4: West it Shut Left Wing Notes massaajonoftheworkarsonhoththeeoonomh and political fields, that the final struggle for political control is won, and Whereas: Revolutionary Socialism in pumice has danonstrated that the won Iran can not use use machinery of the capitalist late to mbliah in cooperative commonwealth. and Whereas: Groups within the Socialid Party havoc organised for the purpose of forcing the SocialistParty totakeaatandinconformitywiththa teachings of Revolutionary Socialism in plastic.
Therefore: Be it resolved that the Young People Socialist League of the United Stats in convmtion assembled do urge upon the Socialim Party of the United States the acceptance of tin following principles. 1) Elimination of social reform planks from their platform. 2) a. rec ognition of revolutionary indnlrisl unionism, not merely as a mean of harelitting the immediate, economic conditions of the workas, but as a weapon in their conquest of political power. general propaganda among the workear for the above purpose. 3) a. recognition of the gmeral mass action of the workers on all fronts as their final mahod of seizing the political state. An educational propaganda for the purpose of guiding spontaneous mass action into revolutionary channels. 4) recognition of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as the only form of state through which the workers can function as a dominating class and establish the cooperative commonwealth upon the ruins of capitalism. and Beitfurtherroolvedthatweahall aidwhh evu ymeansinourpowertheqeftWing groups within the Socialist Party in their work of capturing the party for Revolutionary Socialhn.
and Be it further resolved. that we shall aid of education among the working cla yonth shall be based upon the recognised works of hacimrific Socialism in theory, coupled with an intrpruflion of Revolutionary Socialism in practice as :rpn cd by the principles and tactics of the Commit Parry (Bolsheviki) of Russia, and the Spartacus Groups in Germany, and all otha parties with identical principles which the Revolution from time to time develops. O EAR JOHN REED: The Scandinavian hood. Doluth (400 members) and the Dulnfli Englidr Branch (45 members) have indorsed the manifm of the Left Wing and will give them much support.
We welcome the Confirms and that every local will order copies of same. We need the Conmsrmditmusthebackedup. reworkcrasretiredofoppoflnniamandwnntsotimhhat we stand idly by and allow themto hehept dire ganiaed ormnstwegethusyanddosomuhing?
More power to the left Wing.
The justification of the left Wing being formed isseeninthetacths ofitaopponenta. Theyl»
long to the Right Wing. you say? About the. ly time they win Right.
Fran Hy yours.
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