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The New York Communist COMMUNIST the Now York thousand workers out, then it would be better, coal mines will pacify the French coal minera! Bet under present conditions, not to attempt what Wilson scems to be holding out against the claims would only result in provocation and violence on of Italy and Japan.
the part of the soldiers and the police, If anything were needed to cobrince the workers Official Organ of the Left Wing Section, of Europe and of America of the completo and Socialist Party The Peace Conference cynical betrayal of all the ideals for which they Owned and Controlled by Local were persuaded to support the war, the situation of Granter New York Breaking Up the peaceless Peace Conference in Paris ought to JOHN REED.
Editor finish the job.
EADMONN MACALPINE Associate Editor THE world nowadays is acting very much as the Communist Manifesto say it ought to act.
MAXIMILIAN COHEN Business Manager Nation by nation, the workers becoce aware of For a Party of Action Eduorial Board their class interests, rise, overthrow their rulers, HOURWICK ZUCKER and take into their own hands the reins of power. THE revolutionary Socialists of the world are int WOLFE WILENKIN Absolutely according to Marxian theory do the action. The American Socialist Party electa various classes perform their part in the drama of delegates to the Berne Conference, and collecte Published Every Week.
Social Revolution, as if the hand of Mary were money for a new headquarters American Labor SUBSCRIPTION RATES manipulating the strings that control them. is stirring, awakening; Seattle, Butte, inaugurate the period of mass strikes with a revolutionary Year 00 Capitalism is toppling over of its own sheer meaning. The American Socialist Party is inter. Months 50 weight, spreading blood and death as it falls. At ested in a National Amnesty Conference which will Months. 75 the throats of all the European Governments is the include bourgeois liberal organizations.
hand of their disillusioned workers. The ImperialSingle Copies, Cents ists do not dare openly to oppose the armed masses The International working class is on the march.
Bundle Orders of 10 or over, Cents a Copy. they have created as cannon fodder, they do not The American Socialist Party marks time. It beaj.
43 Woct 29th Street New York City dare, for example, to burl great armies upon the tates whether or not to approve the Bolsheviki; it Russian and the Hungarian Revolutions. And yet is undecided whether or not to endorse the Spartathey cannot move without bringing the Revolution cides; it can make up its mind about revolutionMay Day cver nearer to their people.
ary industrial unionism. It doesn know quite AY DAY is the revolutionary holiday the The Peace Conference at Paris is breaking up.
whether social reform planks should be left out of day of the class conscious proletariat Party platforms; it leans toward Labor Parties, The imperialists cannot agree over the spoils of Non Partisan Leagues, and other refcrm bodies; This year it will dawn upon at least two Soviet war. The war was begun by two great groups of Republics Russia and Hungary and perhaps capitalist nations competing for control of world deprivation of halls to speak in it sits down calmly under Red Flag ordinanca, more; for in these days a week is a long time in markets. And now the victorious Powers are wluich to overturn a world. Bavaria appears to be grabbing. And the irony of it is, they do not dare The Right Wing ways that the Party is powerless consolidating her proletarian government. As we not to grab!
because the Left Wing is splitting it becauses of go to press, the Italian frontier is closed on acThe workers of all European countries are exthe internal strife provoked by the Left Wing. This count of revolutionary events. Everywhere in is untrue The Left Wing was formed precisely behausted and bitter. They say, You hurled us Europe the proletariat is stirring or rising to take cause the Socialist Party is incapable of revoluinto war. You made fne promises to us if we the power.
tionary action because, in its present form, it is May Day of this year will be greeted by the fought and won for you. Now what do we get?
not a Party of the working class, but a Party of European workers with many demonstrations of The Governments understand perfectly well what compromise, dominated by petic bourgeois prycho the workers mean. They want power to con logy. It can raise money but it cannot call strikes joy and hope. In many cities of this country, too, there are elaborate plans for uniting the working trol their own lives, more leisure, more freedom, it can defy the Government and go to jail but it class in one demonstration for many working class a greater share in the products of their toil. But cannot back up its own spokesmen. It can protest For instance, one group will hail the proof course the ruling class cannot give the workers in the Board of Aldermen against the closing of ldarian revolutions of Europe; another, protest these thingamit would cut down profits. So they the halls but it cannot hold meetinga the imprisonment of Mooney; another, unemploy say to therrselves, the diplomats in secret councilWe do not wish to break up the Party. We do ment; another will demand the withdrawal of We ve got to show something for this. We ve got not wish to paralyze the Party power. We wish American troops from Russia; and so on.
to turn to the workers and say, Look at what we to make it effective. We want to make Socialism Only in New York we have made no extensive conquered for our country! Of course the workers mean something in the United States. We want preparations for the great day. The Socialist won get anything out of it, but it will satisfy their the Socialist Party to be a working class Party.
Party will hold a series of protest meetings, in dif patriotism to know that our lag waves over alien The hostility of the Party oficialdom to the Left ferent parts of the city, for Debs; the Mooney Com.
Wing, and the methods they employ to combat us, mittee will have a Mooney mass meeting in Madi So when France seems to be balked of the Saar prove clearly that they have not the cause of soson Square Garden, in full control of the yellow Valley, Clemenceau threatens the Big Four with cialism at heart, but instead, only the Socialist labor leaders the seats on the floor carefully dis revolution unless the Saar Valley is annexed to Party.
tributed among the good unions, and the reds satisfy the French workers. And when Italy seems exiled to the gallery; and several foreign lan about to lose Fiume, Sonnino says that unless Italian Primarity we are Socialists afterward, Party guage Socialist Branches will celebrate the revo capitalists can exploit Fiume, the Italian working members. Socialist Party without Socialism, or lutions in Europe.
class will go Bolshevik. And Japan, convinced impregnated with the Socialism of the Socand This gives the affair an aspect of scattered and that the Japanese workers will revolt unless China International, is like an apple full of worms it half hearted endeavor, whose effect as a demonstra is handed over to Japanese capitalists to devour, looks good on the outside, but it won make any tion will be entirely lost.
also lays down her ultimatum. And the German cider.
What ought to be done is to arrange a gigantic capitalist raise the cry of Bolshevism more shrilly open air demonstration, or succession of demon as the signing of the Peace Treaty draws nearer and We Agree With You, Comrade Hrations, uniting all proletarian elements in mighty procession and meeting, whose size and The French question was solved let us hope Editor of The Communist: spirit would carry the protests to the cars of those that the fact that the tricolor waves over German have read the first ime of your paper most way who only listen to great and determined economic that if you Letwingers have nothing better to show power than paper of this calibre, you must rarely amount to The workers should throw down their tools and Dothing. The paper is full of hot air, badly written, and DONT GET SORE, BOYS. THEY DID IT declare a nation wide May Day strike, combining FOR THE BEST!
while reading it could not help foeling like in the same with their holiday a blow at the foundations of phere of amelly sir. Debe is in prison. It is hard to keep down the capitalist class, and a threat of more to come. anger. it is hard to crush the deep resolve that It would be Godsend of the labor more at would rid some day we shall get even for all this. But wc It is evident that nothing would be gained by a itself of you curred intelectuals who are never happy know be would not wish us to be apy, we know demonstration on a small scale or by an Ellis he would not wish to cherish hatred or soek revenge.
unlow you can make your wondertal intellects shine by And even if we did not know that, our hearts tell stirring up more or les artificial trouble. To hell with Jones revolution. The workers should come us there is nothing in revenge or hatred. No wetis mont of you Dentists, Doctors, Profesor, Poots, Lawyer out on the street in vast numbers, paralyzing the faction, only more minety. So all that we can do now is to hope they won be cruel to him thera etc. etc. and let common workers do our own that city. industry, and parade peacefully to sone cen. Men are often kinder than their governmenta New ing and emancipating without roch Highbrun, who mo York Call tral pot, where speeches can be made to fit the doubt write the famounist, and waste the poor workers event.
Let all kiss the Supreme Court!
money and margies into attor nothing and make lagching sock of the Socialin mo.
If it is not possible to get fifty or a hundred JOHN GRAY.